She Welcomed Rape
(M+F+/f, rape, bdsm, spank)

by Kysa Braswell
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It happens to the best of us. The daily groan and grind. Over and over, the same old monotonous stuff on an equally same old monotonous day. As fate would have it I grew bored with my stagnant day-to-day life and made a conscious resolve to change things, at least for a short time. Out of nowhere, I decided I needed a woman with whom I could be in complete control (or vice-versa, depending on the mood). I had never done any of the dominant or submissive roles before, to any great extent, but I had spent some time around folks who had. So I figured, what the hell, give it a try. I decided to take a break, and took some of my saved up vacation time. What the hell else was I going to use it for, if not for kicking back? I made a phone call to my sister up north, and after exchanging a short greeting, I told her I would love to come out that way and maybe visit for a spell. She said sure, and asked me whom I was bringing along. Here's how that part of our conversation went as follows:

Me: I have no one important enough to bring. I was hoping, perhaps, you might be able to set me up with someone... um... special. (She knew me well enough and knew, basically, what I was looking for.)

Sis: What, specifically, did you have in mind... as if I didn't already know?

Me: Your usual. Attractive blonde. Blue eyes. Petite at 5'0 tall, very full D-cup, 95-lbs. Ready, willing and able. I'm looking for only one thing - just to set the record straight.

Sis: I understand completely. Listen this might be your lucky day. Hold on a sec. (I heard some chatting and giggling in the background, and I could have sworn I heard my sister ask someone if they wanted to get laid.) I have someone here with me that I think you should speak with.

Me: Who is it?

Sis: Her name is Kysa, with an 'y'. Hold a sec. (more giggling)

Kysa: Hi!

Me: Hi! When are you going to take me home, beat me, and then rape me? (I still can't believe I said that! I stole the line from a movie, and I figured what the hell!)

Kysa: (giggling) When are you coming out?

Me: Tomorrow.

Kysa: (In a very sultry voice) I'll see you then.

Me: Great!

Sis: That about do it for ya? (more giggling)

Me: Depends! Is it what I asked for?

Sis:... and more, perhaps more than you can handle. Have I ever lied to you?

Me: Nope. See you tomorrow.

I booked a ticket and flew out the next day. Sis met me at the airport and drove me to her place, all the while telling me great things about Kysa. When we arrived, there were a number of her friends there, toking on a few joints. I joined in (peer pressure... you know the drill).

After about half an hour, I heard some familiar giggling, and looked up just in time to see an exquisite blue-eyed babe peeking around the doorframe, and she smiled. I found out later that she was sizing me up, but I never gave her a moment to think about what she saw.

Passing the joint back to the nearest person, I got up, took her by the hand, and led her out the back door. Without saying another word, I pulled her to me and planted a juicy kiss smack dab on her pretty, tender, red lips. She surprised me by putting her arms around my neck, kissing me with a passion I had not felt in a long time. Breathlessly, we broke away and she said, "You don't waste any time, do you?" While still pressing her good-looking body tightly to my own, I said: "Who's got time to waste? You didn't exactly pull away from me you know. Besides, you look good enough to eat.

"To my everlasting delight, you showed up today, and you look as though you may need someone to take complete and absolute control of your life, if only for a little while."

Her reply amazed me, since I had never been so brazen before. She smiled and said: "I've never had anyone read my mind like that." The look in her eyes said it all. There was nothing else to do or say. Kysa was everything I imagined she would be.

She was very good looking. Attractive enough to make your teeth ache. Nicely formed and ready to play, as witnessed by the way she was pushing her crotch forward, pressing tightly against my own. We set up a time to meet, and I listed a few things she was to do to prepare for me. And from that moment to this, she let me take control.

Knowing the local area quite well, I decided on a plan. Looking directly into her crystal blue eyes, I told her "Go to the Mall. Go to Victoria's Secret. Purchase three sets of underclothes - bra, panties and garter belt. Get the sets in three different colors, light pink, white, and powder blue. Do you understand what I want?" She said, "Yes, but I don't really work, so the money."

I cut her off by saying; "I didn't ask you if you had money, did I?"

"No," she said, and looked down away from my gaze, embarrassed. I released my hold on her, opened my wallet, and handed her $200.00.

I said, "Purchase the items, and they had better be the correct size - I'll personally be checking the fit. You will wear the pink items with you under your clothes, out of the store. Do you understand what I want?"

"Yes." was her only answer.

"Go do it." I said firmly, and I added "I'll meet you at your place in exactly 2 hours. Don't be late."

She smiled, kissed me firmly once again, and left immediately. I figured the worst that could have happened is that I would never see her or the money again.

I asked my sister if I could borrow her extra car for the time I was here, but she was tossing the keys to me as I spoke the words. All she said was, "Happy trails!" I really love my sister. What a gal!

Now, Kysa didn't know it, but I followed her to the mall. She went inside and I followed from a safe distance. I couldn't believe it! She was actually going into Victoria's Secret and buying the items! I saw her through the store window as she was asking the clerk some questions.

She entered the dressing room, apparently to try on the items to make sure they were her size, and came back out to make the purchase at the counter. However, I noticed that she had all 3 sets of underclothes at the counter, and when the clerk rang them up, they were all placed into the bag, and Kysa left the store.

What a surprise she had when she came out and saw me standing there at the door looking stern. Before she could utter a word, I asked her if she had done what I told her to do. She said she had and I asked her if she was sure. She replied that she had.

"Follow me." I said, and led her by the arm into a long hallway off the main mall floor. It was currently deserted. Blocking the path in front of her so that nobody in the mall could see her, I turned, looked directly into her eyes, and said, "Lift up your skirt."

She looked at me as though I had slapped her in the face, but quickly began to smile at me as if I was joking. My look said it all, and she replied, "Here? Right now?"

I assured her that nobody could see her, and warned her never to question my judgment again. After sneaking a peek to check if anyone was around, even after I had told her to trust me (in a round about way), she grinned and reached down to the hem of her short skirt.

She pulled the front of her skirt up to her waist, and I could see that she had on a stunning pair of very pretty black-lace French-cut panties that fit her V quite snugly. They were mouth-watering.

Without looking back up at her face, I said, "Show me what you have in the bag." She dropped her skirt back down and opened the bag. All three sets of newly purchased underwear were in the bag.

I pointedly asked her what she was wearing under her clothes. She thought about it for a moment, and it hit her. She had not followed my instructions. She forgot to wear the pink undies.

She knew then that she had not done as I had asked, and I told her to follow me to my car. She did, silently. When we got there, I opened up the back door and told her that she was to be punished for three reasons. First, for not doing what I had asked of her, second, for lying to me, and third, for not trusting me.

She smiled coyly and asked me what her punishment was going to be. I told her she was to receive a spanking in the back seat, here and now. For the rest of my life, I will always remember the look on her face when she heard me say that. She said, wide-eyed, "You're going to give me a spanking in the back seat of your car in the middle of the parking lot with people walking by?"

"Of course!" I replied. "Did you actually expect anything less?" I never gave her a chance to answer.

I pulled her 5'0 firm body into the car, bent her over my legs, and began pulling up her skirt. She was startled, and asked me not to undress her in public.

I told her to be silent, pushed her head down with my left arm, locked her legs together between my own legs, pulled up the back of her skirt with my right hand and ripped away her black-lace panties with a single firm yank. I've always wanted to do that.

What a beautifully stunning sight I beheld in the back seat of my car. She had the firmest, shapeliest and prettiest ass I had ever seen. I felt her bare ass to let her know that it was really naked and out in the fresh air, as pretty as any ever had been, and before I could stop myself, I began to spank her soundly.

She struggled and tried to scream but I stopped and told her not to utter a sound until I was done, or I would have to start over again. She knew I wasn't joking. She was told to accept her punishment without quarrel, or I would simply leave and go back home. She apparently had no argument for that, so I continued spanking her pretty pink bottom. Before I was through with her devilishly exciting spanking (at least, to me it was), she had promised never again to lie to me, and to do everything I asked of her, regardless of the demand. Thus, after about ten very firm slaps of her pretty asscheeks, she agreed to everything, and I ended her first punishment. I know for a fact that at least four people saw the entire incident, and two of them were young men. Did they ever get a good show! I couldn't believe her ass could look better, but after the spanking (I'm certain that she had never had one like that before), her firm cheeks were the prettiest pink, and very warm to my touch. After the spanking in the car, I stood her back up, and told her that she had to go back into the mall.

I told her that she was to go into the same store, pantyless, and tell the clerk that she, "Didn't do as she was told."

Sis also had to say "I need to go back into the dressing room, and put on one of my new sexy outfits for my Master." Her face immediately turned beet-red, and she asked me not to have her do that.

Sternly, I asked her if she wanted another spanking, and she said, "No, please no, but what you ask is embarrassing."

I replied, "More embarrassing than getting a spanking in public?" Then I pointed to the two young men still watching us. She had not seen them looking until I pointed them out to her.

Her face turned an even darker shade of red (she's a fair-skinned blonde so you might imagine her appearance), and the two guys chuckled as I waved them away. They applauded and left, smiling.

She looked up and a new look came over her face, as if to say, "All right smarty pants. Let's see how far we can go with this. Let's just see who has the nerve to carry out this thing to its limit!" She stood up, pulled her skirt back down to hide her nakedness, walked into the mall, and reentered the store.

I followed her right up to the counter, smiling. She wasn't planning on that part. She hesitated, not knowing how to broach the subject to the clerk behind the counter.

I looked at her, waiting for her to follow my rules. To my surprise, she did exactly as she was told to do, and the clerk simply smiled and said, "Don't worry about it honey, I get that all the time!"

What a thrill! I interrupted them and told Kysa to go stand by the dressing rooms and to wait there. I began flirting with the clerk while Kysa looked on.

After a short but fact-filled conversation, I found out that it seems that this person sometimes got involved on a personal level within the fitting rooms, so I got a wicked idea.

I walked over to where Kysa was standing, whispered something in her ear, and I swear she almost collapsed under shaking knees. After she composed herself a bit, she glanced back and forth between the clerk and me, and she again got that "I accept your challenge" look on her face.

Without hesitation, she walked up to the clerk. (Now, the clerk was about 5'6, long, straight brown hair, D-cup breasts as full as grapefruit, and she was showing a LOT of cleavage and thigh.) Kysa said, "Mistress, would you be so kind as to help me try on my new pretty panties?" Without hesitation, the clerk stated, "I most certainly will, dear. How could I refuse someone as lovely as you?"

Kysa blushed a deep red, and I told her to go into the dressing room and wait for the clerk. After she was gone, I asked the clerk a few more questions. Without letting me finish, she told me that she was bi-sexual and wanted to know if she could get 'personal' with Kysa. I smiled and said, "Feel free to help yourself, and tell Kysa that I said to behave."

She smiled a beautiful toothy smile and went into the dressing room after making sure another clerk was watching the counter. I swear they were in there for a full twenty minutes before the clerk returned and told me that Kysa was 'ready'. I knew from the clerk's smile that she had had a good time.

Kysa, on the other hand, came out of the dressing room a minute or two later; pale as a sheet, but she had a strange smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye when she looked at me.

We left the mall, got back to her car, and she got in the driver's seat. Climbing into the passenger side of her car, and closing the door, I leaned over to her kissed her sexy lips firmly. I distinctly smelled the scent of woman on her face. Ignoring the obvious, I smiled and said, "Now, let me see what you look like in your new clothes."

She said, "Here? In the parking lot?"

I said, "Of course! Nobody will see you if you scoot down a bit. Now stop questioning me, take off those ugly clothes, and let me see what I bought!"

She looked around (wrong move, but I let it go), slid down below eye level, and removed everything except the new undies she had purchased at the store. There she sat in bra, panties and garter belt only. Magnificent! She was braver than I had could have hoped.

I told her that when we got together that evening I would tell her how she looked. Then, without any further discussion, I took all the clothes she had removed, got out of the car and closed the door.

She was shocked! I leaned in the window, told her to drive home safely, and walked over to my car. I left her sitting in her car with that wonderful look on her face. Then I drove out of the parking lot and headed off to her place.

I arrived at her address smiling devilishly to myself all the way. Parking across the street, I tossed Kysa's clothes into the back seat and waited to see how long it would take her to get here. It didn't take long. Shortly after I arrived, she pulled into her driveway, all scrunched down in the front seat.

Luckily, her parking spot was close to her front door. The neighbors would still have a clear view of her, but they would have to be looking in her direction at just the right time to catch a glimpse.

She hadn't seen me drive up or park, so I watched from a convenient spot. It appeared that she was pondering her situation, trying to come up with a solution to her dilemma. After a few minutes, she made her break.

She opened the car door, jumped out, and made a mad dash to the front door of the house. She made the trip in record time, no doubt. It was cute, seeing her in her new underwear, trying to be invisible.

I waited in the parking lot for about 10 more minutes, then headed to her front door. I quietly tried the doorknob and found that the door was unlocked. Without waiting or knocking I slowly opened the door, stuck my head in, and found nobody in the living room. I quickly walked in and closed the front door as quietly as I had opened it.

She wasn't in the living room or anywhere in sight, and she must not have heard me come in, for when I finally made my way through the house, all the way to the back, I found her. She was in her bedroom, lying on her bed, completely involved in a vigorous masturbation episode. Man! She was absolutely getting it on.

She still had on her new undies, and apparently the erotic stimulation of her recent experience was too much for her to handle. As I watched from the shadows of the hallway and bedroom door, she seemed insatiable, legs splayed wide apart, hands stuffed down the front of her panties, her long fingers attacking her soaking pussy without mercy.

Her eyes were tightly closed with absolute concentration on what she was doing to herself. She was breathing heavily, hips bucking up to meet her finger thrusts coming down with reckless abandon as her fingers attacked what I would assume was her throbbing clit. The way she was frigging her slit, you would have thought her cunt on fire.

It probably was.

As I stood there silently watching her voracious finger fucking, my cock grew and hardened inside my pants. Never had I ever witnessed an episode of self-gratification such as hers. It was absolutely marvelous to watch!

However, my own heat was turned up, and I knew it was my cue to get involved. Silently, I backed up into the hallway, stripped off my clothes, and then peeked in on her again.

She was now using what I came to know as her `Toy Friend'. It was an eight-inch, thick-veined, battery operated rubber dildo - turned up high, and she was pushing it all the way into her cunt and pulling it out again, over and over, relentlessly. She was getting all the satisfaction she could take for herself.

Her talented hands fucked her own pussy for a few minutes more when she then began to tremble, and a blind man could tell she was cumming in great pulses of pure ecstasy. She shuddered and moaned for a long time and, still breathing heavily, fell over onto her side shaking silently in her orgasm.

With the dildo still shoved all the way deep inside her pussylips, she squeezed her gorgeous thighs together, thus holding her vibrating rubber cock tightly inside her while she finished cumming. This scene stimulated me greatly, and I saw my chance to pounce when she rolled over away from me, and she started shaking in yet another orgasm brought on by the vibrations of her toy.

On the spur of the moment, I grabbed my one good opportunity to jump in. And jump, I did. I leaped into the room and onto the bed behind and on top of her. She never saw me coming.

I pushed her over away from me and onto her stomach, and covered her head and face with part of the blanket on the bed. She was so shocked she started to wrestle about, trying to get out of the situation. The difference in her size and mine was too much for her to handle, and she finally succumbed to my strength. She was shaking like a leaf. Scared to death.

I knew that she still had her cunt full of that vibrating dildo, so I just waited there on top of her for about a minute, listening to it vibrate inside of her. Neither she nor I had uttered a word up to that point.

I beheld her still-pink asscheeks and she knew she was in trouble when I began feeling up the rear parts of her body that were uncovered. She struggled a bit and started begging me to let her go, asking who I was.

Using a voice I hoped she wouldn't recognize, I whispered through the sheet, into her ear "If you're quiet and don't move, it will all be over before you know it. If you cry out or make a scene, the same thing goes... it'll be over before you know it."

She didn't know if she was about to get raped or killed, but the sound of my ominous voice made her freeze in place. Her body shuddered deeply, and I thought I heard her weeping, but I wasn't sure.

Then it struck me. I was holding her face down on her bed, with my raging hard cock lying between the cheeks of her ass, and I could feel that damned dildo shaking inside of her. She still had her dildo on high, stuffed completely up inside her cunt, and I could feel it vibrating inside her.

I bent over again and whispered in her ear, "It seems to me that any woman who looks like you, wandering around outside in her panties and bra, is advertising for a fuck. Well, I just happen to have an extra one, and I'm going to give it to you for safekeeping. But, it looks like you already have a friend deep inside your pretty pussy, so I'll just have to contend myself with fucking your asshole... and I bet it's a real tight one!"

Now I had been holding her down easy, because I was straddling her upper thighs from the back. I tightened my legs together so that she couldn't move, and before I knew it, her adrenaline pulsed and she started struggling even more.

However, in the process of her struggles, my cock slipped down deeper into the crack of her ass and started pressing hard on her secret rear place. Suddenly, she froze in horror. We both knew what was going to happen. There was no guesswork there.

Once again her struggles renewed, but each time she moved, the worse it got for her. I figured that now was as good a time as any, so I pressed harder and harder against her rear hole, all the while pressing my weight on top of her so that she couldn't move away from the invading cock between her cheeks.

I felt the vibrating dildo inside her pussy, and that just made my cock get harder. I felt her tension rising up, but no matter how much she squeezed her cheeks together, her ass muscles just couldn't hold back the head of my tremendous hardon.

I felt the head pop quickly into her asshole and she grunted in surprise and shock of my forced rear entry. Once the big head of my cock was safely inside her, I paused and waited for her to relax. It took her quite a while to ease her tension, and she was now sobbing quietly to herself.

I wondered why she didn't scream out for help, but the rest of this story will explain that. It didn't matter how long it took her, there was simply no way to ebb the flow of blood to my cock, and I was about to get my first piece of ass with Kysa. I was bound and determined it would not hurt her, physically. However, her mental condition was it turmoil, to say the least.

After what seemed like five minutes of waiting, her ass muscles gave a little and my cock slid in another inch. We did this several times over the next twenty minutes or so, and finally I had my fully erect nine inches embedded deep within her small, hot, throbbing bunghole.

She struggled and begged me not to do it anymore, and even offered to pay me money to stop, but I simply kept pushing until I was forced all the way inside her ass.

My cock was now pressed up against the length of her dildo with only a thin barrier separating them. My balls felt the vibrations and I was now on fire. It was a very sensuous feeling to me, but I'm certain Kysa wasn't thinking the same thoughts.

After another few moments of waiting to be sure she wasn't hurting, I began a single long slow stroke out and back into her tight asshole. She immediately clenched her asscheeks together, but all that did was make my sensations that much greater. She had a wonderfully tight little ass, and I can personally assure you that it was the first time for her. After a few moments, I gave her another full out and in stroke.

This time she just seemed to want me to get it over with, for she just exhaled, fell forward under me, relaxed and allowed me full access to do what I was going to do, regardless of what her actions were.

My strokes grew faster and faster, until I was fucking her ass for all it was worth. The thrill of the actual 'rape' made the entire episode great, and although I would never have considered doing that under any other circumstances, somehow I had the feeling that this would turn out fine.

I knew that I wouldn't last very long, as tight as she was, but to my surprise she began to loosen up a bit more and fucking her got easier. I lasted longer without her struggling. But her relaxation only spurred me on to even greater depths and harder strokes.

What with the velvety smoothness of her asshole and the torrid heat inside her ass, coupled with the sensations of that damned vibrating dildo rubbing up against my cock on each and every stroke, I soon felt that most wonderful sensation welling up inside of me. In no time I began to unload a gallon of cum between her cheeks!

She must have felt me starting to cum inside her, because I could have sworn she lifted her ass up against me and I felt an orgasmic shudder from her. But, of course, I couldn't be sure.

As soon as my spasms were through, I bent down and whispered in her ear, "If that was as good for you as it was for me, I'd know you'd love me to fuck your ass again... and I just might have another go at it... someday.

"For now though, I'm going to pull my dick out of your ass, get up, put on my clothes, and leave quietly. If you try to uncover yourself, call out for anyone, or tell anyone what happened, you will pay dearly. Now, you are not to uncover your face until you hear the door to your house close, you got that, honey?"

She was shaking again, and through a soft sob, replied with a nod of her head and a meek "Uh huh." into the pillow. I slowly pulled out of her still tight ass, climbed off her, walked backward to the door of her bedroom and quickly got back into my clothes.

I opened the front door, left... and didn't close it tight. This gave me a chance to get away without being seen, for she would be waiting for the door to close before she dared to get up.

I walked swiftly to my car, drove to a local corner store, and called Kysa on the phone. The phone rang several times before she finally answered it. I was a little concerned when Kysa didn't answer the phone right away, but after a few rings she picked up with a subdued "Hello?"

I said, "Hello there... did you get home safely?"

She surprised me by giggling and stating "Yes, I did, and that was a mean thing to do to me, leaving me there in the parking lot in my underwear."

"Mean?" I asked. "Are you telling me it didn't give you a thrill?"

"Well, of course it did," she said, and added, "I just wasn't expecting it, is all. There were a lot of things that happened to me today that I didn't expect. You made me do some pretty kinky things there at the mall."

"Are you ready for a little more... or can't you handle the pressure?" I asked.

She said, "Well, I guess I can handle pretty much anything, now that I know where we stand."

"Great! Have you ever been anyone's sex slave?"

"Well, that depends on what you mean by a sex slave." she replied.

"A slave does what she or he is told to do, when they are told to do it, with no questions asked. I promise not to give too much pain, as I'm not really into such things, but more spankings are definitely in order should you disobey me."

"Hmmm, this is sounding better and better all the time."

"OK, I'll be right over. Ready to start as soon as I get there?"

"Yes, please. I could use the company."

"Grand. Here's what you must do to prepare for me." I gave her a list of things to do, and how to get ready for my arrival. I didn't give her much time to write down the instructions, as I figured I would see how good she was at listening.

Before she had a chance to respond to all my wishes, I told her I would be over in exactly one hour, and hung up the phone. After all, I had to take a shower.

After cleaning up and putting on fresh clothes, I headed back over to Kysa's place. I knocked on the door. Now I would see how much information she had remembered, and how she would perform.

The door opened and there before me, naked as the day she was born, stood an extremely attractive woman. This was the very first chance I had had to see her naked vertical form in a good light. Kysa was exceptionally well formed. Please allow me the satisfaction of describing her in as much detail as I can.

Medium (lower-shoulder-blade) length blonde hair. Medium-fine to the touch, not thick and heavy, with but a slight under-curl at the bottom. Draped as it was, covering the tops of her shoulders, it framed a beautiful face and neck. A slight curl inward at the tips was the only modification she ever did to spruce it up. That was all it needed... no more, no less.

Perfect crystal blue (almost clear) eyes that accentuated both her lightly tanned face and silky blonde hair. No other eye color would have been a more perfect match. Soft, milky white skin with only a hint of tan graced her entire 5'0 slim, pert body. Nowhere, as I gazed at her nakedness, could I see a single mar, scar, or blemish. No tan lines. No splotches. No blotches. No moles. Perfectly curved features.

Nothing to break up the perfection of her taught skin except several barely (you really had to look close... and I did) noticeable freckles just on the upper mounds of each of her breasts, slightly above her nipples.

Curious. Once I noticed those few freckles, it was as if they were exactly duplicated, but opposite, on each breast. To this day, I wonder at them. Mirror images of each other. Amazing. Those breasts. She sported breasts that were large for her petite size, and I soon discovered that they were deliciously firm and perfectly filled a size 34D-cup. Imagine milky white breasts her size, fixed with perfectly round 2.5-inch dark pink (not red or brown) aureoles, centered with the most beautiful half-inch long nipples I had ever seen. Those nipples were perpetually hard and pointed out with a very slight upturn. There was absolutely zero sag in her breasts.

She was 23 years old and her breasts had not yet begun to sag. She later told me that she had always kept them firmly braced in position, much to my glee.

Her small, flat belly was slightly oval-formed with an "innie" navel. She was thin, but on a petite level, not model thin. I could just barely make out her rib cage. Her waist, hips and thighs were firm, tight, and muscular, as well as her small round ass (this I had found out by experience).

The rest of her feminine proportions fit her height and weight with not a trace of fat. In the entire time I knew her, I never could locate any fat on her body. Trust me. I searched her from head to foot, stem to stern. Follicle to cuticle.

She was shipshape and ready to sail, and I had just the mast picked out to mount in her hull.

As stated previously, when I entered her home, she stood before me in all her newborn glory. The dim lights in the house twinkled off her crystal eyes, and those eyes fairly dripped sexuality. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Now it was time to test her to see if she would follow my instructions.

I closed the door and turned back to her. She walked over to the stereo and put on a soft tune. However, when she was walking away from me, she was swaying her hips and tight ass trying to show it off to me. I startled her by saying "Don't shake that ass at me! It's beautiful. You know it. I know it. Everyone else knows it. You don't have to flaunt it to everyone, slut!"

She was stunned at my language, but immediately apologized and went back to the stereo. When she returned, walking straighter but just as sexy, she walked directly up to me, and began removing my clothes as I had instructed her on the phone. She did a marvelously fast job, also as instructed, for I simply hate to wait, and I made sure she knew that.

She started with my shirt, and then kneeled down to remove my shoes and socks. Then she quickly removed my slacks and underwear. I was fully erect when she slid the underwear over my cock. Now, she was instructed to remove my clothes, and "immediately" begin to give me head. When she saw my fully erect penis, however, she got nervous for she just kneeled there and stared at it.

"Do you have a fucking problem?" I asked sternly.

Startled, she replied, "No."

I said, "Well... GET TO IT! Don't you even know how to suck a cock?"

Thus, standing just inside the front door of her home, she opened her mouth wide, and put her sweet lips around a long rigid cock on a man she had never seen naked before... and she was damn good!

She had no problems sucking a dick. A little slow at first, but it didn't take her very long to get into the full suck of things. I must tell you that Kysa has a marvelous way of, how can I describe the technique, engulfing, or rather, inhaling a long stiff cock.

With a deep sigh, pushing her head firmly forward and dragging it slowly backwards, she went on to present me with the absolute best mouth fuck and orgasm I have ever experienced in my entire life. She knew what she was doing, and knew what she was doing to me.

It took no time at all for her to bring my balls to full boil, and I quickly splashed several quick spurts of cum into her mouth and onto the back of her tongue and throat. She never missed a stroke or a drop of my cum in the process. She sucked me dry, milked my length to get all my cum, licked me clean, smiled, stood up to face me, and grinned widely as if she had one over on me.

I smiled back, and said, "That was marvelous. Remind me someday to instruct you in the proper method of giving me head. But, I must say that the blowjob you just gave me was almost as good as your ass was earlier today! You must practice and work on the muscles of your lips, jaw and cheeks so they match those in your sphincter muscle and asscheeks."

The realization of what I just said struck her dead in the face and her face paled even more than its normal state. She was dumbfounded. Kysa looked at me in a state of shock. I walked up to her, looked her directly in the eyes, and told her to tell me in detail how she felt when she was getting her ass raped by me earlier.

When she finally understood that it wasn't some stranger who had raped her, she told me how frightened she was at the attack. She told me she thought she was going to be hurt badly, or even killed by whoever it was, and that she was totally overwhelmed by fright.

She said she thought she might have a chance, if she could only twist around and flail her legs out to attempt a kick in a sensitive spot, but when she started twisting, she felt my hard cock slip between her legs. She knew then that she was going to be raped.

She told me a lot, but the main point was that the only thing she could do was try to force her ass muscles together, and even if it meant getting herself beaten up, it was a chance she had to take. She failed miserably and she finally tired of fighting.

The moment she quit fighting, I had pushed the head of my cock into her ass, and she said at that moment she found a new strength she didn't know she had, but she quickly grew tired, and was forced to let go and allow the rape.

She also said something interesting. Once the initial pain wore off, she began to enjoy the feeling. She had never done anything like that before, for she thought she was too small to have a man fuck her ass like that. Since she really didn't have any options open to her, she was determined not to let dread fill her, so she started to enjoy it!

At this point she grinned and told me that should the time be right, she wouldn't mind a more pleasurable time doing it again. And, she DID have an orgasm! She told me that the orgasm was a lot different from her usual, but it wasn't bad at all.

Now... I don't know about any of the rest of you men and women out there, but I certainly have never had a woman affect me, sexually, as Kysa did. If I were on your side of this story, I would be having doubts as to the way that I'm describing events. I had already had two orgasms within about two hours, and I was getting hard again by the time she finished telling me how she felt about the rape she had endured earlier.

Kysa noticed my hardening cock, and her eyes twinkled in such a way that I cannot describe with any other word except, perhaps, desire. Mind you, I have yet to spread her legs to see how tight her pussy was, or had even tasted it. But, that didn't seem very important at the moment. For I just had to have another, longer go at her tight ass. After all, I'm only human!

Thus, I grabbed Kysa into my arms, kissed her severely upon her lips, and picked up her tiny frame. I carried her into the bathroom, opened up her glass shower door and stepped in with her still in my arms. Standing her in front of me, I turned on the water, adjusted the temperature to steamy hot, and proceeded to wash her tiny body thoroughly. I washed every inch of her (I like my women clean. They taste better that way), then told her to do the same for me.

Her timing was impeccable, for she waited until last to wash my now raging cock. I knew this time my orgasm would take a lot of work to obtain, for I had just had a ball-burner not too long ago, and another one prior to that.

Once she had the entire length highly lathered, I took the soap from her, turned her around, and whispered into her ear, "You're about to get that second assfuck you spoke about earlier. Do NOT tighten up your asscheeks. Let my cock go in slowly, and everything will be OK." She glanced around, looking at me with those pretty eyes, and asked me to go slowly until she could easily respond. I told her I'd try.

Well, you know how it goes, in the heat of passion it didn't quite work that way. I realized that she was a lot shorter than I was, so I had to lift her tiny frame a bit to get her to the correct height for entrance into her ass. Once I had her positioned properly, holding my arms around her, holding her up, I found that I had trouble guiding my cock to her ass. Without a thought, she reached around, and guided my rock-hard cock to her tight ass hole.

Once guided in the right direction, I was surprised that the head just popped inside her without too much difficulty. The soap lubrication helped I'm certain of that, but she was wanting it this time, rather than fighting it. She was a little startled too, and she squeezed her delicious cheeks tightly around my cock head. It was a simple matter then to gently lower her onto it, and I did it quickly, deeply impaling her ass with my spike.

She inhaled deeply and whimpered just a bit, and we stood there without moving for just a moment to allow her to relax. It was hard for her to relax while her toes were barely touching the floor. And, it was a bit uncomfortable for me too, so I told her we had to finish here and do this in a more comfortable place to make it better for both of us.

Still holding her in mid-air, I plunged my cock full-stroke in and out of her ass several times, just for the hell of it, to let her know I could hold her up and fuck her at the same time, and then I pulled out of her.

We rinsed and dried each other off. I opened up her medicine cabinet, and found a jar of Vaseline. I grabbed it, and her, and led her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed, face down, with a pillow underneath her belly and hips so that her ass was sticking up in the air.

I tell you, her ass looked so fine in that position, I knew I would have her that way as many times as I could in the next few weeks. I greased up her tiny hole, and wiped some onto my hardness. I couldn't believe how hard I was in anticipation of the event to come. I'd never been that hard before in my life.

Wiping the excess lubrication off my hands, I climbed on the bed on my hands and knees straddling her thighs as I had done during her earlier rape. She reached around and spread her butt cheeks for me, and I looked down at the pretty pink pucker.

I lost all sense of time staring at that beautiful target. After a few moments she looked back at me over her shoulder and, smiling, said, "Well? Are you going to fuck my ass with that monster or are you just going to stare at it all day?"

What an invitation! She was being real brave, now that she knew what it felt like. I leaned forward, and with the tip of my cock poised against her hole, whispered in her ear "You know, you are just a little whore at heart, aren't you?"

She replied, "I wasn't sure until I met you. Will you show me how to be one?"

I answered "Yes!" and quickly slid the entire length of my heavy cock deep into her tight ass. She sucked in her breath deeply, and tried to sit up to get away from the spear in her ass. I pushed her back down, and told her to learn how to take it like a whore would take it.

I proceeded to slowly push my cock all the way into her ass as far as I could physically push it, and withdrew it slowly all the way back to the head ridge. Her ass was so tight, when the ridge of my cock met her sphincter muscle, it closed around the head, and I had to pull to get it to come out. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had.

I kept pushing it slowly all the way deep into her ass, and pulling it out again, all the way. Pushing it into her ass, past her sphincter muscle became an enjoyable sensation, and she was getting into it too, for each time I pushed down inside her, she would lift her ass and push up.

I knew she was enjoying this new feeling as much as I was. "Please go faster?" she asked, and added "Fuck me in my ass. It feels so nice like that."

Who am I to deny a beautiful naked blonde who wants it up the ass? I leaned over on top of her and pumped it in and out faster and faster. It got to the point where I thought I was going to hurt her when she said, "Please fuck me harder... faster... it doesn't hurt at all... it feels so good... oh please yes... fuck me harder... harder!"

Well she got what she asked for. I cannot deny the fact that I wanted it too, so I began to actually pound my cock into her ass. My strokes got so fierce she was being pushed down onto the pillow under her and bouncing back up to meet my next downward stroke.

She started saying things like "Oh my god this is so good... oh my... fuck me hard in my ass. I never knew it would be like this... please don't stop fucking it... do it harder... it feels so good up inside me!"

I pounded her tight asshole until I started dripping sweat. She wanted more and more and I kept doing her ass as hard as I could. My heart was pounding so hard I knew she could feel it pulsing through my prick. I was getting a piece of ass so good, I just knew that nobody on the planet had ever had a piece as good as I was getting. It simply wasn't possible!

I pounded my meat into her for ten or fifteen more minutes, when all of a sudden she reached back with her arms and spread her asscheeks again for me to go even deeper. Well this pulled my trigger. I knew she was still OK, and I pounded my cock into her ass even harder and faster than before. I banged her ass.

Immediately, she started shuddering and convulsing, and she began to scream in pleasure, and that set me off. I came inside of her ass with a fervor never before felt by any mortal man. I swear no other living soul ever came as hard as I did that afternoon. And, amazingly, she came right along with me.

Damn, we came hard together. She damn near shook me off, and I had to hold on to her tight as we shook with our passions at exactly the same time. My balls were burning and my cum had to be boiling as it shot out and filled her rectum.

After an eternity of orgasmic spasms, we both collapsed, trying to catch our breath. I rolled to the left, pulling her around with me, and brought her into me as though we were two spoons nestled together. I was still deep inside her, and the last thing I remember was reaching around, grabbing a breast in one hand, and kissing her on the neck. The next instant I simply slept in exhaustion.

When I awoke, she was still pressed into me, and my now soft cock was still partly inside her ass. We had not moved an inch, and as I looked at the clock I determined we had slept over two hours. Kysa was still asleep when I woke up, and that made the situation even better, for I now had the chance to study her nakedness in even more detail.

Still inside her, I silently looked her beautiful frame over, enjoying the secrets of my peeking. I guess I'm just a full-blooded male, for I could stand to look at her nakedness for just so long without getting exited about it. As I looked her over, I felt my cock beginning to stir familiar. Apparently Kysa did too, for when I started getting hard, she began sighing and moving her butt into my cock. Kysa had found her G-Spot, and I couldn't have been more pleased.

When she began stirring, I pulled my semi-hard cock out of her ass. Today was going to be Kysa's first official training day as my personal slave. Now, I'm not into whips and chains, but I wouldn't protest a spanking once in a while.

I found this also to be true with Kysa. She looked up at me with her sleepy eyes, pouted a little with her pretty lips, and said, "Oh pooh... I thought I was going to get my assfucked again. That felt wonderful!"

"You will, my sweet," I replied, "But I have something else in mind."

"Oh really? Whatever could that be?"

"We need to get cleaned up first. Come... wash my body and then your own. Don't even think about getting dressed, because you are not allowed to wear clothes for an entire week, unless I say when and what."

"OK," she replied innocently (with a smirk on her face). She did as she was told and took her time washing (more like examining) my body. I suppose what's fair is fair, since I had done the same.

When she reached for my terminally hard cock, she began to masturbate me hard while we kissed in the shower. I let her play with it for a while, until I felt as though I couldn't hold back the flood, and I took her hands off it. "Not yet my dear... that's wasting a mouthful, don't you think?" "I'm a little thirsty anyway," she said, "Can I drink it? Please?"

"No dear... you've already had some there. The next big cum load gets placed deep into that pink pussy of yours. When we get done here, we're going back into that bed, and you're going to show me what being fucked is all about.

'I've fucked you several times now. I think it's your turn. I want you to show me what you know about fucking a man, and it had better be the best fuck you have ever given! I'm not going to fuck you. You are going to fuck me. If I feel that you are holding back on me, you'll be surprised at what happens next."

We climbed out of the shower, and I had her dry me off, and then I dried her sweet body off, paying special attention to her gorgeous breasts, pussy and ass. I sat her on the edge of the tub, kneeled down between her widely spread smooth thighs, and took an extra long time wiping her blonde-haired pussy dry. Yes guys. She was truly a blonde.

There's an old saying that tells you how to tell if a woman is a true blonde. Well... I stake my life on the fact that she was. She had a very cute bright blonde buff of pubic hair surrounding her pretty pink pussy, but there was a small problem. It hid her pussylips completely. What a crime!

I took her out to the bed, laid her down on her back, and spread her legs wide. I re-examined those sweet pussylips, and found them to be getting quite wet.

I decided then and there that I would do something else I had never done. I told her not to get up and to keep her legs spread wide, and went back into the bathroom. I grabbed a towel, her razor, and a can of shaving cream.

When I came back into the bedroom, and she saw what I had in my hands, she sucked in her breath and said, "Oh my God. Are you going to do what I think?"

Smiling, I told her to be quiet, and that I would allow her to watch as long as she didn't say a word.

I spread her legs as wide as they could go and placed the towel under her small ass. I shook up the shaving cream, squirted some in my hand, and completely lathered up the pretty blonde buff between her legs.

I asked her if she had ever done this before, and she didn't reply. Then I remembered I had told her not to speak. One good point for Kysa. I gave her permission to answer the question, and she said that she had never even given it a thought.

I replied, "I didn't either, until I saw your bush, and now I want to see what your pussy looks like." It looked and felt as though Kysa had recently shaved her legs, because her skin was very smooth. I decided to make her pussy just as smooth.

I allowed her to sit up on her hands and watch, as long as she kept her legs spread wide and didn't say anything. She watched as I started at the top edge, beginning to shave her pussy clean. It took me a while, because I wanted to make sure I didn't cut her.

When her pussy was completely shaved, I took some baby oil and rubbed it all around, up and inside her now naked pussylips. After a short time of feeling her nakedness, I dried it off, stood her up, walked her over to her full-length mirror, and let her examine herself.

Apparently, she had not seen her own naked pussy since she was a child, because she spent five full minutes turning, posing and feeling the smoothness of it with her fingers, probing and opening her cuntlips to see inside and all around.

She turned around, smiled, and kissed me deeply. "Thank you." was all she said. And it was all she had to say. She was happy. I told her that her cunt must stay smooth just like it was, for as long as she was my slave. I never wanted to see or feel stubble there, ever again.

She agreed, and I grabbed her by the arm, dragged her over to the bed, threw her over my knee and began slapping her naked ass... hard. She cried out in pain and asked me why I was spanking her. I reminded her that she did not have permission to speak, and she had disobeyed me. I spanked her pretty (and now very pink) bottom twenty times and roughly threw her back onto the bed.

"Now... are you going to behave and do as you are told?" She nodded, and whimpered while rubbing her tender red asscheeks.

"Good. As further punishment, go and fix me something to eat! I'm starving! And it had better taste good!" Even after my harsh spanking, she smiled and jumped out of the bed, ran for the kitchen, and I heard her fixing my food.

She whipped up something (I honestly cannot remember what it was) that tasted quite good. All I remember was going out to the kitchen and watching her naked form as she rushed to prepare food to feed me.

When the food was ready, she set two place settings on the table, dished out the food, and waited for me to sit.

I removed her place-setting, putting it back on the kitchen counter, brought her to the table and told her to get on her knees underneath it. I sat at my chair, opened my legs and took hold of the back of her head. Pulling it towards my open crotch, I told her to open her mouth and then forced her lips over my cock. I then began eating the food she had prepared.

Between mouthfuls, I told her that I was the only food she was going to eat until I said otherwise. So, while I sat there and ate, she gave me another superior head job. However, I had to eat quickly, for I knew I wouldn't last long with the deep throating she was giving me. When I finished eating, I pulled her face off of my cock and told her to do the damned dishes, then get the hell into the bedroom. I had made it in time, and saved my cum for later.

She climbed out from under the table and quickly started her task while I went back into the bedroom. I needed to relax and gather my wits about me, as I had almost filled her cheeks with my cum. I wanted to save this load for her newly shaved cunt. It took her a while to get things cleaned up, thankfully, so that when she was finished, I was quite calmed down enough to begin anew.

When she came in, I got up and placed her on her back on the bed. I spread her legs wide, told her I was going to eat another meal, and ordered her not to hold back under any circumstances. If she felt like cumming, she was allowed, this time, to cum as often as she wished. I told her to close her eyes and enjoy every sensation of my mouth on her cunt, as it would be a long time before I pleased her this way again (yeah... right).

I almost couldn't wait to taste her hot smooth pussy, and when my face neared her freshly shaved lips, I could smell her womanly cleanliness. She was already moist with anticipation, and she spread her legs for me so wide I thought they would snap off. She wanted this badly and so did I.

I wondered how long I could eat her cunt. I decided I'd give her a licking like she never had and one like I had never given. I plunged in and began using my tongue, licking on the smooth skin covering her tight slit. She was firm down there, just like the rest of her body. I was never so happy that she took care of her health as I was at that moment. I licked the outside of her entire crotch, spending more time on the cunt opening, tasting her juice as it came out. Lapping at a smooth hot hairless cunt was an exciting experience.

Her outer lips were swollen pink and pliable enough so that I could just stick the tip of my tongue inside. She was very tight and I could sense her enjoyment already. With only the tip of my tongue, I traveled from the bottom to the top of her slit, over and over, already feeling the hardness of her clitoris beginning to swell.

I began sucking one lip into my mouth at a time, switching back and forth enough to catch all of her moistness in my mouth. She immediately shuddered and pushed her cunt up into my face, and I couldn't help sliding my tongue inside.

When I got there, I found that she had a highly motivated and sensitive clit. It was hard. I began jiggling it thoroughly with my tongue.

She shuddered and I knew she was having an orgasm at once, and of course I assisted at that moment by taking her clit between my lips and nibbling it hard. The more I ate her, the harder she came in my mouth. It was grand! Grasping her clit between my teeth, I bit on it lightly, and she continued to cum on my face.

From that point on, I never let up. I found that I could make her pussy and ass shake at the flick of my tongue, and I flicked and flicked and flicked. For a long time I ate that delicious cunt of hers, and she had at least five full orgasms and uncounted little ones.

When she quieted down from one orgasm, I spread her lips, got hold of her hard clit, and began nibbling with my teeth again. She came again and I tried to swallow her entire cunt into my hungry mouth.

She was so wet that my entire face was slathered with her wonderful smelling juices, and I just couldn't get enough of her. I continued to lick and suck through several more of her orgasms, and I finally had to quit as my mouth and lips were tiring. When I was finished with her cunt, I looked up at the clock and found that I had sucked her pussy for almost forty-five minutes! My personal best.

By this time, I needed to get further inside that cunt and I immediately lay back on the bed. I told her it was her turn to please me, but she must NOT use any part of her body except her wet pussy. She was not allowed to touch my cock with anything except her smooth cunt.

She took a few moments to compose herself, climbed weakly to her feet and straddled my body. She slowly bent down at the knees and placed the lips of her wet cunt over the head of my blood-filled swollen member.

She was a talented wench, I soon found, for she took me full length on the first down-stroke and began complete full-length strokes of her pussy up and down the length of me, moaning as she stroked it in and out. She was small in stature and, to my enjoyment and pleasure, had a small tight pussy to go along with the rest of her framework. Only the fact that she was so hot and wet allowed her to push herself onto me fully.

She was now fucking me, in a semi-standing position, with full hard thrusts onto my penis. I couldn't wait any longer. I sat up, grabbed her, tossed her backwards onto the bed, spread and climbed between those beautiful legs and began fucking her hot pussy for all I was worth.

She threw her legs wide, picked them up high, and tossed them over my shoulders to give me complete access to the cunt I was needing badly. I slammed repeatedly into her hole, pounding it like I had never had a cunt before in my life. Kysa is one delicious fuck. Fireworks included.

After a while, I turned her over, pulled her into a kneeling position, and entered her cunt from behind. Doggy style, she was able to fuck me back just as hard as I fucked her. She pushed back onto my cock, hard, impaling her pussy over and over with its full length. Kysa doesn't do sex half way.

I quickly got to the verge of coming, and I wanted something special, so I told her to get ready to turn around. When I began my orgasm, I spun her around, jammed my cock into her mouth and spurted my jism into the back of her throat. I came like a fire hose!

She swallowed every drop and sucked deeply to get more. I spurted at least eight or nine times into her mouth and onto the back of her tongue, and she kept sucking for more, swallowing as fast as she could. Finally, I was so weak from spending my load I couldn't stay vertical, and I fell back onto the bed. She never let go of my cock. She kept sucking me in a hot orgasmic passion. She wouldn't quit. She didn't want to quit. She kept sucking me and moaning, and I just let her go at it.

She was so fucking hot! Except for triple-X movies, I had never seen anyone act the way she did when she had a hard cock in her mouth. She was absolutely insatiable, to the point where I wondered when I would grow soft again. She never held anything back, continuing to lather me with her tongue and lips.

If I hadn't been there and seen it with my own eyes, and felt her sensual mouth pressure I wouldn't have believed it. She kept me hard! She was so thorough in her ministrations of my cock with her lips, throat and tongue, that it didn't go soft as it usually did! I was still hard! Raging hard!

Kysa really had a talent, but I knew what she was looking for. I could see it in her eyes.

Her crystal blue her eyes tore deep down to my sexual soul, and were begging for it. She looked me straight in the eye and stared right through me as she sucked on my meat. I caught my breath and after a few more minutes of letting her suck, I got up on my knees, threw her over onto her belly and while she turned back to smile at me, eyes twinkling, jammed my still hard cock back into the depths of her ass.

I fucked her butt hole fast and hard, and she raised her ass and fucked me back like a rabbit in heat for almost twenty more minutes. I didn't have another orgasm right away, but she got her assfucked even better than the last time.

It was a magic fuck, believe me. I went for her back hole for as long as I could last, and I finally had to stop before my heart pounded its way from my chest. Her velvet hole was heaven to fuck. Tighter and more sensuous than any fist I could have ever made around my cock.

I remember that before I quit fucking her ass, she had reached around to spread her cheeks for me as before, and she had several more shuddering orgasms, and topped it of with a shrieking cum that lasted for a very long time. She shook in her orgasms as no other woman I had ever been with.

There was no mistaking when she was cumming, and Kysa NEVER faked an orgasm. She didn't want or need to. She never held back an orgasm as far as I knew, and she gave back everything she received, regardless of which hole I had my prick in at the moment. This woman learned to take a cock up her ass that day, and simply could not get enough. She was amazing.

By the time Kysa and I were finished this last episode, we were both exhausted. It was very late in the evening so we both fell asleep, once again, in spoon fashion still deep inside of her. She confessed to me later that she never enjoyed sleeping so much since she started sleeping with a cock inside her ass after a good fuck session.

When we woke up, it was almost 10 a.m. We had definitely had a busy evening. I kissed her good morning, and told her it was time we got cleaned up and had something to eat. I knew she was hungry... for she had gone without supper the night before... but she didn't seem to mind the loss.

I went into the bathroom and ran steaming hot bubble bath water for Kysa. I decided that today was going to be her day to shine in public, and I was getting ready to make sure she had a good start. I helped her into the tub, and began a soothing wash-down of her beautifully tanned body. I washed everything... every square inch... starting from her blonde hair and ending at her toes. Of course, I dallied a bit in between to make sure everything was squeaky clean. Who could resist?

When, finally, she was as shiny as I could possibly get her, I helped her out of the tub, dried her body off, and told her to go to her closet and pick out something sexy and revealing to wear, for we were going out to have breakfast. Smiling, she trotted out to the bedroom and began rummaging through her clothes. While she was doing that, I showered and shaved.

When I came back into the bedroom, I found that she had chosen a pair of skin-tight slacks and a top that was NOT sexy at all. I said. "You call this stuff sexy?" I tossed her clothing selection into a pile in the corner of her closet, and began to rummage through her things. I wanted to take Kysa out into public to show off her stunning attributes, not to hide them.

I was thoroughly amazed at the sexy selections I had to choose from. She had exquisite taste in clothes that had the capability to want men to get beneath them. Since she was petite in stature, she had a lot to choose from when she went out to buy clothes. Everything she bought tended to enhance her alluring figure in one way or another.

Here's what I selected. The white panties and garter belt she had bought the previous day. I didn't want her to wear the bra, even though it was quite thin and frilly, for it would hide what I wanted others to see... her breasts.

A tight pair of upper-thigh-high white mesh stockings (the kind with the heavy line up the back of the leg.) A skin-tight black leather micro-mini skirt (so that others could see the garters and the tops of her nylons, with a little skin as icing on her cake). A semi-sheer, white, silky, low-cut blouse to show off her cleavage, accentuate the mounds of her breasts and highlight her perpetually hard nipples. To finish the outfit off, a pair of shiny-black 3-inch spikes.

As I was choosing the items, her face got redder and redder. She knew that she was about to show more than what she covered. I told her that those clothes are how I envisioned her at the moment, and if she wore them, it would please me greatly. She asked if she could be allowed to wear a bra to hide her nipples, but I shook my head and told her that I wanted to see her brag about what she had, not try to hide it.

She was shaking nervously as she put the clothes on and I simply got dressed in the clothes I had worn the previous day. I had forgotten to bring my suitcase with me, but that didn't seem to matter at the moment.

She looked stunning! The clothes I had selected hid very little of her charms, and she knew it. I did make one minor adjustment. I kneeled down in front of her, reached up under her skirt, removed her panties and tossed them back onto the bed. Now she could feel the air on her newly shaved cunt, with only two or three inches of skirt available to hide it. She needed to be very careful sitting down. Perfection in black and white!

I winked at her and told her that she had better keep her legs closed or someone would be getting more for breakfast than what they ordered. I decided, so as not to cause her too much embarrassment, to go to the next town over to do breakfast. As it happened, the next town was rather large, so she began to relax as we made the drive.

During the drive over, I gave her explicit instructions on how she was to act in public. Basically, she was to be wide open about her sexuality. She knew how to use the attributes she had, and I gave her permission to flaunt it in every direction. What I said was, in effect, make them follow you - make them want you - make them stare and drool. Otherwise, I concluded, it would be no fun at all... for anyone.

As I drove into town, I saw a friendly-looking diner-restaurant and pulled into the parking lot. Then I looked over to her and told her to go in, get a table right in the middle of the dining area (so everyone could see her), and I would follow in a few minutes. I swear... she grinned and her nipples noticeably grew harder.

She got out of the car and smugly swished her tight ass up to the door of the restaurant. Her breasts, hard and firm as they were, still jiggled nicely when she walked in her spiked heels. The fact that she was wearing no bra helped. Immediately, she had everyone's attention. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

As she jiggled her way to the entrance of the restaurant, she didn't notice just how much attention she was attracting. In the parking lot, there was an elderly couple just getting out of a beat-up Oldsmobile. The husband stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Kysa in all her glory. The wife looked to see what hubby was looking at, and immediately whacked him over the head with her purse.

A middle-aged couple were also arriving, but I hadn't noticed them until I heard the wife say something like: ..."and what the hell does she have that I don't have!? She knew the answer to that question, but was damned afraid to admit it, I'm certain.

What fun this day was going to be. Fifteen minutes passed and I was starting to wonder what was going on in the diner, but held fast to the plan I had concocted. I'm certain she was concerned, for I had dressed her in those slinky clothes, drove her to another town, and dropped her off in a very public place. I walked to a nearby phone booth, called the restaurant, and asked the person to please page Kysa. After a minute, Kysa said, "Hello?"

"Hi. Having a fun time strutting your stuff out in the open?"

"Well yes," she said, "but do I have any choice?"

"No, not at the moment. But, I'm sure you're getting some very strange looks... right?"

"Strange is not the word." She replied. "There are a lot of young guys in here and I've been hit on by three of them already. That includes one of the waiters."

"Hmmm... should I come in now?"

"Please?" she replied.

"OK, but only on one condition. Act as if you don't know me, and I'll make a hit on you like those other guys, but this time you take me up on it, and give me plenty of skin shots, if for no other reason than to make the other guys jealous. Just play like you're waiting for your boyfriend or something." She giggled on the other end of the line, and said she would.

I waited another few minutes and then entered the restaurant. I swear, everyone, men and women alike, were checking out her near-naked body. She looked ready to eat. There was a young gent standing next to her table trying to chat up a conversation, and I saw that he had a huge boner in his pants. I could tell she was getting a little irritated by this guy, so I walked up to them and said, "Excuse me, is this gentleman bothering you?"

She looked up at me, smiled glowingly, and said, "No sir, but I think he was just leaving." She glowered at the guy that was hitting on her, and he melted away like sugar in the rain. He looked at me as if to ask, "Who the hell are you?" and walked away mumbling to himself. I think he said something like, .."fucking whore anyway." He wanted her in a bad way though. Tough luck pal.

I ignored the guy, smiled at Kysa, and asked aloud if the seat opposite her was empty. Loud enough for others to hear, she replied, "Well, not really, I'm waiting for my boyfriend, and he'll be here any moment." I said, "Great!" and sat down. Man, did I ever get some strange looks from the guys that were all trying to undress her with their eyes. I knew they were thinking, "This guy has balls! I should have tried that!"

I proceeded to ask her detailed questions about herself, loud enough so that a lot of folks could hear us. Nothing too awful intimate, just questions one would normally ask a woman in a situation like that. I wound up asking her if she had eaten yet. She said no, and I immediately motioned to the waiter that I was ready to order. Of course he saw me right away, for he, too, had been staring at her. And why not?

He came over, and blatantly stared down her blouse at her breasts and nipples. I mean, how could he help himself. He was only human, and I allowed him his long examination of her personal assets. I let him stare while I pretended to look over the menu. She played right into his eyes, as I had asked her to do, and after a short while, I ordered food for both of us, never asking Kysa what she wanted.

She slowly arched her back a little and that caused her terminally hard nipples to press into the front of her sheer blouse. She adjusted her blouse to show the waiter even more cleavage. She made a show of adjusting herself a lot and made sure the waiter knew that she saw him staring. She smiled at him as if to say "I bet you want me in the back room right about now, with my legs wrapped around you, don't you, you poor boy."

While we were waiting for our food, I allowed her to play sex games with the other guys sitting around her while I feigned ignorance of what she was doing, and she even whispered that she was giving free pussy shots to the guys sitting across from her. I smiled to myself and let her keep her legs spread to play her silly cunt games with the men in the restaurant.

We slowly ate breakfast and had a very intense discussion of whether or not she should cheat on her boyfriend. As the other patrons couldn't help but hear, I said, "You know you want other guys, otherwise you wouldn't have had breakfast with me, dressed the way you are. Your boyfriend hasn't showed up yet, so he obviously couldn't give a damn about you. So what do you say we both just leave and go out to my car, and we'll drive away into the sunset?"

I heard some snickering from the guys looking and listening and I'm sure they thought that that was the dumbest line I could have ever made. But, I think they were really surprised when she stood up, large breasts wiggling under her sheer blouse, and said, "You know, you just got lucky. My damned boyfriend stood me up for the last time. Let's go to your place and talk about it."

You could have cut the silence with a knife. It was great! I paid for the meal, left a hefty tip, and off we went grinning wildly at each other, arm-in-arm, never to be seen again. It was so cool. I've always wanted to do that, and Kysa played it perfectly. She loved every moment of flaunting herself in public, and she told me so in the car. She was so excited, by the time we returned to the car she was shivering with glee... practically forcing her rigid nipples through that flimsy blouse material. Beautiful... just beautiful!

As we were walking back, I noticed that her short skirt was riding quite high up on her asscheeks. It hid virtually nothing, and she knew exactly what she was showing. No imagination was needed to see what Kysa had between her legs. I helped myself and reached behind her to gently slap her cute butt.

Once we were in the car I looked up and saw two of the young guys that were sitting near us in the restaurant. They were staring out the restaurant window at us. Then it hit me. I told her to quickly remove her skirt and give it to me. Happily, she did so, right there in the front seat.

I started the car, drove out of the parking lot across the street and honked my horn to get their attention. When they looked out, I tossed her skirt out the window onto the ground in front of their window. The look they gave was worth the trip. We sped off, both of us laughing our respective asses off. What a great morning! Life was good.

We laughed for a long time. We breezed on down the road for a few miles, and it suddenly hit Kysa. She was skirtless, pantyless and braless in the car... cruising down the road. She was wearing only the white net hose, white garter belt, white shoes and white sheer blouse. She was pretty and I wanted her to stay like that for as long as possible.

I took the opportunity to do something I'd wanted to do for a long time. While we were driving down the highway, I unzipped myself, pulled out my hardening prick, and grabbed my woman by the hair. Pulling her down to me, I pushed her face to my groin and forced her to suck my cock as I was driving down the road. What they say is true, especially if you have an expert cocksucker like Kysa. You cannot drive and get a blowjob at the same time.

Of course, I took her lips as much as I could, but finally had to pull over to the side to experience her better. Once again she shafted me full length until I was ready to cum. This time, though, I wanted something different. When I was ready, I stood up, faced her, and spewed my jism all over her next and down between her cleavage. I really messed her chest up with my hot load of cum. There was a lot of it to spread around, and I made sure she had it all over herself.

I sat back down in the drivers' seat, and it took me a while to come back down from the clouds. She gives really great head. No mortal man could hold back an orgasm from her mouth. I dare you to try it.

Soon enough though, we were back on the road, headed back home. Half dressed and cum all over the front of her, she silently rode with me with a smile on her face.

After a short while, she asked if I could get her something to wear, and I said, "Sure!" and drove straight to the mall. When I drove into the parking lot, I found a quiet, secluded parking spot pretty far from the entrance where most folks don't park. She realized that something was amiss and she said, "Oh No. No Way! This is where I draw the line. I'm not about to walk into that mall naked!"

Turning to look at her I said in a stern voice, "You are my slave and you will do exactly as I tell you, and nothing else. You will obey me without question, or you will be surprised at what happens next. You will not tell me what you will or will not do, ever again."

I must make a point of saying that she was very shocked at my tone of voice, since it was the first time I had truly spoken to her as a Master would to a slave he owned. She had never heard me speak forcefully, and it took her several seconds to grasp my attitude and meaning. Once she knew I meant business, she dropped her eyes, and said, "Yes."

I reached over and lifted her face to look at me, and it appeared that she was ready to let go a few tears. Too bad. I held her face up to make her look me square in the eye, and said to her, "From this moment on, you will address me as Master. You will say 'Yes Master' or 'No Master' when you speak to me. It is a sign of respect that you know and understand your position as my slave, and that you are aware that you must do my bidding, regardless of how you feel about it."

"Your desires are irrelevant. Your place is to service me and others as I may or may not choose in the future. You will do exactly as I wish you to do, and nothing else. Never question my authority over your position. Now, I know that you have the ability to understand the words I am speaking to you. Presently, your only duty in life is to do exactly as I wish. Do you or do you not understand everything I have just said?"

Kysa was absolutely frightened of me at that moment. I could see it in her eyes, and, of course, I used it to my immediate advantage. She had not been expecting me to speak to her in that manner.

In her face I read fear, anger, embarrassment, and something else that I soon learned was her sexuality starting to emerge. Even through all her feelings, she held her back stiffly. Her physical attributes shone through, deliciously. Then firmly, almost with a tone of self-acceptance to her position, I felt a small shudder run through her, and she responded to me by looking right into my eyes and saying, "Yes, Master."

I looked at her and said, "Although just the mere thought of you walking naked beside me in public, with cum all over you, thrills me to no end, I never intended for you to go out in public that way. We still live in a backward world where there are laws against such things. We would be arrested on the spot, and it would spoil the fun." Then, I felt her relax, and we just sat there for a few moments smiling at each other.

I removed the car keys, and got out of the car. She said, "Where are you going?" I turned and glowered down at her in the car. She gulped and repeated, "Where are you going, Master?"

I said, "To go buy you some clothes... of course. Do you want to sit out here naked in the car all day?" Then I just turned and started walking towards the mall entrance. After just a few steps, however, I turned back to the car and said aloud, "And you better not forget to say 'Master' again. You will be receiving a spanking as soon as I return." Then I turned and walked into the mall.

Imagine, if you will. There was Kysa, sitting more than half-naked, alone in the parking lot of a mall, with puddles of fresh cum all down the front of her chest, while I wandered in to get some clothes for her to wear.

I figured I may as well pick up something for myself as long as I was there, so I spent a while searching through the men's section at one of the outlets. When I had selected something I could wear, I paid for it and left. As I was walking towards another shop that I thought would have something special for Kysa, I happened to pass Victoria's Secret.

As my good fortune would have it, the same sales clerk was on duty. I didn't realize how cute she was. Very pretty. When she was alone on one side of the store, I walked up to her and said hello. She replied, "Hello there! How are you today?"

I replied that I was more than fine and inquired about her day. She said, "Well, today is going just fine, but yesterday was much more exciting." With a grin I asked why.

She replied, "Yesterday's encounter with Kysa was... a pleasant distraction. Did she tell you about what happened in the dressing room? I'll bet she did, and you guys were all over each other all night."

I replied, "Actually, I was planning to ask her about it this evening, since we were quite busy the previous evening."

The clerk replied, "Hmm, she never said anything, huh? Curious."

Now I was the one getting curious. "Perhaps you should tell me the whole story, and by the way, what IS your name?"

She said, "My name is Melanie, and don't you think it would be better if she told you? I think you'd like it better that way."

I said, "Hmm, I think I'd like to hear it from you first so that I would know if she was telling me the whole truth. Don't be shy, I'm not the type to tell anyone anything private. If I were, you would have already heard about it."

She said, "Honey, I'm anything but shy!" Her face WAS a little red, but said that she couldn't tell me about it in the store where someone might overhear it. She also added "But I wouldn't mind a second helping, or three, or four!" I thought about it some, and I had a pretty good idea what had happened behind those closed dressing room doors, but I was now really needing to hear the full story.

I told her "Perhaps I know a way you can get that second helping, with desert." I gave her Kysa's address, and asked her if she could be at the house at a specific time, and she chuckled and said, "For another plateful of Kysa, I'll be there in a heartbeat!" This was going to be a fun evening.

I said goodbye to Melanie, and went on to another store, bought some clothes for Kysa, and went back out to the car. There she was, all red-faced and very eager to leave. I got back into the car, gave her a short white mini-skirt to put on, smiled widely at her, and said, "Girl... have I got a surprise for you tonight."

All that afternoon, I kept thinking about the treat in store for all of us, and I had been preparing Kysa for it. When we got home, I started by blindfolding Kysa and having her make love to me. I wouldn't allow her even an instant of peeking. She tried once, but she received an ass warming for her efforts. She promised she wouldn't peek again, but a few extra hard slaps of her tender cheeks made the deal stick. She was a bad girl, loved her ass spanked, and we both knew it!

Then, after our slow love making session had quieted down, I asked her if she trusted me. She said she did. Using some towels, I tied her arms and legs to the four corners of her bed, and made slow passionate love to her, once again. Then... I set the trap. I told her that later on I would blindfold her again, tie her to the bed, and have my way with her cunt. She made some silly comment like "Promises, promises!" and walked away giggling.

I suppose what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her, so we spent the rest of the day frolicking naked around the house, not doing much except lounging about, inspecting each others bodies with open stares.

Together, we fixed and ate a light dinner. I asked her if she would go in, take a nice hot shower, and get dressed up for me in all her new powder-blue underthings. Of course, she agreed, and sped into the bathroom to get all squeaky clean for me.

Melanie's timing was perfect. She drove up to the house as Kysa was taking a shower. While she was showering, I let Melanie into the house, and was bluntly honest with her, explaining in a low whisper what I thought would be the perfect evening. I came right out and told her what I would like to happen, and surprisingly, she was very much agreeable and added a few twists to the plot herself.

While Kysa washed herself, Melanie and I quickly hashed out all the details, and just as we were finishing, we heard the shower being turned off. She motioned me to go to the bedroom to deflect Kysa while she 'got herself prettied up.'

I walked into the bedroom, closed the door going into the hallway towards the rest of the house, and met Kysa coming out of the shower. I grabbed her in my arms, kissed her lips forcefully, and asked her if she was ready for my surprise. Her eyes lit up and twinkled brightly. She stated, haughtily, "I can handle anything you've got up your sleeves, Master."

"Oh, really!" I said, smiling widely.

"You betcha!" she replied.

I walked her over to the bed, helped her to finish drying off, and dressed her in her blue underclothes. Once she was 'dressed', I walked over to her dresser and picked out a nice perfume I dabbed a hint of some on her most 'private' spots. I dotted a small amount between her breasts, a small dab at the base of her spine, one small spot behind each of her knees, a light swipe across her flat belly, and finished up with a dash to the upper portion of her inner thighs.

Once she was ready, I pulled out the blindfold and the towels I was going to use on her. She saw them and smiled, expecting some exciting action. Poor Kysa. She just didn't understand. She was clueless and I loved it.

I attached the blindfold and triple-checked it to make sure she couldn't see a thing. I laid her gently onto the bed, on her back, and stuffed a small pillow under her lower back and ass to make her pretty pussy available for the ministrations it was about to receive. She just kept giggling... the poor creature.

I spread her legs and arms, and secured her firmly to all four corner posts. The result was a perfectly displayed and spread-eagled body of art. I told her not to utter a single sound until she was told to speak. She nodded her head. I told her that she was not to hold back on any of my manipulations of her body. She was to show me just how much of a woman she could be.

She was told to do anything it takes to have an orgasm. I told her to see if she could beat her previous record of orgasms, and that no matter what happens, I wanted to see her cum... and cum... and cum. I also told her that I wouldn't stop until I thought she had cum enough for the evening. She nodded her head in eager anticipation.

Then I walked over to the stereo, turned on some good slow `fuck' music, and turned it up loud enough so she couldn't hear any movement in the room. I dimmed the lights until they were only a low yellow tint, and the dimness set off every sensual curve and crevice of Kysa's tight frame. It was perfect. The scene was delicious!

I quietly opened the bedroom door and walked back into the living room where Melanie was getting ready. When I arrived, I stood in the hallway in a state of shock, for there was Melanie, standing in the center of the living room, just as naked as Kysa was in the bedroom. She was gorgeous! 5'6, about 125-lbs., long wavy (not curly) brown hair, and the rest of her assets were as firm and correct as those already mentioned.

She smiled at me and said quietly, "Oh Pooh... that's not fair. You're still dressed!" Trying to be as cool as I could be, I walked up to her and asked her if she wouldn't mind helping me get undressed. She smiled and just started undoing buttons and zippers. It was great! She quickly, and expertly, removed all of my clothes.

The moment I was naked, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deliciously. As she stood there pressing her crotch into mine, she asked me where her prize was. I chuckled and told her that part of it was between my legs. Then I told her not to utter a sound when we went into the bedroom where Kysa was, and asked her if she was game for whatever came up. She smiled, reached between us, grabbed my already throbbing cock in her hand, and led me by my hardness down the hallway towards the bedroom.

She opened the door quietly. I reminded Melanie to be silent by putting my finger to my lips, and allowed her to lead me by the cock into the bedroom. She loved what she saw. She let go of my rock hard member, and put her hands up to her mouth as if to stifle a squeak. Then kissed me again.

She whispered into my ear. "All this for me?"

I whispered back "For both of us, dear. It's for both of us. And Kysa hasn't a clue that you're here."

I motioned Melanie over to Kysa's dresser and managed to find an elastic band. I turned Melanie around and started to pull her hair back into a ponytail. She took over, found some bobby pins, and wrapped her hair up into a tight bun at the back of her head. We wanted to make sure Kysa didn't feel Melanie's hair, so that Kysa wouldn't know who was touching her. She succeeded in getting the whole lot pulled tight into a bun.

I whispered into Melanie's ear. "Please be patient. I need to ask Kysa about what happened at the store. We'll both know if she's telling the truth, OK?" Melanie nodded in agreement and kneeled on the floor next to the bed to watch the show. I walked over to the bed and climbed up to lay alongside Kysa. She didn't know what was going on, and of course didn't see Melanie staring at her nude body.

"OK, now for your surprise. It's time to play Truth or Punishment. I'm going to ask you some specific questions concerning your personal life, and you must answer them truthfully. But, be very, very careful for you would be surprised to find out exactly how much I already know about you. I've been talking things over with my sister, and it appears that she has spent quite a bit of time with you, and you have discussed all those 'girl things' between each other.

"I've also spoken with some other folks who know you, so if you lie to me, I most assuredly will know. And if you tell me the truth, I'll know that too. If you lie to me, even a little, you will have to endure some very painful slaps on your pretty pink ass. If you think you will enjoy it, think again. This will be punishment, not a pleasure spanking. Each lie adds more slaps. So, think carefully about your answers before you reply, for the numbers add up quickly.

"On the other hand, telling me the truth will bring your choice of pleasures. You can choose whatever sort of pleasure you wish. Anything your heart desires will be given to you, if I am able. You get to choose what sort of pleasure, gift, or other thing you want. Do you understand all that I have said?"

"Yes, Master." she said. I looked to Melanie and saw that she had the most devilish grin on her face.

"All right, first question," I started, "How old were you when you sucked your first cock?"

Kysa smiled and replied, "Twelve."

"Whose cock was it?" I asked.

"My boyfriend at school," she replied.

"How old was he, and why did you suck him? Tell me the whole story."

"He was, ah, fourteen, and we were hanging out at the end of the soccer field after school one day. I liked him a lot, and he asked me if it was ok if he kissed me. I said sure, and we started kissing. We kissed for a long time, and the next think I knew he was squeezing my titties. I never thought I'd let anyone do that to me but he kept kissing and feeling me up... and I liked it."

I just smiled at Melanie and let Kysa continue.

"I liked it a lot and wanted to do something for him, but I didn't know what to do, so I just started rubbing and squeezing his crotch. Pretty soon he was complaining that his jeans were too tight for that, so he reached down, unzipped his fly and pulled it out. He made me look at it. It was the first one I had even seen."

I asked, "You had never seen a penis before?"

"Well, yes, but only in pictures," she replied.

"Then you lied to me. That's two slaps. Continue."

She pouted a little, but continued. "He pulled my hand down, put it on his cock, and told me to touch it and play with it. He showed me how he wanted me to do it. Well, I looked down at it, twisted it in my hand, pulled on it, and generally played with it while he reached under my blouse and up under my bra and started to play with my nipples.

"Then he surprised me by saying that I should kneel down and take a closer look at it. I was so flustered and shocked, I just looked around to see if anyone was watching and saw that we were alone I scooted down and looked real close at it. I didn't know any better. Once I was down there, he told me to play with it some more and showed me more of how he liked it touched.

"Then he told me to kiss it! I was so excited by what I was doing that I just did what he asked me to do, without thinking. I held it like he wanted, one hand wrapped around it, and the other holding up his balls. I leaned in and kissed the tip of it a few times and started giggling, because I couldn't believe I was doing that.

He got a little upset because I giggled, so I apologized. He said to French kiss it, and then I knew what he wanted me to do, without a doubt. I looked around again to see that nobody was watching and then I just popped it into my mouth."

I looked over at Melanie and she was beginning to squirm around on the floor. She silently got up on her knees and, closed-eyed, started rubbing her pussy with both hands. Turning back to Kysa, I asked, "Then what happened?"

"Well, I just kept sucking his cock. It was kinda neat and kinky to be doing that to a boy, and I actually liked it. He let me do it for a long time, assuring me that I was doing a good job, and that nobody was watching. Just about then, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth deep over his cock, and he started pumping it in and out. Then it hit me. I realized then that I was actually giving a boy my very first blowjob.

"It was kinda neat. I sucked him as nice as I could under the situation. Now that I think about it, though, he wasn't very big, only about 6 inches, but then again he was only 14. Anyway, all of a sudden he started pushing it in deeper and I was gagging on the head of it because it was pushing at the back of my throat, so I started to pull away. Of course, he didn't want me to stop, so he just forced my mouth down over his cock and kept pushing it in and out real deep.

"Finally, after what seemed like an eternity. He pushed his dick all the way into the back of my throat, and I opened up and took it all the way. I gagged a lot, but all of a sudden he started jerking real hard and then all I remember was that I felt something hot and salty squirting into my mouth and throat.

"I had a good idea what it was, but never having tasted it before, wasn't sure. But he reinforced my thinking by telling me to swallow his cum. So I did. It didn't taste too bad, but I wasn't really ready for that. He came a lot. I mean a LOT. When he was done cumming in my mouth, he pulled out and put it back into his pants. I swallowed all of his cum, and he told me I was a great little cocksucker. That was my first blowjob and first taste of cum."

"Well, for a twelve-year-old, your first blow job seemed to go fairly well." I smiled and looked over at Melanie, who was busy playing with her pussy. Then I said, "OK, even though you told a little white lie, I'll allow one quick pleasure, so what will your pleasure be?"

"Well, let's see now. I could use my nipples sucked, how about that?"

"Sounds good to me!" I replied.

I looked up at Melanie and motioned to Kysa's breasts as if to say "Want these?" She nodded vigorously and I motioned her to hold on a sec, and climbed off the bed. When I was standing beside Melanie, I kissed her deeply, felt her heavy breasts in the palms of my hands, and whispered "Would you like to suck Kysa's nipples?"

She nodded and I whispered "Be careful that she doesn't know who's doing it." She nodded again and knelt beside Kysa on the bed carefully. She bent over and put one of Kysa's nipples between her lips and began to lick and suck it to rigidness. Kysa moaned and twisted trying to get more of her breast into Melanie's mouth.

Melanie began to suck and nibble on both of Kysa's breasts, alternating between each to give them both an even take. Then she reached up and began to squeeze both of Kysa's breasts. She pulled the nipples hard and tweaked them even harder. She sucked them both, again, for quite along time. Finally, I motioned to Melanie that it was time to quit. I wanted to ask Kysa another question.

Melanie pouted, then smiled, and got off the bed even as Kysa was moaning and begging for more. Melanie stood and stared at Kysa's body and, had I not turned her around to get more attention for myself, she would have jumped onto Kysa and had her way. As it was, I needed some more attention for myself. Fair is fair.

I motioned to Melanie to wait just a second. I turned to Kysa, leaned over and kissed her lips, and said, "I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom. Did you like your nipples sucked?"

"Oh yes, Master! I loved it! I want more. Please more!"

"Later, my pet. Rest for now, and think of the next pleasure you would like." Then I got off the bed, took Melanie's hand, and led her out of the bedroom while the music continued to drown out any hint of her presence.

We walked out into the living room and fell onto the sofa chuckling about our deception. In low voices, we began talking. "That was great!" she said. "And she doesn't even know it was me!"

"Great is right! You looked sexy doing Kysa like that! I loved it! And just think! There's just a lot more of her available for you to taste!"

We chuckled about it even more, and before I knew it, Melanie was in my arms, and we rolled onto the floor. I gently landed on top of her and proceeded to suck HER nipples as she had done with Kysa. Only I didn't stop there. I trailed my kisses down to Melanie's belly and soon found myself spreading her legs and mashing my face into her wet cunt. She was soaked!

I couldn't help smell her feminine muskiness as she grabbed the back of my head and forced my face right into her wet cuntlips and began twisting and grinding as though she wanted my whole head inside her. I was only too willing to comply and tried hard to climb aboard.

After a highly sensual orgasm on her part, I moved back up towards her breasts, licking with my tongue all the way, spreading her cunt juices over her belly and ribs. I propped myself up on my elbows and laid my belly onto hers, slipping my bulging cock full length into her ready cunt. She was absolutely boiling, as was I.

I kindly obliged her needs and mine, and we banged our crotches together for several minutes and soon felt the need to fill her juicy hole with even more moisture. I looked up and told her I was about to cum and she wrapped her legs all the way around me and locked them across my back. She said, "Blow it all inside of me as hard as you can. Let me feel it spurt out. I love the feeling of a cumming cock!"

Once again, I obliged her, and blew an entire truckload of cum inside her tight pussy. I shook in my ecstasy for a long time, and kept on cumming inside her. After finally calming down, we got up and walked into the bathroom, and helped each other get cleaned up in the shower. I didn't want Kysa to smell anything but me, so we made sure everything was washed that needed washing.

I kissed Melanie passionately and asked her if she was ready for another round with Kysa. She said she couldn't wait any longer so we wandered back into the bedroom to where we left her. Her blindfold was still snugly in place, and I could tell she was trying to hear what was happening.

She jumped when she felt Melanie's hand stroke her flat belly, running a finger down to Kysa's pussy, getting the tip wet with Kysa's cunt juices. She smiled, licked her finger clean and sat down beside the bed, getting ready for the next phase.

I sat on the bed beside Kysa's naked body, and asked her if she was OK.

She replied, "Yes, Master," and nodded that she was ready.

Then I said, "OK dear, time for round two. Here's your next question, and remember, be careful how you answer it. When was the last time you tasted a woman's cunt?"

Kysa appeared shocked and immediately replied, "That's simple. I've NEVER done that to another girl. Never!"

I looked over at Melanie who was giving me the 'thumbs down' gesture. I smiled and said, "I believe you to be lying about that. That's four slaps on your ass."

Kysa said, "Honest... I've never made it with another girl!" Melanie was shaking her head, smiling, and pointing to herself.

"You're lying to me again, slut. That's six smacks on your pretty ass. It's going to be damned sore when I get through with it. Now tell me the truth!"

"I am telling you the truth. Don't you think I'd know if I ever did a pussy before?"

"This is not a good sign, my sweet slave. You have lied to me, once again, about the same thing. For that, your punishment is doubled to twelve slaps, and you must deep throat my cock until I say you can stop. Now, I will ask you again. When was the last time you sucked another girl's cunt?"

Kysa began to sob a little, but she again replied that she had never done that before, and that I should have faith in her answers.

"You know," I began, "Telling lies to your Master while you're tied up and blindfolded is NOT a very smart thing to be doing. I happen to know the whole truth of the matter and yet you continue to deny it.

Therefore, your punishment has now increased to twenty-four slaps on your pretty tight asscheeks. Furthermore, I am going to get you a butt plug, and you will have to wear it in up inside your ass at all times unless I remove it!

"On top of that, you shall be confronted with the girl who's pussy you ate. You will then lick, suck and eat her cunt in front of me until SHE has had enough of your mouth. Only when she is finished cumming on your face, will you be done. You will make love to her and provide her with whatever she needs for pleasure.

"Now... I will give you only one more chance to be totally open and honest with me. If you are not, you shall receive even more of a punishment... and you will NOT be happy about it. So let me ask the question one more time. When was the last time you tasted a woman's cunt?"

Kysa was, by this time, weeping openly. Red-faced, and sobbing with tears streaming down the sides of her face, she told us, "I did it yesterday." I told her that she was to relate the entire cunt-licking incident to me, and not to leave any details out at all. Melanie and I were all smiles.

"I was forced to put my mouth on Melanie's pussy. Melanie is the clerk at Victoria's Secret, the place where you bought my new underwear. I didn't want to do it, but she made me... honest... she told me if I didn't do it she would tell you.

She told me that you wanted me to do it, and she made me lick her pussy while we were in the dressing room. I didn't know what to do. I was so shocked! She came into the dressing room while I was getting undressed to try on the clothes, and she stood there staring at me. Then she told me to let her help.

"She made me get completely undressed, and when I was naked, she took a pair of my new panties, knelt in front of me, and made me step into them. She touched me all over. She squeezed my ass and when I tried to get away she told me you wouldn't be very happy. She said I was not behaving, and she would simply have to tell you about it.

What could I do? She just kept touching my ass, my pussy, and my breasts. She was feeling me all over and whispering things in my ear. She told me that I was a pretty little whore and that I deserved a Master like you, but it wasn't nice to make you mad. She told me to do what she wanted or there would be hell to pay.

"So, while I was standing there naked, she leaned over and started kissing me. She pulled me to her face and kissed my mouth deep. She was French kissing me and I didn't know what to do, so I just played along. Then she sat me down on the bench and she took off all of her clothes while I watched! She even made me help her get undressed! It was so embarrassing!"

"So then what did she do? Tell me everything or you get more punishment! If you think I'm kidding... you just try me out for size!"

"Please," Kysa started, "I'm trying to tell you what happened," she said while sobbing loudly. "She took off all her clothes and made me take off her bra and panties. Then she stood me up and grabbed me. She said she wanted a nice hug, tight enough to feel my breasts pushing against hers.

She hugged me and told me to be nice and hug her back. I did that and she pressed her breasts and cunt against mine and pushed me back against the wall. Then she started to kiss my neck and face and ground her pussy into mine while I was against the wall.

"She grabbed my hair and pulled my face back and kissed me on my lips, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. After she kissed me for a real long time, she told me she wanted to eat my pussy. Well, I had never done that before and told her that, but she just told me to shut up, sit down, and spread my legs wide.

She pushed me back and sat me down on the bench, and spread my legs before I could even get a chance to react. Before I knew it she was down on her knees in front of me eating my pussy!"

At this point in her story, Kysa appeared to calm down, and even smiled a little as she remembered the incident in some detail. She was weeping and smiling at the same time!

"Her mouth went right for my cunt and I could feel her lips moving against me and then her tongue came out and started flicking against my clit, and she was making me jump. I tried to push her away, but she looked up and told me to sit still and enjoy it.

"Her face was all wet from my pussy, and she just went back down there and started licking it all over. Then I just couldn't help myself! It started to make me feel like I was going to have an orgasm, and before I could stop it I was shaking and cumming in her mouth! She made me cum with her mouth on my pussy!

"Without waiting for me to calm down from my orgasm, she got up and switched our positions. Now she wanted me to lick HER pussy! I was scared and didn't want to do that, but then she stood up and started putting on her clothes, and told me that this would not go over well with you. I begged her not to do that, and she said there was only one option for me. So I did it.

"She sat back down and spread her legs so that her cunt was wide open to me. I looked down at her cunt and didn't really know what to do. I knelt down, bent over, and kissed her pussy. That wasn't good enough for her. She told me to lick it inside and out, just like she had done to me. So I started to do that.

"She sat back further on the bench, spread her legs wider and pulled my face into her cunt and made me lick her out. She kept telling me to lick it clean. She told me not to leave anything behind, and that if I did she would tell you I had been bad.

"It seemed like I licked her forever! She wanted more and more. Then she shook hard and told me she was cumming in my face and to suck her clit harder. If I didn't do it hard enough she would have me punished anyway. It took her forever to finish cumming in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking for all I was worth, and finally she shuddered for a second time and I tasted even more of her cum in my mouth.

"When she was finished, she pulled my face up, smiled at me, and kissed me deeply. She told me that I was a good little cunt-licking sex slave, and that I had done a marvelous job at licking her tight pussy clean. She told me that she wouldn't say anything to you, and that made me happy. Then she got dressed, and put my underthings on my body for me.

"She wouldn't let me help. She wanted to dress me herself. She touched me, sexually, all over. It took her a long time to finally pull up my panties and hook my bra. She kept touching my ass, my stomach, my pussy and my tits. She pinched my nipples a lot.

"When she was finally done, she told me I was a very pretty young thing, and that she wanted someday to do it all over again. I was never so glad to get away from there! So there... now you know the truth. Yes... I licked Melanie's pussy, but only because she forced me to do it."

Melanie and I were totally out of breath when Kysa had finished telling her story. I praised her for finally telling me the truth, but reminded her again that her punishment would be as stated. She had lied to me. She asked me how I knew what had happened, and I said, "I had no knowledge of your sex with Melanie until today." And I added, "I wish I had been privy to that sight. I bet it was kinky as hell, but I never told Melanie to do any of that to you.

"My guess is that Melanie found herself in a unique situation and decided to take advantage of it. And, it looks like she used you well. I just thought she was helping you to fit your clothes properly. Personally, if I had been in Melanie's position, I think I would have taken advantage of your situation as well. Being a slave can sometimes put you in embarrassing situations. You must get used to that idea, for it is to happen quite a lot."

Melanie was wiping away some small tears also, and she nodded when Kysa was finished telling her story. Kysa had told the whole story, complete with accurate details. I helped Kysa quiet down, and smothered her sobbing with little kisses on her neck and shoulders. When she was finally in control, I told her that since she finally told me the whole truth, she could have her new pleasure now.

Kysa instantly felt better, now that she figured it wasn't as embarrassing as she had thought, and that I had not scolded her for doing what she had done in the dressing room.

So, she said in a loud voice, "I want my cunt licked even better than I licked Melanie's cunt! I want to cum a hundred times in your mouth. I want you to suck my pussy forever! I want you to suck me better than you have ever sucked a pussy before. Drink all of my cum and don't ever stop! I think I deserve that much for telling you about her!"

Then she grinned widely, and I agreed that she deserved every orgasm that she could muster from her tiny body. I told Kysa that she did, indeed, deserve to have as many pussy-licking orgasms as she wanted and made her promise to cum as much as possible.

Before I could even acknowledge her, Melanie was already standing beside the bed in anticipation. I smiled up at her, climbed off of the bed, walked up to her, kissed her severely, and whispered in her ear, "There are two cunts that need eating in this room. What say you eat one and I eat the other?"

She whispered back "I thought you would never get to this part!" I told her that I had yet another surprise for her. I brought her into the bathroom and grabbed the razor and shaving cream that I had previously used to shave Kysa's cunt. I asked Melanie to shave Kysa again, as there was a little stubble that needed to be removed first. We walked back into the bedroom, and I leaned over and told Kysa that her cunt needed a fresh shave first, and she giggled and said she would love a trim.

I motioned to Melanie to go for it, and she sat down between Kysa's spread legs and lathered her naked pussy. Then Melanie began shaving it with deliberate slowness. She took her time removing every last sign of hair stubble from Kysa's cunt. Then she took a warm wash cloth and wiped it clean, making sure to open the lips and wipe inside. All the time, Kysa kept swishing her hips, enjoying the full sensations of the experience.

When Melanie finished shaving and cleaning Kysa's mound, she started to play with it. She began fingering Kysa's pussy and feeling the entire outside length of it. Once she thought that Kysa had had enough, she stood up and took the shaving items back into the bathroom. I took the opportunity to grab a feel of Melanie's firm body parts.

After a while, Melanie sat down on the toilet seat cover, pulled my cock to her mouth and began sucking me with vigor. She sucked me long enough to get my cock raging hard, and then smiled up at me, whispering that it was time she tasted some nice fresh cunt. The vixen strikes again, leaving me hanging. Well, not exactly hanging, as it were. Just before we left the bathroom, I told her not to make any noises whatsoever, or the whole game would be over. She agreed to be very careful. I told her that Kysa's pussy was all hers and she smiled in glee, kissing me again.

When I came back in, I reminded Kysa to give me as many orgasms as she possibly could, for I simply would be very unhappy if I felt she was holding back. She happily agreed to cum for me as often as I let her. She giggled and told me to hang on for dear life once I started eating her pussy.

I wanted to watch Kysa's pussy being licked for a while, so I positioned myself on the floor on the side of the bed. Melanie leaned over the end of the bed and reached out to touch Kysa's hot wet cunt. I could smell Kysa's feminine odor already. She had a very clean, fresh scent.

Melanie bent over, lying down with her belly and breasts between Kysa's legs and her perky ass and pussy off the end of the bed. She leaned over and put her nose right up to Kysa's cunt and smelled the fresh aroma. Then she immediately began to tongue Kysa's cuntlips apart, sticking her tongue deep inside her pussy.

Melanie was no novice at eating pussy. That much I am certain. She completely smothered herself inside Kysa's hot hole and ate her for all she was worth. I figured that Melanie knew what pussy eating was all about, and after watching her go at Kysa's cunt, I needed a taste of some as well.

As I watched, she continued to lick and suck on Kysa's sopping wet pussy. Even though Kysa was tied to the corners of the bed, she was still able to squirm wildly. I hadn't tied her very tight, but I did give her enough room to move in case she got stiff and uncomfortable. Since there was a small pillow under her ass to push her cunt into the air, she had a little less maneuverability to pump Melanie's face, but that didn't stop her from trying. Kysa squirmed and moaned in delight as Melanie continued to eat her.

All the while, I knew that Kysa thought it was me doing the eating. What a surprise she would have when she finally realized the truth of the matter. I chose not to tell Kysa what was happening right away, for I had the feeling that she wouldn't respond as well as she was at the moment.

I thought she might hold back and, perhaps, not even enjoy it at all. So, I just let Melanie continue to lick between Kysa's legs, while Kysa continued her wild gyrations, and every so often she would shudder in orgasmic waves of delight.

It was easy to tell when Kysa had an orgasm. Each time she reached climax, she would come back to earth with a sexy sigh. The longer and deeper the sigh, the better her orgasm was. It was actually kind of cute the see her tummy shake in the throes of her orgasm then shiver and sigh as it ebbed. I must report that Melanie kept Kysa sighing for quite some time. Sometime after the fifth sigh, I lost count.

I stood up and wandered around behind Melanie, watching her cute ass wiggle while she ate Kysa. She was so deeply involved with Kysa's pussy, she wasn't paying much attention to anything else, and she jumped a little when she felt me start to rub her ass. I squeezed and rubbed Melanie's firm asscheeks, enjoying the excruciatingly vivid scene before me.

My member was rock solid again, and playfully, I pushed it against Melanie's ass hole. She squeezed her cheeks together a little bit, so I sensed that she might not want a hard one in her ass at the moment (or ever), so I backed off and got on my hands and knees behind her.

It's not often that I get the opportunity to eat a woman's pussy from behind, so I reveled in the sight of her backside waving in front of me, as she continued eating out Kysa's cunt. I decided to go for the brass ring. I leaned forward, silently kissed both of her asscheeks, and began to lick them both. I licked both asscheeks from top to bottom and side to side.

When I finished soaking both cheeks with my tongue, I lowered my face and started licking the backside of her cunt. She felt the pressure of my tongue on her pussylips and spread her legs as wide as she could so that I would have free rein over it. At the same time, she reached between Kysa's legs and, using her fingers, spread Kysa's cuntlips as wide as she could and took Kysa's cunt full in her mouth.

Once again, I saw Kysa shudder in orgasm and she kept begging me (Melanie) not to stop. She kept moaning and cumming, having the cunt eating of her life. I decided that now would be the time to go for Melanie's pussy too, so I turned around, laid my head on the edge of the bed, face up between her legs, and reached around to pull her pussy to my face. I grabbed one asscheek in each hand and held her cunt to my mouth while I began sucking every drop of juice I could find there.

She tasted wonderful. As she ate Kysa, I ate her. I don't know if she liked it as much as Kysa, but I was certainly giving her wetness my full attention. This went on for quite some time, and Melanie finally had her first cum while pushing her cunt onto my mouth.

She came hard and started shuddering herself. So much so, I was afraid Kysa would feel it. But, just then, Melanie made Kysa cum very hard, and with Kysa's raging orgasm in full stream, there was little chance she would be thinking about anything else.

Kysa screamed in ecstasy on that last orgasm and she shook so hard that I knew she was having one of her best ever cum sessions. She continued to moan and thrash wildly about, pushing her cunt into Melanie's face. Just as she was quieting down, and sighing, Melanie backed off slowly and took one final lick and suck of Kysa's hot clit. Then she backed up a little, slid her pussy down my chest and started to sit on my lap. She reached around behind her, and guided my hardon full length into her boiling cunt hole. I maneuvered her away from the bed and had to hold my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't give herself away.

Once away from the bed, I put my finger to my lips to warn her to be quite. Then I whispered into her ear. "How did she taste?" She whispered back, "Yummy... my belly is almost full of her cunt juice. It tasted delicious. But, now I need a good hard fuck to get myself an orgasm. I really need one. I'll eat her cunt more in a while. Let her relax a bit"

I said, "I want you to have one too, and I'd be proud to give you one, but you have to make a choice. Do you want an orgasm from my cock, or would you like to get one from Kysa's mouth? I think it's time Kysa knew the truth. I'll fuck this sweet pussy of yours later on, I promise."

She leaned back away from me, smiled widely, and almost laughed. "Hell," she whispered, "I want both. I want at least a quickie from you right now, and then I'll get one from Kysa. I'll take hers after, but are you sure you want her to know I'm here?" I nodded, and motioned for her to get up. We got up and went into the living room.

Of course, we both immediately dropped to the floor and she spread her legs again and pulled me into her. I stiffed her cunt for several minutes until she had a small shuddering orgasm, and then we decided to get up and get cleaned up in the bathroom.

Kysa was still breathing hard when we returned. I reached out and touched her quivering lower belly and, still blindfolded, she thanked me profusely for eating her pussy so well. I told her to relax and build up her energy, because in a few minutes she was going to get the punishment she deserved for lying to me. Instantly, Kysa looked worried and begged for forgiveness.

I said, "Did you actually believe I would forget your punishment? You lied to me too many times. I might have considered letting you off for one little white lie, but you continued to lie to me as though I were stupid and would never find out the truth. I'm not stupid.

"You deserve to be punished, and I want you to remember exactly what your punishment was supposed to be. I'll be right back, as soon as I get cleaned up a bit, and when I return, you will tell me what that punishment is. And if you have forgotten, I will double it. Do you understand me?"

Kysa meekly said that she understood me, and her lips started to pout, for she knew that she would receive her harsh punishment as promised. I took Melanie into the bathroom, and we both got ourselves cleaned up. She washed me. I washed her. Life was good, and I couldn't wait to give Kysa her punishment.

When we were done, I whispered to Melanie all that was about to happen, and we both agreed on how things were to be handled pertaining to Kysa when her blindfold was removed. Thus, naked as newborns, we walked back into the bedroom together.

Looking down at Kysa, I saw that she was completely disheveled. The new underwear she had put on was all twisted and distorted over her body, being forcefully pulled aside so that Melanie and I could have our pleasure with her.

I climbed onto the bed and told Kysa that I was going to untie her hands and feet to remove her clothes. I told her that she was not allowed to remove the blindfold until I told her that it was time. She was still pouting and she had started shaking a bit, perhaps in fear, for she knew that her punishment was at hand.

I untied her and removed her bra, hose, panties and garter. I sat her up on the edge of the bed. I told her to rub her arms and legs to get the blood flowing, but remain seated. That done, I positioned myself directly in front of her, and told her to repeat her punishment, reminding her that it had better be accurate.

She said, "Master, my punishment is supposed to be a spanking with twenty-four slaps on my ass. I am supposed to deep throat your cock until you have had enough. I am going to be made to wear a dildo in my ass for a week, and (she giggled), I'm supposed to eat Melanie's pussy and make love to her until she has had enough orgasms and has had enough of me."

"That's correct! Very good!" I said. "Are you ready to begin to pay for your lies now?" Kysa was smiling a little... thinking that she would be getting off from at least one part of her punishment.

"Yes Master, I suppose I'm ready."

"Don't you think you deserve it? Didn't you lie to me?"

"Yes, Master." Kysa sighed. "I lied to you and I deserve to be punished for it."

"What do you think about the part where you have to eat Melanie's pussy again and make love to her?"

"Umm... Well... I guess I have little choice in the matter, do I?"

"You have NO choice in the matter. It is part of your punishment. But, I didn't ask you that. I asked you what you thought about it. Personally, I think once you started licking her cunt, you started liking it, didn't you. Tell me the truth!"

"Well... liking it is not what I would have said, but I didn't dislike it. I mean, it was a shock to be forced to do that, but it didn't kill me. I mean if I have to lick her pussy again, I know that I'm not going to faint or anything. But how will she feel about it? Don't you think you should tell her that I am supposed to eat her pussy and make love to her"

"No dear... I do not think I need to tell her that. I think she already knows that you will be eating her pussy. In fact," (I smiled and winked at Melanie) "I truly believe that she is looking forward to it! But this time it will be a little different, because you are going to stand face to face with her, naked, and beg for a taste of her cunt."

Kysa chuckled and said, "Oh Sure. When is this all supposed to happen?"

"Right now dear!" I said, and removed Kysa's blindfold.

As the blindfold came off, I saw that her eyes were closed. She moved her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes gently, then opened them. What Kysa saw when she opened her eyes was me standing directly in front of her with my hard cock being held by a naked and grinning Melanie.

Kysa looked up in shock, and immediately attempted to cover her breasts and cunt with her arms and hands. She scooted back onto the bed and said, "Oh my God! Where did she come from?" She was definitely shocked to see Melanie in the bedroom, naked or any other way.

Melanie spoke up and sternly said, "I was invited. Do you have a problem with that? Never mind. Don't both to answer, because it really doesn't matter to me if it bothers you."

Kysa was still sitting trying to cover her private parts as I said, "I invited Melanie to come over for a party. She has been nice enough to provide us with some personal entertainment for the evening."

"How long has she been here," Kysa asked, "and what kind of entertainment do you mean?" Kysa looked stunned, as if she wanted nothing to do with another woman naked in the same room with her, and I honestly thought she would not let the party continue. Perhaps, I thought, I have pushed her too far. So, the only thing I could do was tell her the truth, and let Kysa in on the secret.

"Melanie has been here, staring at your naked body, all evening. Did you really think it was me who sucked on your nipples and ate your pussy? Melanie gave you all the pleasure you endured. You must thank Melanie, personally, for all of the wonderful orgasms you just finished experiencing. It was her talented tongue and her pretty lips sucking on your nipples. It was she who tasted and drank your pussy juice for the last half hour or so, and it was Melanie's tongue giving you those unique orgasms."

Melanie sat on the bed next to Kysa, smiled at her, and said, "And it was delicious, dear." Kysa didn't know what to say. She was completely stunned. Then, after what seemed like an eternity of silence, waiting for a response from Kysa, it came as a small smile and a blush. She said, "I don't believe I let you do this. I've never done this before."

I said, "You didn't let me do anything, slave. I just took advantage of a wonderfully secret moment. I used you. Melanie used you. That's what your job is. You loved every minute of it, and you know it. Only now do you realize that Melanie gave you all the excitement. Of course it's scary the first time. So... what do you think? Are you ready for your punishment now?"

It was as if, all at once, a weight were lifted from Kysa's shoulders, for she smiled along with us, and said, "Oh what the hell!" She stood up on top of the mattress, raised her hands to the ceiling, stood with legs spread wide, and said, "I guess there's no sense in trying to hide anything now, is there!"

Melanie said, "Nope! Honey, I've seen everything you have, inside and out!"

Then we all had a laugh, and talked some more until we were all loosened up and feeling better about the situation. Then I looked Kysa directly into her pretty eyes, and said, "Now dear, it's time to pay for your lies." Kysa fell silent, and her smile drifted from her face. She knew I was deadly serious about performing her punishment.

She said, "What do we do first?"

I said, "First... you learn some new rules."

"What kind of new rules?" she asked.

"Since you are going to have to pay for your lies anyway, why not do it as our sex slave?" We smiled at Kysa, and after a fashion she partly agreed to give it a try as long as she could set some rules herself. We discussed her needs for a short while and tentatively agreed only to two of them.

First, if she were to play the part of sex slave for both of us, we must also reverse the positions at a later date, when we got together again. We must all take turns as the sex slave. Second, there must be no 'weird' requirements in the eyes of the general public. After all, we all had to live in our general communities so we must behave, for the most part, in public.

Kysa was surprised when Melanie immediately told her to get dressed in a robe she pulled from the closet. Kysa said, "Yes Mistress." and put on the robe. Then Melanie handed Kysa the keys to her car. She told Kysa what her car looked like, and said, "In the trunk, you will find a black bag. Go get the bag and bring it back to me here at the bed." "Yes Mistress." Kysa said, and went to get it.

After she left, I looked at Melanie and asked her what was in the bag. She looked at me and said, "Toys. Just a few toys I brought along just in case I had the chance to use them." She smiled widely and began to chuckle. We discussed what would happen when Kysa returned and had a great laugh over Kysa's humiliation that afternoon. A few moments later, Kysa returned with the bag and set it on the bed.

When you returned, she found Melanie's legs spread wide with me banging her cunt with all I had. We ignored Kysa's presence while we fucked each other. Kysa stood totally embarrassed as she watched me pump my meat in and out of Melanie's pussy. After a while, we grew breathless and I pulled out of her sopping cunt. Then we turned our attention back to Kysa and continued as if nothing had happened.

While laying beside Melanie, covered in sweat and cunt juice, I told Kysa that another new rule for slaves is that they must be naked at all times when a Master or Mistress was present, unless we told them otherwise. Kysa immediately removed the robe she was wearing and stood beside the bed naked and beautiful as ever. Damn! She was pretty. How lucky we were to be sitting there staring at her fresh nudeness, using her body as we damned well pleased. We were loving it, I can certainly tell you.

I also relayed to Kysa that slaves were to pay absolute attention to their Master or Mistress, regardless of anything else that was happening. A slave's life virtually belonged to the ones in charge, and a sex slave was to always be ready to do what they were told. Kysa nodded in understanding.

I took my attention off Kysa and looked at Melanie. What a beautiful body she had, and as planned, while Kysa stood there and watched us, I reached over to Melanie, took her by the hand, and rolled her back to me.

While Kysa stood by the side of the bed and watched in amazement, I began to kiss and fondle Melanie's hard breasts. Outwardly, neither Melanie nor myself paid Kysa the least bit of attention as we started caressing each other all over. We did manage to sneak sidelong glances at her to see how she was reacting. We simply wanted to see how Kysa would react to others having sex in her presence. This was her cherry. We were taking it, with pleasure.

Melanie reached down between us and began to pull on my still hard cock, now covered in her own fluids, and I bent over to suck on one of her nipples while holding her other breast in my hand. After a few minutes of this, Melanie bent over, and put her lips around my hardness and began giving me some lovely head. I laid back and closed my eyes, wondering what Kysa was thinking and how she was taking in this unexpected sex session happening in front of her.

I kept my eyes closed while Melanie paid very special attention to my cock. She was very good, and knew how to please a man. However, I wanted to save myself for later so I gently pulled her face free of my cock and laid her on her back on the bed.

I caressed her breasts, sucked on each hard nipple, in turn, and left a wet trail all the way down to her wet cunt. Then I began to lick and suck on her pussy. I love the taste of pussy, but love how a woman can squirm under my tongue even more, so I gave Melanie some of my best and she was soon shaking under an orgasm.

I drank all of her juice and licked her clean until she stopped shuddering. After she calmed down a bit, I climbed up on the bed, inserted my cock and proceeded to fuck her hot wet pussy again. I made certain that the scene was clear for Kysa to watch as my meat slid in and out of Wand's wet lips. I made sure to give Melanie some full and complete strokes of my cock so that Kysa could see what it looked like for a man to fuck her cunt.

I sped up my fucking until I was fairly pounding Melanie's pussy. I felt as though I was going to cum, and before I had no other option, decided that this was a good time to stop. I pulled out of her pussy, stood up and walked straight up to Kysa. She had watched the entire episode, and she was blushing brightly.

I looked directly into her pretty eyes, and said, "Your Mistress needs her cunt licked some more. Part of your punishment for lying to me was to eat her cunt until she has had enough. Here is her pussy, freshly fucked. Eat it nicely, just as she did for you earlier. If you do not please her, she will let me know, and I will not be happy... at all. Do you understand me?"

Her jaw dropped slightly at my stern voice, but she said, "Yes Master." I knew she was a little nervous, for now she had to eat Melanie's cunt while I watched, knowing I had just fucked it with my hardness. I moved over to the side of the bed and told her to hurry up and start eating.

Kysa started to shake a little from her nervousness, and hesitated. As she lay there on the bed, legs spread wide and wet pussylips waiting, Melanie opened her eyes, looked up at Kysa and said firmly: "You've been given an order you little slut! Get down here between my legs and bury your lips into my hot cunt... now! If you don't, you will be surprised at what happens next! Now eat me! Lick my cunt!"

More in a state of shock than anything else, Kysa rapidly climbed onto the bed, laid face down between Melanie's thighs and quickly started licking the outside of her pussy... all while I watched and smiled. Melanie looked down at Kysa's face and after a while looked at me and said, "What the hell! This bitch knows how to eat pussy better than that! She did a MUCH better job before! Can't you do something about her skill level?"

Without any hesitation, and before Kysa even knew what was happening, I raised my hand and planted a well-positioned viscous slap onto Kysa's tight ass. Instantly, her left asscheek grew red and you could clearly see the outline of the palm of my hand imprinted on her tender white flesh. I know it stung her terribly hard. I held nothing back.

"If you don't do better than that, slave, each slap on your ass will get even harder! Now get busy and please your Mistress as you were pleased and as you would like to be pleased by her when it is your turn again, if that ever happens!"

Kysa's face was contorted with pure pain as she winced from the whack she had just received on her bare asscheek, but immediately she began a serious and highly sensuous exploration of Mistress Melanie's cunt. She was good. She was very good, and Melanie began to seriously enjoy it.

"Ahhh, now that's my nice little cunt eater, back at action again. I remember those lips on my pussy from before, and she even remembers how I like it licked and sucked. Oh yes. My pretty pussy licker. Eat me well. Yummy!"

Melanie had a wonderful time, laying back and having her cunt explored by Kysa's mouth. Kysa was really getting into it too. The more Melanie praised her for doing a good job, the more Kysa tried to make it better for Melanie. I never knew a woman could please another woman as much as Kysa was pleasing Melanie that night. And, Melanie had no immediate intentions of letting her get away.

I watched in glee as Melanie had one powerful orgasm after another, and Kysa just continued to suck all of Melanie's juice. I thought I loved to eat pussy, but now I saw that I had some wonderful competition in Kysa, and as I watched, she taught me a few things that I had never known. Things like really holding onto the outer pussylips and spreading them apart while sucking hard on the clitoris.

They were really getting into it. At least three times, Melanie had to pull Kysa's face off her cunt so that she could catch her breath between orgasms. Once she calmed down again, she forced Kysa's face back into action and never let her take a break. This went on for at least 45 minutes. Amazing!

Finally, Melanie could take no more and she reached down, pulled Kysa's face from her pussy, rolled over on top of Kysa and kissed her deeply. In fact, Kysa looked as though she was doing more of the kissing than was Melanie. In any case, Melanie's cunt lust was temporarily satisfied by Kysa's tongue.

"Thank you," Melanie said to Kysa as they slowly broke away from a passionate kiss. "You eat pussy well for a new slave. You learned quite well from only one lesson. I want more of your tongue and lips later, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," Kysa replied sincerely, smiling sweetly, and she kissed Melanie passionately again. Now that Kysa had finished with Melanie's hot cunt, it was time for the 2nd part of her punishment. The problem was that we couldn't decide whether to spank her or make her suck my cock in front of Melanie. Finally, we decided to do both at the same time.

First, however, we wanted to take a little break so we could get cleaned up. I looked at Kysa's smiling face, and told her to go into the bathroom and run a nice hot bath for Melanie and me. I told her to add lots of bubbles. She said, "Yes Master," and left in a hurry.

Melanie and I chuckled loudly after Kysa left the room, and she told me that Kysa had a yummy mouth. Having our very own slave was going to be fun! While Kysa was off in the bathroom doing as she was told, I asked Melanie what was in her bag-o-tricks. She pulled the bag closer to her.

Before opening it, she got up, walked over to the bathroom door, poked her head in and told Kysa to "Empty yourself completely" and wait in the bathroom until she was told to come out. Kysa questioned Melanie about what she meant, and Melanie told her, clearly and specifically, to relieve herself of all bodily wastes. When Kysa finally understood, Melanie tightly closed the bathroom door and came back to the bed.

She up-ended the black bag, emptying its contents out onto the bed. Spread out before me there were sex toys of all kinds. Hard and soft plastic dildo's, large and small, including a huge 18" double-header with a ball-sack in the middle to hold onto. She also had a couple of strap-on connectors and a wide assortment of attachable dildos. Vibrators, butt-plugs, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and even a pink studded collar with silver chain attached to it!

"I came prepared, just in case!" Melanie exclaimed. Then we both fell over laughing and we chatted about the plans for the rest of the evening. I had to ask her how a few of the items were used, and she graciously used each of them on herself to show me the 'ins and outs' of the item. I had never seen an attachable cock before, so she showed me how it hooked up and connected a few of the dildo's to it to show me how realistic they hung.

I asked her if she had used them often, and she told me that she had a few girlfriends that she liked to play with. Sometimes they got together for a "Pajama Party" and spent the entire evening fucking each other. She also told me that her "girls" liked fresh meat, and we made some tentative plans for the next evening. Life was good.

We talked for quite a while, and finished, remembered that Kysa was waiting for us in the bathroom. We walked in and found Kysa waiting for us by the tub. I helped Melanie get into the bubbly water, and told Kysa to "Wash your Mistress's body squeaky clean, and do NOT miss a single spot." She smiled warmly, said, "Yes, Master," grabbed a wash cloth and a bar of soap and began to tenderly wash Melanie's very sexy body.

I sat back onto the closed-lidded commode and watched as Kysa gently cleaned her Mistress. As I watched, Kysa was on her knees, bent over at almost a ninety-degree angle. Her firm little pink ass waved back and forth in front of me, and I could wait no longer.

I slid off of the seat and crawled up behind Kysa so that my raging cock prodded between her asscheeks. She was startled and turned to look around, but Melanie would have none of it. Melanie told her to pay attention to her duty and scooted closer to Kysa so that she could have her lower body scrubbed by our new slave, regardless of what was happening behind her.

I grabbed Kysa by the waist and pulled her to me, pushing my cock towards her ass hole. Kysa was now washing Melanie's hips, thighs and pussy. This sight spurred me on to greater lengths and, with the help of a large dollop of shaving cream smeared onto my cock, I pushed the head of my prick right into Kysa's ass. It was a very tight fit, and felt exquisite when the head went in.

Aside from a sexy gasp, Kysa didn't mind at all. She even began to push back onto my rod, and in just a few tight strokes I was fully impaling her with nine inches of hard cock. Melanie was watching from the front and commented on how kinky it looked for me to be fucking Kysa's ass.

Melanie said, "Well, my pretty little slutty slave. It seems that you actually enjoy getting your assfucked, don't you!"

Kysa moaned and replied, "Yes Mistress, I do love it."

Melanie said, "Tell me, little princess, how it feels to have a mans cock pushed deep into your tight ass. Tell me all about the feeling of his meat fucking your hole back there. Tell me in detail, because I need to know how you feel about it."

Kysa's reply was interesting, and enlightening. She said, "Mistress, I have never had a cock pushed into my ass before yesterday. My Master came over, and I didn't know he was here. He came in while I was masturbating, and right when I was having an orgasm, I turned to my side and he snuck in and raped me."

"He raped you? How can a Master rape a slave?" Melanie asked.

"I wasn't his slave at the time, Mistress. He came in and covered my head so I couldn't see who it was. He turned me over and just started raping my ass with his big cock. At first, it hurt like hell and I was scared, but after a few minutes, it started feeling good. I was still scared as he was fucking me, because I didn't know who it was, but I started liking his cock forcing its way into my ass, and at the end, when I felt him cum up my ass, I couldn't help cumming with him - it was incredible!"

"Why you little whore! You enjoyed getting your ass raped? Do you actually expect me to believe that?" Melanie replied. She stood and lifted one leg to the edge of the tub and told Kysa to pay more attention to her pussy while I fucked her in the ass.

"Yes Mistress! I liked it when he came inside of my ass. It made the assfucking worth the little bit of pain! Like I said, it hurt at first, then the feeling of his hardon sliding up into my hole was sexy! The length of it just kept on sliding in and in even deeper until I almost felt like I would explode if anymore went in. Just then though, he started to pull it out, and I could feel the tightness being withdrawn, and soon after that he just started ramming it in and out of my ass.

"After a few moments the rubbing of his cock inside my hole made me tingly like I've never felt it, and I just started concentrating on that instead of the pain, and pretty soon the pain went away and was replaced by even more tingles. Pretty soon he started cumming in my ass. I felt it! I reacted to his hot cum going in my ass and I went right over the edge and came with him!"

Melanie's timing was perfect. She said, "You know, that looks like fun. Can I do it?"

Kysa looked up confused as I replied, "Sure! You can have a piece of Kysa's ass too! After all, she is your slave!"

I pulled my rock monster out of Kysa's tight ass and Melanie and I swapped places. I climbed into the tub and told Kysa that it was my turn to be bathed. I sat down into the hot bubbly water while Melanie went into the bedroom to strap on a dildo. She came back in wearing one that was about 10 inches long and fatter around than mine. She also had a jar of Vaseline.

When she returned, Kysa turned just in time to see that hard rubber cock hanging between Melanie's legs. "Oh my! Mistress? Are you going to do what I think." Kysa began.

I interrupted her in mid sentence and told her to pay attention to her duty. She turned back to me, and she was blushing beet red knowing what was about to happen. Melanie liberally smeared Vaseline the entire length of her strap-on and proceeded to grease up Kysa's ass hole. I had just scooted closer so she could wash my cock when Melanie began to insert her cock into Kysa's ass. As she pushed it in, I saw the look on Kysa's pretty face. She couldn't believe she was about to get her assfucked by another woman... and she was smiling!

I watched as Melanie slowly inserted the length of her hard rubber cock into Kysa's waiting ass. Kysa leaned forward and pressed her head into my stomach so she would not fall over. She wrapped her arms around my waist for support and began to moan with the pleasure she was feeling deep inside.

As I watched her ass getting fucked in front of me, I could not resist. I pushed Kysa back onto Melanie's spike, rinsed off my cock in the tub, and pointed it in between Kysa's lips. She was all for the double fucking she was getting. She was very hot for a good fuck, and wanted us both. She sucked my entire length into her throat and still managed to moan while Melanie pushed her terminal hardon into her butt hole.

We got into a good rocking action and, while we were fucking her, gave her some performance orders. I said, "Suck my cock all the way into your throat, then rock backwards to take all of your Mistress's cock into your asshole. Then lean forward again, swallowing my cock. Do this as fast as your body can handle it. If you don't do it fast enough for us, we'll do it for you!"

Well do it she did! What a sexy little vixen she was turning out to be. She was acting like a horny slut who hadn't had sex for a year. She began to fuck both of us with her mouth and ass, and she rocked back and forth on us faster than I had expected. She was good fucking. Very good fucking.

Melanie helped me along a little, because she wanted me to get my rocks off in Kysa's mouth. She wanted to see Kysa drink my cum while she fucked her in the ass, and she told me so, out loud, while Kysa reamed my prick with her talented lips. So, when Kysa rocked forward to suck my cock, Melanie pushed her forward and she virtually swallowed me whole on each thrust. Funny now that I stop and think about it, but Kysa was enjoying her harsh slave treatment as we used her body.

Needless to say, it took very little time for me to feel the hot pressure growing from my balls, and I told Kysa I was cumming and she was not allowed to miss a drop of it. I pulled out and told her to keep her mouth open so I could squirt my cum into it. I wanted Melanie to see it all. Melanie pulled her cock out of Kysa's ass with a pop.

Kysa grunted from the released pressure. Just as Melanie came around to the front to see it, I squirted my first big pulse of cum into Kysa's waiting mouth. Melanie loved it, and told Kysa to catch it all and to swallow every drop of the precious nectar.

She did a wonderful job. I must have spurted hot liquid at least ten times into her hungry mouth, and she never spilled a drop. She even greedily sucked the head of my cock after I finished cumming, trying to get more cum.

When I was totally spent, and my knees were shaky, I simply pulled out of her mouth and told her to continue cleaning me up. Kysa knew she had just been very slutty, and she smiled widely while she finished cleaning my body. She was enjoying every minute of her new job as sex slave... and it wasn't hurting our feelings one iota.

While Kysa finished cleaning me up, Melanie removed the toys from the bed, and removed her strap-on. She brought the used cock-piece back to Kysa and instructed her to be sure she cleaned it up as well... for it was to be used again later.

"Yes Mistress," was all Kysa said and gladly began cleaning the long instrument that had just fucked her in the ass.

When the cleaning was done, and we were all dry and had returned to the bedroom, Melanie asked, "Hey... what about her punishment? Since she has sucked you dry, it's time for her spanking, isn't it?"

I said, "Melanie honey, after that magnificent blow job I just received from this slut, I'm too tired to give her a spanking. Why don't you do it for me?"

Melanie smiled widely and said, "Sure!" She looked at Kysa and said, with a sexy smile, "I'd LOVE to spank her! Her ass is so pretty!"

I motioned to Kysa to go to Melanie and I said, "Do as your Mistress tells you to do. You lied to me in front of her, so I think it's only fair that she should provide part of your punishment. Lay your body over your Mistresses legs and beg her, SEXILY, for a nice hot spanking." Melanie propped up some pillows on the headboard, sat back against them with her legs straight out in front of her and said, "Come to me, my little whore. I want to feel and caress your sexy asscheeks before I spank you!"

Kysa practically jumped into Melanie's waiting lap. She dragged her nakedness over the bed and over Melanie's legs. She settled down across Melanie's legs, and laid there wiggling her ass up at Melanie. The following (very sexy) exchange took place between the two women.

"Mistress Melanie?"

"Yes my little slave?" (caressing Kysa's ass)

"As my new owner, would you be so kind as to give me a spanking? I've been such a naughty little slut lately, and I deserve to be punished."

"Why, just how naughty have you been, little girl?"

"Oh, VERY naughty. I lied to my Master and he told me I deserved to be punished for it."

"Do you think I should be the one to give you your spanking? You didn't lie to me, did you?"

"No Mistress Melanie, I didn't lie to you, but please spank me? I would love it if you would do that for me. I know you would do such a nice job!"

"Hmmm. How many spanks do you want on your pretty bottom?"

"Master say's that I deserve twenty-four."

"I asked you how many you wanted, not how many you deserved."

"Well, I would love to cum while you spank me, but if you spank me until I have an orgasm it might take more than twenty-four slaps. Will you spank me for as long as it takes for me to cum for you?" (I swear Kysa actually smiled when she said that.)

"Who the hell said you were being spanked for pleasure? You are being spanked for punishment! You are just a fucking whore, and have been for a long time! You must be thinking I was put on this planet to please you! You actually like it when you get spanked, don't you?"

Shocked to hear Melanie speak in that tone of voice, Kysa nonetheless responded by saying "Yes Mistress. I do like it. I didn't know much until yesterday. I liked to get spanked."

"You are certainly growing into a nice little slave cunt!"

"Thank you Mistress. I hope so."

Melanie told Kysa to lie still, face down with her eyes closed. She was told to place her hands over the edge of the bed, above her head, and NOT to move them from that place regardless of how much her spanking hurt her. She could make any sounds that she wanted except screams. We didn't want the neighbors to hear.

Kysa nodded in understanding and prepared herself for the worst, but wasn't expecting the heated fury of the spanking that Melanie began to provide as punishment. Without waiting for Kysa to get totally prepared for her spanking, Melanie raised her hand high, and began slapping Kysa's ass with hard fast slaps.

Kysa immediately tried to turn over to get away from Melanie's assault on her tender behind, but Melanie would not be stopped. She pushed poor Kysa back into position and told her, in no uncertain terns, to accept her spanking as it was promised... as punishment, not pleasure.

She slowly and humbly returned to her exposed position across Melanie's lap and began to shake and sob in pain. Melanie totally ignored her and began her wicked assault upon Kysa's, now pink, asscheeks. Poor Kysa was not prepared for this type of punishment at all... and Melanie wasn't about to let up on her.

I'm so glad that I was not on the receiving end of Melanie's open hand, for on each stroke, Kysa's exposed asscheeks shook and compressed fiercely under the firm pressure of contact with flesh on flesh. Each slap of her ass brought an immediate and tiny yelp of stunned pain from Kysa, and the sound of her spanking was very loud. Melanie knew what she was doing. I lost count, but after at least twenty-five very firm whacks on her naked ass, Melanie stopped.

She asked Kysa, "Have you been a bad little slave tonight?"

Between sobs, Kysa responded, "Yes Mistress... and I'm very sorry!"

Melanie asked, "Do you think you deserve this spanking?"

"Yes Mistress, I deserve it very much!"

"You love to be spanked, don't you!"

"Oh yes Mistress, I do! It hurts a lot, but I deserve it badly!" Kysa stated between more sobs.

"Good!" Melanie replied, and began another assault on poor Kysa's sore bottom.

After about twenty more hard slaps, Kysa quit sobbing and actually raised her ass to meet each downward stroke of Melanie's heavy hand. "Oh God, Mistress! I love my spanking! Please don't stop... please... don't stop... I'm going to cum now... please spank me harder!"

It amazed me to watch the scene unfold in front of me, and I'll be damned if Kysa didn't reach down between her legs, which raised her ass even higher against the strokes she was receiving, and started to play with her pussy as Melanie pummeled her pert little ass. Melanie must have given Kysa fifty or sixty slaps on her, by now, bright red tender butt when Kysa started to shake in orgasmic pleasure even as her ass was being pounded. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Melanie never gave up until Kysa had completely given herself over to her orgasms. It was almost as if Kysa no longer felt pain, but was gleaning sexual pleasure out of each consecutive slap on her ass. When Kysa finally finished a massive shaking orgasm, Melanie had slapped her ass at least eighty times. Kysa's small tight asscheeks were now a very bright red mass of tender flesh. I knew that she would have trouble sitting on that sore bottom for a long time to come.

Melanie then began to caress Kysa's burning red ass. Actually, she told me later, she was just resting her arm and trying to stop the pain in her hand from hitting Kysa's ass so many times. She asked Kysa if she was all right, and Kysa, panting in ecstasy, trying to catch her breath, said, "Oh yes... oh yes... I've never felt anything like that in my life... oh God I love to have my ass spanked... it felt so good."

Actually, I would not have dared to spank Kysa as hard as Melanie did, but as it turned out, they both enjoyed the session, and now I knew that Kysa loved to be spanked, so I wouldn't hold back when, in the future, it was my turn. I smiled.

Melanie rolled Kysa over onto her back and Kysa surprised Melanie by grasping her around the neck and, pulling her close, passionately kissing Melanie's mouth deeply, over and over again, all the while saying things like "Oh thank you Mistress, thank you so very much for punishing me."

Standing silently by, I let them love on each other for a long time. When Kysa was finished kissing Melanie, she said, "Mistress, can I lick your pussy for you again? Please? Please cum in my mouth again? Please let me do that for you? May I please be allowed? Please?" Kysa was actually begging for another taste of Melanie's pussy.

Melanie is no dummy. She replied, "On one condition, my sweet."

"Anything!" Kysa said. "Anything you want... ANYTHING!"

"I want you to be our personal sex slave from now on, dear. If we need our bodies washed, or our genitals satisfied... in any way, I need you to do it for us. If we have friends over who need to be satisfied, I want you to do it for them too! If you want us badly enough, you will do these things for us. Now... do you still want to eat my pussy?"

"More than ever, Mistress! I can do all of that for you both, and more! I promise I'll be a good sex slave to you both... I promise I will!" Kysa replied seriously. Listening to her tone of voice, I had no doubt Melanie and I would be very pleased with Kysa's future performances, and I was certain Kysa would love her new role as our personal sex slave. Life was good.

We spent the rest of the evening tending to Kysa. She was in pretty bad condition after the ass whipping she had received, so we needed to tend to her physical and emotional wounds, as it were. So, the remainder of the evening was centered on pleasing Kysa and taking care of her needs. We bathed her, powdered her and fed her. We caressed and kissed her at every opportunity. We knew that Kysa had found a new life style, and we wanted to share in her happiness.

Towards the end of the evening, we were all getting a little sleepy, but Kysa pleaded to give us both one last orgasm before we retired. Now, how could we refuse our little slave? I mean, after all, it was her new job. She had to do it. Her tiny ass was still sore, but she was a trooper and offered to let me fuck it one last time. I declined the offer, which made her pout. I told her that I wanted to see if Melanie wanted me to fuck her pussy first. At that news, Kysa brightened up and smiled widely.

I looked at Melanie and she said, "You know I want a hard cock. I always want one of those. But I'm saving yours for last. Right now, I want Kysa to fuck my pussy with my favorite toy!" Kysa immediately ran and got Melanie's bag of toys. Melanie reached in and selected the eighteen-inch double-headed dildo and waved it in front of Kysa's mouth. With a chuckle, Kysa opened her lips and proceeded to give Melanie's toy some deep sucking.

"Wait a minute dear," Melanie said. "Let's do this the right way!" She gave Kysa instructions and Kysa ran to get the jar of Vaseline. She took the dildo and smothered it with the slippery substance on both sides, and, as Melanie had requested, she started pushing one end of it into Melanie's pussy. Melanie had laid on her back and spread her legs as wide as possible so she could accept her nine-inch half of it.

It took a few strokes to fill up Melanie's cunt with half of that massive rubber cock, right up to the ball sack in the middle, then Kysa moved in and began pushing the other end into her own cunt. Kysa was having a little trouble trying to hold it and push it in at the same time, so I climbed between them and held the huge rubber prick steady.

Kysa balanced herself and I watched in awe as the thickness of it wedged its way deep into her cunt. In short order, both pussies were filled with this monster, and the ball sack between them was being firmly pressed against each of the girl's pussylips. That thing was completely hidden within them.

When the rubber penis had filled their pussies, Kysa leaned over and laid on top of Melanie, four breasts pressed together tightly. That thing must have been bent in half while they were in that position! Melanie and Kysa shared a long special moment that evening as they kissed each other passionately and ground their hips together trying to please each other.

If I didn't know better, my guess is that they fell in love with each other that night, at that moment. As I watched them make love, I saw them kiss and caress with total devotion and passion for the other. They shared several orgasms and used that huge cock in ways I had never thought. Melanie was careful to teach Kysa the correct ways, and she learned fast. Melanie was a caring teacher, sharing each pleasure.

They fondled each other's breasts, sucked and nibbled each nipple in turn, and fingered each other's clits to even more orgasms together. Kysa sighed several times in complete ecstasy, knowing this would go on for a long time, even when I wasn't there. The moments they spent together that night were special to both of them, and they remembered that time for a long while.

I never felt left out, because shortly after they had finished making love with each other, it was my turn. Melanie suggested to Kysa that I should be thanked and thanked well for this evening, and all those that were sure to follow. She told Kysa that if it wasn't for me, they would never have found each other. They both agreed and I spent the next hour in my own ecstasy.

They moved me to my back in the middle of the bed, and began to please my every fantasy where it concerned two women. In turn, I spent several glorious minutes in the sixty-nine position of each lovely lady. They sucked my cock while I ate their pussies. I had them both like this.

Moreover, it was closer to sixty-nine-PLUS, for as one of them mounted my face to let me lick their cunt, they would both be switching mouths on my hard cock. Once we grew tired of this, I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs open and watched them both tackle my prick. First one would take my entire length into a throat and then the other.

I couldn't decide which one sucked me the best, so I called it a tie. I told them that it was time for me to choose a pussy to fuck, and they both agree that it should be Kysa's. I said no way, and laid them both on the bed beside each other. I looked down at two beautiful young bodies and thanked the maker for giving me this opportunity. I spread both sets of legs wide, and with both hands, started fingering each available set of pussylips. I played with both clits simultaneously and then leaned over to taste them both.

As far as I was concerned, there was no difference in taste or feel, except for Kysa's hairless cuntlips. It was perpetually slick with juices, so I decided to fuck her first. I climbed between her legs and she pulled her ankles up and threw them up onto my shoulders for maximum cunt access. My cock slid fully into the depths of her wetness as though it was made to caress me. Her cunt never felt better than it did that time. Firm, hot and velvety were the lips enveloping my rod, and I fucked her deeply while kissing her sweet lips. I never wanted to come, just to fuck them all night.

In the meantime, Melanie was bent over and enjoying Kysa's hard nipples, and she tweaked them and pulled them in glee. She watched closely as my cock slid in and out of Kysa's pussy and finally begged me to fuck hers. I gave Kysa twenty more hard strokes to give her something to remember while I was away, and slid over between Melanie's waiting thighs.

Melanie did exactly as Kysa did, and raised her ankles to my shoulders so that I could fuck her pussy deeply... and I did. The excitement of fucking each woman in front of the other was terrific. It gave me a thrill to watch Kysa return the same nipple sucking that Melanie had provided her, and Kysa even reached down to play with Melanie's moist clit while I banged deeply into her cunt. I held my orgasm long enough to switch between them twice more. Then I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. It was time to do Melanie's ass.

I moved to her and turned her over, and she asked me to go gently because she hadn't done it in a long time I reached down and gently inserted one finger into her tight anus, and she responded by wiggling her ass up onto it. She was as hot as I was to get started. Kysa helped me by holding Melanie's asscheeks apart while I guided the head of my prick into it. It popped in firmly, and Melanie jumped a bit from the size of the cock head.

I reached over and kissed Kysa passionately while pushing my cock deeper into Melanie's velvet darkness. She moaned but pushed back onto my hard cock, so I knew she would be OK. I began pumping her slowly at first, then deeper and deeper until it was pushed all the way inside her tightness.

I told Kysa to go up front and let Melanie eat her pussy while I finished fucking her ass and she gladly agreed. She moved in front of Melanie, lifted her face up, and slid her pussy right up to her Melanie's mouth. Melanie wasted no time at all licking and sucking Kysa's smooth, naked cunt.

The sight of that was too much for me to handle, and I started pounding my hard meat into Melanie's ass like there was never going to be another time. She felt the thrusts and moaned in pain/pleasure as I pushed deeply inside of her.

Then, as I listened to her muffled moans inside of Kysa's cunt, I felt the hot stirring deep within my tightened balls, and I pumped her even harder and deeper. I released my load of cum deep into her tight hole, and pressed the length of my cock as deep inside of her as I could get it. My balls and cock pulsed with the burning release of my cum, and as the waves of extreme pleasure came over me, I felt as though I was in heaven.

I shuddered and came for a long time while my length burned deep inside her. I couldn't stop spurting my cum into her hot ass, and the intense waves of pleasure continued for a long time, making me twitch in orgasmic peace. As I came in her, Melanie chewed and sucked Kysa's willing pussy to an orgasm of her own, and I watched as Kysa shuddered in delight, legs spread wide, with Melanie's face deep within her pussy. Kysa and I came together with Melanie's assistance. We would have to return the favor for Melanie.

After giving pleasure to Melanie's ass that night, it took us a while to come down from our respective high places, and when we did, we all cuddled into one big ball of nakedness and fell asleep together in complete bliss. Life was good... and it was about to get even better.

The following morning came much too soon for me. I was dreaming of a lazy ocean and felt the soothing rocking and deep swells of the beautiful blue waves. Soon, however, the waves got higher and rougher and I dreamt that a storm was tossing me to and fro, out of control.

I awoke in the middle of the storm... and realized what had woken me. It was both my ladies getting it on while I slept peacefully. I turned to them and saw Kysa on her knees with her face buried in a pillow. Behind her knelt Melanie. She had on her favorite ten-inch strap-on dildo, and she was fucking Kysa's pussy with it, doggy-style.

She looked over at me and said, "Good morning you sleepy-head! It's about time you woke up. Look at this... you're missing the greatest pussy party ever!"

I rubbed my eyes and said, "Jeez! Don't you ever get enough? It looks like you guys are having a fun time, and by the looks of things, Kysa's getting the best part of the deal!"

"Don't be too sure." Melanie gaily replied. "It's pretty kinky on my end too! She woke up early this morning and immediately begged me to fuck her! How can I refuse to take a piece of this slave's pussy in the morning? Could you? I mean, she begged so sweetly, I couldn't turn her down. What's a girl to do?"

I couldn't help but laugh along with her, for she was steadily fucking Kysa's tight pussy, full 10-inch strokes, all while chatting with me. It was a cute and humorous sight to watch. I laid my head on the pillow that Kysa was using to rest her head on, and asked her to tell me what it felt like to be getting fucked by Melanie's toy.

She smiled and said, "Oh god... it feels great! She's been fucking me for twenty minutes with that monster! Oh god, Master... it feels so nice inside of my cunt, and she's really pushing it in deep too!" She was moaning in ecstasy while Melanie fucked her pussy from behind.

I watched as Kysa's eyelashes fluttered rapidly, and her eyes rolled up and back. She started moaning loudly and said, "Oh Mistress... I'm going to cum again. I can feel it cumming. Please fuck me harder? Don't stop, please, please make me cum good again? It feels so good when you fuck my pussy... oh god, oh god yes... please don't stop... shove it into me... now... Please!"

As I watched Kysa shake in her orgasmic tremors, I couldn't help wondering what it felt like for a woman to have an orgasm, or to have a cock inside their body, for that matter. I wondered if it was that much different of a feeling for a woman to come as it was for a man to ejaculate. By the out-of-control look on Kysa's face, I knew she was feeling something very intense.

Melanie giggled as I stared at Kysa's rushing climax, and said, "It's so much fun watching her come on my toy, isn't it? It's such a gas watching how she reacts to a hard cock in her cunt. She's been cumming a lot this morning. But, I think I'll keep fucking her until she begs me to stop!"

Kysa yelled out, "I'm cumming again Mistress... oh please do me hard. Please fuck me. Oh yes baby... oh yes... oh god I can't help it... I have to cum Mistress! Fuck me... unngnngggggg!"

As I watched in fascination, Kysa had a tremendous orgasm. She was shaking the entire bed! Her toes were curled up tight and her legs were splayed wide wanting more and more of Melanie's cock inside her. Her entire body trembled as she came harder than I have ever seen a woman cum. She clamped her fists tight, and bit her lip at she trembled in the throes of orgasm. She couldn't stop her orgasmic flow now if the world was ending.

Her orgasm lasted almost two full minutes, and all the while Melanie kept smashing that huge dildo in and out of her cunt. She had raised up behind Kysa and was pounding her cock into her pussy. She balanced her hands on Kysa's lower back and just kept fucking and fucking her. In the meantime, I watched Kysa's facial expressions and there was no doubt that she was in her own world.

I was already sporting a tremendous hardon from what I was witnessing, but I had other things to tend to. I kissed Kysa on the cheek as she was finishing her bliss, and kissed Melanie on the lips. I excused myself and went into the bathroom. While there, I could hear the girls fucking and talking.

Melanie kept saying things like "You love my cock in your cunt, don't you dear?" And Kysa said, "Oh yes, Mistress... I love it!" Melanie asked "Are you through cumming now honey? Was it the best one you ever had?" Kysa replied, "Yes Mistress... I've never cum so hard before... it was delicious! Can I have more please? Please... just one more?"

Melanie laughed aloud and said, "Honey... you've been saying that all morning! You've cum a dozen times on my pretty cock. Now it's time to fuck your mouth. We can't play favorites to any of your slut holes, now can we? I will fuck your pussy more later. I promise. Here now, turn around and let me see how well you can give me a blowjob dear. You'd like to give your Mistress a nice big blow job... wouldn't you?"

Kysa answered in the affirmative by saying, "Yes Mistress... I'll do anything you want. No need to even ask me. I'm happy to please you, always... you made me feel so good when you fucked my pussy... let me suck your cock please?"

"All right honey... but you make sure it's a good one. You treat my cock nicely, and I'll let it fuck you again. That's a nice little slut... suck it deep. Make it real nice for me dear... that's a good little cunt. Oh yes... you really know how to suck a cock, don't you? Oh my goodness... where did you learn to deep throat like that... oh yes... it's so pretty watching you suck it all the way. Very nice! I'm so proud of your talents!"

By that time, I had finished what I had to do and when I opened the bathroom door, I saw that Melanie had her hands behind Kysa's head and she was holding it onto the length of her rubber dildo. Kysa was swallowing the entire length of it. It was deep inside her throat, and her lips were trying to pull it off of Melanie's hips. This wench had suction.

Her face was pressed up against the harness that the cock was hooked into, and as she pulled away from the base, I watched Kysa's cheeks collapse from her suction as it came out of her throat and couldn't believe how long it was. Then she simply pushed forward, stopped halfway to do something with her throat and pushed forward the rest of the way.

She was actually deep-throating Melanie's huge dildo. It was beautiful! Melanie looked over at me and said, "Isn't she the most talented little cocksucker you've ever seen in your life? Look at how she's eating my cock! I've seen plenty of talented mouths, but hers beats the others hands down!"

As she was telling me this, Kysa's face blushed in embarrassment and to prove it was no fluke, she started sucking it harder and faster. She rammed that beast into her throat all the way, and pulled it back out just to show off her talent, and we loved it! She sucked that cock harder and faster than ever, and her actions turned us both on.

Finally, Melanie told her to quit and Kysa actually looked sad that she had to stop. Actually, I thought she might hurt herself if she continued. She pulled her mouth off of the entire length of that cock and it made a popping sound as it came out. She had suction, that's for sure... and talent to spare.

I helped Melanie out of her strap-on, and threw it off to the side. Then I tossed her on her back, but she was faster than I was. She pulled her legs up in the air and spread them wide for me, and said, "Go for it! Fuck me!" I fell on her cunt and rammed my trembling hard cock into her on the first stroke. She was ready to accept it, and as Kysa looked on, Melanie and I fucked like the proverbial rabbits. I liked it when Kysa watched us fucking. It was kinky to be able to fuck one woman in front of another.

After a while I looked over and saw Kysa playing with her pussy while she watched us fuck. I said, "Hey! Knock it off! Nobody told you you could finger yourself! We will decide when you can touch yourself!" She was flabbergasted, and yanked her hands away from what she was doing. I said, "If I catch you doing that again, without permission, you'll be surprised at what happens next!"

I pulled out of Melanie's pussy long enough to open the black bag and remove a thick, long butt plug. I grabbed Kysa, bent her over, and pushed the butt plug into her ass, dry. I know it must have hurt her, but I didn't really care very much at that moment.

The plug was quite wide and very long, and it had a concave area up towards the end, so that when it was inserted in her ass, once you got past the fat part, it actually pulled itself past her sphincter muscle and wedged itself deep inside. It wouldn't come out unless it was pulled out.

I figured that Kysa would be quite uncomfortable with that huge beast inside her, and that was my point. I stood her back up, pushed her away from me and said, "Go make us some breakfast while I finish fucking Melanie. Get your slutty ass out of this bedroom so we can get laid in peace! Who do you think you are? And don't even THINK about taking that out of your ass until I say otherwise!"

Frightened. That's what she was. She ran out of the bedroom with that plug stuck deep into her asshole. Actually she waddled out because that thing was really big! She headed for the kitchen to cook breakfast. Meanwhile, I turned my attention back to Melanie and her sexy body.

She giggled and told me that I was a cruel Master, and I reminded her that when she gave Kysa her spanking, it wasn't exactly painless. We chuckled together and made fun of the fact that Kysa was a true whore, and nobody ever knew her potential until we had stepped in.

We fucked hard for a long time, while Kysa slaved naked in the kitchen. Soon though, I was heating up and wanted something special. So, when I was on the verge of cumming, I pulled out of her pussy, and sat her up on the bed. Kneeling in front of her mouth, I told her to see if she could do better than Kysa with my cock in her mouth.

She said, "No way dear... she's the best and kinkiest cock-sucker I've ever seen, but I won't disappoint you either." At that, she began to suck wildly on my fuck stick while I pulled her head forward as she did with Kysa. It didn't take long before I felt that boiling sensation for the first time today, and Melanie's tight-lipped sucking action made sure I couldn't hold it back.

When she felt my prick throb, she jammed her face full onto it and allowed me to spurt all of my cum down her throat. She started to gag a little because I was forcing it way down deep, but she held it together long enough for all my shuddering to end. Then she swallowed my entire load and licked my sensitive cock head clean. She was marvelous. What talent these women had!

She walked me into the bathroom and turned on the hot shower. We washed and soaped each other clean, stopping at all of the good places to grab some thrills on the way. After we were cleaned, we dried each other off. Once that was complete, it was time to eat breakfast, and it smelled great!

Kysa had cooked us up some hot eggs, bacon, and other goodies. She was a good cook, so we allowed her to eat a meal in peace, and when we were all done, told her to clean up the mess she had made in the kitchen.

Melanie looked sternly at Kysa and said, "We have some planning to do for today's activities. I want this house sparkling clean before noon! We may have guests over this evening, so I want you to make us proud. Do not embarrass us this evening in front of our guests... do you understand?"

Kysa lowered her head obediently and replied, "Yes Mistress."

"Good, now get busy and start cleaning while we talk. Later on I might take you shopping to get some food for tonight... that is... if you behave yourself. I hope you can behave yourself in public. Do you know how?"

"Yes Mistress, I know how to behave in public. I promise to be good."

"Hmmm... I have my doubts, but we'll see about that part later. Now get busy, slut! How many times do I have to tell you to do something?"

I chuckled inside knowing that Melanie was putting the heat on Kysa, and just as I was thinking that, Melanie turned to me and said, "Would you please take this fucking bitch into the bedroom and spank her ass for not doing what she was told to do? She disobeyed me! She is too fucking slow for her own good!"

I got up, grabbed Kysa by the wrist, and virtually dragged her into the bedroom before she knew what was happening. I sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her harshly over my lap and told her to take her punishment without any quibbling.

She immediately started sobbing but said, "Yes Master."

Melanie stood at the door and was holding her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh at the scene taking place. Kysa was facing away from Melanie, so she couldn't see that Melanie motioned for me to really lay it on hard and heavy.

I paused for a few moments to look down at the position that Kysa was in, and I knew she was going to be hurting after this spanking, as I planned on giving her a good on. I'm sure it must have felt like an eternity for Kysa, but I waited until I was certain she didn't know when to expect the first blow. Then it came down hard.

The first blow shocked her so much that her entire body bowed backwards from the pain. She began to weep openly, begging me not to spank her bottom that hard. That made the situation all that much kinkier and I came down hard with several consecutive slaps.

She was crying openly and begging for me to stop, promising all sorts of sexual favors and pretty much anything she could think of to try to stop my larger hand from spanking her. I was not swayed. That's when her spanking started to mean something... to both of us.

I whacked her bottom hard, switching sides as I continued the punishment on her tender asscheeks. After delivering thirty slaps, fifteen on each cheek, I stopped to inspect the redness of her cheeks. They were getting very red, but not as red as they were from last night. Melanie really put a beating on this poor girl's ass. Now it was my turn.... and I was loving every stroke!

Kysa was crying very hard and begging me to stop, but I continued my onslaught. I knew I was hurting her, that her ass was sore, and that my hand hurt her asscheeks real bad. But, she braced her hands on the floor and accepted the spanking nicely. After the briefest of rest periods (more for me than her), I began again, just as hard (if not harder) than before.

After twenty-five more hard whacks she started begging me to spank her harder. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! She said she was going to cum and I knew she wanted more. I never knew anyone who could cum from having pain. But, I let her have the best I could deliver, without doing any permanent damage to her ass.

She started pushing her ass upward towards the slapping hand and started to jerk in spasms of her orgasm as I slapped her ass harder. She finished shuddering from her orgasm after about another twenty slaps. I know her ass was sore... because my hand was burning. I stopped the spanking when she finished cumming, and then I stood up, throwing her down to the floor in a heap like a rag doll, butt plug still in position.

Melanie walked up to her and stood over her like a queen with her hands on her naked hips, and said, "Now. Are you going to do as you are told... when you are told to do it?"

"Yes Mistress, I promise to do what I'm told." She replied still weeping openly.

Melanie said, "Get up on your knees, whore. Lick my cunt as an apology to me for not doing what you were told!" Kysa followed her orders and mashed her face deeply into Melanie's cunt.

She licked and sucked Melanie's pussy for ten full minutes, until Melanie was happy with her performance. She told Kysa "That's enough, my little slave... you still know how to suck my cunt well. Now get out there and do your chores!"

Kysa rose weakly and hurried into the kitchen to clean up. Meanwhile, Melanie closed the bedroom door, and hugged me tightly. She said, "That little wench really likes pain on her ass! She actually has major orgasms while being spanked! I love to watch that! What a pretty little slut she is! Where did you ever find her?"

"I just got lucky, I guess. Now... how about you? Do you like to get spanked?"

"Sure... but not like that! That was incredible! I don't mind a small spanking once in a while, but nothing so hard as all that."

I grabbed her arms, pulled her off balance, and wedged her between my legs as I fell back and sat on the edge of the bed. I held her shoulders down with my left hand and kept her legs tightly wedged between my legs. She was bent over and thoroughly exposed. "No... please... not now! I'm not ready for this... please!"

I totally ignored her plea and slapped her ass as hard as I had done with Kysa. I spanked her no less than thirty times, and when I was done, saw that her pretty cheeks had turned a very nice scarlet. When I had my fill of looking at her ass, I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.

She started crying halfway through the spanking, and she was still sobbing into the pillow her head landed on. After a while, she finished crying and turned to see me grinning at her. That's when she thought about it and couldn't help but grin sheepishly back at me.

She knew she had been well spanked, and I asked her if she was OK. She came up, hugged me tightly, and said it had been a long time since she had been spanked. She also said, "And... I'll find a way to get you back... wise guy!" We laughed about it, and for the next twenty minutes I ate her pussy, and she sucked my cock, and we generally got to know more about each other's wants, needs, and desires. And that was how my morning started. What a great day!

Once we had finished our escapades in Kysa's bed, we showered together and got dressed, all while Kysa was doing household chores. While we showered and played with the soap, she told me that she had some wonderfully close friends that always loved to get together for parties. I asked her to see if they would be interested in a fun evening with our new sex slave, and she said she'd make the calls.

I wanted to spend some time with my sister, so I told Melanie I'd call her later that afternoon to see what was up. Thus, after drying each other off, I said goodbye to Melanie and she headed out the door. As she reached the door, she came all the way back into the kitchen, walked up to Kysa, grabbed a handful of her hair, and bent her head back.

She pressed her lips to Kysa's and sucked on Kysa's tongue for a while. After that, she leaned over and tongued Kysa's right breast and nipple. Then she reminded her to have the house thoroughly cleaned by the time she returned. She kissed me goodbye and left... smiling. I finished getting dressed, and when I was ready to leave, gave Kysa some parting advice.

I hugged her, thanked her for what was, so far, the very best vacation in my life, and surprised her by saying, "You've turned out to be a wonderfully obedient woman and slave. You're learning to follow your instructions quickly, but you have a tendency to be slow in following orders. If you don't want to feel Melanie's wrath again, I would advise you to do EXACTLY as you are told."

I asked her a few questions about the house she was living in, and it turns out it had belonged to her parents before they died. It was hers, free and clear, so all she had to worry about were taxes and monthly bills. She paid those from the rest of her inheritance. I had a feeling she wouldn't even have to worry about that in the future. She would be well taken care of... in one way or another.

"It would appear that we'll be having some very special guests here this evening. If you're smart, you'll have the place cleaned up nicely and ready when we return. I don't mean just `straightened up'... but sparkling. I'll not accept anything less than perfection from you. When I get back, I will bring food and drink for you to prepare. For your sake, I hope you're smart enough to do a job worthy of your status. If not... there WILL be hell to pay. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," Kysa replied. I turned to leave, and Kysa asked, "Master? When these people come over tonight... you won't let any of them hurt me, will you?"

"They wouldn't dare. You belong to us now. Fret not, my sweet little slave, there will only be pleasure for you this night, as long as you behave. Also, remember to keep that plug deep inside your ass when we're gone. If you must relieve yourself, then you may remove it until you are finished, but put it back in when you are done Understand?"

"Yes Master, I understand."

I walked out, and as I glanced back, saw Kysa... her beautiful body as naked as the day she was born. She was smiling a smile of peaceful satisfaction and pleasure. She had found a place... a place I would guess she had been looking for, for a long time. She had a new Master and a beautiful new Mistress to care for and care for her. There was no place she would rather be. She smiled. I knew in my heart that she was happy. So was I. Life was good!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at my sister's place. I didn't tell her about Kysa's new status as a sex slave, for she probably wouldn't have understood. I did, however, tell her that I was going to be spending the remainder of my vacation time with her, and she didn't mind that. We had a fun afternoon, but it was getting late, and I had things to do. She told me to bring the car back when I was finished with it, and I left.

I stopped off at a Deli, picked up some fresh munchies, and grabbed a few bottles of choice bubbly from a package store. Then I went back to the Mall. I went to Victoria's Secret and selected several new "clingies" for Kysa and Melanie. Satin and silk mixed with lace can be very sexy when combined with nylons and smooth skin. Then I stopped at a trinket shop and selected a couple of items.

I called Melanie from a pay phone at the mall, and she told me everything was set for the evening and she was bringing some special tunes. I asked her how many folks were coming by. She giggled and said there were four guys and four girls. We would have a matched set! There would be a total of eleven folks at the party. Five pairs and 1 slave. My thoughts went wild with possible combinations!

We talked for a while about what was in store for little Kysa, tossed a few ideas out and agreed on the best things to do for fun and excitement. That meant I had to make more stops, and we planned to meet at Kysa's place in three hours. I had a lot to do.

When I finally arrived back home, I found that I had about an hour left to have everything ready, and when I walked into the house it was SPARKLING! Kysa had rushed and cleaned everything in sight, and the place even smelled clean. She did a good job, as far as I could tell. She had completely scrubbed from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Everything seemed perfect and neat.

She watched me closely as I walked around inspecting things, but I never let on that I thought she did a wonderful job. She was still nude, and she had even showered and did her hair. She wore some makeup... a little, not much. I approved. And, she still had her plug deep in her ass.

I told her how many people were coming over, and she was stunned. Then I told her what her role was for the evening, giving her some instructions as to how to act and speak to everyone. I told her, "Every male will be addressed as Master, and every female, Mistress."

I remembered a book I had read a while back, something about `Slave Girl of Gor' or some such, and the idea that I would have a slave girl of my own really sparked some hidden desire in myself that I didn't know existed until today. I liked it. A lot.

I told her, "When Melanie and our guests walk through that door, you will quickly go and kneel, naked, in the center of the living room (I pointed out the exact place), and face the front door. You will spread your knees wide so that nothing is hidden, and sit back on your legs. Your hands will be placed palms up, resting on your thighs, as though inviting everyone to look at your cunt. You will bow your head and look down. Keep your eyes directly on your hairless cunt slit and do NOT look up until addressed. At any time during the evening, if you are told to do something, you had better jump and run to do it."

I lifted her chin so that she looked directly into my eyes, and said, "The slightest deviation from those orders will result in swift retribution by whoever is nearest to you. They have already been told there is a new sex slave in this house, and they will treat you as a slave. Your body belongs to us all tonight. You may as well get used to that fact right now. They will demand things from you and you must do your best to satisfy them.

"Not one person here tonight will tolerate disobedience of any kind by you. Your new Master and Mistress have decided to train you, not in private, but in public. We both feel you can handle that. Do NOT disappoint us or embarrass us in front of our friends. Do you understand these things I have said? Have I made myself VERY clear?"

Kysa's shocked understanding of what was about to happen that evening went clear to the bone. I knew that she was scared by all this news, yet she responded with a shaky "Yes, Master. I promise."

I turned and walked back out to the car, not saying another word to Kysa, just to keep her in suspense. I returned several times with armloads of food and drink, and carried a few special packages into the bedroom and stored them away for later use. I gave her instructions on how to prepare the food and drink... and told her she only had forty-five minutes left to have everything ready.

Then I reached out, held her tight to my chest, kissed her deeply, and told her that I loved her and not to fear. Then I told her that the house looked fabulous, and that as far as I was concerned it couldn't have been cleaner. She beamed brightly, heart pounding against my chest.

I released her and she ran off to fix the goodies while I undressed, took a shower, shaved and changed clothes. By the time I had finished, she was putting the final touch on everything, and I handed her some candles and incense I had purchased. She set them up around the living room and just as she was finished prepping, Melanie and guests arrived. Perfect timing.

Kysa heard the door knob turn (she must have been listening intensely for that sound), and she ran into the living room and plunked down on the carpet, facing the door. Her positioning was a little awkward, so I spread her knees much wider, and corrected the positioning of her hands.

She hid nothing, and every one of her delicious charms was spread wide open to public view by the eight other people who followed Melanie through the door at that precise moment. When she came in the door, she looked around, and I new she was as happy as I was about how fine a job Kysa had done.

I knew that Kysa could hear all of the voices surrounding her, but all she was allowed to see was her own cuntlips. Kysa's face flushed a beautiful pink, and I could tell that she was embarrassed about her predicament, spread-eagled as she was in the middle of the floor, surrounded by unknown people who couldn't help but stare at her naked beauty.

At the moment though, all of that was irrelevant, as Melanie began to introduce everyone to me. What a good-looking bunch of folks they were! Melanie knew how to pick her friends, especially those whom she chose to be naked with. I wasn't in exactly top shape myself, but I stood enthralled at the beautiful women and good looking men that had arrived with her.

They were all asked, beforehand, not to speak directly to Kysa until the word was given, so they did not speak to her. However, each and every one of them, as they came in and were introduced, commented aloud about what a stirring creature she was, and publicly spoke about each and every part of her anatomy.

One woman said, "Oh my. What a lovely set of pussylips she has! I'll bet they are as tight as they look! I can't wait to stick my tongue in there!"

One of the men stated the obvious as he exclaimed "Holy Christ! Her tits are as well formed as you told me! I thought you were in jest, but now I see they are as firm as melons, and I don't even have to touch them!"

Their conversations centered around how pretty her shaved cuntlips were, and how pert and firm her breasts were. One of the lovely women even walked up to Kysa and tweaked her nipples to check them out.

Then something happened that even thrilled me, and made Kysa almost faint in embarrassment. One of the men, Eli, said, "Well... if I hadn't seen her with my own eyes, I would never have believed it! I know this person, and she very well knows me. I grew up a few houses from hers, and even went to high school with her!" Kysa could only keep her head down and wonder who was speaking. She tried to remember the voice but couldn't place it.

Eli said, "She was always a prick teaser in school. Many guys wanted to get into her pants, I can tell you that. But... she was just a tease. She always wore very provocative and revealing clothes to school every day, but never allowed any of us a peek or a feel.

"I guess she must have thought she was better than us. I tried a lot of different ways to get this one into the sack, but she would have none of it. She doesn't know what she missed. Tonight, however, she'll learn some new tricks. I wonder if she remembers the time I patted her ass when she walked past me in the hallway, or the time I cornered her in the janitor's closet."

Then Kysa realized who was doing the talking, and blushed deeply. She remembered him! He was tall and handsome, but she always acted like a bitch tease around him. Her girlfriends had put her up to it! She would smile at him, blink her fancy lashes his way, and then when he walked over to her, she stuck her nose in the air and walked away, only to have her girlfriends cheer her actions on.

She knew he wanted her, but she was a stuck up little bitch to him, and she kept teasing him all year, making him horny with her come-ons and put-offs. Now she was a slave, with her legs spread wide and her nakedness displayed for him to see!

He was embarrassing Kysa to no end, and she got redder and redder as each person, in turn, said something about how they couldn't wait to use her in many different ways that evening. They left absolutely NOTHING to her imagination. Melanie walked around behind Kysa, knelt down, reached around and cupped both breasts in her hands. She said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, these tits are very firm, and we are going to have a blast with them, and everything else she has, tonight!"

Everyone came in and sat down on Kysa's furniture, which happened to encircle Kysa as she knelt naked in the middle of them, hiding nothing. We talked for a while, and I came to know each of them quickly, as they were all in the same mind-set. They came to have a party, and sex was the topic of the evening. Kysa would be the object of that sex for a majority of the time.

It wasn't long, however, when one of the guys, Richard, asked where the bathroom was. I quickly shouted to Kysa and told her to show him where it was, and to stay there with him until he was finished, then show him back. She had been kneeling on the floor, in that strenuous position, for about fifteen minutes, so she was slow in getting up. Richard noticed and commented, "For a slave... she's very slow, isn't she?"

Melanie was immediately pissed. She said, "Bitch! You had better move a LOT faster than that if you don't want me on your ass again like yesterday!" Trust me when I say that Kysa JUMPED up off of that floor and led Richard, by the hand, to the bathroom... sore legs be damned.

As she was leading Richard away, Melanie began laughing and said, "I spanked her tight ass purple last night, and the little cunt loved it! It was so nice! She came all over me!" We all laughed loudly and Kysa felt the stares on her backside as she walked away, I'm certain of it.

We chatted for a while about the evening events, and how things would proceed. After an extended time, they finally returned from the bathroom, Kysa leading Richard back to his chair. She then returned to her spot in the middle of the floor, and got back into her position.

I startled her by shouting "Spread your legs wider! Don't try to hide that cunt from us!" She quickly readjusted herself, spreading her knees very wide, giving us all a wonderful view of her shaved pussylips.

Richard chuckled and said, "She walked me into the bathroom, and I told her to unzip my fly and take my cock out. She unzipped me quickly enough, but apparently she had no idea how to get it out, for she had, I assume, never done that.

"She needed some practice, so I sat her down on the toilet seat and showed her the proper procedure. I took it out and poked it in her face, then put it back into my pants and zipped myself up again. I was getting harder by the moment, and I knew she was going to have trouble, but I didn't make it any easier on her.

"Finally, after showing her three times how to do it, she got it right, and as soon as she had it out, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her mouth around it and told her to suck it." At that, we all had a grand laugh on Kysa's account and she blushed brightly.

One of the women, Jenny, spoke up and said, "Is it hot in here, or is that slut making me horny sitting there with nothing to do? It feels like 100 degrees in here!" Then she got the ball rolling by calling Kysa over to her. She said, "Slave... come over here to me." Kysa looked up (I allowed it... what the hell) and said, "Yes Mistress."

She quickly got up and walked over to stand in front of Jenny. Jenny said, "I'm very hot tonight, would you help me cool off a little bit?" Kysa responded, "Yes Mistress, How can I help you cool off?" Jenny said, "You can help me out of these confining clothes for a start, my dear." That was the icebreaker.

Everyone, in turn, feigned heat exhaustion at the same time. We all wanted Kysa to help us out of our clothes. Kysa's little butt-plug-filled ass was busy stripping clothes off of everyone for the next ten minutes. Each of us waited our turn to have our new slave strip us of all our clothes. Very soon, we were all standing nude, encircling Kysa.

Then I made the announcement that Kysa would get us all something to drink. You had better believe she was glad to get out of the center of that circle! She ran to the kitchen, grabbed glasses for everyone, and returned moments later, pouring champagne into each of our glasses, one at a time. That done, I told her to bring in some of the food plates she had fixed.

Kysa served us all for about thirty minutes, running to and fro, obeying all of the orders given her by each of us. Kysa jiggled nicely as she ran to get this or that. We all sat, a group of ten naked adults, being waited on hand and foot by a perky young naked blonde with crystal blue eyes. I could tell that the sexual tension was building.

The excitement of the men was quite obvious, as they all bore very hard cocks. One in particular even caught my attention. Eli sported a boner a little over 12 inches long! We had Kysa measure it to make sure. OK... what the hell... it was almost 13 inches! It was perfectly straight and smooth, and he sported a nice circumcised head on it. It was actually an attractive piece of equipment.

He was absolutely huge, and even with the physical size of my hand, I do not think it would have fit completely around it. He was fucking Jenny, I later found out. Was she a satisfied woman? If not, she had a problem. Come to think of it, for the rest of the evening, I secretly glanced around until I spotted his huge monster. What can I say!? I was impressed! Wouldn't you be?

Finally, Jenny had seen enough and wanted more of what Kysa had to offer in the way of servitude. While Kysa continued to tend to her duties, running back and forth trying to keep everyone pleased, Jenny said, "So, Melanie... you described her to me on the phone, but I can't believe that this little shaved slut can eat pussy as well as you say. I find it hard to believe she has the talent that you described to me."

"She does! I swear!" yelped Melanie. "Would you like a small demonstration of her liquid lips?"

"Absolutely!" Jenny responded.

Melanie said, "I tell you that this little vixen knows how to please both a man AND a woman with her talented mouth. I don't know where she learned how to do it, but she can make you cum quicker than any one I know!"

I said, "I agree whole-heartedly! I've not seen a more talented mouth in my time!"

Richard said, "Well, from the little bit of sucking she did on my cock, I would have to agree she could suck... but I don't know about the talented or BEST part."

I said, "What are you talking about? You mean she didn't deep-throat you?"

"Nope!" he said.

I was disappointed in Kysa. I called her to me and asked her if that was the truth. She blushed deeply and said, "Yes Master." I looked square into her eyes and asked her why not. She said, "I wasn't... I mean I didn't know I was supposed to do that, Master."

I told her, without hesitation, "From this very moment, you will ALWAYS deep-throat a cock when one is presented to you. You will ALWAYS totally satisfy any cunt that is place near your mouth, and you will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS perform your very best at whatever sexual act is desired from you! You knew that, but, apparently you simply didn't feel like it!"

So there, in front of everyone, I told her to bend over my knee for a spanking. Her eyes grew wide and instantly began to moisten, but she quickly obeyed. She laid her body over my lap and made sure her butt was in the right position. I looked around and saw each and every smiling face looking at her ass. They were loving every moment of it, and so was I. I spanked Kysa's displayed ass about twenty times to let her know that I was going to take no nonsense from her. Then I stood her up, and told her to go over to Richard. "You will now apologize to this Master and beg him for another spanking!"

Teary-eyed and rubbing her sore behind, she went to Richard, and humbly apologized to him for not sucking his cock better. She pleaded with him to give her the punishment that she deserved, and, at his instruction, bent over his lap to be spanked as she had done with me. He warmed her bottom with another twenty slaps to her already tender behind.

When he was done, Melanie ordered her to suck his cock like the slut she really was. With tears streaming down her cheeks she got down on her knees between his legs and stuffed his raging hard cock into her mouth, sucking his cock in front of the entire group. It was beautiful. His cock was thick, about eight inches long, and his circumcised head was very large.

Somehow that didn't matter or stop Kysa from wrapping her lips completely around it and pushing her head down until you could see her forcing his thickness into her throat. It took only three or four strokes for her to engulf him fully, and when that happened, everyone applauded her talent.

That only spurred her on, and she began to forcefully inhale his wide monster. Up and down she went on his entire thick length, and Richard was having a wonderful time, but was having trouble holding his orgasm.

After only five minutes of her tight mouth around his penis, he sat back, grimaced, and shuddered, and we all knew he was pumping his entire load of jism deep into her throat. He jerked many times in pure ecstasy as he spewed his cum into her mouth and throat. She finished sucking his cum with her, almost trademark, cheek cave-in suck, and removed her mouth from him, smiling as though she had really shown us.

She was happy with her performance, but did not expect what happened next. I said, "Now... suck every cock here, just like that... and you must eat every pussy in this room until they have cum in your mouth! You will not stop until you are done... and don't worry... we will tell you when you are done."

At the news that each were to be presented with lip service from Kysa, they all smiled, and cheered. They were all in for a special treat. As we sat, surrounding Kysa in the pre-arranged boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, Richard was first in line. Since he had just received one of Kysa's specials, it was now Jenny's turn to have her cunt sucked. Jenny's body was gorgeous. Darkly tanned with visible white tan lines left behind by her bikini. What a shame she had to cover herself like that. She had reddish brown hair and full pouting lips, both on her head and between her legs. She was thin, tall, and around the same age as the rest of us. I would estimate her measurements at 36C-25-35.

Kysa meekly crawled over to her as Jenny prepared herself by spreading her gorgeous thighs wide, placing each one up and over the top of the legs of the men she sat between. She scooted her pussy out to the edge of the chair and laid back in preparation.

As Kysa nuzzled between her legs, Jenny said, "Show me what a good little slave girl you are, dear. Drink all of my cum and please... don't let me down. I would hate to have to spank you even harder than you already have been. Mistress Melanie say's you are simply the best at licking out a wet pussy. We shall see. Show me what you can do!"

Kysa smiled, said, "Yes Mistress," and eagerly began slurping and licking at Jenny's pussy. Everyone watched her as she mouthed and sucked on her wet cunt. Jenny was loving every lap of her pussy and reached out with both hands and began to play with the cocks she found readily available on each side. She was in heaven... as were we all.

As I watched Kysa perform, I noticed that she grew bolder and bolder, surer of herself. She would reach up and spread Jenny's pussylips apart and lavishly slurp up all the juices she found over and around her clit. I found myself wishing I was a woman, if only to receive a licking like the one she was providing to Jenny. She ate her cunt for an eternity, and Jenny would have killed anyone had they attempted to stop her. You could see her sexual pleasure on her face and in her eyes.

Jenny came in Kysa's face a number of times, and when finally she had had an earth-shaking orgasm, she calmed down enough to push Kysa's face away from her crotch, completely satiated. Without hesitation, Kysa smiled briefly and crawled over between Doug's legs and engulfed his naked tool.

Doug jumped back, pulled Kysa by the hair to remove her mouth from around his cock, and said, "What the hell are you doing!? Did you ask my permission to do that? Did I even say you could do it!?"

Kysa was totally caught unawares, and she stuttered, "n... n... no Master... I'm... s... sorry... I... I"

Doug interrupted, "It's cunts like you who think they own their Master's! Get the hell up here and bend over my knee, slut!"

Kysa swiftly climbed over his knee and was immediately assaulted, once again, on her already sore ass. This time, she received only ten slaps, but I would guess, judging by the sound and the agonized look of shock and pain on her face as she received her spanking, that these were even harder than the ones she had previously endured.

Her public pain was quite evident. She bit her lip and covered her mouth with her right hand so as not to scream out loud. She wept openly, but she instantly knew she would have to ask permission from then on. From that moment on, I never knew Kysa to make the same mistake twice.

Each of the folks at the party had their own quirks, and Kysa learned them all. When her punishment ended, she stood before Doug in tears, apologized sincerely for what she had done, and begged him to allow her to suck his cock. He made her beg for another chance to suck him, for a long time, before finally allowing her to kneel and put her mouth over the head of his hard penis.

When she started, Doug made sure she swallowed his entire length by pressing on the back of her head on the very first stroke. He pushed it all the way into her throat, and never gave her gagging a second thought. He smiled widely and pulled her off, then back onto his cock.

Doug took complete control of each and every sucking stroke that Kysa performed on his member. He would have none of her interference, and took complete and utter charge of her mouth, tongue, lips and throat as if he owned them. And he used her well. She had no choice but to comply as he desired.

Doug lasted quite a long time. While he forced her head repeatedly down onto his cock, he told her that only true whores sucked cock the way she was doing, so she must have always been a whore, and needed only to be developed and trained properly. He kept telling her what a little slut she was to even consider sucking a man or lick a pussy in public, much less a lot of men and women at the same time.

Kysa's face grew redder and redder as he fucked her mouth savagely in and out. She could only perform as directed and pay attention to what he told her. She had no choice but obey and pay attention. In the time it took her to satisfy his demands, she had been told how he wanted her mouth and tongue to move when she publicly gave him pleasure.

Doug would have none of the simple sucking in and out just to get him off. He wanted sensual movements from her. He wanted her to make love to his cock with her mouth and throat. She was told that from now on, each time she performed orally for anyone, she would consider herself absolutely involved in the cunt or cock she was eating. She was to have sex with it... not just suck it.

After about fifteen minutes, Doug told us that he was going to "Blow his balls into her mouth," and he did. He forced his cock into her mouth, and pushed down hard on the back of her head. He had waited until the very last second to warn us of the upcoming eruption, and she almost gagged on the flow of cum going deep into her throat. She was a trooper, however, and never spilled a drop. In fact, she never spilled any all evening.

Doug continued until his cum was totally spent from his cock. Even after he finished he continued to allow Kysa's mouth to tickle and please his tender meat. When he could take no more of her tongue manipulations, he pushed her off of his cock and fell back in exhaustion, dismissing her without a glance.

Amanda didn't wait two seconds. She had watched Kysa getting her mouth reamed by Doug's hard cock, and through all of the sucking, she had been using her fingers joyfully, probing deep inside her own pussy. She wanted Kysa's attention immediately, and the moment her lips left Doug's prick, she reached over and grabbed Kysa by the hair and pulled her face directly onto her already soaking pussy. "Suck my clit you little cunt! Clean out my pussy with your pretty tongue and make me shake until I can't cum any more!" Amanda blatantly stated.

Without hesitation, even though she was very sore, she obeyed and pushed her tongue deep into Amanda's slit. This made Amanda inhale sharply, and before she could catch her breath, Kysa began chewing on her clit. Because she had already manipulated herself to near orgasm, Amanda moaned and immediately shook in one lustful orgasm after another, all the while holding the back of Kysa's head firmly between her legs and into her soaked pussy. I'm certain Kysa was having difficulty breathing.

She came so violently, that she squeezed poor Kysa's head between her thighs and shook the entire sofa in her passion. She erupted like a volcano and you could hear Kysa desperately trying to drink all of Amanda's juice and breathe at the same time.

Amanda's orgasms were very powerful, and they took over her senses completely. Her face turned beet red and she shuddered violently into Kysa's face. After a very long time and a lot more orgasmic spasms, her breathing subsided and she fell back against the sofa... totally spent. Her legs fell apart and you could see that Kysa's face was soaked with pussy juice. She sat before us licking her lips, smiling.

What a pretty site Kysa presented to us all, as she tried to lick all the cunt juice from herself. We allowed her to catch her breath from the ordeal she had just been put through, and a few moments later looked up to behold Eli holding his mighty staff in both hands... directly in front of her face.

Now came the moment we were all waiting for. It was time for Kysa to suck Eli's massive tool. As stated earlier, Eli was one of those rare individuals overly blessed in the size and stature of his cock... all twelve-plus inches of it. This was the guy all us other men were jealous of. His was the size tool we all wanted between our legs.

Limp, his great looking prize cock measured a full eight inches long. Erect, he was a showcase at almost thirteen inches long, and at least as wide as Kysa's mouth. The head on that monstrous fuck stick was perfectly shaped for the length and girth of his tool. I must confess at this point, that I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I have never had any sexual fantasies that contained another man and myself. Until today. He was good looking, clean, and built to fuck with that monster.

But getting back to current events, Kysa was now confronted with the man she had spurned many years ago. As she kneeled before him, naked, staring straight at the head of his magnificent penis, we were all told of the times that Eli had spent trying to get her to pay attention to him.

She was forced to remember all the times when she teased him and shunned him as though he were just a play toy. Her thoughts ran back to all those times when she embarrassed him in front of his friends, and she now realized it was payback time.

As we sat around, watching Kysa's tears appear on her cheeks, Eli spun his story of having to get some other girl to relieve his sexual fever after Kysa's taunting. We realized that Kysa had been a major cock teaser in school. Eli wasn't the only man she teased with her sexuality.

But Eli was here, and the others were not. He told us how she would come to school dressed in tight tantalizing outfits that showed off a lot of herself. Cleavage, tops of nylons, nipples pressing against silk tops. Eli even told us all about a teacher that confided in him on a lot of different occasions saying things like "If she wasn't fifteen, I'd do her pussy on my desk in the classroom. I'll wager she'd be a great little fuck.," or "I'll bet her teenage blonde cunt is tighter than fish pussy... and that's water tight!" When we heard that, we all laughed at Kysa's expense.

At that moment, he looked at her, held his prick an inch from her lips and simply said, "Kiss my cock head and lick the slit." She complied immediately with a tender kiss and a sexy lick of the slit on the head of his penis. She sweetly kissed it and licked it several times with long sexy strokes, cleaning his precum drops off of it.

Boldly, she asked, "Master? May I please have the privilege of sucking your big cock?"

Eli said, "It's too late to start sucking up to me now, girl... no pun intended, but yes... you will suck my cock. Every single inch of it, and you had better not stop until I'm finished."

Just knowing what she was about to be put through started Kysa's tears flowing again, but later she confided to me that her tears were tears of lustfulness. She wanted him. Thus, with his permission, she moved forward a little and opened her mouth as wide as she could, managing only to enclose his giant head in her mouth. Her lips stretched taught around his beast, and we watched in awe and, yes, perhaps even a tinge of jealousy.

She had noticed how large he was earlier in the evening when she had helped undress him, and knew that sooner or later she would have to perform sexually for him. We all saw her stare at it, but when she saw that we were looking, she blushed.

At the time, I said, "Did you like what you saw?" She blushed brightly, smiled, and said, "Yes Master, it's beautiful." So, even though she was performing for him, I had the distinct feeling she was the one enjoying it more.

Eli, who was 6'3, towered over Kysa's 5'0 frame as she knelt between his legs on her knees. After about five minutes of watching her mouth on his cock, he said, "There's no way this cocksucker is going to be able to deep throat me, but I'm going to give her the best angle for the attempt."

He pulled her to her feet, walked her out to the center of the living room, laid on his back on the floor, and told Kysa to get into the sixty-nine position on top of him.

She climbed on top of Eli's naked body, facing all of us so that we had a full view of Kysa's oral attempt, and she immediately opened her mouth wide to push his girth inside. She got past the head ok, and took a few more inches into her mouth, but was having a trouble engulfing his full width, so Jenny, being experienced with Eli's tool, suggested using Vaseline to help it slide in easier. I got it for her, and after Kysa pulled her mouth off of his cock, Jenny lightly lubricated his entire length, down to his balls. Then she told Kysa to try again.

Once Eli was all slicked up, Kysa put on a show for us. Her tiny white hands were wrapped around the base of his glistening long pole as she attempted to masturbate him. She smiled while demonstrating his width compared to her wrist size, then while she was sucking him, she used both hands to heft his balls so that she could show us how big they were. She was one happy girl that's for sure. She was enjoying this pay back.

Once again, she pulled her mouth off and repeatedly bent over and pushed her luscious lips past the head of his erection and down his huge shaft. It did seem to be slipping in easier. She pushed hard, slowly forcing her way down his length, and managed to get about half of it into her mouth. She told me later that at this point, she could no longer get any more in without relaxing her throat and, well, swallowing it.

She was stretching her mouth and jaw to its maximum limits that night. Then she did something amazing. On the next down stroke of his cock, she turned her head and "twisted" her mouth around his cock head, and pushed while she turned as if screwing it into her throat. The moment she did that, you could see how the head of his huge prick forced its way past her throat opening. You could actually see the bulge of his cock head going down her neck!

But she started to gag on his fullness and backed off. With her mouth still wrapped around his cock, she caught her breath. Determined, she gathered her senses and repeated the procedure. She did this several times, forcing herself to push her head harder and deeper over his cock. We were amazed at the attempts, and paid little or no attention to Eli as he ate her pussy.

On the fifth try, she actually succeeded in getting his massive cock head deep into her throat. She almost gagged on it again, but maintained her cool-headedness. She was breathing roughly through her nose but maintained the pressure of her assault upon his cock. Finally, she gathered all of her strength and pushed her mouth slowly but firmly deeper onto his cock, and with the help of the slippery Vaseline coating Jenny had applied, she took his entire length deep within her throat! You could visually see it snake down her neck!

That was the most incredible event I have ever seen! Nothing before or since has impressed me more than watching that tiny woman totally engulf that huge cock. Everyone there (except Eli, who was too damned busy sucking her cunt), gave her a standing ovation. Her sexual talents, from that day forward, proceeded her wherever she went.

She knew she had won a victory over both him and his cock size, and she kept his cock in place inside her throat until she had passed the gagging stage once more. When she was rested and had caught her breath, she began sucking his cock in and out, never letting that beast of a cock head get back out past that magic point in her throat. She actually was sucking the biggest cock I had ever seen! There went a bet I would have lost a lot of money on.

Nobody could believe what he or she were seeing. Even Jenny, who lived with Eli and had him for her own, couldn't believe this tiny blonde slave had his entire cock in her mouth and throat. We were all so excited at having witnessed this amazing feat that we stood and applauded her talents once again, cheering her on.

I swear, she engulfed Rogers full length and continued to suck his cock until he came so hard his legs began to twitch uncontrollably, and his toes curled up. She literally fucked him with her mouth until he came!

Like the trooper (or show off) she had become, she held on to his cock with her mouth fully pushed down onto it, clear down to his balls, and allowed him to spurt all of his cum deeper inside of her than anyone had ever done before. She didn't have to swallow anything, for it was probably already in her stomach!

Only when Eli was completely finished with his tremendous orgasm, did she pull her mouth slowly and agonizingly off of his still-semi-hard thirteen-inch cock. Then she rolled off of him onto the floor, and desperately fought to catch her breath. She had proved Eli wrong, and that was OK with the rest of us. She received a third standing ovation from nine people (roger couldn't get up), and we could all see that she had the most wicked grin on her blushing face. I was proud of her performance... and so was Melanie.

Even though the rest of us wanted Kysa's mouth between our legs, we allowed her to lay on the floor to regain her composure. Even so, she knew she had more work to do, and after only a few minutes, she bravely rolled over, climbed to her knees and put her face in between Julia's legs, begging to eat her pussy. Given permission, she ate her pussy to climax after climax. This was one amazing female.

She quickly finished sucking and licking each and every one of us as the good little slave that she was, and when she had finished, she had swallowed the cum and cunt juices of five men and five women. Her jaws ached with her performance, as was to be expected, and we all praised her for doing such a good job at pleasing her Masters and Mistresses. She had made the rounds and never quibbled a bit during her entire eating frenzy, and she loved every minute and every taste of it, thanking us all for allowing her to please us.

By the time she reached me and finished swallowing my cum, the rest of the men were hard again. Each of the women had paired off with a man and were openly fondling, kissing, and stroking each other's cocks, cunts, breasts and asses. When Kysa was done, Melanie told her to follow her, and she took her to the shower and helped her to clean herself up.

When they were all dried off, Melanie presented Kysa with a passionate kiss and embrace. She told Kysa how proud she was to own such a talented slut. Melanie and Kysa spent some private time on her bed, touching each other all over, and after a while Melanie kissed Kysa one last time, patted her on her ass, and told her to go out and serve the food to the guests. Kysa ran off naked to do her chores.

We all ate, joked, and laughed for a long while, drinking champagne and generally grabbing at each other, feeling up whatever we grabbed, as Kysa looked on. After we were done, we all agreed to allow Kysa some self-gratification, should she desire it. We told her that she had done a good job at pleasing us, so she was allowed to choose any partner to stimulate and please her, and she was allowed to have as many orgasms as she could with that person before the rest of the games continued.

Her face brightened and with no hesitation whatsoever, she walked straight over to Eli, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. She walked him to the center of the room, looked almost straight up into his eyes, smiled and said, "Master, I want to apologize for all the bad times I put you through in high school, and want to make up for it a little more tonight.

"I loved sucking your cock earlier, but now I would love it if you would take your huge cock and fuck my pussy with it! I want it fucked right here in the middle of the living room of my home, where all your friends can watch!"

We applauded her choice (and her bravery), drawing closer, sitting in a tight circle around Eli and Kysa. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed a few pillows for them, and by the time I arrived, they were already lying on the floor. Eli was kissing her neck and face as he fondled her ripe white breasts. Kysa was manipulating his huge thirteen-inch member to full and stiff erection, once again. His cock was as thick around as his upper wrist! Her small body paled in comparison to his physique.

They took the pillows and made themselves comfortable then continued their intimate explorations of each other, putting on a kinky show for us all. Eli soon was able to stick several fingers into her wet cunt helping her loosen up for the upcoming fuck. We all watched in delight and fascination when he sat up and spread her knees. He began applying the Vaseline to his monster cock and making sure her cunt was slick as well. We knew it would be a tight fit, because he simply was a big man, physically, compared to Kysa's tiny body.

He spread her legs as wide as they could go, and asked two of the other women to help hold them apart while he fucked her. The ladies each grabbed a knee and ankle, and pulled Kysa's legs as wide as they could without doing any damage. This left Eli with a wide-open target.

With his nicely greased meat in one hand, and holding himself up with the other, he scooted closer and pressed the head of his prick up against Kysa's tiny, cleanly shaven, smooth-lipped pussy. He rubbed the head up and down over the entire length of her greased cunt slit.

That sight alone was sensuous as hell. It was going to be a tight fit. He began to push forward with his hips, and with only a little bit of a struggle he pushed his smooth cock head inside of her babyish cunt. She jumped a little as her cuntlips were spread open wide because of his girth, but she smiled and giggled anyway.

She was loving every moment of her slavehood, and was she about to have her cunt fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had (and the biggest one I had ever seen). On top of that, she knew she was performing for us. Kysa was in her flowering glory that night, and we were all enjoying her show.

Kysa closed her eyes to enjoy the whole event, reveling in both the feel of the huge cock pressing into her cunt and the thrill she was getting from all of us watching her get fucked by it. I knew then that Kysa was truly and honestly a willing sex slave, and her actions that night proved that beyond any doubt. She moaned loudly and gasped as he pushed his beef deeper inside her pussy.

When, finally, he had manipulated almost half of that king-sized cock into her widespread cunt, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck to brace herself. He pumped his monster in and out of Kysa's tight pussy, slowly, for a long time, gently pressing his length deeper as time went by.

As she felt his length and width forcing her cunt wider she began, almost immediately, to have orgasms one after another. Her small body quivered and shook underneath his, and she began begging him to fuck her faster, and he complied. She groaned repeatedly under the forcefulness of his pressure on her straining pussy. It was an amazing sight to see Kysa taking his massive cock into her soaking wet cunt.

Kysa had never had anything that big inside her cunt before, and the sensations she received were almost too much for her to handle. With the combination of that huge cock sliding in and out of her cunt, other women helping to keep her legs spread wide, and all of us staring at that sight, she could not help but be sexually exited, and her orgasms proved that. She came in one continuous orgasm for several minutes.

After a few more minutes of pushing his thick-veined rod into her body, Eli looked down at Kysa, smiled at her, and said, "Are you ready for the rest of it?"

Kysa opened her eyes and said, "Oh my God! There's MORE!?"

At that, we all laughed and poked fun at her, but Eli just said, "Yes... you fucking little cock teaser... and here it comes."

With that notice of intent, he grabbed Kysa's body tightly into his strong arms, lifted her up to a vertical position onto his lap, and pulled her down onto his cock as he pushed it forward, sliding the length of it deep into her cunt.

She looked so tiny in his muscled arms, fully and completely mounted onto his cock, but she accepted him and managed only a weak "Oh my god it's so big," before she closed her eyes again and held onto Rogers neck tightly. We could tell that Kysa's pussy was at her maximum capability of size and length. Any bigger, and he would have ripped her poor cunt apart and hurt her.

Eli held her in that upright position for a long time, letting her feel his cock inside her. She began to sweat as his meat slowly pushed its way in and pulled its way out, but he just looked at her and told her that she was about to pay for all the times that she had made fun of him.

He said, "You fucked with my mind when we were in high school together, and you embarrassed me in front of my friends. Now it's time for me to fuck with your body and embarrass you. I've been waiting a long time for this night."

He put one arm around her back, and the other arm reached down to hold onto her ass... then he stood up with Kysa still mounted on his cock. Because of the height difference between them, Kysa hung there clear of the floor, totally limp and fully impaled on his cock.

Her feet were almost a foot off of the floor. He took his hand off of her ass and moved it up to her back with the other one to keep her in place there. Kysa's full weight now pushed down upon his spike, and she gritted her teeth. He let her weight impale herself for a few minutes, grinning at the sight of her face as she struggled to hold onto him, then he dropped back to his knees and laid on top of her again on the floor.

This time, however, he didn't hold his weight up off of her. He pressed his groin down hard against her pussy and proceeded to seriously pound his massive prick in and out of Kysa's stretched pussylips. It wasn't long before Kysa gasped in a combination of pain and orgasmic pleasure. She continuously came in one orgasm after another for a solid five minutes as Eli banged his cock into her sore cunt.

He was relentless, and I'll wager there were only a few women that would have allowed him to do to them, what he was doing to Kysa. He knew a good thing when he got it, so he used Kysa for his own pleasure for quite a long time. After a short eternity of his rampage on her pussy, Kysa was wrung out, and her tiny frame couldn't stand the pounding Eli was applying to her.

She began to sweat and strain under his assault on her body and cunt. She begged him openly to hurry and finish, because she was starting to dry up, and his size was beginning to hurt her. When she said that, Jenny grabbed the jar of Vaseline and while Eli pumped his cock into Kysa, she plastered another layer of lubricant around his cock and Kysa's cunt. This eased Kysa's pain a lot and it allowed Eli's prick to slide easier.

Kysa felt Jenny's hand apply the lubricant and said, "Oh thank you Mistress! He's... he's so fucking big!"

Jenny looked sternly into Kysa's eyes and told her "You don't know the half of it, slut. You wanted him, you greedy little bitch! You specifically chose him, and now you've got him. I've known Eli to fuck me for an hour and a half! I seriously hope you can handle him, because there's no way to stop him when he's like this. I hope you didn't bite off more than you can chew!"

I felt sorry for poor tiny Kysa under the strain of Rogers lusty desires, yet we all were so enthralled at watching her get laid as no other we had seen before. We watched Kysa's cunt continue to be royally fucked by Eli. He lasted a long time... almost twenty more minutes, and all the while Kysa moaned and cried out in orgasmic pleasure and pain.

Kysa proved us all wrong again and continued to accept Rogers entire shaft length for as long as he needed to use her cunt... and he used it. Truthfully, I felt she was hurting from all his pummeling, and later she told me that she was, but she wouldn't have given his cock up for the world. She wanted to show us that she could handle anything. And she did.

Besides, she told me later, "He made me feel like a twenty-five cent whore as he fucked my pussy hard like that in front of everyone. I had no control over what he did, and it felt kinky while he was using me for his own gratification. He was really raping me and I couldn't stop him."

He pounded her cunt unmercifully, holding nothing back. His desires were ravenous. Her cunt needed to be lubricated twice more, but there were plenty of ready hands to help apply the lubricant. Finally, as he plowed deeply into her insides with that monster prick, he announced that he was cumming. He did, and blew his load almost thirteen inches inside her cunt hole. He came for an amazingly long time, which triggered another massive orgasmic spasm from Kysa.

When he was done cumming (must have been a gallon of cum), we watched as his long length slowly emerged from her pussy. Like the rabbit, it kept going, and going, and going! Finally, the big head of his cock emerged, shiny and glinting in the surrounding candle light with his cum mingled with her pussy juices. Kysa's body was awash in her sweat and his, and even after the ladies let go of her legs, they stayed splayed wide apart, with no energy left to even pull themselves together. Kysa had been used well. Eli collapsed onto the floor, breathless.

Kysa lay there in that position for a long while, trying to catch her breath. When, finally, she was able to move, she surprised us again by rolling over and taking Rogers cock head into her mouth, and sucked the head for a few seconds. Then she looked up at Eli and said, "Thank you, Master. Thank you for fucking me in front of your friends."

He just couldn't believe what he was hearing. His anger at her finally subsided and he could only lay back and laugh. He then forgave her for her high school actions, but also promised her something else.

He said, "My cock was made for fucking. Your cunt was made to be fucked. I realized my lucky gift when I was ten years old and got my first piece of ass. It took you this long to realized what you were put here for. Trust me, your pussy, your mouth, and your ass will be fucked a lot from now on. And I can guarantee I'll use it again before you know it. The only hole I haven't filled is your ass. I'll save that for the next time.

After that, I simply cannot remember everything that happened between everyone for there was too much going on. I do know that once Eli had caught his breath, he rolled over to where Kysa laid on the floor, took her in his arms, and told her that she was "A magnificent little fuck machine."

He told her there had only been two other women that had provided that service for him. One was a professional prostitute who got paid for her services and the other was Jenny. At that news, Kysa turned her head to look at Jenny, and Jenny said, "We've been looking for a new slut for Eli to fuck like he fucks me. It seems that you are now number one on the list of available bitches for him. Plan on servicing him whenever he requires it. And... he requires it a lot."

An incredible night of lust had begun. Melanie's friends came prepared for every contingency, and each of these people had talent in, over, and under the sheets. We partied constantly and continually all evening. From the moment Kysa had removed our clothes, until the party broke up well after dawn the following morning, someone was fucking someone else. Everyone was sexually satisfied that night. Nobody went without as many orgasms as they could have, need or want. Someone was always available and ready to assist someone else when they felt the desire coming on.

Jenny turned to me, and asked, "Is this little cunt for sale? I mean, I know she's your personal slave, but perhaps we might be allowed to rent her holes for a weekend at some future time. Whores like her are very hard to come by, or cum in, for that matter. We would pay handsomely for her use."

Melanie and I smiled and whispered in a huddle for a while as Kysa looked on. We nodded to each other, turned back to Jenny, and I said, "Since tonight is her first night in public training, we would have to keep her for a while longer to finish her sex education. Once she has graduated to our satisfaction, we would be honored to have her service you for a week or so.

That goes for all of you here. Once she is fully trained, and if we are not using her to satisfy us, please feel free to come over and help yourself. I'm sure Kysa has enough talent to last for quite sometime."

Of course, Kysa knew she had just become public property. She knew she would have to service any of these people at any time of the day or night. She realized that she no longer had control of her own destiny, as long as she remained our personal slave.

As of the date of this writing, six years after these events happened, Kysa still belongs to me, and she has voiced her desire to remain my slave for as long as I would allow it. Kysa's personal performance at that first party should be recorded, for all time, as the best training experience of any new slave, ever. Later on that night, she even topped her performance with Eli, by servicing us all, completely.

After Eli was done with Kysa's initial pussy pounding, the women helped her to her feet and took her to the bathroom for cleaning. They tended to her as if she were a precious jewel. Melanie later told me that Kysa was basically unable to walk for nearly an hour as a result of Eli's delirious fucking of her tiny tight pussy.

They bathed, primped and powdered her pink naked body, and for the next hour treated her as though she were their little baby. They had removed the butt plug that Kysa had been wearing all day and night. After allowing her (and watching her to) go to the bathroom they actually pinned a diaper on her and Jenny held her in her arms, making her suck on her nipples as though she were breast-feeding.

Each girl, in turn, played Kysa's Mommy, and Kysa caressed, suckled, and fondled her breasts in turn. Kysa's large breasts were fondled, in turn, and tested, unnecessarily, for their firmness.

The girls cooed over and fondled Kysa's body for quite a while and when they were done teaching Kysa the finer points of feminine nipple pleasures, they tucked her into her bed. She was ordered to take a nap and rest for a while. She couldn't help but fall asleep with a smile on her face. She was a very happily used sex toy.

All the men watched as the ladies pampered and played with their new toy, and I was even turned on by the sight of so many breasts being fondled. As I stood watching this scene, I felt something push up against my ass, and looked behind me to see Mike grinning as though he had swallowed a canary. I felt another prod, and looked down to see his rock hard nine-incher poking me in the ass.

I smiled and asked him if he was looking for something special. He smiled back and said, "I think I found it!" That was the first time another guy had made a pass at me, and a blatant one it was. Of course, I told him that I didn't think I was ready to go that far at the moment. However, as time went by that evening, my curiosity got the better of me.

Once the girls had finished with Kysa, we all returned to the living room, playfully grabbing at each other as we headed there. By the time we reached it, each of us had paired off with a partner, and I was happy to begin my evening anew in the arms of Melanie.

Let me take a moment to pair off the partners, with penis length of the men just to let you ladies know the score. There was Melanie and myself (9-inches), Jenny and Eli (13-inches), Amanda and Doug (9-inches), Julia and Richard (8-inches), and Karen and Mike (10-inches). All the men sported uncircumcised hardons, and all the women had both their hands full.

Melanie was the perfect hostess that evening. She began the festivities by stating she wanted to have all the women blindfolded and the men to make their choices by pulling names out of a hat. That way the "First Fuck," as it came to be called, would be a fair one. After that, it was to be a free for all. The men blindfolded all the ladies and drew names to see who would be mated with whom. The way it turned out, Eli drew Jenny and he was happy for he felt she would be the only woman there (not counting Kysa) that could take his full length.

We silently offered to let him draw again, but he declined happily, saying he was happy with his choice. Besides, he added in a low voice, "Now I can whisper in Jenny's ear and tell her how tight Kysa's little pussy and mouth were, and that'll drive her into a feeding frenzy."

We chuckled at his whispered humor and looked at the other names to see who was going to fuck whom. The rest of us drew the names of women we did not come to the party with. Richard chose Amanda, Mike and Julia paired off, Doug and Melanie were mated, and I chose Karen's name. We whispered amongst ourselves how we would proceed, and it was agreed.

We turned to the girls, and we found them still blindfolded but huddled together in the center of the living room reaching out to feel each other's breasts, asses and cunts. They were all giggling and tweaking each other with glee. The guys watched them for a little while, and then we told the girls to line up in a row.

I announced that the men would stand behind the women and reach around to hold a breast in each hand. The men would then continue to feel the bodies of the women, and the women had to remain silent until the men had finished their caresses. Once done, the women had to guess which of the men felt them up. The winner would then be allowed to remove her blindfold and watch the remaining couples fuck each other.

We further announced that should there be a tie, a "tie-breaker feel-up" would be given. The ladies hooted and clapped their hands at this announcement, and all the men silently walked behind the woman whose name they chose. The fondling then began in earnest.

I walked up behind Karen, reaching around to hold her large firm breasts in my hands. I squeezed and manipulated them in silent praise of their size and firmness. Her nipples were very hard and large, and I enjoyed the feel of pulling and pinching them so that Karen squirmed fluidly at my touch.

I didn't want to let them go, but I had other areas to tend. I didn't miss a spot. Starting at the nape of her neck, I rubbed and squeezed every single portion of her naked form. Her hips were strong, and when I reached around to feel her cunt, she pressed her ass onto my hard cock, trying to judge it's size and, perhaps, to cheat a little.

I pressed my cock into her ass, and it slid down between her legs. She was already wet and that helped me to push my cock through the tight gap towards her cunt. Holding her in that position, I pulled her cuntlips apart and began to seriously tickle her clit. Her pussy was sopping wet and my fingering, of course, made her squirm deliciously. I continued a sensuous grope down her thighs and cleanly shaved legs, and ended by kissing behind each knee.

When I was finished, I walked away and left her standing there, restless and still squirming. The rest of the men then finished and joined me. When we were all together I began at the end of the row asking each woman, in turn, to tell us who just felt them up. There were two winners. Amanda and Julia both guessed correctly. I pulled them out of line and stood them away from the other girls, who immediately began feeling each other up again. They were so funny.

I motioned the men to one side and told them I had a plan. Whispering it, they nodded in agreement. I silently pulled Julia aside and let her in on the plan. Julia would be the one who would feel up Amanda.

Amanda would, of course, would guess incorrectly and lose... remaining blindfolded. Julia, on the other hand, would be allowed to remove hers if she so chose. She whispered her agreement that she wanted to play the joke on Amanda. Kinky lady!

Julia walked up behind Amanda and began her sexual examination. She was very good, and put on a winning performance for the men. She fondled and caressed Amanda's entire body, but was careful not to get too close. She took Amanda's arms and placed them on top of her head and patted them as if to tell Amanda that she must leave them there. Amanda giggled quietly in understanding, and Julia walked around to stand in front of her.

She looked back, grinning at the men and then leaned over and began a serious nipple sucking of Amanda's breasts. She bit and licked each nipple gently, and sucked each into her mouth, in turn. She got down on her knees and manually spread Amanda's legs apart so that her cunt was fully exposed. Julia then lifted her face and began to lick Amanda's wet pussy.

A huge grin came over Amanda's face as she stood there having her pussy licked by Julia. She pushed her crotch forward into Julia's face, and moaned her purely public enjoyment. After a while, we motioned Julia away and she pouted. Being a good sport, she turned and stole a few extra tongue-lashings, and left Amanda waiting for more. She returned, and we replaced her blindfold.

Then we asked Amanda to guess who it was. She guessed incorrectly, of course. Julia was then asked the same question, and she randomly chose a name, being incorrect. We then announced that there were no winners and that it was time to party! With the girls still blindfolded, we began serious playtime. I paired up with Karen and began a serious exploration of her body, as the rest of the guys did with those they had chosen. As agreed, the girls never knew who their partner was (except Jenny), and I never let on.

When I walked behind Karen again, I examined her asscheeks and they were lovely. I patted her butt tenderly, and saw that she pushed her ass back as if to say "More please!?" Guessing that was what she wanted, I slapped her on the ass and watched as her flesh wiggled in response. She appeared to want more, so I walked to the side, and spanked her several times more. The more I spanked, the more she wanted. This was too good to pass up!

I took her and gently placed her, face down on the carpet, and sat down beside her. Mike, her original partner, looked over and gave me the 'thumbs up' signal and smiled. Apparently, he was telling me that Karen loved it... so I continued. I spanked her severely, and all the while she moaned and pleaded aloud for more. One of the other women spoke up and laughingly said, "Uh oh! Karen's at it again! Her ass loves to be spanked! Do it harder! Let us all hear it! Please?"

It would appear that these folks loved to party together and they knew what their friends liked. I spanked her ass about twenty more times but she wanted more, wiggling her ass up at me. I obliged her with twenty more slaps even harder than before, and I looked up at Mike again. He grabbed his cock in his hand and with his other hand, pointed to Karen's ass. My look said, "Are you serious?" and he nodded and grinned.

I crawled atop Karen's legs from behind, and pressed the length of my body on top of hers, and she wiggled her ass against my cock in anticipation of it being screwed. Given the green light, I went for it. I reached down, pointed the head of my cock at her pink ass hole, and she reared up her ass, helping me to push it in. She took my entire shaft length right to the base of my cock on the first stroke, and the feeling of her warm, tight, velvety hole overtook me.

For those of you who have not experienced fucking an ass, the sensations received as your cock slides past the sphincter muscle and then into the tightest and warmest of all passages is difficult to describe in human terms. It can only be partly described as working your hand into a warm, very tight-fitting velvet glove.

I began with full, deep strokes of her ass, moving slowly so as to experience her tightness completely, just as she was doing with me. We soon got into a rhythm and began some serious fucking. What made matters more sensual was the fact that I was looking out over a mass of bodies that were sucking and fucking before me.

Every cock was deeply embedded into a waiting hole of one sort or another. Moans and groans could be heard from all of us, and the excitement kept building and building until one by one the men all came and spurted cum into the wonderful depositories that had gladly accepted them.

We had enjoyed ourselves immensely for a long time, changing partners in mid-fuck, and helping others to get their orgasms in one way or another.

With all the men now temporarily out of commission, having our orgasms en masse, so to speak, the ladies decided it was time to go wake up Kysa for more fun. It had been almost two hours since she had gone to bed. The girls spoke briefly about bondage and humiliation and then headed towards the bedroom. Karen tossed on a robe, grabbed some car keys and said she would be right back. She needed to get some things out of her car.

After they left, we men went in and silently surrounded Kysa's bed as she slept peacefully, still powdered and diapered, looking so beautiful and innocent. Because her body was so small, she reminded me of a young child. Her hair had been pulled back into a tight blonde ponytail. Had she been sucking her thumb, she would have been the perfect innocent little girl. The only thing that belayed her age was her full-sized, milky white breasts and very prominent pinkish nipples.

I leaned over her and smelled the baby powder that the women had applied to her nakedness before diapering her and tucking her into bed. I kissed her gently on her cheek and, fluttering her eyelashes, slowly awoke, smiling and stretching. She noticed everyone standing around her, and realized something was up. We simply stood staring down at her partial nudity.

She blinked again, and smiled sexily. I leaned my elbows on the edge of the bed, and in a low voice I said, "Hello sweet little vixen... did you have a nice nap?"

She nodded, smiled, and simply said, "Yes Master."

I tell you that it gave me a relieved and personal thrill to see that she was in good health after Eli's cock assault, and that she had totally given herself over to becoming our personal sex slave. All I had to do was tell her to do something, and she would happily do it. Just then, Karen returned with a large overnight bag.

I leaned over and quietly whispered into Kysa's ear, so that only she could hear, "It's time for you to wake up, little sex slave. There are ten very anxious and sexually aroused people here who need your personal attention. You will start by thanking them personally, and sexually, one by one, for allowing you this brief rest period. There won't be any more rest breaks for you this night."

Kysa quickly jumped out of bed, and with her pinned diaper tightly secure around her ass and snug between her legs, she walked up to each person, thanked them for allowing her to rest, and responded to their desires. Each person, in turn, kissed her deeply and warmly, reminded of the incredible performance she had given earlier that evening.

When she finally returned to stand in front of me, I ordered her to stand up on the bed. After she climbed up, I unpinned and removed her diaper so that she now stood naked, once again, before us. It never ceases to amaze me how she could smile and blush so sweetly, even after doing those previous things in front of us. She certainly wasn't embarrassed about her gifts and talents.

Thinking about the bondage the girls had mentioned, I wanted to see how she would react with some small amount of pain and humiliation. I rummaged through Melanie's bag, and found a pair of nipple clamps and an eight-inch vibrating rubber dildo with a long cord and controller attached to it. The vibrator had a wide flat base where the balls were supposed to be. It also had a clit vibrator, and straps to make sure it stayed in place. Nice toy!

Melanie grinned and handed me a second eight-inch vibrating dildo with yet another external power control at the end of a cord. Karen suggested something else, and she produced a leather strap contraption that, once worn, would make Kysa's breasts stick out straight.

The leather straps were designed to be wrapped around and across the base of each breast and then pulled or cinched tight. Some straps would then be tied around her body and over her shoulders to hold it into place.

Kysa was getting nervous as she imagined herself firmly trussed in leather straps and dildos. Something had to be done about her mouth, and Karen had the exact items we needed. She presented me with a ball gag with a small breathing hole in the center, and a strap that tied it around her head. The other item was a black hood, designed to be tied about the neck with a white satin ribbon.

It was smallish and designed so that it could be pulled down over a head and yet allow the slave to breath. There was a small bump in it to allow the nose to fit, and there was a mouth opening. I understood the concept immediately. The hood would be tight so the slave could not see, but they could breath, and the opening let the mouth be opened for whatever we wanted to put in it. Nice!

All these items were laid onto the dresser in front of Kysa, and she looked each item over carefully. It wasn't time, however, to put all these items to use, because we all needed more servicing and cleaning. I told Kysa to go into the bathroom and run a hot bath, and to keep it hot. She would know what that meant, later. After she left, we drew names out of the hat, again, to see who would join her.

We decided to join her in pairs, and the pairs wound up to be Myself and Mike, Amanda and Jenny, Eli and Melanie, Richard and Doug, and Julia and Karen. Then we drew numbers to see who would be first. Mike and I were fortunate to be first, so while the others all jumped on the bed to play and wait for their turn, Mike and I adjourned to the bathroom to join Kysa.

When we walked in, she knew two men would be using her at once. She blushed again, and I chuckled at her embarrassment. We took her by the hands and climbed into the bathtub. I told her to begin washing Mike while I watched. She wet him down with a soapy sponge and began cleaning him at the top of his head, washing his hair with shampoo. She was very precise in her cleaning and soon was cooing over his rigid erection.

She had to bend over a little to wash him there, so I began washing her from behind, and soon found myself pushing two fingers into her ass. She wiggled a bit when I inserted them, but devoted her attention to Mike's cock and balls. Once again, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a good tight piece of ass, so I moved forward a little and, holding her by her hips, pushed the head of my cock into her small tight hole.

At this, she slowly stood up straight and firmly pushed her asshole back over my length and reached up to hold me, backwards, around the neck. This pushed her tits and pussy forward which enticed Mike enough to fondle her nakedness there. I winked and grinned at Mike and he nodded in understanding. Then he moved forward and pushed his cock between her shaved pussylips.

We made a Kysa Sandwich, and because she was so tiny, we had to lift her a little so that we would both be in the correct position for reaming out her holes. Since Mike and I were of about the same height, Kysa fit snugly between us and was firmly impaled on two raging hardons. I was certain, however, that she was in no pain, at least not as much as to match what Eli's assault had given her.

We took turns holding her small weight up. When I held her up, Mike was free to fuck her cunt from in front. When Mike held her, I was free to attack from behind. We went back and forth this way for a while, and I could feel Mike's cock rubbing against my own as we fucked her. I'm certain he felt my cock push into her as I did her from behind.

It was very kinky, but since we men had recently had an orgasm, we knew we would last for a long time. We also knew that Kysa had several other teams to handle, so after a while of sensuous coupling, we graciously pulled out allowing her to finish washing us.

Something else interesting happened while we were both fucking Kysa in the tub. I became excited watching Mike's cock do her cunt. As mentioned before, his cock was nine inches long and a match for mine. It seemed we were similar in more ways than one. Hmmm... I wondered.

He must have been thinking the same thing. Just before we left the tub, while Kysa was on her knees finishing washing him, he calmly reached around her and took a firm hold of my penis and squeezed. Kysa saw it, but went right on with what she was supposed to do.

I wonder what she was thinking? It felt strangely exciting to let another man hold my cock in his hand. So I let him fondle and play with it while Kysa finished with him. Now I was really wondering. She then turned to me and began washing.

Without any shame, I reached behind her and took Mike's cock into my own hand and returned the fondling session. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. He closed his eyes, pushed his cock forward and allowed me to play with it. Then, all too fast, Kysa had finished with me and it was time to rinse off and get back to the crowd.

We left Kysa standing in the bubble-filled tub, freshly fucked and smiling from ear to ear, and returned to the bedroom only to find the lights out and, in the darkness, everyone was sucking and fucking like crazy in a mutual "Group Grope." Laughingly, I said, "You all better take it easy or you'll miss out on the fun with Kysa in the tub!"

The next team, Julia and Karen, disentangled themselves from the frantic orgy and went into the bathroom to join Kysa. Both Mike and I jumped into the fray of arms, legs, and bodies, and when the bathroom door closed, it was pitch black. Giggling ensued and I felt at least six hands grabbing at me. They fondled every part of me, and I let them. Neat!

I was pulled down and immediately pounced upon by everyone. I felt someone's mouth on my cock and didn't know or care who it was. It felt warm, tight, and wonderful. Who could ask for more! The next thing I knew, there was a wet cunt placed directly over my mouth, so I proceeded to lick and suck it. Once again, I had no idea who it belonged to, and didn't really care. It was available... and I used it.

I had just begun to enjoy things when someone yelled "SWITCH!" and before I knew it, everyone rolled around in the dark and proceeded to attack whatever was available. Then I found myself in a terrifying situation. I wound up rolled onto my stomach ready to search out a different pussy to lick, when I felt someone start to play with my ass.

Whoever it was, started to probe my virgin ass hole with a finger. They found it to be tight, and before I could protest, the finger was removed. I sighed in relief, but a moment later the finger was back and something slick (I assumed it was Vaseline) was being spread onto my ass hole. I figured it would be OK for whomever it was to have their fun with my hole, since I had been fingered before by many a woman. They stuck their finger in my ass and gently began probing.

It felt kinky to be getting my ass fingered in the dark, by some unknown user. I even squirmed a little to make it feel better. I lifted my ass a little, letting them know it was ok for them to play, and they did. If you've never had it done to you, it's worth the effort. It's a unique sensation unmatched by any other sexual thing you have attempted.

I had no sooner gotten used to the feeling of that finger in my ass, when someone moved in front of me, lifted my head, and pressed his or her lips against mine. In the darkness, I kissed them back with a passion, playing wildly with the tongue that was eagerly returning the favor. Then I felt a second finger being pushed into my ass. It was tight, and whoever it was, was having a grand time. I was also getting into it, and wiggled my ass even more. It was feeling great!

The lips I was kissing really knew how to kiss, but they quickly removed themselves, and I felt and heard the person shuffling up closer. I was honestly expecting a juicy cunt to be pushed into my face, but just as that thought came into my head, someone grabbed hold of a bunch of my hair. They pulled my head back, and in the briefest of instants I found myself, lips spread open by a cock head pushing past my lips and into my mouth.

Needless to say I wasn't expecting that, so I tried pulling away. But the hands that had initially grabbed me by the hair, were now pushing my head forward, and the head of the cock in my mouth was pushing its way all the way back to the rear roof of my mouth. I couldn't utter a sound, because the cock filled my mouth. I had all I could do to breathe, much less speak.

The next thing I remember was that someone climbed onto my middle back to hold me down in position, making it impossible for me to turn over. The cock being pushed into my mouth and then being pulled halfway out again was simply having its way with me. I was being mouth-fucked by someone in the dark!

Whoever was doing it was in charge, and was fucking my mouth at his will. I found myself experiencing my first blow job... whether I wanted it or not. Both my arms had been pulled to the sides by the wrists and my hands were wrapped around cocks. One of them was HUGE! It wasn't hard to figure out to whom it belonged.

A person beside me bent over and whispered into my ear, "Welcome to our cozy little group. It's time for you to be initiated." It was Melanie. She had planned this without my knowledge, and I couldn't do or say a damned thing about it.

Then it happened. Whoever had been pushing their fingers into my ass, had removed them, and they climbed onto the back of my legs. My ankles were grabbed, spread, and sat on, and the next thing I felt was something large being pushed against my asshole. I knew what it was, and knew I was about to give up my virgin ass to a stranger with a hardon in the dark. The same thing I did to Kysa, at our first encounter, was now being done to me, in two places. I was being force-fucked in the ass and mouth.

I attempted to resist, and struggled as hard as I could, but there were too many hands and bodies holding me down. I considered, seriously, taking a bite of the cock that was still fucking my mouth hard and deep, but thought better of it when Melanie bent down again and whispered to me.

She said, "Listen carefully, hon. The truth of the matter is that these folks didn't know you from Adam when I told them about you. I had to convince them that you were OK, and that all you wanted was to have a little fun. Since you had presented me with Kysa, they agreed to come over and have a party. I had to do some tall talking to get them to allow you to join the group."

While I was being seriously fucked in my mouth by a raging hard dick, she said, "We are really a close-knit group of people, and in order to join in on our parties, there is an initiation you must endure. Everyone has done it. If you do not want to continue partying with us, we will give you one, and only one, opportunity to decide. If you say yes... we will simply get up, get dressed and leave you here alone with Kysa."

Great! I had a way out!

She asked, "Do you want us to leave?"

Well, hell... I didn't want them to leave, we were having too much fun, but I didn't really desire to have my asshole fucked either. Thus, to answer the question, I shook my head to say no, but before I could respond in any other way, they took that as a sign that they could continue. She never asked me if I wanted to quit!

So, before I could protest further, and while that big hot cock meat continued pushing itself deep inside of my mouth, whoever had their cock pointed at my asshole, pushed it in me, past my sphincter muscle. I wasn't expecting it to go in that fast, so I didn't have time to try to stop it, not that I could have.

I felt the head of it just pop into my hole, and as an instinctive act, gasped in surprise. The moment I did that, the cock in my mouth was pushed deeper, and the head of it went sailing past the back of my mouth, deep down into my throat. I immediately began to gag on his velvet pole, and as I did that the other hard shaft was pushed even deeper into my ass. The next thing I heard were voices telling me what to do and how to get past the gagging sensation that had overtaken me.

The gagging was awful, and I was more intent on solving that problem than worrying about the deep hard fucking my ass was now beginning to receive. It burned like hell, that big piece of meat pushing in and pulling out of my butt, but I really needed to breathe!

Whoever was back there was starting to fuck me deep. He was being gentle, but definitely using my asshole for his pleasure at the same time. It wasn't as painful as I had imagined it would be, but my immediate attention was trying to find a way to breath, so I paid more attention to the cock in my throat than to the one fucking me deep in the ass. I had totally forgotten about the two in my hands, and could have cared less at the moment.

The cock in my mouth wasn't moving in and out anymore, just pushed in to the balls. I could feel them on my chin. I was told to concentrate on breathing through my nose and to ignore the gagging, as it would soon pass.

Well... it took a LONG time to pass. I thought I was going to pass out from lack of air in my lungs. I had just consigned myself to being choked to death by my first blow job (I could see the headlines). Then I calmed down enough to catch my breath... forcing air into my lungs through my nose.

When that first breath came, I greedily inhaled more, and everyone heard it and cheered my success. They tousled my hair, slapped me on the ass, and applauded me. Hell, It felt so good to be able to breathe again, I found myself attempting to grin while my lips were stretched tight around that long hot cock. Unconscious reactions are strange things.

They let me catch my breath until I was calmed down, but whoever was doing my butt never gave me a moment to rest. He didn't stop for an instant. He was even pounding me harder and deeper than before. Once the person in front knew I was going to be OK, he started pushing in and pulling out of my throat and mouth again.

Since I could now breath, somewhat, my attention was drawn to the fact that I was still getting royally fucked up my ass. However, by the time I had paid it any amount of attention, any pain I had suffered by his intrusion was a distant memory. I can honestly say to you that the thought of my ass getting fucked, while I was sucking a cock, began getting quite sensual, and I couldn't help absorbing the feelings.

Then the cock I was sucking began a serious pushing and pulling in and out of my mouth and throat, forcing me to deep-throat his entire length, and I did my best not to gag anymore. I did gag a few more times, but not as bad as before. And this is how it went for quite a while.

They fucked me good. They fucked me hard. They fucked me deep. They used me for their own enjoyment. Soon, however, the fucking got serious and I felt the man in my ass pushing even deeper and faster, and I knew he was about to cum inside of me.

No sooner had that thought struck me than he pushed his cock in deep, and I actually FELT him spurt his hot jism load into me. He jerked quite a few times, and I felt a definite warmth going inside my ass. I supposed I could describe it better as a heated glow.

That may be hard for you to understand unless you've had a cock spurting cum in your ass, but trust me, I was glowing hot back there. I knew he was pumping his cum deep within me, and he moaned in enjoyment of the feeling. This is what set off the man who was fucking my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my throat so that the head of it plopped down onto the center of my tongue. Then he exploded his cum onto the back of my tongue and throat. I tasted hot salty liquid, and there was a LOT of it. I knew from my own cum sessions that there was actually not a lot that came out, but while I was in this position, it felt like a gallon. It wasn't a bad taste, just one I wasn't really ready for.

Everyone urged me to suck and swallow, so I did. I drank him. I never let a drop spill from my mouth. I actually tightened my lips around his cock head and sucked cum out of his cock. I sucked hard too! He emptied himself into my mouth, and I tasted it, and drank it all. I swallowed as fast as I could and then he was finally done.

He pulled his spent meat out of my mouth and let go of my head. I was exhausted. I put my head down on the bed and was completely spent. At that time, the guy in my ass pulled out his now soft prick, and once again I received applause.

Personally, I was just embarrassed as hell, but they cheered and begged forgiveness at the same time. It was all part of the party they said, but... I began conniving ways to get them back.

As I heard them all laughing, I couldn't help myself, and I laughed right along with them. My thoughts were already rolling to figure out a way to get them back when Mike moved next to me.

He said, "I knew you would have a tight ass just by looking at it, but I never thought you would be giving me such a great blowjob like that! When you're ready, I'd be happy to return the favor. If you're thinking about ways for revenge, like fucking one of us back when we least expect it, don't bother. We would all be more than happy to be fucked in the ass by you. Welcome to the club... friend"

Well hell, that just ruined all my plans. So, that was my introduction to the male sexual experience. And, it was at that exact moment when the bathroom door opened and the next pair of folks went in to see what Kysa was up to. Then the lights went out again, and somebody yelled "SWITCH!"

Our group fucking and sucking session went on for about two more hours. You had better believe I practiced the art of giving head that night. I gave and received from everyone there. I tasted cum from all the other cocks, including Eli's. Are you surprised? Damn was his cock big! How Kysa did what she did earlier that night was beyond me. I had all I could do to get his head and a few inches of prick in my mouth. No way was I going to force that monster any deeper!

At any rate, I enjoyed him fucking my face. His penis was so damned big, my mouth had to stretch over his girth, but I gave his cock as much of my tight mouth as I could. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he screwed my lips with that hot red fuck stick.

To be more honest, I wanted to suck him. Every chance I got, I grabbed his length and played with it. If it wasn't being used inside another hole, I made sure I had dibs on it. He masturbated me as I did him, until it was time for the real action to start.

He wasted no time either. When he was ready, he simply turned over, crawled up, and with one hand holding the shaft and the other placed against the back of my head, he put his cock head right onto my lips, and I opened wide to accept him. No problem with desire there, I can tell you. He never asked me if I wanted it, just decided it was time I sucked him. And suck him, I did.

I gave him a real good blowjob, I think. I mean I did his cock like I would have wanted him to do mine. I used both of my hands to hold that beast and used my tongue to lap his precum from the slit. I really did a ream job on the thick rim of that giant cock head. My lips were pressed hard around him whenever he pushed it into my mouth, and I sucked so hard my cheeks caved in, so I knew I was doing ok. Confirmation came after quite a while.

He slipped it in and out of my mouth for a long time, and then I noticed him speeding up. Soon, he was simply whipping it in and out of me, jabbing his thickness as deep as he could get it, and then I felt his cock head expand, and I knew the moment of truth was at hand. He shook, grunted and spewed his hot juice into my mouth. His warm white cum actually tasted sweet, so it surprised me a little. What surprised me more was the amount of cum he could ejaculate! His prick started spurting and the first burst splashed against the back of my throat and almost choked me. I swallowed as fast as I could, and he just kept on cumming in my mouth. I could feel his pulse from his cock. His heart must have been pounding, for I could feel the blood flowing through the veins in his cock. What a feeling! Finally, his spurting cock subsided, but he didn't want to take it out. Actually, neither did I. He just stayed there letting me suck him dry, and since his penis was done cumming, it started to shrink. Slow but sure, I pushed more and more of his length into my mouth, and pretty soon, I had my lips up to his balls. Sure, he was only about eight inches or so by then, but I had it all inside my mouth. That was the whole point. Then and only then did he slowly pull his cock out of my mouth. He bent down, whispered in my ear, and said, "I think you should stop now, or I'll be wanting to fuck your ass. I'd be willing to bet I could fit eight fat inches up that tight hole, but I'm sure you wouldn't be able to sit for a week if I tried. You sucked me real nice. Let's just leave it at that... for now." I agreed. I wouldn't dream of having that beast up my ass. Well... maybe not.

He no sooner pulled it out of my mouth, than he crawled between my legs and returned the favor. He was actually a great cocksucker. He did a terrific job on my hard meat and he drank all of my cum in no time flat. I couldn't believe the twist of fate that had lead me to the situation I was in that night. It was either incredible luck or I had unconsciously desired it. I think it was a little of both. At any rate, here I was, sitting on Kysa's bed getting my staff licked my another guy. Who would have guessed?

Only inches away, there were a lot of other bodies enjoying the sensations of sex with partners other than their normal ones. Fucking, sucking, balling, licking, eating, slurping. The bed was full and spilled over onto the floor and surrounding furniture. You could hear them all in action in that darkened room. I did have a nice, slow and sensuous ass reaming later that night, from Mike. I wanted it as much as he did. I gave one to him as well. Nice and deep. The sexual forces felt during that session were sublime. Both of our cocks were the same size. They could have been twins. We did well together. I think I can actually say that Mike and I made love to each other.

For a two solid hours, my mind had entered the new world of male sex. I knew I wasn't gay in any way, and it didn't even matter that others around me were indulging in same-sex sex. I felt comfortable with my actions during the party and even now, many years later, knew I hadn't let the new experience get out of hand.

I did manage to enjoy a few more evenings with the gang, some of them at Kysa's place. Those were the only times I allowed myself to hang free and just fuck who ever wanted fucking, and suck who ever needed sucking. Kysa's door was always open, and there were never any new folks at the parties that we had not checked out. As it happened, I was one of the last to be accepted into the group, since it was getting a little large.

We did let in one single male, and two more very attractive single females. The male had no idea what was about to happen to him, and I got voted to take his ass cherry. He fought us like hell, but just like myself, wanted to stay with the group. So, with a stiff one in his mouth, I poked my pecked into his tight ass. He fought me at first, but soon enough he came around to actually enjoy it and he raised his ass at the lest moment, cumming on himself as I came inside of him. Life was good.

Both the new ladies gave readily of themselves, and they all fit into the crowd nicely. They were roommates from a college out east, Boston, I think. I know they were having sex together on a regular basis. The best looking one, Tammy, was definitely gay. She was gorgeous! When she joined us, she told us she wanted to keep her pussy cherry. It was ok to do her face and ass, but her pussy was out of bounds except for tongues. This just made the thought of doing her a little more desirable.

I remember one day when we all sat around telling each other our favorite sex fantasies, and it surprised us all that Tammy wanted to someday be like Kysa. Free as a bird, and made to perform sexually for anyone who wanted her. Her favorite fantasy was to be someone's sex slave. I could only hope that one day I should be so lucky to own someone as pretty as she, to use as I wish.

Knowing that we had a virgin pussy amidst our small group was great excitement and we were proud of her for keeping it intact. I know that every time I ate her cunt, the thought of it being a virgin pussy always gave me a hardon. All I wanted after eating her was to get her lips around my meat and have her suck for all she was worth, and she did that just fine. No complaints here!

We were just one big lusty family, and we kept our evenings private. I haven't been to a gathering in a couple of years, but only because I've been out of the country. We are having a get together in a few months, and you had better believe I'll be there for that one.

After a two-hour sabbatical in the tub, the focus of the evening was coming back into view. When Kysa finally emerged from the bathroom, she was smiling from ear to ear. So was I. I knew we were both fucked out, but that didn't stop me from taking charge again.

I told her to stand up on the bed again, and brought out all the toys we had chosen earlier. I picked up the set of nipple clamps which had a short silver chain strung between them, and, one at a time, pulled Kysa's nipples taught and placed the clamps over them. They were firmly secured. She had never felt the pain of nipple clamps before, so she winced in pain as each was applied. They didn't provide that much pressure, but nipples are tender things.

Her ever-hard nipples secure, I grabbed one of the eight-inch vibrator dildos and told Kysa to 'lubricate' it for me with her mouth. "Suck on it and get the whole length nice and wet.."

She tilted her head back and pushed the rubber cock in and out of her mouth, soaking it with saliva. I let her suck on it for a long time while we all watched her performance.

When I felt she had done a good enough job, I said, "Now spread your legs wide, and push it into your pussy for us. I want it all the way inside your cunt. I don't want anything showing except the base of it. Make sure that the clit vibrator lies flat up against your clit."

She smile sweetly, spread her legs, squatted a little, and pointed the tip of it to her pussylips. She took no time to slide it in and out deep inside where it's entire length soon disappeared. Once the rubber cock was all the way in, I told her to hold it tight while I connected the straps behind her. The straps firmly held her new cock in place with no chance of it falling out I double-checked to make sure her clit vibrator was in the right position.

Melanie grinned and handed me the second one. I told her to turn around, bend over, reach back and spread her asscheeks apart. Kysa realized what the device was to be used for, and blushed again. How sweet. I knew it would be a tight fit in her ass, so I took the Vaseline and thoroughly lubricated it, along with Kysa's tight pink pucker.

She stood before us all, bent over, and stretching her asscheeks nice and wide. I took a quick look around, and several of the men were getting hard again. It was quite a sight seeing Kysa in this vulnerable position. I pushed the big rubber dildo against her hole and when I finally got the head of it to go into her ass, she grunted with the pressure.

I pushed it firmly in and out, and it took a few minutes of hand fucking her ass before I managed to push the entire length inside her. When it was fully inserted, I told her to stand up straight. Once standing, I used the small straps to tie it into position. When done, it was tight, and definitely would not come out by accident.

I told her to hold the two battery powered controllers and to turn around so that we could all see how she looked. Melanie then climbed onto the bed, stood behind Kysa and placed Kysa's breasts into the leather contraption that made her breasts stick out like straight cones with clamped nipples at the tips. It looked painful but the retaining straps were then tied around her upper body and shoulders to firmly hold the breast brace into place.

Kysa was now firmly trussed in leather straps. Both lower holes were filled with permanently hard dildos. Her tender nipples were firmly clamped and exposed, and every time I tugged lightly on the chain connecting them, she would let out a small painful whimper. Melanie allowed me the privilege of placing the ball gag in her mouth.

Before I did it, I spoke to her so all could hear. "You are now a bound and soon-to-be-gagged sexual servant. At our own whims, we will use your body for the rest of the evening. You have no choice in this matter. You will perform flawlessly for anyone who desires you, as will you always from this day hence. If you do not serve perfectly, you will be punished. Count on it.

"If you are asked to give head, you will give great head. We will remove and replace your gag and other items as needed. From this moment on, until otherwise told, you will not utter a word, and you will comply with our demands.

"When you have your orgasms... and somehow I know you will, make sure we know it. Even though this evening was designed for you to make our sex pleasant, we would not be so callous as to deny you your pleasure as we please ourselves with your body. Therefore when you do have an orgasm, you will not hold back. I want to see you cum. I want to feel you cum. I want to sense your cum sessions, as do we all. Cum for us. Make it obvious."

Without waiting for a reply, I took the special black hood, pulled it tight over her head and tied it at the back of her neck, not too tight, with the white satin ribbon. I adjusted the nose and made sure the opening fit around her lips. It was real tight there, and I was certain she could not see a thing. Nice contraption! Then I pushed the ball gag into her mouth and tied it behind her head. She could breath, but her mouth was forced to stay opened wide.

Something was missing. Then it hit me. Looking through Melanie's magic bag, I found the item I was searching for. A simple hip belt with Velcro wrist cuffs. This would keep her hands at her sides while we used her at will. She never knew that item was going to be used on her, so Kysa soon realized that she was firmly bound. She could do nothing to prevent her use as a sex object. Nothing at all.

I took the two controllers and tied them in back between her shoulder blades, where she could not reach them. I turned them both up to their maximum settings and left them both running at that speed for about the next four hours.

We never saw the look on her face when they started vibrating together in her cunt and ass, and against her clitoris, but her gyrations were enough to tell us that they were doing their job and doing it well. I wondered what thoughts she was thinking as we watched her move her hips to get the most out of the never-stopping high vibrations pulsing through her orifices.

I helped her down from the bed, led her into the living room, and stood her in the center of the room. I told her to remain standing until she was told to do otherwise. I reminded her to allow herself to have as many orgasms as was possible and not to hold anything back from us. As we watched in glee, playing with each other through the remainder of the evening, Kysa endured uncounted orgasms, humming and gyrating her ass and hips to each sensual feeling.

Each time she felt one coming, she began gyrating her hips and making maximum use of each embedded vibrator. During the early evening I would pull and tug on her nipple clamps just to remind her that we were watching her cum. I had taken a longer length of chain and attached it to each clamp and placed the other end in her hands, still strapped to her waist. She had enough freedom to pull her own nipples, should she have the desire. And she did. Quite often.

Moaning in her desires, she stayed clear of pulling her nipples at first. At some point during her long self-involved session she began to tug on the clamps holding her nipples tightly secured, and we sensed that she began to enjoy the amount of pain she could give herself.

During this unique four hour session, we all took our turns lightly spanking her precious ass as she stood in front us. It was so firm! During a few of these spanking sessions she would have an orgasm. These orgasms, for her, were so powerful that her legs shook and ultimately gave way. She would drop to her knees and shudder in response to her female desires. She was always told to stand back up after each of these violent orgasms.

So, for four hours, Kysa had received spankings and each person giving the spanking would call her a whore, slut, cunt, bitch, and basically every derogatory name we could think of to humiliate her and make her realize what her position in our lives had come to be. Being gagged, she could not protest or answer us back.

When the urge struck us, during the evening she would be led to her bed, have one of her dildos turned off and taken out or her gag removed, and that empty hole was then fucked. We used which ever of her holes we felt like using. And she always did a wonderful job servicing the lot of us. Blindfolded, she knew not who was fucking her holes, except Eli. Hard to keep that big of a secret.

Once a man was done, he would stand her back up, reinsert whatever was previously removed, and walk her back to stand before us, once again. He pussy and ass steadily dripped cum the remainder of the evening. We knew she could feel it draining down the insides of her gorgeous thighs as she stood there naked for us. I wondered what it felt like to have two holes so they could both be filled with vibrators like hers were, or to have two men fucking them at the same time.

At one point in the evening, I wanted some head from her. She was really turning me on just looking at her., so I just kneeled her down where she stood, removed her gag and immediately filled her mouth all the way back to her throat with my hardon. I seriously fucked her mouth until I was about to cum, and then I pulled out and came all over her tits. I put the gag back in her mouth, stood her back up, and went back to sit and watch her again.

It wasn't long before Jenny needed servicing, and used Kysa's mouth on her pussy. Kysa drank all Jenny's pussy juice, and gave her some real good head without complaining at all. Kysa was actually loving it because as soon as jenny was finished, we saw Kysa smiling widely, just before her gag was replaced.

At the end of the four-hour affair, Kysa's body was soaked. Between pussy juice, cum and sweat, she was wet all over. Her cunt, tits, ass, thighs, and face were dripping sex. She had cum in her hair and all over her body. Some dried, some still dripping. She smelled like a two-dollar whore, and we made sure to tell her that.

We all did our best to humiliate her and treat her like a slut. It didn't matter to her, she ate it up... literally. I can remember her mouth being used by us all at least twice, and the same for her cunt. Her poor ass was fucked so many times, I was surprised she could remain standing. There was one time when three of the girls fucked Kysa while wearing strap-ons. Three girls at once, and Kysa gave it her all.

Once we had finished with her spankings, orgasms, and humiliations, I announced that her slave training was complete and highly successful. She had performed all that was asked of her and she was now ready to go out into the real world to assist any of the group with their own personal needs. When I said this, I wondered again what Kysa was thinking. She was not expecting this that's for sure.

So, as she continued to stand before us with her cunt and ass still on fire by the dildo's, we had a discussion about who would have use of her first. I announced that I had made up my mind, and decided to have an auction and actually sell her to the highest bidder. Now... we all knew that no actual money would change hands, but Kysa didn't know that... and didn't have to. All she needed to hear was that she was now on the auction block, and was about to be sold as a common slave!

Everyone wanted to have her as his or her own slave, quite badly, but they all couldn't use her at once. Each would be allowed to use Kysa for 48 hours, in any way that they so desired, with one day off in between for her to rest. So the impromptu auction began. I ordered Kysa to pose in seductive ways while the bidding was going on, and if she didn't do as she was told, Eli would take his monster and do her in the ass, full length. She began posing immediately, and the bidding proceeded with Jenny making an opening bid of 10.

We laughed at Kysa's expense, but the bidding quickly grew hot and heavy. Finally (as we had secretly planned), Melanie bid $500 to use Kysa for the 48 hour period. After all, if it hadn't been for Melanie, we would not have enjoyed our party as much. "SOLD!" I yelled, and everyone applauded loudly.

Melanie stood up, walked over to Kysa, removed her hood and gag, and lifted her face by the chin. Her face was streaked heavily from the tears she had shed during her four-hour ordeal. Melanie planted a full-mouthed probing kiss on Kysa, and Kysa kissed her back just as firmly.

Melanie pulled away and looked firmly into her crystal blue eyes and said, "Now you listen to me, slave. For the next two full days you are mine! You belong to me. Everything you own belongs to me.

"I will use it, and you, as I see fit, and you will comply with my rules of conduct while I own you. I do not except second best from any whore I own. I will not put up with any back talk or mistakes of any kind whatsoever. I will dress you in whatever I desire you to wear, and you will gladly accept those rags and wear them as directed... in public or at my home.

"I will feed you whatever I please, or whenever I remember. When I feed you, you will eat everything given to you, and then lick your plate clean. If you waste my food and fail to lick your plate, you will be punished severely. If you fail to obey me at any time you will be punished severely. If you forget to do as you have been told you will be punished severely!

"If you disobey me in public, you will be punished openly... and in public. When you are with me in public, everyone will know that you are owned and that you are my sex slave. You will have no say in any matter when you are mine to own."

Melanie turned from her angry demands, and I could see that Kysa was visibly shaking in fear. Her eyes watered again, and she was on the verge of tears, but Melanie could have cared less. As Melanie walked away from Kysa, she winked at me, and then spun around to face Kysa once again, scaring her and causing her to start in fear.

"Just remember! I paid good money for you, cunt. I had better get every fucking dime's use of you while I own you and this house. It's a pretty little house, and I want it kept sparkling clean at all times! Do you fucking understand me, or am I talking to myself!??"

Kysa nodded quickly, replying "Yes Mistress!." Her tears fell down as raindrops upon her already cum-stained, heaving breasts.

Melanie turned back to face us, and there were mumblings that ranged from "Whew! Poor bitch!" to "I'm sure glad I'm not going to be her for the next two days! I'd certainly hate to have Melanie as my Mistress!" Melanie grinned at us, not allowing Kysa to see it.

We drew names out of the hat to see who would have her next, and so on. Kysa's life was now firmly under control. She would be switched between new owners every two days, and that person would take complete control over what she did as a slave. Kysa no longer had a say in her own life.

That is, except one. I made it plain to Kysa, after all the rules and guidelines had been set for her behavior as a sex slave, that she could end her sexual servitude at any time she so desired. It was my rule, but everyone agreed. This would be her only saving grace, should she feel that things were going bad for her.

If Kysa felt that she no longer needed or wanted to be a slave, she was allowed to use a carefully chosen phrase. The phrase was "I wish to renounce my role as slave." Should she speak that phrase to any future Mistress or Master, at any future time or place, she would be allowed to return to her own life and do as she so pleased, immediately. No questions asked.

Then I asked her point blank, in front of everyone. "Do you wish to continue your position as sex slave, to be used as any Master or Mistress so desires, or do you wish to end it now, wishing to be released from any slave duties whatsoever?" You may feel free to answer me in any way you desire.

She looked at all the folks, and thought about all she had been through that evening. Then, with both dildo's still raging inside of her, she asked to have her hands freed. I freed them, and she lifted her arms to wrap them around my neck tightly.

She pulled me tightly to her nakedness, kissed me passionately and said, "Master... look around you. How can I possibly give up the best thing that has happened to me since I was born? Tonight was a very special night for me. I have experienced many different feelings, and every one of them have been new for me. I am intoxicated with the thought of serving, sexually and otherwise, any Master or Mistress who would have me as their personal slave."

As her crystal blue eyes bore into me I saw tears beginning to streak from the corners. She continued, "I stand before you a changed woman. I never knew I could feel so passionate and sexual for another person, much less a lot of others. I never understood what sex was really about until tonight. The slave issue is but icing on the cake for me.

"When you first asked me if I wanted to be a slave to you, I thought we would have a little fun and call it a night. Then you took control over my life and things changed, inside, for me. Now I feel more open than I ever have. I am so very willing to continue my role as slave. Moreover, I think I need to have it. It's like a drug. The feeling I have had tonight, my first night, can never be made to happen again for me, like this time. If only you knew how I felt inside.

"It's not a question of whether I want to continue or not. Not at this time in my life. The question is, will there be a Master or Mistress willing to take care of my needs, even if they are only slave needs? Will I feel safe even when being used by others? That's what I need. Tonight I felt safe, even with all that happened. I don't fear my future."

She was crying openly now, as were a few others of us. She kissed me again, sweetly and passionately. I felt her personal and sexual need pressed against me. She then removed her arms from around my neck and turned to face the others. Smiling, she lowered her eyes to the floor and knelt before them in the same position as she had been when they first saw her. She exposed herself nicely and we all knew she wanted to continue as our sex slave.

I said, "You have learned well, and faster than I had expected. Your performance tonight was excellent, but that is my own opinion. Each of your new Masters and Mistresses will have their own feeling towards that matter, and all future matters concerning you. Serve them well, my sweet, and you will be treated to many, many surprises in the future. Depend on it."

She was on her own now, in an entirely new role in her life. It was totally up to her how she lived it, but I did leave her one chance to get out. It may have been something that another Master wouldn't have done, but if only to serve my conscience, I allowed her that one gift. That was over nine years ago. She continues to perform her duties well, and has grown even more beautiful through the years. As yet, she has not taken her freedom.

Life is certainly good for Kysa.

I've been back to visit Kysa numerous times, and have kept in close contact with her new owners. But the next morning, after a good night's sleep for Kysa, she began her time with Melanie, because Melanie had bid the most for her services, and we had agreed that all owners would continue with Kysa's slave training, in depth.

Thus, her tale continues where we left off, finding the party just breaking up, and all the participants that Melanie had invited had gone their merry way, until the next get together. The moment the last person left and the door closed, Kysa was sent to bed still covered head to toe with cum. The dildo vibrators and all other attachments were removed. She was told that she could sleep on a blanket at the foot of her own bed. Melanie, being a firm Mistress, did not want a filthy slave sleeping in her bed.

Melanie turned out to be a semi-harsh Mistress, but Kysa soon learned to behave and do as she was told. She developed a sixth sense when she was with Melanie. She quickly grew to know her Mistress' desires by rote, and usually carried out her detailed chores before she was told to do them. The first morning after the party, Melanie awoke early, turned to wake Kysa and told her to get her cum-covered ass in the bathroom and prepare a hot bath.

Melanie was not wasting time, and neither was Kysa. She spun around and ran to do her Mistress' bidding, and drew a deep hot bubble bath. She waited for a long time by the tub with soap, shampoo, towels and washcloths at the ready. After almost ten minutes Melanie entered the bathroom and climbed gingerly into the tub.

She stepped into the tub and sat down slowly in the steaming soapy water, and gently leaned back, letting the bubbles cover and caress her nakedness. She closed her eyes, sighed, and in a low voice, said, "Come over here next to me my dear. Sit by the tub and talk to your Mistress while she soaks."

Kysa sat up close to the tub, watching her Mistress's body as the steamy water flowed around her. She stared at Melanie's breasts as they poked half out of the water. They were partially covered in bubbles, and the nipples pointed to the ceiling. Kysa stared at them greedily, enjoying the opportunity and freedom to look at another naked woman without being embarrassed and ashamed. She was learning to appreciate the female form.

Melanie kept most of her body under the hot water, but knew that Kysa was staring at her breasts. She didn't mind, because Kysa would be seeing her naked most of the time anyway. In actuality, she liked it when her slaves stared at her. It showed they were paying attention. She said, "Talk to me slave. Tell me something about you that I don't already know."

"What does Mistress wish to know about me?" Kysa asked.

"Let's see now," Melanie spoke aloud, more to herself than to Kysa. She kept her eyes closed, sighed, and finally said, "Tell your Mistress about the first time you gave that tight pussy away to a boy. Tell me how it felt the first time you had a hard cock inside you. Tell me everything that happened, and tell me in complete detail about your first fuck."

Kysa blushed a pretty pink color and said, "Yes Mistress."

"I was thirteen years old. I was with the same boy that I told you about last night. I started seriously going out with him after that time I gave him that blowjob. My parents said I was too young to date, but agreed to let him spend time at the house. In order to see him, he had to come over my house so they could meet him.

"He put on a good front for my parents, so they never suspected anything funny was happening between us. If they only knew! When my parents were around, we were always very careful to be on our best behavior, but when they weren't looking we would always be kissing and playing around. He always wanted to play with my titties when we had the chance, and I always let him.

"I liked looking at his big cock and usually played with it until it got hard. Once in a while I even gave him a blowjob, and when that happened I always let him cum in my mouth. He was the first one to teach me to deep throat his cock, but it didn't take much teaching. I already had the knack. We had to listen for my parents to make sure we wouldn't get caught, but we usually found the time to feel each other up nice and he would always beg me to suck him again.

"I liked it just as much as he did, but I didn't tell him that right away, because I wasn't ready to have sex yet, and didn't want him to know that I was as anxious as he was to get laid. It was scary, thinking about when the first time would be, but I always knew it would be OK.

"But, I mean, I didn't want him to go bragging to his friends and have my name smeared all over the school, so I just let him feel my titties and once in a while let him put his hand on my pussy. I never let him stick his fingers inside of me, but he sure knew how to rub my hard clit."

Melanie smiled to herself as she soaked in the tub with her eyes closed. She was enjoying the story that Kysa was telling her, so she couldn't help herself when she reached down between her legs and began playing with her pussy in the soapy water.

She thought of her first time as well, and imagined it was happening to her all over again as she played with her clit. As Kysa's story unfolded, so did Melanie's desire for her own orgasm. Kysa smiled as she watched Melanie start to play with herself, and continued.

"That lasted for almost a year. Every time he had the urge, he would call to see if it was OK to come over, and since my parents liked him, they almost always said sure. Well, one time when he was over, they said they had to go shopping. So, since they figured he was OK, and they trusted him, they just let him stay and watch TV with me while they were gone.

"Well, I can tell you that television was the last thing he had on his mind, and the moment the car had gone out of sight, down the road, he reached over and started to undo the buttons of my blouse. I giggled and let him, because he always did that when he had the chance.

"He got right to the point, or points... as it were. He opened my blouse, unsnapped and pulled my bra up over my titties, and leaned over to suck on my nipples. He pulled on them and sucked them both for a few minutes, and then told me to take off my blouse and bra. I figured we had enough time, so I took them both off and that made us both more comfortable.

"He lay me down on the sofa and began sucking and feeling up my tits real nice. He was good at that, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. He got me really hot, and I wanted to hold his cock in my hands, so I undid his belt, pulled his zipper and pants down, and reached to grab it.

"He stood up in front of the sofa and pulled his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles and told me to sit up and suck him. So I did. I wanted to suck him off... real bad!

"So, there I was, sitting on the sofa with him standing in front of me, and I was sucking his big cock as fast as I knew how. He was naked from the waist down, and I was naked from the waist up. I wasn't sucking him for long when he said he wanted to taste my pussy. Well, he had never asked me for that before, but I had heard about it from my girlfriends. I figured it would be kind of kinky to have his mouth on my naked pussy, so I said OK.

"He stood me up and pulled down my jeans and panties, and they fell to the floor around my ankles. I told him it wasn't fair that I was all undressed and he wasn't, so he took his shirt off. We both pulled our feet out of our clothes, and for the first time, we were standing naked next to each other. He looked so nice with no clothes on, and I was really anticipating him licking my pussy.

"We got down on the floor, and he placed me on my back. He straddled my face in the sixty-nine position and told me to suck his cock some more, and he pushed it into my mouth. Once it was in, he leaned down and spread my legs wide. He told me that he loved my blonde cunt hair, and started to kiss my pussylips. It felt fantastic! I never knew it would feel so sexy! His mouth was actually kissing my cunt!"

Melanie's fingers flicked her clit real fast. She fiddled with her clit rapidly under the water while Kysa continued with her story.

"Well, anyway, he started to lick my pussylips and stuck his tongue right inside and it drove me crazy! It felt delicious! I was so turned on, I started pumping my mouth onto his cock real hard, and the harder I sucked him, the harder he licked my cunt. Before I knew what was happening, I started to cum in his mouth! I knew what cumming was all about, but I had never cum so hard and so long before!

"This was fun and extremely kinky! I knew we would be doing this a lot more. He knew I was cumming, so he sucked me even harder than before which made my orgasm so much better. When I had finished, he pulled his still-hard cock out of my mouth and turned to lay down, face to face, on top of me.

"He kissed me and I could taste my own pussy juice on his mouth, and it tasted pretty good, so I kissed him back harder. I smelled my own cunt and it really got me hot. At any rate, kissing him felt pretty good, but I felt his hard cock pressed against my pussy, and liked the way it felt.

"He never had to ask or even persuade me to spread my legs for him. I even surprised myself when I opened them wide and wrapped my legs up and over his ass. He looked at me to make sure it was what I really wanted, and I just smiled up at him. I asked him to go easy, and that's all it took. He kissed me again, and I felt the tip of his cock pushing between my legs. Since my cunt was already sopping wet, I felt the head of his cock slide into my pussy, and was surprised that just his cock head could feel so huge inside there.

"I closed my eyes and felt his cock ever so slowly slide into me inch by inch. Pretty soon, I felt him press up against my cherry and knew he was going to break it. He knew it too, and asked me again if I was sure. I said I was, and he smiled and kissed me again. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and pushed his cock deeper into my pussy at the same time.

"All of a sudden I felt a major pain inside my groin and took in a deep breath. I knew he had taken my virginity, but I wasn't expecting it to be such a shock. He was actually pretty big and hard, and my virgin thirteen-year-old pussy was awfully tight, but he knew I was hurting so he stopped to let me get over the shock."

By this time, Melanie was going to town on her clit, under water, and Kysa continued to tell her story while she watched her Mistress finger herself to an orgasm.

"I cried a little, knowing that I had just let him pop my cherry, but in a few moments I calmed down and told him to go ahead. He made sure I was still serious, and when I assured him I was, I felt him push even farther inside me, but it didn't hurt as bad anymore. He stopped again, and we just smiled at each other and looked down between us to see my legs spread and his cock sticking halfway inside of my cunt.

"Pretty soon, as we watched it go in, he pushed it all the way inside, and he felt huge in there! He asked me if I was OK, and I said I was, so he pulled it out a little and pushed it back in. He started moving it in and out of my pussy, getting faster and faster, and then the thought struck me that I was getting 'fucked' for the first time. That single thought made me have another orgasm right away. When I was having my first 'fucking' orgasm, the thought struck me that I was cumming all over his cock, and that sent me through the ceiling.

"I came and came and came while he fucked me there on the floor. The more I thought about myself getting fucked for the first time, the more I came on his pumping cock. He fucked me for about ten minutes that first time. My orgasms must have set him off too, because he lifted up and said he was going to cum. He quickly pulled his big cock out of my cunt and I watched him really spurt his warm white cum all over my belly. What was so cool was the fact that my pussy made him cum like that! That was the absolute best and sexiest feeling I had ever had!"

When Kysa reached the part where he shot his cum onto her stomach, Melanie went over the top, fingering herself to an orgasm of her own. She wiggled her ass under the soapy water and deliriously fingered her clit until she was temporarily spent from her manipulations. Only when she was done did she open her eyes again, and turned to smile at Kysa.

She reached up with one soapy hand, placed it behind Kysa's neck and pulled her face closer. She kissed her and soon their tongues were sliding over one another. Melanie reached up with her other hand to pull Kysa closer. She pulled her over the edge of the tub and into the hot soapy water with her. They both laughed and began to splash water at each other. They made a terrible mess.

In the process of wrestling in the soapy water, Melanie managed to reach behind Kysa and squeeze her asscheeks. Melanie pulled her closer and spread her legs so Kysa found herself between them. Soon, their pussy mounds were rubbing and grinding together under the water and they found a new rhythm beginning between them.

Kysa pressed her chest against Melanie's and four breasts were pressed lightly together. Both women watched and felt their nipples rubbing together and smiled at each other. They kept this up for a long time, enjoying the sensuality of the moment.

Melanie had other plans, however, and she told Kysa to get the wash cloth and soap. Melanie wanted her body washed, dried and primped, and Kysa complied by performing a sensual cleaning of her Mistress's body. She left no part unwashed and soon her Mistress was clean from follicle to cuticle.

Melanie surprised Kysa by washing her body, cleaning all the sex stains from Kysa's dirty skin. They climbed out of the tub after they were rinsed off, and Kysa dried her Mistress' wet skin, pink from being in the hot water for so long. Once Melanie was dry, she was told to help powder her Mistress up and get her dressed. Kysa looked down at her still soaking wet body and looked back up to Melanie.

Melanie said, "You must learn that my personal needs and desires come before your own in everything we do. There may be times when you might think I am trying to please you or allow you to share my pleasure, but I do so only to enhance my own pleasure. Don't fool yourself. When you are finished with what ever your chores happen to be, and making sure my needs have been fulfilled, you can finish drying off or what ever other bodily functions you need to take care of.

"From this moment on, I demand that your attention be centered on pleasing me first. That means I am first in everything. I eat first, bath first, and get dressed first. Your job is to feed me, bath me, and dress me. Once those tasks are complete, you will be given a few minutes to take care of your own needs. Do it quickly, for your time is limited.

"I have no time to be waiting on a slave. When I go out, you will be ready to go with me. If you have not dressed, you will go naked. I could care less. When I need something, you will get it for me. When I require stimulation... you will stimulate me. If you fail to do these things as you have been told, you will feel pain.

"I am very competent in giving pain or pleasure when either is deserved. Should you disobey me for any reason whatsoever, you will feel pain the likes of which you have never felt before. Now, I need to be powdered down and have my nails, makeup and hair done. Do me."

For the next two solid hours, Kysa helped her Mistress get organized. She powdered Melanie's body all over, and took pleasure in the sexual task. She was instructed on the proper techniques to apply Melanie's daily make-up. She messed up once and Melanie spun around and slapped Kysa hard on the upper portion of her inner thigh. This raised a bright pink welt the size and shape of Melanie's hand. Kysa yelped in surprise at the attack on such a sensitive spot and tears came to her eyes.

Melanie could have cared less for Kysa's pain, and turned back to have the rest of her make-up applied. Kysa messed up three more times and received similar slaps on her tender thighs. By the time she was done putting on the final touches of makeup, she had four raised welts on her legs.

Melanie turned to her and said, "If it takes pain to teach you how to do things the right way, so be it. Now, brush my hair and follow my instructions on design and style."

Kysa managed to learn how to style and arrange her Mistress's hair with only one mistake, which resulted in another slap. That done, Melanie selected the extra change of clothes she had brought with her the evening before, and showed Kysa how to dress her. Kysa was shown the proper way to put her Mistress into her bra, having been instructed to kiss, lick, and suck each nipple first, then to kiss, lick, and tongue her pussy before pulling the silk and lace panties up around Melanie's legs and over her ass.

She was then shown how to finish dressing her Mistress, and she paid attention to every detail, for she did not want to be slapped again. When Melanie was completely dressed, she walked over to the bed, sat down and told Kysa to climb over her knees for a spanking. Kysa was surprised at the demand, but obeyed her Mistress.

Once she was in position, bent over Melanie's legs, with her ass in the air and Melanie's hand squeezing her asscheeks, Melanie said, "I have a ritual that I perform every day with all my slaves. Each slave gets a spanking in the morning after I'm dressed, and in the evening just before I go to sleep. You had your fair share of spankings yesterday, which is why I allowed you to go to sleep without another one. Slaves need to be reminded of their position in life on a daily basis. Slaves must always be reminded that they are, indeed, owned and controlled. You are not special. All my whores are treated equally."

At that, Melanie told Kysa to reach down and grab her ankles tight and not to let go until told. When Kysa was in position, Melanie proceeded to strike Kysa's ass hard, repeatedly. Kysa felt the sting and pain of Melanie's hand on her bare ass for a long time. She received twenty-five firm strokes before Melanie allowed her to stand again.

With her ass bright red, she was told to go into the kitchen and make breakfast for her Mistress. In tears, weeping silently to herself she ran from the bedroom and prepared a meal for Melanie. When Melanie was finished eating, Kysa had to do the dishes and clean up the mess she made. Only after she was finished doing her chores was she allowed to go clean herself up and then clean the bathroom.

Melanie told her to go take a bath, but not to waste water. She must bath in the water that was already used by her Mistress in the tub, and it was cold by the time Kysa got to it. As she climbed into the tub, Melanie stood behind her and told her that the only way she would get a warm bath was to hurry to do all her chores, otherwise the water would get cold, and she would have to use it as is.

She told Kysa that she had five minutes to bath. Slaves didn't need to pamper themselves, taking their sweet time getting clean. When she finished washing and drying herself, she cleaned the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, Melanie had already selected the clothes that Kysa would wear for the day.

They consisted of a thin low-cut white silk blouse, a very short white mini skirt, white satin garter belt, white thigh-high mesh stockings, and white three-inch pumps. She was not allowed panties or bra, as Melanie stated, "They detract from your hidden beauty, which I don't feel like keeping hid."

Kysa was told to keep her hair styled in a ponytail for the remainder of the time she spent with Melanie. When Kysa was dressed, and her hair fixed, Melanie told Kysa that they needed to go do something special, then go back to Melanie's house, for she had other slaves to tend to, since they had been left alone all evening. "I'm certain they've been getting into some kind of trouble. One cannot ever trust a slave."

They gathered together another change of clothes for Kysa, this time all in powder blue, and piled together all of Melanie's toys into her overnight bag. Carrying all the items, they left and walked out of the house, locking the door behind them. They climbed into Melanie's minivan and drove off towards town.

After a few minutes, Melanie pulled into the parking lot of the mall, and parked in the busiest section near the main entrance. She said, "I think it's time we showed you off to the public."

Kysa blushed, but nodded and replied, "Yes Mistress." She knew she was about to become the most visible person there. She was getting wet at the prospect of walking around in the mall scantily dressed.

Melanie gave Kysa instructions. "You're dressed like a slut. You are a slut. I know you feel it inside of you. Therefore, you will act like one, just for me. Go in there and give these men what they want to see. They want to see your firm tits jiggle as you walk past them. They want to watch your sexy ass swinging while you strut. Don't overdo it, but make absolutely certain they know you are a slut.

"Everyone will be staring at you. Ignore them. Soon, however, some of these horny bastards will feel the urge of testosterone boiling in their balls and want to come up to you and start talking. They won't be able to help themselves. But, you will totally ignore the first three who do try it. I want you to stick your nose in the air and walk away. Do whatever you must do to shun them, but walk away from them. Ignore them.

"The lucky male is whoever comes up to you on the fourth attempt. You will treat him as though he is everything you ever wanted in a man. I don't give a fuck who he is or what he looks like. That fourth male will become the center of your existence. You will smile and talk with him. When he asks your name, tell him anything except the truth.

"Fuck him and his sense of reality. He doesn't need to know who you really are. He really doesn't give a shit anyway. Just pay total attention to him and make him horny. Let him see as much of your skin as he needs and wants to see. If he asks for your phone number, make one up. There will come a time when he may hint that maybe you two should take a walk some place quiet. I can almost guarantee the inevitable. Go with him, but do NOT leave the mall. If you find a nice secluded spot and he gets brave and wants to touch... let him. I will be watching, so you need not worry. Do you understand?"

Kysa had been blushing the whole time Melanie gave her instructions. She said, "Do you mean he's allowed to touch my breasts?"

Melanie said, "If you can find a quiet out of the way place, and you had damn well better find one, I'll allow him to touch, eat, or fuck your pussy! Your body belongs to me, so why not? As long as things look quiet, I will let him do you. If there are too many people around, I'll come in and break you away from him.

"But, the whole point of this trip is for you to have sex of some kind in the mall someplace. Did you expect anything less than total satisfaction for me? This is not about you, you little cunt. It's about the pleasure you will be giving to me as I watch a stranger do you in public."

Kysa was told to repeat her instructions, and, with a few minor clarifications concerning Kysa's prescribed performance, they were ready. Kysa's pussy was soaked, and she told her Mistress about her condition. Melanie smiled, took a Kleenex out of her purse, spread open Kysa's thighs and wiped the wetness from her cunt. Once that was taken care of, Kysa climbed from the van and Melanie climbed out a few moments later. She stayed about twenty paces behind Kysa, and watched all the heads, male and female, turn as they made their way to the Mall entrance.

Picture the image. A stunningly beautiful, young blond, 5'0 tall, 95-lbs. Tight blonde pony tail. Crystal blue eyes. Scantily clad all in white. Firm, yet jiggly, hard-nippled full breasts barely covered by a low-cut white semi-see-through blouse. Very short white mini-skirt only just covering her crotch. No panties or bra showing, for there was none. White garter belt plainly in view holding up white mesh stockings. Finished off by white 3-inch glossy pumps. She was a sight to behold... and to be held. Such a whore she looked like, ready to drop to her knees for a twenty dollar bill.

Every head, and I do mean every head, turned as she sauntered past, breasts jiggling firmly and small ass sliding sweetly back and forth. She was the fantasy of every male there. No male could resist her charms as she wove her way, sexily, through the mass of people, smiling knowingly. She smiled as she continued on her appointed rounds, totally aware that her pink nipples could be plainly seen, and that her skirt was only just long enough to cover her naked hairless cunt.

It was a two-tiered mall, and she had been instructed to walk the upper level first, stopping to look into store windows, as though window shopping, to allow everyone to get a good look. They looked. They stared. They drooled over her in silent reverie. They devoured Kysa and took liberties that they normally wouldn't have taken, had she been dressed more conservatively.

No more than two minutes passed when a man roughly in his middle 40s approached her. Melanie was too far away from them to hear what was being said, but she watched as Kysa glared at him as though he was a pervert, and turned to walk away. Embarrassed at being shunned in so public a manner by her, the man, red faced, walked away.

Kysa was half way around the first level and was now being followed, at a distance, by a horde of men. They all tried to make their way as inconspicuously as possible, but that made it only that more obvious to everyone who watched them. Every one of them wanted her, but were too shy to walk up to her. There were groups of teenage boys snickering together, and older men looking nonchalant as they stared at her out of the corner of their eyes, unconsciously groping their crotches. . Men with wives stole glances when the wives weren't looking, but some were caught staring anyway. Some of the wives stared as well. I wonder what their thoughts were. I wonder if they saw her as beautiful, attractive and desirable, or they saw her as a tramp. I'll wager the on the former. Kysa was hot... and she couldn't help herself.

She had just arrived at the escalator down to the second level, when another older man greeted her. He smiled and started talking to her, but she snubbed him as effectively as the first, and turned away from him. What a little slut she was that night. She even smirked at this guy, making sure that he knew she was a cock teaser. She was one, and was absolutely loving it.

She no sooner reached the bottom level than an even older man approached her. He had to be in his late sixties, and he was definitely out looking for a good time. Sorry pops, not tonight. Kysa sneered at his foolish attempt and continued on her merry way. She thought she felt moistness at her crotch again, but did not have an opportunity to check.

She made it all the way to the other end of the Mall, near the arcade, when a young kid about seventeen years old came up to her and said something. Kysa stopped, glanced back at Melanie who was nodding her head, and turned back to the teenager and smiled. This was his lucky night.

Kysa smiled and chatted amiably with the boy. He smiled back, and they talked and walked for quite some time. While chatting, she looked back to see Melanie nodding her head, giving her approval. She looked around and noticed a large clothing store near her and moved her head towards it as if asking the boy to step inside. Like a fish on a hook, the boy followed Kysa inside, and Melanie quickly followed, weaving her way through the racks to gain a good invisible vantage point to watch them.

Once inside and away from the throng of shoppers, Kysa and the boy found a real nice secluded spot between some racks, and she went to work on his fantasy. Melanie watched as Kysa smiled and laughed at the boy's jokes and even went so far as to reach up and touch his jeans jacket. Melanie heard Kysa say she liked his taste in clothes, and as could be predicted, the lad said that he thought she was dressed to kill. She smiled warmly and asked him if he really thought so. He nodded vigorously. She did a slow spin to allow him to see it all and asked him what his favorite part was.

She came on a bit strong to this young kid. He didn't have a chance against her feminine package, but he knew what he wanted. He told her the entire package looked good enough to eat. She giggled, milking her sexuality right square into his lap. She moved closer to him and blinked her lashes in his direction. Taking that as a sign, he stepped closer to her. Kysa didn't wait for him to act. She simply leaned into him and gave him a peck on the lips.

This young stud lost all his willpower, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and pulled Kysa's small body to his. He planted a firm kiss to her lips and Melanie could see them swapping tongues. Kysa ground her hips into his crotch, and he responded by reaching around to hold her ass in both hands. Kysa had raised her arms up to wrap them around his neck, and in doing so, bared the lower half of her body to him.

He was surprised to feel flesh when his hands reached her ass. He was even more surprised when he backed away to look and found her smooth cuntlips exposed to him and the world. He was almost embarrassed enough to stop, but stole a look around to see if they were being watched.

Since they weren't, he slid his hand right up and smothered her pussy mound with it. His hand cupped her mound and squeezed. Kysa giggled and said, "Oh my goodness. It seems that I'm falling right out of my clothes right here in front of you!"

The boy said, "Yes, and it's just like Christmas!"

At that they both laughed and Kysa began pressing her hand on his crotch. Pressing against his hardening meat as he fondled her cunt.

Melanie kept her eyes peeled for any store clerks, but they were no place to be found. She turned back just in time to see Kysa take one of his hands off her ass and place it to her blouse covered full breast. He knew the score, and quickly grabbed its flesh and squeezed hard.

She saw him unbutton a few buttons on her blouse, and her breasts fell out naked for him. He cupped a naked breast in one hand as he started to finger her wet pussy with the other. Kysa continued to kiss him while he felt up her breast, and with a free hand, she reached down to grab his now rock solid cock through his pants. He liked what was happening. He was stunned, to say the very least, to find a naked shaved cunt, wet, juicy and ready for his fingers.

She moaned at his touch and Melanie could see her spread her legs a little so he could have better access to her pussy. Melanie watched for a little while as the boy fingered her snatch. She could plainly see Kysa's thighs glisten with her cunt juice as the boy manipulated her. She watched as Kysa started to shake with an orgasm, and allowed the boy to help her finish it.

Right as she started to cum on his hand, she unzipped his fly with one quick stroke. With a second, she reached in and pulled out a long thick cock. She jacked him off between the clothes racks, and pumped his meat good for him. Even after they went this far, they wanted more. Melanie was even getting into it as her fingers found there way between her legs to seek out that magic spot she had learned about so many years before.

Another quick look around by them both made them even braver. Kysa took control of the show and quickly dropped to her knees in from of the kid and opened her mouth around his sex. As he kept vigil above the racks, she knobbed him from below. Melanie knew without a doubt that this lucky bastard never had such a good blowjob.

Sure enough, Kysa soon began swallowing him whole, reaching around to grab his ass and pull. She forced that cock into her mouth and throat as if it were the only one she would have for the rest of her life. She did him right there in broad daylight, and kept sucking his cock until the boy could no longer take the sensations.

He was unable to prevent the orgasm she had worked hard to suck from his balls, and soon began spewing his jism between her lips. She held on and swallowed all of his cum. He spasmed a lot of times while his cum drooled out of the tip. Kysa sucked his meat hard, draining it until it was soft again. Just as quickly as they had started, it ended. Kysa stood up, quickly put her clothes back together as much as was possible, and left that young kid standing there with his cock hanging in the wind, and his pants down to his ankles.

She knew she had to leave, for she caught sight of Melanie and saw that she was making a 'cut' motion across her neck with her thumb. This was Kysa's cue to stop and get rid of the boy. She quickly pushed the boy back as if she had heard someone coming, and that made him trip and fall backwards onto the floor amongst racks of clothes.

Kysa turned and ran out of the store. Melanie followed and when they had reached the exit, left the Mall together. Back in the van, Kysa was all smiles, and Melanie praised her for doing exactly as she was told. Kysa was still sexually excited from what had happened, and Melanie knew she was all worked up. She said, "I'm so proud of your little slut routine. You've done such a wonderful job this afternoon, that I will allow you to have another orgasm as soon as we get home."

She started the van and drove out of the Mall parking lot. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the rear driveway of a cute cottage at the far end of a wooded, rustic road. The property in back of the house was large and fenced in with a high privacy fence, without a neighbor in sight, in any direction.

Melanie told Kysa to stay put. She got out of the van, made her way to the passenger side, opened the front door and spun Kysa around to face her. She spread Kysa's legs wide, and stuffed her face into Kysa's soaking cunt. There in the driveway, Melanie ate Kysa's pussy for all she was worth. In no time, Kysa's promised orgasm was upon her, and she came hard on her Mistress' face. Even before the thrills of orgasmic pleasure were finished, Melanie pulled her down out of the van and opened the door of the house.

The moment they stepped inside, a young man and woman, both in their early twenty's and both completely naked, came running to meet Melanie at the door. They were both great looking, had blonde hair and had blue eyes. The male was hung like a horse, and the female had very nicely shaped, full, firm breasts with medium sized pink nipples adorning them as if they were exotic jewelry. Those tits were beautiful to behold.

Both of them ran to the door and knelt down in the same position that Kysa had been taught, legs spread wide, displaying themselves. Casually, Melanie turned to Kysa and stated, while you are in my home you are not allowed clothes unless told otherwise. Remove them. Kysa immediately complied, and removed all her clothing right in front of the two other slaves. Now, get down on the floor and into your slave position. Face these two slaves and spread your legs so that they can see, completely, who their new companion is.

Kysa complied, but she didn't think she was going to like any competition for her Mistress' attention. She removed her clothing and got down on the floor in front of the other people, but didn't spread her legs very wide. Melanie immediately saw how Kysa was acting and said, "I told you to get into position! Spread those thighs wide and let them see that cunt!"

Kysa did as she was told, but was slow in showing herself to these strangers in front of her. Melanie would have no part of it. She bent over and slapped Kysa hard on the inner thigh with her open palm. "Don't you ever make me repeat an order again, you fucking little tramp! What... do you think you're better than them?" she asked, directing Kysa's attention to the two other slaves.

Kysa felt the pain Melanie had applied to her naked thigh and winced at the sharpness of its sting. "No Mistress," she replied, and quickly got herself in the correct position. Legs spread as wide as they could go, exposing herself to these strangers. She was left sitting there contemplating her pain, with her eyes fixed on herself, watching a bright red welt rising on her pinkish-white thigh. Melanie had not waited for Kysa's answer, but had begun walking through the house, inspecting it for its cleanliness and order.

Kysa endured the stinging on her thigh as she sat fully exposed to the two people in front of her, who were fully exposing themselves to her. She thought to herself, "What the hell... we're all in the same boat here, and by our choice, so what the hell do I have to worry about. Might as well enjoy it." She found herself greedily staring at their nakedness, as they sat staring at hers.

They exchanged glances and smiled at one another, knowing where they were and instantly understanding the situation they were in. The young man winked at her so she smiled wider and blushed a bit. When she looked at the young girl, Kysa found her smiling as well. There they sat, lewdly examining each other intimately.

Something struck Kysa as odd about them, so she glanced back and forth between them and noticed that they looked a little alike. They made a strikingly sexual pair. They appeared to be about the same age. Both had long blond hair pulled back into a tight ponytail like hers, and both had their respective crotches shaved as clean as hers. His crotch and balls were devoid of hair, as well as the girl's pussy. It would seem that Mistress Melanie preferred blondes.

When she looked back at the boy, she noticed that his cock was getting noticeably larger, and she watched in fascination as it grew. She knew he was watching her watch him. That's what was making him hard, she guessed. After a while, his erection stood out from his crotch, level to that of the floor.

He was about ten inches in length, and large in circumference. He looked even larger, since he had no pubic hair to hide the base of his cock. The other girl was also staring at his erection, but she had a worried look on her face. She was definitely nervous about something.

Not a single word had passed between them the entire time they sat there exposing themselves to each other. But, the girl shuffled a bit to get his attention, and when he looked over at her, she vigorously shook her head as if to say no. Kysa wondered why she was doing it, and it didn't take long for her to find out. Melanie came around the corner and glanced in our direction. She immediately saw the huge erection that the boy had and the look that came over her face turned Kysa's insides to jelly. Melanie was pissed. Very pissed.

She strode over to where they were sitting and faced the young man. "What in holy hell do you think you're doing? Who the fuck gave you permission to have an erection!?" The boy cowered and tried to say something, but Melanie simply continued. "We've been through all of this a thousand damned times. I thought you learned your lesson about that. You swore it wouldn't happen again. You promised me! You fucking lied to me again!"

The boy was now desperately wanting to say something but Melanie simply raised her arm, pointed towards one of the back rooms, and said, "Get your filthy fuck hole back there, get your necktie, and bring it back to me here... right now!"

"Oh please Mistress... I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself, honest! I promise not to do it again, please believe me!" the boy sputtered, actually scared that he had been caught with a hardon, but more scared about what he was being told to do. Kysa didn't know what was going on, but she figured he was in for some big-time problems.

"No good, you little dick-headed cunt hole! I've heard it all from you before, and you never seem to learn your damned lessons. You make me repeat myself all the time! Well, my little pussy pet, today is the day where you get your lesson drilled into you, and this time I really mean drilled! You've disobeyed me for the last time, and I will not stand for it anymore. Move your ass and bring me that fucking necktie, and quit making me repeat myself!"

The boy practically flew to his feet, and ran into a back room. Moments later, while Melanie waited with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot, the boy returned. In his hand, he carried something that, at first, resembled a Bolo tie. Then Kysa got a better look at it. It was about eighteen inches long. There were knotted loops at each end. One was large, and the other small, about the size of a pencil.

Kysa watched as Melanie took the small end and made a slip loop by pulling the string back through the small loop. She walked up to the boy, and placed the slip loop around the head of his still semi-erect penis and pulled it taught right behind the cock ridge at the head. She then told him to bend forward. When he did, she pulled the larger loop down over his head, and it fell around his neck. It was a tight fit.

The device had a purpose that Kysa realized right away. The boy had to bend over a lot to keep from yanking on his own securely tied penis. If he stood up or put any amount of strain on the device, the slipknot would tighten around the head of his cock, and he would cause his own pain. All he had to do was stay bent over. Simple. Effective. To the point.

Melanie was still quite upset as she said, "If you cannot learn to control your erections, then I will have to, once again, teach you the meaning of discipline. It looks as though we must begin at the beginning. I'm very disappointed in you." He looked very uncomfortable bent over, but he knew he couldn't stand up straight for fear of the pain he would give himself.

Melanie said to the girl, "Go to your mat and bring back his brother." Kysa thought to herself, "There was another slave she hadn't met yet?" The girl sped to where her mat supposedly was and came back holding a big strap-on dildo, and was told to put it on.

She fixed the device around her hips and slid the straps into position, hooking it securely into place. The boy stared at it in shock, shook with nervousness but said nothing. Melanie checked to make sure it was tightly secured onto the young blond girl, and turned to Kysa. "Stand up, cunt. Follow us, and pay very close attention. I want you to see what happens to slaves that do not obey me and refuse to learn the lessons I demand."

She told them to go to the punishment room. The girl fairly ran there, with that big rubber cock bouncing gaily before her as she ran, while the boy slowly made his way, trying not to pull the 'necktie' tight. They entered a room with only a large thick blue plastic mat in the center, and a large trunk-like chest in each corner. The boy was led to the center of the mat and told to kneel. When he did, he had to stay bent over, and had to hold himself up, his face almost touching the floor.

Melanie went to one of the chests and pulled out a set of waist wrist cuffs. They resembled the kind that had been used on her the night before, but were more like leather straps with loops and pins much like a belt buckle. The cuffs were connected by a short length of chain about five inches long. They were strong and sturdy.

From a different chest, she revealed a small padded bench with a slight concave curve in it, and a leather strap on each end of it. It was small and measured about twelve inches tall, two feet wide and eight inches deep. She walked over to the boy and slid the small padded bench under his chest. It was just high enough for him to rest his upper body on.

Once rested there, she looped the straps over his back, and secured him to it. She then took each wrist and shackled him into the wrist cuffs, behind his back. He could no longer hold up his own body weight, and had to depend on the small bench for that. He was sweating profusely by this time, but never said a word. Neither did the girl, as she cowered off to one side, motionless except for the fact that she was jerking off the rubber cock, smiling to herself.

Melanie then went to yet another chest, the largest of the four in the room, and retrieved a four-foot bar with ankle cuffs at each end. She clasped one ankle in each, locking them secure. This forced his legs wide apart, and put tension on the necktie the boy was wearing.

A short length of chain was used to hold the bar securely to a hook, which was down inside a slit in the mat. A leather collar was placed around his neck, and clasped tightly. To this was added another small length of chain which led to another concealed hook in the mat, just below his head.

Melanie then untied the necktie and slid it off of him, freeing the tension, and allowing his own cock to bob free between his legs. The young blonde boy was now firmly attached in this awkward position, and he could go nowhere. Melanie checked all the connections to be sure he could breath and function, and when she was satisfied, she looked at the young girl and said, "Grease it."

She knew exactly what that meant, and from the first chest she removed a towel and a large jar of Vaseline. She pulled out a large dollop, walked over to the boy, and smeared it all over his asshole, making sure his tight hole was thoroughly greased by harshly pushing her middle finger deep inside. She pushed it in and out several times.

She transferred another dollop of the goo to the entire length of the long rubber cock that suspended hugely between her legs. When she had finished applying a good slick coating to her attached penis, she cleaned her hands off with the towel, returned the jar and towel to the chest, and went to stand behind the boy. She had done this before, and knew the routine. There was no doubt in Kysa's mind.

Melanie walked in front of the boy, got down on her knees and bent over to be at the level of his face. She roughly pulled his head up by his blonde hair so she could look directly into his eyes. Kysa saw that he had begun to cry big alligator tears, but he made no noise.

"Not one fucking peep." Melanie told him. "Not a single fucking sound. If I so much as hear one muffled grunt from you, your punishment will be doubled. As always, I will let you know when you have finished. Perhaps after this, you will start obeying my demands. I'm real fucking tired of repeating myself to you."

At that, she dropped his head, stood up, turned to the girl, pointed to the boys wide open ass, and said, "Fuck him. Fuck him hard! Fuck him deep! And don't you dare stop fucking him until you are told!" Melanie walked over to stand next to Kysa, and turned to watch the proceedings.

The girl moved up behind the boy, pointed the head of her rubber cock to his tight hole, leaned forward and slowly pushed that huge prick head into the boys straining asshole. The boy felt the tremendous pressure and gritted his teeth when the big head of that dildo was pushed into his rectal hole, but he never made a noise. Kysa watched as the girl slowly fucked him up his ass.

She started with small strokes to get the grease spread around, and quickly made the strokes deeper and harder. Sooner than Kysa expected, she was using the entire length of her cock toy to do the boy's ass. In and out went her long full strokes, and the boy accepted it without a sound. His face got red as a beet and he continued to grit his teeth at the pain and pressure in his ass.

The girl had braced her hands on the floor on each side of the boy's prone body and was pushing that tool as far in as she could push it, and she pulled it almost all the way back out, repeating the process over and over. As she stood behind the boy, reaming his ass, Melanie turned to Kysa and offered a small explanation.

"Do you see the big rubber cock she's using? One day, I got that young stud hard, and I made a plaster-of-Paris mold of his hard cock. I had a friend construct a rubber duplicate of the mold of his prick and had it attached to the straps she used to tie it to herself. She's fucking him with his own cock. And, what makes matters more interesting... they are twins, Brother and Sister. That means she's fucking her brother's asshole with his own penis. Interesting situation."

Kysa was shocked to hear that the two young blondes were related. But now it made sense to her. She saw a lot of similarities between them. As she listened to Melanie and watched the fuck session, her mouth dropped open in stunned silence. It was amazing to see this lovely girl fucking her brother's ass so deep and hard with that rubber monster. It got her pretty hot just watching it.

Melanie continued by saying "Don't be too shocked little one. I've owned these two slaves for almost a year. I met them at a party I went to, and they basically followed me home. I've honed skills into them that they've been using for me alone. Their real names are irrelevant and unimportant. I just call them Jack and Jill." She snickered and added "She's Jack, and he's Jill. I've always liked their names! Too cute!

"I made them tell me, in detail, about how they grew up, and their story is quite fascinating. Would you like to hear it?"

Kysa smiled, nodded, and said, "Oh yes Mistress. I would."

Melanie said, "Follow me dear. Let's leave these two lovebirds alone for awhile. She really needs the practice, and he the discipline. Together, they compliment each other, I believe." Still, they stood for a while longer, watching the girl fuck her brother deep inside his ass, with an exact duplicate of his own cock. By this time, she had developed a good rhythm and was pumping his asshole at a faster rate of speed. He had yet to make a sound while she pummeled his rear hole.

As she fucked him, she began to smile. She was really getting into it. She had moved even closer and was standing on her toes to push that rubber cock deep into his ass. I mean she was actually pounding the length of it deep into his shit hole. Meanwhile, his expression had changed from one of grimacing pain to one of silent pleasure. He was now basically enjoying each and every stroke she shoved deep within him, and it was noticeable by the way he had once again formed a full erection.

After watching his ass being fucked for several more minutes, Melanie led Kysa by the hand, into her large bedroom. "Before I tell you their charming story, I must tell you the rules of this house. They are as follows. First and foremost, you must understand that Jack and Jill are house slaves. That means they take care of my house by cleaning and cooking. Anything that needs doing in the form of chores is their responsibility.

"Also, any Master, Mistress, or other slave may use them without having to ask my permission first. If anyone needs servicing, they have the right to exact whatever pleasure from them that they can receive. No questions asked. No permission needed. That is their function, and they know the rules.

"During parties, and whenever I have any guests over, whatsoever, they are always to make themselves available for service. It is their choice to be here, so I have made it their lot in life to service everyone. Those are their standing orders. No questions.

"I think I've trained them well in these matters, as you will soon see. Your position, however, is different. You are my personal slave. You do not cook or clean. Your sole function is servicing my guests and me as you did at the party. Anyone who wants you, needs to ask my permission, and I may choose to allow or deny them that privilege, at my own discretion. The one and only benefit I will allow you while you are with me is control over Jack and Jill if and when I am away. When I am not here, you are in charge. What you say goes.

"On the other hand, when I'm here, you have no rights at all, except to please me when and where I require it. You will be the house guardian and they will be told that this is to be their fate. They have never had another slave tell them what to do, but if they disobey you, you are to punish them. Use your own discretion when it comes to punishment. I have no doubt that you will do well. If they need pain, apply it. I will inform them of this fact later tonight when they receive their evening spankings.

"None of you are allowed clothing unless I state otherwise. They have not worn clothes in over six months. The only clothes you are allowed to touch are my guests, and mine unless I deem that you need them. I usually do not. You may touch clothes when you remove them from our bodies, or dress us when we are ready to go out.

"As time goes by, and I will have you here again after this first 48 hours, you will learn what I like to wear and when I need to wear something special. I will show you, one time, where all of my clothes are kept, and the orderliness I require then to be in, and I expect you to remember. You do not have to wash anything that belongs to me except my panties and bras. Those, you will hand wash in the bathroom sink. I just have a feeling that Jill likes to wear them when nobody is watching, but I'll catch his ass in them one day, and he'll be sorry. They handle the rest of the laundry, like the rest of the chores in the house.

"You will always sleep here in my bed, with me, for my use. They sleep on a small mat together, in the punishment room. When they are not doing work in the house, they know they are supposed to stay in the punishment room. They are not allowed to use any of the toys, but if they want to please themselves, they can, as long as his cock doesn't enter her cunt in any way.

"If she wants to beat his meat in order for him to have an orgasm, she may do that. If he wants to suck her pussy, he may do that. Or, any of a thousand other ways to get each other off, just as long as his cock stays out of her pussy. He is only allowed to do that when I'm present, and has been ordered to do it. He gets it only when told. I repeat. NO PUSSY FOR JILL!

"When I'm home, he is absolutely not allowed to have an erection without assistance or permission. I've been trying to break him of that disgusting habit for months. It seems he doesn't give a damn about what I want, which is why he gets fucked into submission like he's getting now."

Melanie had gone on for at least fifteen minutes explaining the rules, and all the while, Jack was fucking Jill's ass in the next room. When Melanie mentioned the point about him getting fucked as punishment, she remembered that they were there and listened for any sounds coming from the room. She heard nothing except the slap, slap, and slap of his ass being fucked hard by Jacks rubber meat.

Melanie continued by saying "You may have them do anything you want, in the way of sexual gratification for yourself except him entering a cunt. I will heatedly whip your ass and I will do something that will give you so much pain, you will beg for a spanking instead. As for your sex, save most of your orgasms for me. They are no longer yours to have, but to give to me."

Without waiting for understanding from Kysa, Melanie gave her a brief history of the twins. She said, "They have been fucking each other since they were ten years old. I believe that's why they are as fully developed, sexually, as they are today. He would always suck and pull on her nipples and clitoris, and she on his cock. They learned at an early age that cumming on or in each other felt good, and they wanted it a lot.

"When they were eighteen, three years ago, they moved away from home and moved in to an apartment together. Since then, apparently, they have been fucking and sucking each other constantly. They told me they had never had any other sexual partners, and really required none since they were so natural together. As far as they were concerned they were content to share themselves only with each other. A perfect coupling. Legally, it's incest, but they really don't give a flying fuck what others think.

"They are totally happy to make each other cum. Nothing else matters to them except my wishes. A year ago, they were invited to an orgy, and that's where I found them. I invited them to my place and after a few days, they asked if they could stay. I set the ground rules for their 'captivity'. They agreed and that's the way it has been ever since. I would have it no other way."

When she finished telling Kysa about the twins, she took Kysa by the hand and showed her where everything in the house was. She had a huge walk-in closet with clothes lining each side, and racks filled with at least a hundred pairs of shoes, ranging from tennis shoes to high spike heels.

She was shown which dresser drawers contained which types of clothes and at the bottom of a large dresser in the far corner of the room, Melanie opened a small empty drawer. "This drawer is for whatever clothing you may possess. Panties, bras, garters and such as I may buy for you. Be sure that it is neat at all times, and that everything fits. Fold them neatly so that they do not wrinkle. I really hate wrinkled clothes on my slut."

After that, she was given a tour of her Mistress's house and shown where everything was located. She was led, still naked, out into the back yard where she saw a swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna. There were also several locked sheds but those were not explained. With no fanfare at all, she led Kysa up the steps of the pool and pushed her into it. Melanie fell in right after her and they proceeded to splash and giggle in the warm heated water.

Soon enough, they were in each other's arms kissing and fondling each other. Melanie took complete control over Kysa's person while in the pool. She would cup Kysa's pussy in her hand, and the next thing Kysa knew, her cuntlips were spread apart and several fingers shoved up deep inside her.

Melanie was a woman who knew what she wanted. Very soon, she wanted her pussylips licked. She sat on the edge of the pool and spread her legs wide. As Kysa watched her Mistress, she saw her pull open her cunt to expose the pink flesh inside. She watched as Melanie licked one finger and stuck it in her pussy and began fingering herself.

Soon, Melanie's pussy glistened in the daylight as her juices spread over her fingers and thighs. Kysa couldn't tear her eyes away from the pretty pussy that she knew only so intimately already.

Slowly, Kysa waded between her Mistress' legs and spoke, saying "Please Mistress. May I do that for you?"

"Of course, child. That's why you are here. I merely wanted to show you how I like it done. Now put your face closer to my cunt, watch, smell my aroma and pay attention."

Kysa moved so close to her Mistress' snatch, that she could, and did, breathe in the heady scent of the splayed cunt before her. She watched closely as Melanie began tickling her clit, making it throb under her manipulations. Still holding her cuntlips open, she took another finger and slid it in and out of the fleshy gap, being sure to get it in as far as it would go.

Soon, there were two fingers, then three. She began finger fucking herself, moaning aloud as she saw how close Kysa's mouth was to her cunt. She was enjoying herself, diddling her own cunt while her slave watched her. She was training Kysa to do her pussy the way she liked it.

Melanie's passion took hold of her and set her ablaze. As Kysa watched within a tongue's length of her Mistress' clit, she saw her Mistress seriously attack her pulsating cunt. jamming three then four fingers in and out of her cunt hole, seeking release.

Kysa was amazed as now Melanie put her fingers together and stuck all five into her cunt. All five fingers rapidly pushed in and out all the way to the top knuckle. Just then, Melanie told Kysa to use her hand. She wanted Kysa to replace her hand in her cunt. Kysa did, and when her five fingers were inserted, her Mistress grabbed Kysa's wrist and caused Kysa to harshly jam her smaller hand into the hot cunt before her.

Melanie breathed heavy and told Kysa to push it all the way in. Kysa didn't understand what Melanie meant, and Melanie told her, "I want your whole hand inside my pussy! I want you to stick your damned fist up inside me and fuck me with it! Just do it! Fist fuck me, you cunt! Do me now! I need your help to make me cum!"

Kysa now understood what her Mistress needed, but had never done anything like that before. But, she braved the situation, and did what her Mistress demanded of her. She pressed her arm forward and backward against the ever-stretching walls of the cunt before her, and continued to insert her small hand further and further.

Just as Kysa thought she was causing her Mistress excruciating pain, Melanie grabbed her wrist on an in-stroke, and succeeded in getting Kysa's hand in past her upper knuckles. Kysa felt the pussy walls expand, then contract past the palm of her hand and saw her hand enter all the way up to and around her wrist. She saw that her entire fist was inside her Mistress. Melanie leaned back and shook in ecstasy at the event.

She wasn't done, however, as she then instructed Kysa to turn her wrist inside and fuck her arm in and out without removing her hand from inside her cunt. So Kysa twisted and turned, pushed and pulled, and that set Melanie over the edge once again. Kysa's fist was balled up inside her Melanie's pussy, and the slickness of the juices flowing out made it easy to move it in and around.

Melanie fell back onto her back and jerked in spasm after spasm. Kysa sensed her calming down after a while, and inquired if it was all right to pull her hand out. Melanie quickly sat up grabbed Kysa's wrist and shouted "Fuck no, you stupid little cunt! I just got it in there! Bring me your mouth now, you little cunt licker. Bring it here and nibble on my clit and fist fuck me until I tell you to quit. Do me now!"

Here sat Melanie at the edge of the pool, thighs splayed as wide as possible with Kysa's fist deep inside her stretched pussy. The scene was amazing to behold. Melanie grabbed the back of Kysa's head and pulled it into her wet, waiting pussy. Because Kysa's fist was inside her pussy, it forced Melanie's clitoris to stick way out, exposing itself to the open air.

It was hard and hot as Kysa clamped down on it and teased it with her active tongue. As she ate Melanie's clit, she tasted her cunt juice, and sucked on the clit like a tiny cock, just to get more juice. Of course, this set Melanie off once again, and she could do nothing but orgasm the time away. Pretty soon she was calling Kysa all sorts of names as she delighted in all the sensations.

"Yes, my little pink slut. Fuck me deep inside with your fist, and do my hard red clitty with your sucking lips until I cum in your mouth, then suck it some more! Don't you dare even think about stopping! You're a little whore, did you know that? You're my personal little whore, and I like the fact that you love doing me. You've always secretly wanted to do another woman, I can tell. Your desire is self evident my sweet.

"You do such a good job with a pussy. You're a natural little cunt pleaser. Use your mouth now and lick all the juices off of my cuntlips, baby. Yes, that's right. Suck the pussylips inside your mouth, and make sure the pussy juice is cleaned off. Yes. Oh nice! Yes dear. Yes. Very well done. Oh yes. Yum!

"Oh my Goodness! Your sweet lips sure do feel slutty on my juicy pussy. Oh honey, you really can eat a cunt! Why just look at you going for all that cunt sauce! I bet it really tastes yummy! Oh yes, little cunt, fuck me hard up my hole. Twist it, turn it, fuck it in and out. Chew on my cunt, you slut!"

With all of the strength she could muster, Kysa did Melanie. She reamed that cunt inside and out. She ate and drank its moistness as though there were nothing else to do in the world. In no time Melanie began to shudder from deep inside her body.

"Oh my! Yes you little whore! Do me now! I'm having one of my big ones, you cunt! Fuck me and suck with all your might! Don't fucking stop until I tell you to stop, you bitch!"

At that, Melanie fell onto her back and began thrashing around in orgasmic throes. Kysa's arm was still embedded to the wrist inside Melanie's cunt, and she twisted and turned it to give her Mistress maximum pleasure. She continued nibbling on the big erect clit and made sure she licked all the juices up as they came out.

Melanie simply shuddered and shuddered, moaning deeply all the while. Kysa's continual masturbation of her Mistress kept her cumming for an extended amount of time. Melanie just lay there shaking and jerking as Kysa did her pussy all to well. She was enjoying it almost as much as Melanie. Even after Melanie came down from her ecstatic orgasm, she never told Kysa to stop.

Kysa's arm was getting tired now, from all the fucking motions she was giving Melanie. Pretty soon she started twisting her fist more than pushing and pulling. "Oh my! That feels almost nasty! Oh yes, my little slut, do it like that. Oh yummy. That's incredible what you are doing to my cunt. Oh yes, now I want to have another cum!"

Melanie was insatiable with Kysa's fist inside her pussy. She started shuddering and jerking again, and this time one of her jerks made her sit straight up. She reached down and pulled Kysa's face to hers as Kysa continued to twist her fist inside the tight cunt walls. As Melanie came again, all over Kysa's hand, she kissed her slave passionately.

Soon, Melanie's orgasms ended, and she told Kysa to take her hand out of her pussy. By this time, Kysa was real tired, and she began to pull it out. Something was wrong. She was having a hard time getting her hand out of Melanie's pussy. But, Melanie just sat there laughing as Kysa struggled to pull free.

Melanie said, "I've spent a lot of time working on my pussy muscles, dear. It actually feels kinky to have your fist up my cunt, and someday I'll have to return the favor for you. You don't know what cumming is all about until you cum while being fisted."

At that, she loosened her cunt muscles and with a distinctive suction sound, Kysa pulled her fist free. Of course, her Mistress demanded that she lick her hand to remove al the pussy sauce. Once cleaned, Melanie jumped back into the pool and gave Kysa another warm embrace and tender kiss. Then Melanie took Kysa back into the house, stating that it was time to eat.

From the kitchen, she loudly called for Jack. On a full run, she came running out of the punishment room and kneeled at Melanie's feet. She was totally covered in sweat from her brow to her toes, and she was breathing heavily. The strap-on dildo gleamed from its still coated surface. She had been working hard, fucking her brother's ass the entire time they had been in the bedroom and at the pool. It must have been at least a thirty-minute fuck session.

Melanie said, "Fix my food, and set a small empty plate beside it with a large glass of milk."

Jack jumped up, rubber cock wiggling sexily at her crotch, and rapidly fixed food that had been prepared, apparently, before they had arrived, and which had been left simmering on the stove. She set the table exactly as she had been told. When that was done, Melanie said, "Get your useless ass back in there and get busy." Without a word, she ran back into the punishment room.

From where Kysa was standing, she could see into the room. She watched as the girl remounted her brother from behind, shoved the rubber cock fully and deeply into his ass, and continued to fuck him hard. She could tell that the girl was loving it, and just one look at the young boy told Kysa that his evening was quite pleasant as well. He had a smile on his face that could only be described as ecstasy.

He still had not made a sound. In fact, she could have swore he tried to lift his ass up to meet her thrusts, but was prevented from doing so. He must have had a recent orgasm, for his cock was dripping cum onto the floor beneath him. His belly also dripped cum, so she could tell it had spurted far.

Melanie sat Kysa beside her at the table, put some food on her plate, and with her fork, began to feed Kysa. Kysa had no utensils, so she ate what Melanie fed her, and nothing more. Melanie pointed to the large glass of milk and told Kysa to drink it all. She drank every drop. When Melanie was done, she once again called for Jack.

Again, the girl came running, and Melanie told her to rinse the dishes and put them in the sink. Once done, she was told to return to the room and continue. Again the girl ran into the room and plunged the hard rubber cock back down deep into her brother's ass and proceeded to fuck him even more. This had now been going on for almost forty-five minutes.

Melanie led Kysa into the punishment room. The moment she entered, she looked at the girl, and in a stern voice yelled "Harder!" The girl reacted as though charged with an electric shock, and literally pummeled her permanently rigid rubber cock into Jill's ass. Melanie sat on one corner chest, while Kysa remained standing beside her, and they both watched the scene, allowing the harder fucking to continue for another five full minutes.

While they watched, the boy's face turned beet red and with an earth shaking spasm, he came once more. His orgasm came violently and he spewed a lot of white jism onto his stomach and the floor. He came for a long time and continued to tremble until he was completely spent. He never uttered a sound through the entire ordeal. Not a peep.

Melanie and Kysa found the scene so sexy that they started in on each other again. Melanie had Kysa lay down on the mat, and soon was crawling up between her thighs to taste her cunt. She told Kysa to lift her legs high and hold them spread out wide as she licked the pussy of her sex slave. Melanie ate her pussy for about five minutes, long enough to get Kysa a small orgasm. Enough so that Melanie got a good taste of her pussy juices.

Melanie stood up and said to the girl, "Pull that thing out of his ass. He's enjoying it too damned much." The girl complied and fell to the floor, panting and exhausted. While they both caught their breath, they were told the same thing that Melanie had told Kysa. They would obey Kysa's orders if and when their Mistress was gone. Melanie sought no confirmation of understanding. She needed none.

After telling them their new position as it related to Kysa, she turned to the girl and said, "Get it, and apply twenty-five." The boy knew what that meant and turned sharply to face his Mistress. His face pleaded for mercy, and tears began to drop from his red swollen eyes. The girl ran to a chest and pulled out a thin leather strap. She doubled it and walked up behind the boy.

Without a second's delay, she reared back and brought the leather strap down hard onto his ass. The sound was very loud, and the boy jerked in his confined position, biting his lip and crying more silent tears. She swung the strap fourteen more times, and the boy reared up and began to shake in orgasm once again. He left yet another white puddle of cum on the floor beneath him. She whipped his already red and tender ass ten more times, and when she finished, he was limp in his bindings.

Melanie walked over to him, and bent down in front of him again. She whispered in his ear "I will not tolerate you having an unauthorized erection in my presence. I do not like to repeat myself. If it happens again, your punishment will be doubled. Have I made myself very clear?" The boy nodded weakly and she patted him on the head.

She sat before him and told him to kiss and lick her cunt in obedience. Spreading her legs, she slid her pussy into his face, allowing him to kiss and lick it. Then she got up and detached the boy from all of his bindings. To the boy she said, "You lick that cum up off my floor!" To the girl she said, "When he is finished drinking all his cum, tend to his body and both of you get to bed. I want these lights out in ten minutes. Not one second more. You have a full day ahead of you tomorrow, and I want you fully rested." She took Kysa by the hand and led her still naked from the room and back into the main bedroom. "And you, dear, have a full night ahead of you."

Kysa was told to pull the sheets back and to go in and take a hot soapy bath. Melanie had started to select some evening clothes when the good looking girl named Jack came to the door and knocked. Melanie never looked up. She simply said, "What the fuck do you want? I thought I gave you orders!" Jack said, "Mistress, did you forget our spankings for the night?" Again, without looking up, Melanie said, "I'm glad you remembered. I was testing you. Go back to your room. I will be there shortly."

By the time she had started selecting her evening wear, she heard the water running in her bathroom. When she finished choosing clothes, she went into the punishment room where Jack and Jill waited for her. From the bathroom, Kysa heard Jack beg Melanie for her spanking. She counted as Melanie spanked her twenty-five times.

A few seconds went by and in a weak voice, Jill begged for his. Kysa couldn't believe it as she counted twenty-five hard slaps to his already red and tender ass. Apparently, his earlier punishment had nothing to do with nightly spankings.

Kysa climbed into the hot, steamy, soapy water and had just started to wash herself when Melanie came in. She sat on the closed lid of the john and watched Kysa clean herself. She wanted a better look, so she told Kysa to stand and wash herself openly and sensually. She complied and began to soap up her washcloth. When it was all foamy, she began to wash, starting at her slim neck, working her way down her perfectly shaped body.

She put on a sexy show for her new Mistress, gently caressing her shoulders and arms with the washcloth and tenderly squeezed and manipulated her breasts and nipples, while her eyes were closed. She lathered down her flat belly and slid the washcloth nicely between her legs, washing her cunt. She put one leg up on the side of the tub and paid special attention to her pussylips.

Melanie noticed that she could see some blonde stubble there, and her lips had felt them when she had last ate Kysa's cunt. She handed Kysa a razor and told her to shave herself. When she began, Melanie told her that she would have to shave every other day to make sure it stayed smooth and clean. Melanie said she hated stubble on a pussy, and wouldn't tolerate it.

Kysa said, "Yes Mistress," and finished shaving her cuntlips clean. When she was done, she turned so her ass faced Melanie, and she used the washcloth enticingly on her small ass. Even today, seeing Kysa's petite ass boils my blood and makes me want to jump in. It is truly something to behold.

She was told to shave her legs and once that was done, she rinsed off under the hot titillating shower. When she stepped out of the tub, Melanie was there waiting to dry her off with a fluffy towel. She dried Kysa off gently, making sure her tits, cunt and ass were extra dry. She helped her to blow dry and arrange her blonde hair back into a tight ponytail for the evening. As far as I can recall, Kysa has since worn her hair in this style. It just so happens that the style suits her appearance perfectly.

The reason is because pulling it away from her face made the dimensions of her face, neck and shoulders available for full view. Her dimensions were honestly very sexual, and covering them even with silky fine blonde hair hid their already perfect beauty.

Once finished, she was taken to the bed. Melanie immediately pulled Kysa over her knee and spanked her twenty-five times, hard. Her ass glowed pink when Melanie was through... and it stung like hell... but Kysa still thought it felt great.

Melanie decided she would not wear anything to bed, and she had Kysa help her get undressed. Kysa was instructed to always undress her Master or Mistress in a sensual matter. That meant, as flesh appeared, she had to stroke it and caress it while removing yet more of their clothing. An owner's body was meant to be worshipped. If it wasn't for your owner, you wouldn't have the slave life you so desperately required. How simple it was for Kysa to comprehend this.

This procedure took some time, but by the time it was completed, the Master or Mistress would be totally turned on and ready to have Kysa please them sexually. This case was no different. Even after her earlier fisting session, Melanie's body was now on fire, and she wanted a have a release as soon as possible. She climbed onto the bed and told Kysa to eat her pussy. Kysa placed her body between her Mistress' legs and immediately began to flick her tongue in and over Melanie's cunt.

Melanie needed something more, so she reached into a drawer and handed Kysa a large vibrator. Using it inside her Mistress' pussy while she nibbled on her clit, Kysa soon had Melanie shaking in orgasmic pleasure again.

It took only a few minutes for Melanie to begin shaking uncontrollably in her first orgasm of the evening. She let Kysa's tongue and mouth absorb her flow of juices and settled in for another orgasm. The second one took a little longer, but the way Kysa was licking her cunt and using the vibrator made it well worth the wait.

No sooner had she finished her second cum in Kysa's mouth, the phone rang. Melanie gingerly reached over and picked up the phone while Kysa continued to lap away at the new quantity of cunt juice.

"Hello?" Melanie said into the mouthpiece. "Oh Hi! Where have you been for the last month and a half! Where? No shit? Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Are you back in town? Great! Oh... that's so sweet of you. Listen, when can you break free? Hmm... that late? Well, I suppose I can manage to be available when you get here. I mean I've waited this long already haven't I?

"Yes dear... the twins are still with me. Yes, of course! Look, as soon as you can pull yourself away from there, I want you to come over. I have a new surprise for you. Yes. A hint? Hmm... well, OK. Your hint is 'petite, blonde, and extremely talented'. No, I'm not talking about the twins. This is even better! Absolutely! I swear you'll love it. Of course, you can use it as you wish. What's mine is yours. Great! See you then! Bye hon."

Melanie put the phone back on its cradle and told Kysa to lick her pussy better. Kysa mashed her face into her Mistress's pussy and licked up several more of Melanie's orgasms. Finally, after Melanie was totally satiated, she told Kysa to climb up under the covers beside her.

She turned Kysa away from her on the bed, turned out the light on her nightstand, and cuddled up behind her as close as she could. She reached one hand around Kysa, and in spoon fashion, fell off to a peaceful sleep with one of Kysa's breasts in her hand, nipple between her fingers.

Kysa lay in bed for a while thinking about how nice it felt having a Mistress to take care of her. She felt safe in Melanie's arms, but knew she could be punished at the drop of a hat should she fail to perform as was expected. Peacefully, then, Kysa drifted off to dream the dreams of a slave girl. The smile on her face showing her inner feelings.

The next thing Kysa remembered was waking up to feel someone climbing into bed with Melanie. It was pitch dark and she felt naked flesh impose itself between her and Melanie. She moved over, and for the next few minutes heard Melanie talking to, she supposed, whomever the man was that had called her earlier. It occurred to her that whoever it was, had a key to Melanie's place.

Then she heard them shuffling around in the dark, and she had to move over even more. She was pushed out of the way by strong arms, and the next thing she knew, she heard giggling, then some moaning, and then the bed started to jump. She knew that Melanie was getting laid while her slave lay next to her on the bed. Kysa smiled to herself in the dark, feeling the bed move under her. It was very kinky, to be quite sure.

All of a sudden, Melanie sucked in her breath and said, "Christ! I forgot how big that bastard was! Go easy with that animal, stud!" He chuckled a little and said, "Oh hell, just give up that cunt and be a good little girl. I haven't had a good fuck in a month, so spread your legs wide and take me!" Kysa lay on her back on the far side of the bed while this man began to fuck Melanie. She felt the bed moving sharply down and up, and knew that he was pounding Melanie's pussy with his cock.

Kysa couldn't resist letting her hand crawl slowly down between her legs. The entire evening had been kinky, especially when she was watching Jill get his assfucked for a long time. Her pussy was soaked and she started fingering herself in the dark, while her Mistress was getting fucked beside her. She began to flick her clit with the same rhythm as her Mistress' fuck session.

Just as she had heated her pussy up to a good slickness, she heard Melanie say "Listen, as much as I love your stick, save a little of it, and try out my new bitch. You'll love the way she can do you. No lie." He said, "Well, if you insist!" he chuckled. Kysa felt him reach over to her in the dark. He pulled her by the arm until she was up against Melanie. He told her to turn over onto her hands and knees.

She did as she was told, and when she was in position, he moved in behind her and slid a huge, cock deeply into her already sloppy cunt. She almost fainted at the size of it, but thanked the maker it wasn't as long as Eli's cock had been. This guy was wide, and very hard. He simply pushed it into her tight cunt slit and fucked her hard and fast in the darkness.

She never uttered a whimper or painful moan, even though the guy was stretching her wider than she had felt it spread. After about a minute, she loosened up enough to begin to actually enjoy his size. She even pushed back hard onto his cock to please him. If she hadn't done it, he may have said something derogatory, and Kysa's ass would have been in deep water.

He fucked her cunt for a long time, and he even told Melanie that she had a tight pussy. Kysa smiled in the dark as Melanie said, "I told you she was tight! I knew you would want her the moment you felt her tight cuntlips around your beef stick."

Kysa's thoughts went wild with imagination. She thought to herself, "I'm in a strange house, in the dark, getting fucked by someone with a huge prick that I don't know and can't even see. I'm a woman's personal sex slave, and I'm required to sleep naked in the same bed as my Mistress, who has twin slaves sleeping on a mat in the next room. Now I have a huge hard cock in my cunt and I'm loving every moment of it. Why didn't I do this a long time ago?"

The man held on to Kysa's hips and pulled her to him as he jammed his cock deep inside the slick walls of her cunt. He took one hand and started playing with her asscheeks, quickly zeroing in on her even tighter ass hole. He tickled her anus with the tip of his finger and began to probe and push a big think finger into her hole.

This set Kysa on fire. She reared back onto his cock, pushing back and forth on its entire length. His finger set her passions loose and she wanted more. He sensed this and reamed her hole deep. He had wide think fingers and suddenly stuck a second one into her ass. Kysa redoubled her efforts to make this fuck a good one for him.

He was thinking that he was getting a great piece of pussy, but suddenly he wanted more. He kept his hips still while Kysa rocked back and forth on his rod, impaling her own body onto him. Suddenly, on one of Kysa's out strokes, he pulled his cock out, and pushed his weight on top of her.

She didn't expect the sudden shift in weight and she fell forward onto her face, as her legs collapsed outwards from the force of the load on top of her. It took only a few seconds to know why she was flat on the bed. The man mounted her from behind. He closed her legs, and put his legs on the outside of hers so she couldn't open them. With one hand, he held his cock and pointed it towards her ass hole. With the other, he pressed down on her small back to prevent her from turning over or sitting up.

He pushed the wide head of his slippery cock into and past her tight sphincter muscle and felt it pop in. He heard her breathe in sharply, but she didn't cry out. Slowly and surely, inch by inch, he nudged his unforgiving hardness deeper and deeper into her tight ass. He was forceful, but not in a rush. He wanted his cock in her ass, but didn't want to hurt her.

Soon he started with inch-long short strokes with his thick meat, and increased the length of the strokes as soon as she had accepted the amount he fed her. She accepted him easily, because he was taking his time. Soon, however, he was stroking his entire length deep inside of her extremely tight ass.

His strokes in her ass were such that he increased the amount of cock going into her ass with each very slow stroke. She thought again about her situation, and the fact that now she was getting butt fucked by someone she didn't know and couldn't see. That thought drove her into yet another sexual tingle and she eased off some anal tension on his cock and allowed him to fuck her easier.

After he was fully impaled, and had fucked her ass for a little while he bent down, reached around and grabbed one of her tits in each hand and lifted her up and backwards so that she was now on her knees with her ass still impaled on his cock. He adjusted positions and moved them both to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs in front, straddling his. This forced her to sit back onto his lap, with her legs spread wide hanging over his with his cock impaled in her ass.

Since it was still pitch dark in the room, he knew Melanie was wondering what was happening, so he asked Melanie if she wanted to climb over for a taste of pussy. Kysa felt Melanie slide off the bed, and the next thing she knew, Melanie had climbed between her legs and put her face to Kysa's wet pussylips.

Melanie spread Kysa's legs wider over his legs and lapped at the available cunt. Kysa put her head back onto the mans chest and closed her eyes to the pleasure she was receiving. He kept her impaled ass positioned squarely on his cock while Melanie lapped at her clean- cuntlips. The man's hands roamed from her waist, to cup her breasts, pull on her nipples, and then slid down to tweak her clit. Then they roamed back and made the same body sweep several times. Kysa's sexual thoughts took over her mind and she gave herself fully to the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her ass was jammed full of pulsating cock, and her Mistress was sucking the juices from her cunt as fast as she could produce them.

Melanie pulled away, and Kysa heard a drawer open. Melanie felt around in the darkness and found what she was looking for. She removed an eight-inch battery operated soft plastic dildo. Kysa had no idea what was about to happen. Without turning it on, Melanie began to fuck Kysa's pussy with it.

She moved it in and out of Kysa's pussy and Kysa spread her legs even more to allow her pussy to be fucked. Finally, after Melanie had it fully inserted, she turned it on. It buzzed loudly and Kysa twitched in surprise and pleasure. Melanie fucked Kysa with the wildly vibrating dildo while leaning over and nibbling on Kysa's clit.

This caused Kysa to squirm and push back onto his cock. He felt the vibrator buzzing inside of her, which caused him to shift forward and back making his cock pump into Kysa's ass a few inches. Kysa was now being fucked from the front and back at the same time, and she assisted the rocking motion to better feel the intrusions into her body.

He needed more and told Melanie he was going to stand up. Wrapping his big arms around Kysa's waist, he picked her up as he stood, which left Kysa hanging in the air, impaled on his cock. Melanie shuffled to her knees and kept the vibrating dildo inside Kysa's pussy.

Bending over slightly so that her ass would swing free enough to fuck her while her feet were off the floor, he quickened his pace. He started pumping her ass at full throttle while standing up. With the help of the dildo fucking she was getting from Melanie, it set them both off. Kysa felt a tingling from deep within her belly and it rumbled quickly to a full-fledged orgasm.

Her legs began to shake in orgasmic ecstasy and that set him on fire as well. As she came on the vibrator Melanie had stuffed inside her cunt, he blasted a load of sperm deep inside her ass. They came together, as the urges that had welled up inside them both turned into a full-fledged storm.

He spent his entire load of hot jism deep within her. Her toes curled in the air, and their combined orgasmic juices ran down the insides of her legs, and the dildo in Melanie's hand. Melanie continued to manipulate Kysa's pussy with the dildo until the man had finished his standing spasms and sat back down on the bed, carrying Kysa with him.

While he was regaining his composure, his hands were busy squeezing Kysa's tits, and pulling hard on her nipples. He laid back on the bed bringing Kysa back with him so her ass stayed on his cock. Melanie bent over, spread Kysa's legs wide again, and licked pussy until it was cleaned of all cunt moisture. Then she reached up and patted Kysa's pussy as if to say "good girl."

He pulled out of Kysa's ass and felt Melanie handing her a small towel. She cleaned him off and cleaned herself up. They were all beat, and they climbed under the covers with Kysa between them. She faced him in the darkness, and he kissed her tenderly. After a few minutes of petting from both sides of her, they drifted off to sleep.

Early in the morning, Kysa awoke with an unexpected shuddering orgasm. She blinked her eyes open and felt a person between her legs and a tongue on her cuntlips, under the covers. She turned her head in the half-light of the morning sun beaming into the window to see Melanie sleeping peacefully, and smelled breakfast cooking. She remembered the man from last night, and knew it was him eating her cunt, so she spread her legs wide to give him better access.

After a few more minutes of his active tongue on her cunt and clit, she had a series of smaller orgasms that shook the bed, waking up Melanie. Melanie smiled at her when she realized the man was eating her slave's pussy under the covers, and brought her lips to Kysa's. They kissed tenderly and Melanie climbed out of bed, striding out of the bedroom without clothes.

While Kysa was still being eaten, she heard Jack and Jill receive their morning spankings from Melanie. Once she was finished with her twins, she heard Melanie tell them to be ready to serve breakfast for three in the kitchen. Kysa was famished. She only had a small amount to eat yesterday and the day before.

Just as Melanie was coming into the bedroom, Kysa had another powerful orgasm on the tongue of the man eating her cunt. Melanie chuckled and said, "Good gracious! What a horny little slut you are! Don't you ever quit cumming?"

Kysa smirked along with Melanie, smiled and said, "No Mistress."

When the man was finished licking the juice from her last orgasm, Kysa felt him slide his wet tongue up over her taught belly and up even further over her breasts, stopping to nibble on each of her firm, pink rubbery nipples. When his head popped out from under the covers, she stared in shock and disbelief at who she saw emerge.

The moment his head came out from under the sheets, she recognized him, and her wish of anonymity as someone's personal sex slave flew out the window, as she stared into his face, mouth agape. It was her next door neighbor, Frank Dorsette. At thirty-something, he worked as a shift supervisor at the local mill. He was a large ruggedly built black man.

Since Kysa had lived in her house, as far back as she could remember he had made uncountable passes at her as she came and went. She can remember his stares when she was twelve and thirteen. She just put up with it, but recently, before meeting Melanie and myself, she had really been teasing him lately.

Sometimes, she dressed provocatively and swayed a little more obvious when she knew he was looking. There were even a few times when she knew he was home and watching her through a window from his own house just a few yards away. She knew he had peaked while she was dressing and undressing, and she gave him many a good peep show over the years. At times. she played mind games with his head.

It wasn't that she didn't like him. Not at all. In fact, she thought he was an OK guy. He wasn't bad looking at all, and she had even fantasized about making it with him and all his muscles. He just kept nagging her to come over. Although quite curious about it, she just wasn't interested in having sex with a black man.

She knew that all he wanted was to fuck her, and he always tried to get her to come over while his wife was out, almost on a daily basis. He had no other interest in her except getting laid, but she had better things to do, and men her own age and race to fuck. He was good looking, but she just hadn't been interested. The tables now turned in his favor, and he had given her a pounding last night.

She knew immediately that she would have to service him, as Melanie's slave. Thinking back to last night, she realized that he knew how to fuck and had the perfect tool to do it. The thought also came to her that she might be turning into a slut after all, and her astonished look turned into a smile. He smiled back and she put her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on his lips.

She could smell and taste her own cunt juice on his face, lips, and tongue, and that turned her on even more. Reaching down between them she felt for, and found, his hard thick cock. She pointed it to her wet pussylips, and pushed her hips up to and onto his bulging meat. She pushed her cuntlips past the head of his cock, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

She never waited for him to begin, for she used her leg muscles and pulled herself up and onto his prick, impaling her own pussy using only her leg muscles for leverage. He lunged forward pressing her down onto the bed, slid his entire thick length inside her and pumped in and out of her tight pussy. Not a word was spoken as he fucked her cunt deeply. He pounded it in and out for several minutes and she could sense he was ready to cum. She felt her desires rising and held on to him as they came together.

The moment he was through spurting his cum into her cunt, he rudely pulled out and climbed off of Kysa. Melanie had watched them fuck. She told Kysa to get a washcloth and towel, and clean him off. Kysa jumped out of bed, cum dripping from between her legs, and did as she was told. She washed his limp black cock and dried it for him.

Melanie said, "Frank, darling? Would be so kind as to give this slave cunt her morning spanking? When you're done, we can eat breakfast."

Frank said, "Sweetheart, you just don't know how much I'd love to give this fuck hole a spanking. I'd love to!" He took hold of Kysa's arm, and pulled her harshly over his lap at the edge of the bed. Kysa knew this was going to hurt, so she mentally prepared herself for the onslaught of pain she was going to receive.

Frank looked at her small pink ass, and placed his large black hand onto it to show Melanie the comparison of both color and size. Melanie smiled in appreciation. Then he began his hard strokes. Kysa had never felt such pain on her bare ass as she did that morning. Frank spanked her as only a big man could, holding nothing back.

His giant hand struck both cheeks at the same time, and the flesh beneath his strokes quivered brutally. After about fifteen strokes, he stopped and said, "Slave! I lost track of how many slaps you've had. What is the correct count?" Kysa was in agony, ass in the air, taking the worst blows she had ever received. She had no idea how many she had been given, or how many were left. With tears in her eyes from the pain, she said, "I... I wasn't counting, Master."

He said, "Well... now I have to start all over again! I want you to count out loud! How am I to know when to stop if you don't count them? After each stroke, you will say "ONE MASTER! TWO MASTER! THREE MASTER! You will yell them loudly after each stroke, and you will not lose count. Do you understand?" Kysa was panicking, for now she would be getting twenty-five more full hard slaps on her already tender asscheeks, but she responded with "Yes Master!"

He pounded her ass even harder, and through her tears of pain, she counted each stroke out loud. When finally she reached her twenty-fifth stroke, her ass was numb with pain. She started to relax, but he kept right on slapping her ass. She had to continue counting out loud, and after thirty-five, she felt a familiar surge come upon her and she started shaking in orgasm even as she counted aloud.

Frank knew she was cumming and spanked her ass even harder, as she counted to forty-five and finished her orgasm on his lap. He added another five slaps just to see if she would continue to count, and she did. When he was finished with her spanking, he let her drop to the floor between his knees and pulled her face back onto his hardened cock.

He said, "Suck my hard black cock in appreciation for your orgasm!" Weakly, she opened her mouth and took his huge head inside and with his hand on the back of her head, forced his big spike in deep. He fucked her face by moving her head on and off his meat for a few minutes. He was already on the verge of cumming, because the spanking had excited him almost as much as it did for Kysa.

He felt his second load of the morning erupting from his balls and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He told her to keep her mouth open so he could see his cum spurting into it. She knelt before him with her mouth open, and he held her head back by the hair.

He felt the first jolt cumming and pointed the head of his cock at her face. It spurted out so fast, he missed her mouth and it splashed on her upper lip. Kysa was surprised and tried to lick the sperm off of her face. Since she wasn't concentrating on keeping her mouth open, the next few spurts of cum were splashed all over her hair and face.

He laughed as he was cumming all over her face, watching her try to lick it all off. Melanie laughed with him. It was a pretty funny sight seeing Kysa's face just covered in jism from his big black cock. When he was done, he reached over and smeared the cum all over her face, from hairline to neck. Her face was soaked and totally covered with sticky white cum juice.

He said, "Now you can leave it there all morning! I told you to keep your mouth open, and you didn't listen to me!" He told her not to attempt to wipe it off until she was told to do so, and then it was time for breakfast. Melanie led Kysa, weak-kneed and face covered in sperm, to the breakfast table. Three places had been set out, two close together and one apart.

Melanie sat Kysa down next to her and began to feed her. She intentionally made a mess all over Kysa, pretending to miss her mouth several times, just like a small baby. This created a mess all over Kysa's breasts and lap. She managed to consume some of her meal, but most of it wound up all over her naked body.

Melanie and Frank then settled down to have breakfast together, ignoring Kysa in all her nakedness. When they were done, Melanie told Kysa to help her to get dressed. So, still covered with food and cum, she helped her Mistress to dress. She was told to help Frank dress, and she complied. When they were both ready, she told Kysa she was going out for a while, and to watch over the house.

"I want you to make sure you wash that mess off your body and to have the twins clean up any mess that's here. When you finish, go out back and make sure the twins turn on the hot tub and put plenty of towels nearby. We will be having some guests over this afternoon and evening, so I want this house spotless by the time I return."

At that, she walked out the front door with Frank, got in her van, and drove away. Kysa sighed and was glad to have a while to relax and gather her senses. She needed to draw a nice hot bath and just sit and relax. As she walked back towards the main bedroom, she glanced into the punishment room. The twins sat there waiting for orders.

Kysa stood before them and looked at their naked bodies. They were both beautiful. Kysa stood their for several moments looking at them, and the thought struck her that she could use one of these slaves to help her get cleaned up. She said, "Is that how you respect your new Mistress? Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to behave like slaves?"

The twins looked at each other, and quickly realized that they had screwed up. They thought they would have it easy, now that Mistress Melanie was away, but remembered Melanie's new orders. Jack and Jill fell to their knees at Kysa's feet, thighs spread wide before her for her viewing pleasure. She smiled and said, "That's more like it. Now stand up. Let me take a closer look at both of you." They stood up and allowed Kysa to touch and feel their nakedness in a sexually thorough examination of their bodies.

She reached between the boy's legs and hefted the weight of his hardening cock, also sampling it's size and girth in her hand. She stroked him firmly, and as his cock hardened in her hand, he started shaking. He knew he was not allowed to have a hardon without permission, but he couldn't stop the natural process. She continued stroking his big cock until he was fully erect and his prick pointed straight out in front of him.

She let go, and ignored him completely. Kysa moved to the gorgeous naked girl. She touched and felt her nakedness as brazenly as she had done with his. She stood behind the girl and reached around to heft a large breast in each hand. They were firm and taught like her own. Before today, Kysa would never have done this to another female, although she had always fantasized about doing it.

Still standing behind the girl, and pressing her own dirty nude body against her, Kysa ran her hands down across and past Jack's tight belly until they found her smooth, naked pussylips. They were wet. She parted them with a finger, and felt for Jack's clit. She found it and Jack immediately began moaning and sighing in pleasure.

Kysa released her hold on Jacks clit, walked back around to stand in from of the twins and said, "Jill, go out and clean up the kitchen. Make it sparkle." Then she stood there and watched Jill staring back. Kysa looked into his eyes and said firmly. "Now!" Jill ran out of the room as though it was on fire. Then she again stared at the nude girl.

She said, "Go and run me a nice hot bubble bath." Jack ran into the main bathroom and Kysa heard the water running. While they were busy, she opened each of the chests in the room, examining the contents. Inside, there were rubber dildos, hard plastic ones, chains, ropes, leather whips, straps, and a large assortment of other items used explicitly for sex games and even mild pain.

After a while, she heard the water stop running in the tub, and walked into the bathroom. With Jack's help, she climbed into the hot soapy water and sat down. She leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of peace and quiet.

She languished there in the tub for almost 30 minutes, gently washing her body and hair. She made sure that the girl watched her clean herself, and actually enjoyed the thrill of bathing while another woman paid close attention. When she was ready to rinse, Jack helped her stand. She rinsed off under the shower and finally felt clean.

Jack helped her out of the tub and Kysa told her to help her get dry. She did this, making certain there wasn't a drop of water left anywhere on her body. She took Jack by the hand and walked into the kitchen. As Jill cleaned, she had jack prepare her something to eat. She was famished. She even had Jack feed her with her own fingers, and that made Kysa feel more in control than ever. She finished eating and again took the girl by the hand. Going back into the bedroom, she turned to Jack and asked "Do you know how to shave a pussy?"

Jack said, "Yes Mistress." Kysa said, "Good. Go get the stuff and shave my cunt for me."

Jack ran to the bathroom, gathered the shaving cream and razor, and came back to the bedroom. Kysa spread a towel on the edge of the bed, sat back on it, leaned back on her elbows, and lifted and spread her legs giving Jack full access to her slit. Jack spurted out some shaving cream into her hand, and expertly spread it all over Kysa's cunt.

As Kysa watched, her pussy was cleanly shaven and rinsed off by Jack, even though it didn't need to be shaved again so soon. Unexpectedly, as if not having to be told, Jack leaned forward and kissed Kysa on her cunt. She sucked in her breath and lay back on the bed, giving Jack access to continue. Jack needed no permission, and eagerly began eating out Kysa's smooth cunt.

Kysa came in Jack's mouth in no time at all. Jack tenderly licked away all the slickness from the released juices, and when Kysa finished cumming, Jack wiped off her cunt one last time. Then she got up and took the items back to the bathroom. When Kysa caught her breath, she stood and told Jack to change the bed linen and clean up the bedroom.

She walked out into the kitchen, and saw that Jill had just finished putting things away and wiping up the remains of the mess that was made when Kysa was fed earlier by her Mistress. The kitchen fairly sparkled! This slave knew his job. She told him to turn on the hot tub, and to set out several sets of towels for the arriving guests.

When everything looked in shape, and a final walk through of the house seemed satisfactory, she told the twins to go back into the punishment room. When they got there, Kysa looked sternly at Jill and said, "Explain to me why your cock was hard earlier this morning without permission."

He turned white at the mention of his earlier misfortune and struggled to think of a way out. Finally he said, "I'm sorry Mistress. I tried not to get hard, honest! I tried to think of other things when you touched me, but I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry. Please forgive me?"

Kysa said, "I didn't ask for an apology. I asked for your explanation. I believe I should report this incident to your Mistress!"

Jill frowned and quickly begged "Oh no! Please don't do that! Please, Mistress? Please don't tell Mistress Melanie that I got hard?"

Kysa looked at the girl and said, "Should I report this incident to your Mistress?"

Jack smiled brightly and said, "Oh yes Mistress, I think you should! He has been told over and over not to get an unauthorized hardon in this house. You should report it to Mistress Melanie as soon as she comes home!"

Jill's face turned ashen gray and his head fell to his chest and thinking about the upcoming punishment he was to receive. Jack knew that Jill would be punished severely, and that she would be allowed to fuck him in the ass again, then whip his ass with the belt. She wanted it to happen. Kysa could tell.

Kysa told Jill to go and get all the chains and gear used to put himself into position, and he started to cry. Without another word, he went around and collected the equipment, placing it onto the mat in its proper position for use. When he came back to Kysa, she looked directly into his eyes, and smiled. Jack smiled too, knowing what was about to happen.

Jack was surprised, then, when Kysa looked at her and said, "Get on your knees in front of your brother you little tattle tale bitch, and suck his cock until it's hard!" Jill's head came up and Kysa told him that she would overlook his earlier hardon if he promised to get a real hardon again, inside his sister's mouth.

Jill said, "Yes Mistress! I promise!"

Jack kneeled before him, engulfed her brothers' flaccid cock into her mouth, and proceeded to suck him off while Kysa looked on. Jill took no time at all to get hard again, and Jack was finding it difficult to stuff his entire cock into her mouth. She continued until he was fully erect, and was then told to quit sucking it.

Then she was told to get into position in the center of the mat. She crawled to the spot in the middle of the floor, and Kysa told Jill to strap his sister into the same position as he was last night. With a wide smile on his face, and a shocked look on hers, be began to tie her firmly into position.

The only thing missing was a necktie. To replace that, Kysa decided that a huge vibrating dildo shoved up her cunt would serve the purpose, and she picked a big one for her brother to stick up there. He did it with pleasure and made sure the strap was tied tight behind her so it wouldn't fall out.

The naked blond girl leaned over the small bench so that her breasts swung free in front of it. Her arms were secured in shackles behind her back. Her neck was placed into a collar and hooked to the floor beneath her, and her legs were shackled to the spreader bar, spread, and locked to the floor so they could not move.

Jill's cock hung huge between his legs and it was as hard as it could possibly be. Kysa said, "Does your Mistress have anything that will stop you from cumming?"

Jill said, "Yes Mistress." He ran to the chest and pulled out a small white bottle of ointment.

"Mistress, this oil makes my cock numb so that I can last a long time."

Kysa said, "Rub a lot on the head of your cock, then grease it up real nice." Jill put the lubricant on his cock and it took effect almost immediately, numbing the sensitive head but allowing his cock to stay hard. Then he ran to the chest, pulled out the jar of Vaseline, and smothered the rest of his entire length with a heaping amount. He then ran to stand behind his sister and greased up her asshole.

Kysa walked over to stand in front of Jack, and she inspected all the connections. She leaned over, pulled Jack's head back so that she could look into her eyes, and Kysa said, "Not one fucking sound! Not even a muffled grunt. If I so much as hear one tiny whimper, you will be surprised at what happens next. Do you understand?" Jack nodded, trembling visibly, and Kysa could see tears already leaking from her pretty eyes.

She looked up at Jill, and said, "I'm sure you have wanted to pay her back for some of the things she has done to you. So fuck her! Fuck her asshole as hard as she fucked yours last night! I want you to last as long as you possibly can. If you cum, make her suck your cock until you get hard again, and fuck her ass some more."

At that, Jill straddled his sister's ass, pointed the swollen head of his erect prick at her tiny hole, and pushed it into her ass. He held back nothing, as he shoved the entire length of his cock slowly into her stretched out rectum.

She looked at Jack, and saw she was holding back the tears and biting her lip, just like Jill had done the night before. She felt his cock stab into her hot ass and gritted her teeth as he began to pump the whole length in and out of her tightness. It was time for pay back. Jill fucked his sister's ass hard. She had had his hard penis in her ass before, but not all at once like this, and not for very long. He always came fast when he felt her tight ass wrapped around his cock. This time, she knew she would really be fucked.

Kysa walked out of the punishment room, and started looking around the house, making sure she remembered where everything was located. She went out back to check out the hot tub, and it was already starting to steam nicely. All of the towels and even some oils had been placed nearby.

As the boy fucked his sister's ass, she heard him grunting his pleasure and let them go for it. She made another pass through the house, looking in drawers and closets to see what she could find. Everything was immaculately clean and neat. Finding nothing to do inside, she went out to explore the back yard.

She felt a little timid, at first, walking around outside in the nude, but soon began to find it erotically stimulating. She knew she couldn't be seen by any neighbors because there were none, and the privacy fence took the rest of her inhibitions away.

As she wandered around in the back yard, the smaller locked shed caught her eye. She figured it held gardening equipment and the like, so she didn't bother examining it any closer. Instead, she continued to slowly check out the rest of the back yard and soon found herself back next to the hot tub and pool.

She sat on one of the pool chairs and remembered the sexual encounter with Mistress Melanie in the pool, yesterday. It felt so sexy to lick her cunt and please her. The thought of her exposed pussy send Kysa back in time, and closing her eyes, could actually remember the scent and flavor of that cunt.

The temptation was so great she couldn't help herself. She spread her legs and rubbed her newly shaved pussy until she got herself off with her fingers. Then she just laughed a little, realizing just how many times she had cum in the last few days. She hadn't cum that much in six months, before all this happened to her. And it happened so fast!

She looked over at the hot tub and the urge hit her to see what it felt like. She climbed over the edge and sat down slowly into the hot water. She relished the feeling of the really hot bubbling water moving over her skin. The feel of this invigorating bliss was superb! She leaned back and just before closing her eyes, noted that the clock said, 9:49a. She drifted off in the steamy water, falling off to sleep.

She slept emotionlessly in the circulating hot water. The roiling water soothed and caressed her small feminine form and caused her to dream about her new sex life. After a while, she even smiled as she slept, contented. Then, with a start, she woke up. Glancing up at the clock, she realized she had slept for almost two and a half hours. She rubbed her eyes and suddenly remembered the twins.

Jumping out of the tub and grabbing a towel, she dripped water behind her as she ran to the punishment room. She found Jill, sweating profusely, still humped over his sister while he continued to fuck her ass. Kysa walked in and asked him if he had stopped while she was out of the room.

He said, "Yes Mistress. I'm so sorry. I had three orgasms already and I had to stop to catch my breath in between. But I did as you ordered me, and had jack suck my cock until it got hard again. Then I continued to fuck her ass like you told me too." He had his fully erect cock still pushed into her ass and was working on orgasm number four. Jack, on the other hand, was also soaked in sweat and she had a smile on her face from ear to ear. She was actually enjoying this.

She watched a minute or two longer, and watched in awe as his entire ten-inches slid in and out of her ass as he fucked her. Kysa shrugged, realizing that they were still ok, and said to Jill: "Pull that meat out of her and make her suck on it for a while. Fuck her mouth deep and hard, or I'll personally whip your ass." Jill pulled his cock out of her ass, crawled around to the front of her, got up on his knees and stuffed his length into his sister's mouth.

She engulfed it as he pushed it in and out at a fast pace. Kysa walked out of the room and finished drying off. She was all pink and wrinkled from being in the water for so long, but she felt great. She had just lay down on the bed when the phone rang. She wasn't sure what to do, so she picked it up and simply said, "Hello?"

Melanie was on the other end. She calmly told Kysa that from now on she was to answer the phone by saying "Mistress Melanie's Residence, Kysa speaking."

Kysa said, "Yes Mistress," and then Melanie told Kysa that someone from the cable TV company would be coming over to the house in a short while, and she was to let them in to repair the system.

She also said, "You will let them in and you will show them to the cable box in my bedroom. You will make sure that the twins stay quietly in the punishment room with the door closed and locked. They are not to be seen or heard while the cable TV person is there."

"Further, I want you to go into the closet and get the following clothes to wear." Melanie described the clothes to Kysa and said, "I want to see if I can get some free channels on my cable box. When they come in, be sexy. Be charming and alluring. Give them a free pussy peak or two while acting innocent. See if you can get them to install an extra channel at no charge. I will be back home in three hours with my guests. Have the house in order by then."

As Melanie was prone to do, she hung up without waiting for a response. Kysa went into the punishment room and found Jill pushing his cock all the way down Jack's throat. Jack was sucking it hard, helping her brother to orgasm. Jack was a hummer. As she sucked his cock, she hummed, causing her vocal cords to vibrate and stimulate the sensitive head of her brother's prick.

They looked very nice together. They were a cute pair and Kysa decided that they were in love with each other, even though they were brother and sister. As Jack sucked Jill's cock deeply, Kysa picked up a large paddle. She hefted it in her hand and walked over to stand behind Jack. As Jack sucked Jill's cock in wanton abandonment, Kysa let loose a swing and smacked the paddle right on one of her asscheeks. Jack had not seen her pick up the paddle, so when she was struck, she jumped forward in surprise and impaled her throat even deeper onto Jill's hardon.

Kysa said, "Push your cock all the way down her throat and hold her head there while I take care of this end." At that instruction, Jill moved forward and forced his ten-inch cock all the way down Jack's throat. She readily took all of his length without gagging as she had grown accustomed to doing him, and Jill put his hands on the back of his sister's head, holding her head firmly in place.

Kysa then spanked Jack's exposed ass many times as hard as she could swing the paddle. On each stroke, Jack tried to mumble something, but since her mouth and throat were filled with cock, she couldn't speak. Then Kysa understood what was happening. Jack was trying to count the spankings but could only gurgle a sound past her brother's cock.

Kysa caught on and said, "I can't understand the count you're giving me. I'll have to start again. Count out loud after each stroke!" She struck Jack's ass and she whimpered in pain but attempted to give her Mistress the proper count. Kysa had spanked her ten more times, when Jill started to cum into his sister's throat. He spasmed hard several times shooting his load deep down her neck.

When he was finished cumming hard in his sister's mouth, Kysa told him to pull it out and make her lick it clean She watched as she did as ordered, enjoying every moment. Then she told him to undo her, clean her up and to stay in the room. She instructed them to close and lock the door until they were told they could come out, and warned them not to speak a word until the door opened again. They must be silent, at all costs.

She went into the bedroom and put on the clothes she had been instructed to wear by her Mistress. All she was allowed to wear was a flimsy, tight, black lace, see-through blouse, black lace hose with black garters, and a tight red leather miniskirt. She was not allowed any underwear to cover her exposed tits, nipples or cunt. She was told she wouldn't need shoes.

She spent the next few minutes drying and combing out her long blonde hair and putting it back up into the tight ponytail as she had been taught. About twenty minutes later someone knocked at the door. Kysa's heart raced in her chest as she made plans in her head of what she was to do next.

She opened the door, peering around it so that whoever was there wouldn't see how she was dressed. Standing at the door was a man in his late forties. His hair was streaked gray in places and he had a clipboard in his hand. Out in the driveway she could see the cable TV truck. He said, "G'morning, Ma'am. I'm from the cable TV company. I have an order here to fix one converter box... something about a scrambled channel?"

Kysa said, "Yes, it's the box in the bedroom, please come in." She walked backward opening the door while standing behind it to stay out of view. When the man was in the house she closed the door and turned to face him. His mouth opened in surprise when he saw what she looked like. Kysa said, "This way please," and walked in front of him, leading him down the hallway to the bedroom. She let her sexuality ooze out and sexily swung her hips, knowing he was watching from behind.

She pointed out the cable receiver to him, smiled sweetly, and said, "I can't remember which channel it was, but then again, I've always had terrible luck with my box." The man caught the sexual overtones and replied, "I find that terribly difficult to believe. I'll just open it up and take a look inside to see what the problem could be."

Kysa caught his return innuendo, smiled again, and sat down on the edge of the bed facing him. When she sat down, she nonchalantly lifted one knee to the bed while keeping the other foot on the floor. This gave the cable man a clear view between her legs. She saw where his glance lead and said, "I bet you know how to fix a lot of things." The man blushed visibly and turned to check out the reception box on the TV.

Once he had it opened, Kysa said, "What would it take to be able to watch all the channels the cable company offers?" In business tones, the man responded by saying "Well... each channel is a different price per month, but you can order a package deal at a much lower rate."

Kysa interrupted him by saying "I didn't ask you how much it would cost, silly. I asked you what it would take." As she was saying this, she leaned back a little giving the man a better shot of naked pussy and heaving breasts.

The man stuttered for a moment and said, "Well, ma'am, we're not allowed to give out free channels. We might get in trouble if we get caught." Kysa feigned a pout, which caused the man to smile and blush again as he looked at her cunt.

She said, "Who said anything about getting it free?"

The cable guy was now totally flustered. She could tell he had a vicious boner in his pants and was trying to hide it. He finally said, "Tell you what, let me talk with my partner outside and I'll see what he has to say about it. I'll be right back."

Kysa showed him to the door, smiling and swaying all the way. He went outside, and from the corner of the window, she watched as the man spoke to his partner in the truck. The man made motions with his hands, trying to explain the size of Kysa's breasts and, she was sure, telling the other man about seeing her cunt.

The other man nodded and started looking for something in the back of the truck. They took some tools and walked to the side of the house. They opened a small box on the ground near the road and did some wiring inside. In no time, they finished and both men came to the door. Kysa opened it in plain view this time, allowing the other man to feast his eyes on her almost naked form. The other man was fairly good looking and in his thirties. She invited them in and led them back to the bedroom, hips swinging seductively.

She sat on the bed in the same position and watched as they both worked behind the television. They would occasionally look at each other and smile as they worked, sneaking a peek at her, slick shaven pussylips. The older man stood up and said, "Well... there you go. Let's see what channels you have now." He flipped the remote and scanned through every channel.

He turned to her and said, "We've installed your system with every available channel on the net. Does that make you happy?"

Kysa said, "Oh yes! Thank you very much! But, what was wrong with my box?"

The younger man brazenly said, "Honey, from where I'm standing, there isn't a thing wrong with your box. In fact, the reception is crystal clear!"

She smiled her smile and said, "You know, I was always taught never to believe anyone who hadn't personally checked out the equipment themselves. Do you guys think my system needs servicing? I think it may be time for a check up, don't you? It's been a long time since I have really had it looked at."

They looked at each other and stood up. They both walked over to where she sat on the bed, and the older of the two men said, "In order to do a complete check up, the cover needs to come off so we can probe inside to check the flow of current."

Kysa stood up and said, "Well, I think you're right. I mean, you must know what you're talking about. Perhaps, as long as you have the cover off, you should check out the whole system to make sure it's functioning properly."

The young man walked over and stood behind her while the older man stood in front of her. He said, "I think we both may need to get our hands into it to see if the system needs any aligning." Kysa said, "If you think that's the best way to do it, then I think so too. Do you need to call anyone else or will my personal ok be enough."

"Darling, I think we can handle it from here. We certainly don't need any help." At that, the young man moved behind Kysa, put his arms around her and started unbuttoning her blouse. He removed her flimsy top, exposing her breasts to the man in front, and then went down to her miniskirt. He reached down and lifted the hem of it, pulling it up over her hips, baring her cunt and ass.

She couldn't remember how, but somehow she wound up on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Everything happened so fast, she just went with it. It seemed like only moments passed when she found herself sucking the older man's rigid cock and being fucked doggy style by the young guy.

As the young man fucked her pussy from behind, she was pushed onto the older man's cock on each thrust, forcing her to deep throat him each time. As she sucked him off, she remembered Jack's humming and started humming on his cock. It was easy to do and it drove him wild. She was fucked like this for a long time. Then they decided to change positions. Shortly, she began sucking on the young man's boner while being deeply fucked in her pussy by the other one. Again, she deep throated the cock in her mouth, and gave him a hum job.

They fucked her for quite a while, and soon took their turns cumming. The first to cum was the cock in her mouth. He filled her mouth with hot cream, emptying his balls. When he was done, the guy in back held on tight and came deep inside her pussy. As they were getting dressed, she thanked them for their concerned checkout of her reception. They all laughed at the humor in their little jokes and they left, smiling all the way.

Kysa told the twins to unlock the door, and told them to follow her. She led them to the shower and they all got in. She told them that her body needed a good cleaning. They washed her from head to toe, making sure everything was cleaned. She, in turn, helped them to clean themselves. As she looked down, she saw that Jill had another hardon. She looked at him sternly and said, "Will you never learn to keep that under control!?" He smiled and said, "No Mistress. I don't think I will."

She couldn't help herself and smiled back. She asked him when the last time he had fucked his sister's pussy. He looked stunned and said, "Mistress Melanie hasn't allowed me to do her pussy for almost eight months!"

Kysa chuckled and said, "Mistress Melanie is not here. Don't you want to fuck her?"

"Oh yes, Mistress! I miss that! May I please be allowed to fuck my sister's pussy?"

Kysa said, "You may have thirty, and only thirty strokes inside her pussy. Make them memorable!"

They climbed out of the shower and Jack giggled as she laid on her back on the bed, and spread her legs wide to accommodate her brother. It had been a long time since she had felt his big member inside her cunt, and she wanted to make the most out of those thirty strokes.

Jill stood between her legs at the edge of the bed and poised his raging hard cock over Jack's cuntlips. He looked her in the eyes, bent over, and slowly slid it in to the hilt.

Kysa said, "Jack, I want you to count each stroke of his cock in your cunt."

Jack replied, "Yes Mistress, I will."

Jill began to fuck his sister's cunt slowly and Jack counted each inward stroke out loud. Kysa could tell that Jill's passion for his sister and her cunt was great, indeed, and he savored every thrust into her very ready opening. Jill's enthusiasm mounted as the count reached twenty. She began to push back to allow him maximum entrance into her cunt, and as the strokes reached thirty, Jack and Jill were both on the verge of orgasm.

Just after stroke number thirty, Kysa said, "Get that fucking cock out of her cunt this minute! You are done!" Jill looked at her in astonishment for it would take him but two or three more strokes to cum inside his sister. He didn't want to pull it out, but he had to obey orders, so he did as he was told.

His enflamed penis stood out before him, quivering solidly in the air. His orgasm slowly abated and he was left standing there with only the memory of the feel of his sister's pussy surrounding his cock. Kysa could tell they were distraught but told them to go clean up the mess in the bathroom.

She guided their actions for the remainder of the afternoon, making sure that all the laundry was finished and the house was in order for the arrival of their Mistress. She double-checked everything and all was in good order. She even had the twins clean the mat in their room.

She primped and preened her hair until it was in good order and checked the temperature of the hot tub again. Everything was perfect as just then she heard vehicles pull into the driveway. She called for the twins and told them to get into position, behind her, at the front door.

When the door opened, Melanie saw that they were all in the proper position and left them sitting there while a small crowd of other people laughed at their nudity as they all walked by, in pairs. The last pair to enter was Frank and a very pretty, young black woman. All together there were six couples in the house, not counting the three slaves. This was one of the parties I attended as Melanie's guest.

Mistress Melanie immediately called Kysa into the bedroom, and the other two slaves began to perform assorted sexual favors for the group as they were supposed to do. Kysa jumped up and ran to her Mistress while everyone watched her titties jiggle firmly on her chest as she ran. Kysa saw me, smiled, and turned to her Mistress. Melanie pointed to the cable TV box and said, "Tell me what happened while you help me change my clothes."

Kysa sensually assisted Melanie in removing her clothes and got her redressed again in some very sexy satin and lace lingerie. She told her Mistress what had happened with the two men, and that she now had all the available cable channels. Melanie smiled, said thank you, and kissed Kysa passionately on her lips thanking her for her help. She walked over to the corner of the room and removed a hidden video camera from atop a shelf at that location. She turned it off, and smiled at Kysa again.

Melanie said, "Sit down on the bed, my little prick teaser, and we'll watch just how well you did." Kysa was shocked to watch Melanie pull out a videotape and rewind it in the VCR on top of the TV. She didn't know the tape had been running while pointing at the bed. Melanie watched it from the beginning, fast-forwarding past the dull no action spots, and then watched her slave being fucked by the two men from the cable TV company.

Melanie then sat in numbed silence as she watched Kysa allowing her twins to fuck each other. When that part was over, she rewound the tape and numbly turned to glare at Kysa. "I thought I told you that those slaves were not allowed to fuck each other! I specifically told you that Jill GETS NO PUSSY! You allowed him to stick his pecker into her cunt and fuck her!"

Without another word, Melanie grabbed Kysa harshly by the hair and pulled her, brutally, down the hallway and into the punishment room. As Kysa watched, Melanie removed several items from the chests and proceeded to bind Kysa's body as she had never been bound before in her life.

Kysa's mouth was filled and tied with a ball gag. A dark black hood was placed over her head and tied at the neck so that she could not see a thing. A collar was placed around her neck and her hands were cuffed in leather manacles and hooked to the back of the collar, forcing her arms to remain up high behind her head.

This position left Kysa totally exposed and vulnerable to anything and everything. Unable to see anything, and amidst the heckles and jeers of Melanie's guests (including myself), Kysa was led outside to one of the small sheds located near the swimming pool area in the back yard. She heard a door being unlocked and opened, and she was rudely lead into the shed.

She was grabbed by several hands and forced back against the wall where she heard and felt a chain hooked to the back of her collar which pulled her head straight up. Then her legs were spread quite wide and shackled to some hooks by her ankles. She felt a cloth sash tied around her waist and a cushion placed behind her ass, against the wall behind her. The sash was tightened so she was forced back against the cushion, which was thick enough to make her crotch stick out, exposing her cunt.

The next sound she heard was the door slamming shut and being locked. Kysa was scared shitless. About five minutes later, she heard the door unlock and open again, and heard more shuffling and rustling of chains and hooks. As Kysa listened, she decided that the twins were being chained up, one on each of the facing walls before her.

The door slammed shut and locked again. For the next thirty minutes, each of the slaves tried to get comfortable in their chained positions. Kysa heard loud music and partying in the distance and figured there was another orgy going on, for she heard muffled sighs and, once in a while, someone reported that they were cumming.

Water splashed in the pool and general chaos ensued at the party while the three slaves were chained in the darkness of their bonds. The sound of the door being unlocked and opened startled Kysa out of her silent reverie. She heard someone come in and then there was a long uncomfortable silence.

Someone came up close to her, and she felt ice being applied to her left nipple. It turned her on and she wiggled inside her bonds at the feel of the cold ice. After a little while her nipple was numb with the cold ice being applied to it. I had applied the ice to her nipples to make sure they were cold and numb enough.

Then, I leaned forward, whispering low into her ear as I continued with the ice on her nipples. In a low voice, I said, "Mistress Melanie wanted to punish you by tying you to her whipping pole and whipping your entire body with a leather cat-o-nine tails. She is quite livid and adamant that you be punished harshly for disobeying her orders. What you did was totally against her desire, and you got caught. She wants to see you bleed.

"It took some fancy doing on my part, and some unique favors by me to convince her not to scar your body for life that way. I have placed myself between you and some very serious damage tonight. I shall not do it again. However, that still leaves your punishment for the damage you have done to the training of her slaves.

"Melanie still wants to see you bleed. I don't think I'll be able to stop that part, but I have come up with a possible solution that can, at some future time, enhance your pleasure... even though you must bleed in the process. She is a good Mistress, unless you cross her, and you have. Now she seeks justice and revenge. This is your own doing."

I had yet to do anything to Kysa, but she was already shaking in fear of this issue of making her bleed. I could tell that she was terrified. What she didn't know was that my speech to her was part of her punishment, and Melanie was standing there listening and watching her reaction.

I continued by saying, "I asked her if a public apology or painful humiliation would settle the issue, and she said absolutely not. She is livid, and actually wants to see your blood. So my dear, here is what she has agreed to do as settlement for your outrageous disobedience. She wants to see your nipples and clitoris pierced and rings placed in the holes."

Kysa's thoughts went wild at the proposed painful actions on her body, but I continued explaining. "So your choices are limited. First, you can choose to apologize and end your slavehood right now, no further questions asked. If you don't want your body pierced, I would consider that option carefully. Second, you can take whatever punishment she so desires against your tender skin, but I can assure you that there will be severe pain, loss of blood, and damage to your beautiful skin with that damned whip she has. And Third, you can allow me to supervise the process of having your tits and clit pierced.

"The person doing the piercing is someone my sister happens to know and he has done piercing for hundreds of people. I can guarantee no severe pain to you, but he has been instructed to give you at least a moderate amount. You will have tenderness for about a week after the procedure, but I promise you, this piercing will make you so fucking sex crazed, that you will be greatly desired by any Mistress or Master. The best thing is that you will love your new look, but even if you don't, after you heal you can removed the body jewelry and never be the worse for wear.

"Now. Doing this piercing will make not only Mistress Melanie happy, but will also make me happy, because I don't want to see you hurt by her whip. She knows how to use it well. Your nipples will bleed for a moment, as will the hood covering the hood of your clitoris. Your actual clit will not be damaged in any way. All Melanie wants to see is your blood. I promise you there will only be a few drops.

"Now you take a few minutes to decide what you want to do. In the meantime, Mistress Melanie will be having the twins pierced. They have already agreed to the piercing. I am going to take the hood off your head so that you can watch the procedure. When we are done, you will have to give us your decision. Do you understand all of that?"

Kysa firmly nodded her head in understanding, and I removed the hood from her head. I kept the gag in her mouth.

Still gagged, she looked around and saw most of the folks at the party sitting on the grass, naked. They were smiling and watching the slave scene unfolding in the shed. She recognized all the people as those she had serviced at her home, previously, and then there was Frank and his good-looking woman.

In the shed with her was a man she had never met. There was also Melanie and myself. The man had been setting up a table with some tiny silver metallic rings and other equipment to do the piercing of the slaves. Then she saw the needles he used. They were very large.

Once he was set up, they all turned to Jack, and for the first time, Kysa saw Jack's naked form chained the same as she herself was. Jack's pretty firm breasts quivered in fear, and her crotch was pushed out before her the same way as her own.

The man whispered something to Melanie, and she nodded towards Jack. The man snapped on some hospital-type rubber gloves, and the first thing he did was to thoroughly clean her nipples with some alcohol. Then he took out some ointment and squeezed out a dab on his fingertip. He rubbed it over Jack's protruding nipples and they waited a couple of minutes for the nipple to be numbed. While this was happening, Melanie loudly chastised the girl for allowing Jill to put his penis in her pussy. Never mind that fact that Kysa was one hundred percent at fault, and that Jack was gagged so she couldn't respond.

After a few more moments, the man checked to see that her nipples were totally numb. After confirmation, he took a sharp needle off of the table. It had a sharp point at one end, and a hollow at the other. This confused Kysa until she saw how he used it.

Holding onto Jack's right nipple between his pinched thumb and forefinger, he nodded to Melanie who grabbed Jacks head and forced her to look down at the procedure. She told her slave to watch carefully. He then stuck the needle into the side of her nipple about halfway from the tip to the base, and centered. With a level, horizontal movement, he pushed the needle all the way through her nipple and then let it go. He backed up to gaze at the job he had done, to check to make sure it was level.

As he did this, the girl was crying openly. As she saw the needle go completely through her nipple, she passed out and hung limp in her chains. Melanie was patient, and about three or four minutes went by and Jack awakened. Melanie told her slave to keep watching, and this did nothing except amuse the man.

Once level was confirmed, he turned toward the table and picked up a small silver circle of stainless steel. It was perfectly round, and appeared seamless. As it turned out, it wasn't. He twisted it in his fingers and a tiny portion snapped out on a small hinge. He inserted one end of the loop into the hollow of the needle, and pushed the needle all the way through Jack's nipple. Once the ring was inserted completely, he twisted it again, and Kysa heard a small snap as the ring was locked, permanently, into Jack's nipple.

As Jack hung in her chains, forced to watch the procedure, he repeated the procedure on her right nipple. Only then did Kysa notice a small drop of blood around each nipple ring. Jack was bleeding. The man reached for a gauze pad and some alcohol, but Melanie stopped him.

She stared at the drop of blood for a few moments, and then walked up to the girl and sucked on each nipple, sucking the blood from each one. She smiled when she was done, then told the man to continue. He wiped away the remainder of the blood with the alcohol, and gave Melanie instructions for care and maintenance of the pierced areas. Kysa saw that there was no more blood flow. There had been only a few drops. Enough to see them bleed. Melanie seemed satisfied. Kysa then realized that the man wasn't finished.

As Jack continued to be forced to watch, he squatted between her spread legs and proceeded to clean the girl's clit area. He carefully fingered her clit, to stimulate it to grow a small amount. When he was satisfied, he cleaned it again, and pinched the skin together directly above it. He was pulling her clit-hood skin away from her clitoris.

When he had the part he needed to have, he took another clean needle and pushed it through the tender skin covering there. Once through, he took another ring from the table and repeated the previous procedure. This time, however, he had chosen a smaller, gold-tinted ring for her clit.

Once again, there was a very small bit of blood from the needlework, and Melanie repeated her tasting of the blood drops from the girl's cunt. When the man finished, he stood back to admire his work. The folks gave him a standing ovation for the perfect work he had done. Jack's private areas had been pierced, and she now sported some quite attractive jewelry.

As that thought passed her mind, Kysa knew that she had yet to make her decision. Her mind raced at the speed of light, and she found it hard to catch her breath, her heart pounding in her chest, thinking about the possibility that this could be happening to her in a very short time. In awe, she watched as the man changed his gloves and started work on Jill.

He was no more ready than she was, and pulled on his chains at a feeble attempt to get free. Melanie leaned in to whisper something to him, and as she silently spoke to him, he visibly calmed down. Soon, he was nodding his head in response to something she had said. He nodded twice more, then shook his head once.

Melanie stood back, smiled at him, and told the man to proceed. Jill stood tall in his chains, held his head high, and closed his eyes. He never opened them again until all his work was done, and Melanie ordered him to look at his new adornments.

The man did Jill's nipples as he had done with Jack's. Kysa thought he looked cute with nipple rings inserted on his chest, but then saw the man crouch between Jill's legs and play with the slave's penis. His rubber-coated hands masturbated Jill and soon he was semi-hard. At this point, the man deadened the skin directly under the head of his cock, and quickly pierced the skin there and inserted a tiny gold ring. Wand did her usual nipple blood-sucking, and even spent a few moments sucking his cock head, tonguing Jill's new golden cock ring.

Again the man received applause and congratulations, and he smiled, bowed, and proceeded to change his gloves. At that moment, Kysa's heart froze. I faced Kysa, smiled at her and examined her very sexy little body.

I swear I'd never before, or since, met a woman with such perfect form, shape, and overall physical appearance. Her eyes sparkled. Partly simply because they always did, and partly because of the small amount of tears in them.

I leaned in, removed her gag, and kissed her passionately, reaching up and feeling both of her firm breasts and then deeply fingering between her wet pussylips. After a short while, I backed away and looked at her eyes. I simply said, "You must choose. Decide now. Don't keep me waiting."

With only a slight quiver in her proud, sultry feminine voice, she held her head high and said to all of us, "I have disobeyed my Mistress. I deserve punishment for my actions. I will abide by whatever fate my Owner seeks to give.

"If that means that I have to bleed for you, then I will. If it means some other punishment later, I will abide by your will." When she was done, she lowered her head and bravely spoke to Melanie, saying "Mistress, may I please be allowed to have some body jewelry?"

Melanie was not to be placated that easy. She still wanted to exact some revenge from Kysa's body, and she had a plan that only she knew about. She refused to answer Kysa directly, but instead spoke to the man, saying "Take great care to do this whore's nipples perfectly. Do a good job, and I'll double your payment." Melanie then instructed the man to use the rings she had purchased earlier, but we had yet to see.

Before the work began on Kysa, the other two slaves were unchained and removed from the shed they were in. They were taken back into the house, but Kysa never saw them again. Much later, she had heard that they had been split up for about a year, being used by separate Masters and Mistresses, then placed back together again on Christmas Eve. They were presented to each other as gifts.

Protective gloves changed, the man cleaned her tits with alcohol and put some numbing paste on her right nipple. She told herself that she would watch the procedure, and not faint like the other girl did. She had watched the procedure on both the twins, and knew it would be different watching it done to her. Kysa's nipples were perfectly formed tips to perfectly formed breasts. They were always hard.

The man checked her to see that she was numb and reached for the needle. She watched the needle penetrate her tender flesh but felt no pain. She felt a slight pressure as the needle slipped into the meat of her nipple and then out through the other side of it. She saw that the man had pierced the exact center of her nipple, and when the needle was released, it hung perfectly horizontal to the ground.

Melanie handed the man a pair of nipple rings, and for the first time, we all saw how pretty they were. They were a little larger in diameter than the other rings that had been used. Also, they were made from Stainless Steel, highly polished, and then burnished to a dazzlingly lovely pink hue. Nice!

Kysa watched as both of her nipples were permanently decorated with pink tit rings, and waited patiently for her clit to be done. However, before that occurred, several other things happened. First, Melanie walked up to her and, as everyone watched and listened, she said, "I want you to know that I'm very pissed off at you. I'm so fucking mad at you for doing what you did to my property, that all I wanted to do was see you suffer in pain.

"To top that off, I have been asked, by your owner, to back off and not whip you bloody. I've never been so fucking humiliated in my life you damned little whore! I ought to kick the fucking shit out of you while you stand there chained to my wall! But... I have a better idea that I have just dreamed up... just for you."

Melanie leaned forward, grabbed Kysa's right breast firmly, and scooped up her right nipple with her tongue, putting it in her mouth. She sucked on it. She sucked hard and pulled on the new nipple ring with her teeth. She could see Melanie pull hard on the ring with her teeth, and she saw the drops of her blood come out from around the ring. Then she sucked the nipple into her mouth, licking off the blood.

Repeating the procedure with her other breast and nipple, Melanie smiled as the blood oozed out of Kysa's newly pierced nipple. When she was done, she faced Kysa, showed her the blood on her tongue, and kissed Kysa forcefully, making sure she gave Kysa a taste of her own nipple blood by sticking her tongue deep in Kysa's mouth and swapping saliva with her.

Melanie then pulled away, reached up and grabbed a handful of ponytail and yanked Kysa's head backwards. She stuffed the ball gag back into Kysa's mouth and made sure it was tied tight behind her head. A black slave hood was then pulled over her head and secured at her neck.

Then she heard Melanie yell at her, saying "You let my slaves fuck each other just so you could watch, you slut. You like to watch others fucking, huh? It gets you off, does it? I'm so happy for you! As far as I'm concerned, you've seen enough fucking. So, I'm going to let you FEEL a lot of people fucking! Then we'll see what you think about it!"

Melanie loosed her grip on Kysa, turned to the crowd and Kysa heard her say, "I want to see this bitch's pussy fucked! I want her cunt fucked hard, over and over and over again! I want to see her fucked until I decide she has had enough! She tells me she loves to watch people fuck, so what better way to watch than to give her a front row seat to some of the best, tightest pussy around. Her own tight little pussylips!"

Kysa wanted to cry out her denial and fright, but the gag and hood prevented her from making any semblance of noise, except a muffled moan. She couldn't lower her hands and arms to protect her nakedness. Her legs were spread and shackled. And, her cunt was pushed forward because of the cushion behind her. She knew she would have to endure everything as best she could manage. She had no choice.

No sooner had that thought escaped her when someone grabbed her by the waist and pulled her away from the wall a little. She immediately felt something poke up against her exposed cunt. Without warning, and with no foreplay at all, someone's greased cock impaled Kysa's cuntlips as she stood spread-eagle in chains. She had no idea who's hard cock was being shoved into her cunt, but they simply pushed it in all the way and began fucking her hard.

Kysa had no idea who was fucking her, but whoever it was, they wanted only to use her pussy until they were satisfied, and they used it for a long time. His cock raked deeply in and out of her cunt without heed for her pleasure or pain. For ten minutes she was fucked deeply, being pushed savagely up against the pillow behind her. It held her firmly in place.

Finally, whoever it was, grunted in satisfaction, and came inside her pussy. When he had done spurting his juice inside her he pulled out of her, abruptly, and she felt his cum dripping down the inside of her legs. Since they were chained in a widely spread position, she was not able to prevent the cum from dripping out between her thighs and sliding down her leg.

No sooner had she felt that load of cum running down to her knees, another man forced his hard cock into her cunt and started fucking her again. The second man was a little easier to handle since she was now stretched and filled with the cum of the first man, but this guy was just as insistent upon simply fucking her cunt for his own pleasure.

He jammed his hard cock deeply into her for several minutes, and at times pulled on the rings that were now on her nipples. The medication that had been used to numb her nipples was wearing off, and she felt the stinging pain as he pulled on a nipple ring and fucked her... hard. Her legs and thighs, spread as they were in a wide position, offered no resistance to his pounding groin stick, so she had little to do but accept his cock, and stifle the sharp pain from her nipples.

She was fucked hard for ten or fifteen minutes by this man and even though her situation was ominous, she even managed to begin a slight orgasm at his expense. He felt her start to cum and slapped her hard on the side of her ass, several times, just as she was about to peak. This caused her to lose concentration and she did not finish.

Just then, he ejaculated his sperm into her sloppy cunt, and the moment he was finished he pulled out and she felt more jism slide out of her pussy and down her thighs. Then another man slid a hard cock inside her. This man was huge! Kysa's pussylips were pushed aside very wide as the third man slid in deep. He proceeded to have his way inside her cunt without any resistance. She knew it had to be Frank fucking her shaved pink pussy with his big black meat.

He lasted quite a long time. She endured this man for what seemed like twenty minutes. He fucked her pussy unmercifully and she could do nothing but receive his cock and allow him entrance into her steaming cunt. She tried hard not to cum during this fuck session, but, unable to control her inner desires, she began an orgasm. The moment she started to shake from the pleasure of orgasm, the man pulled out and she felt several sharp stinging slaps to both sides of her ass.

The pain was sudden and immense, so once again her pleasure was brutally abated by the forceful punishment she received. Once she felt the pain on her skin, all thoughts of orgasm left her. Almost immediately, that big cock impaled her to the hilt once again and continued a rude and humiliating fuck storm in her available cunt.

He continued to fuck between her now swollen pussylips. He lasted yet another five minutes before she felt his cum splash up inside her pussy. Once he pulled his draining cock out of her cunt, her head was pulled sharply to one side and she heard Melanie whisper calmly in her ear.

"You forgot your fucking place today, you little bitch whore. By your own commands, you allowed my personal slave cock to fuck my personal slave pussy. Because of that, I have to train them all over again. Since you cannot learn your place, you will be punished for your insolence. I want you to remember the punishment you receive this evening.

"If you ever cross me again, I will personally take a whip and beat you until you can't walk or sit for a month. I'll fucking make you wish you were dead! I certainly hope you learn to enjoy these nipple rings, my dear, for those who use them most certainly will enjoy them. Now, I have another surprise for you."

Kysa felt her nipples being tugged on and played with, then she felt a tugging pressure that told her her nipples had been pulled together somehow. She found out later that a tiny pink chain that matched her nipple rings was clipped to both rings. The chain was just short enough so that her nipples could be under more elaborate control., namely, pulled closer together. It also made for something easy for a Master or Mistress to hold onto when she needed to be led someplace.

Kysa cried silently under her slave hood. The new chain put pressure against her tender nipples, and the fact that she was being gang-banged while blind-folded didn't help the situation. She had prided herself on having sexy nipples, and now they had been pierced as she was bound in this slave shed. She cried to herself, hoping she could learn to accept her slave position better, vowing to herself to obey all the orders given to her in the future.

She was left with these thoughts for only a few moments, however, as she felt yet another hard cock slide its way deep into her cunt. Kysa didn't realize it at the time, but the men were all taking turns at her pussy. Each one, in turn, would fuck her, making sure she didn't have an orgasm. Then they would go and rest. The next man would then go in and fuck her cunt until he came inside of her, and the next man in line would then do his thing.

By the time the last of the available men had come inside her cunt, including Eli's massive prick, the first man in line, helped by the women to gain another hardon, would go in to fuck Kysa once again.

This went on for quite a long time, and Kysa finally endured each man twice. By the time she had been fucked, and cum in, for the fourteenth time, she was drained of all energy. All she knew was that she had been fucked fourteen times as she was chained in place. She had been used well. She wasn't able to stand on her own any longer, and the last three men had to get some help to hold her up while they fucked her cunt. She was held up, forced back against the pillow, and fucked again.

By this time, her tits ached from all the pulling and tugging of the chain attached to her sore nipples. Her legs felt rubbery and her cunt was raw from all the hard cocks pounding inside of it. Fourteen men had cum inside her, and she could smell the spilled jism covering her legs and thighs.

Kysa's punishment didn't end there. She was unchained from the wall in the shed, and placed on the ground on her back. Melanie had attached a big rubber penis to a belt and wore it as she straddled Kysa's body. Two men held her legs apart while Melanie inserted her perpetually hard penis into Kysa's aching vagina. Melanie then proceeded to fuck Kysa's cunt while humiliating her by calling her cunt, whore, and any other thing she could think of. She fucked Kysa in front of everyone.

She Only stopped fucking her pussy after ten minutes, and just long enough to have Kysa flipped over and then she stuck that cum covered dildo into Kysa's ass hole and fucked her there for another ten minutes. She then motioned for me to fuck her in the ass, and I gladly obliged. However, I fucked her ass slowly. I wanted this session to last a long time, and I took control of Kysa for fifteen minutes worth of some good ass friction.

Surprisingly, I felt Kysa begin to shake, and incredibly she was starting to have an orgasm from my fucking. I quickly pulled out of her tight hole, and spanked her ass as hard as I could for a while. She whimpered in her slave hood. I spanked her about fifteen times, and knew she wasn't going to cum from that. I waited a few minutes and then started fucking her tight ass again.

This time, I felt my orgasm coming up from my toes and just knew I would cum a lot. I pulled out quickly, stood over her, and masturbated until I finished cumming all over her back and ass. I spurted a lot of cum on her body, and it felt kinky to be doing it like this as everyone watched me. That's the main reason I came so much as I did that time. Kinky!

Kysa was then turned over onto her back again, and the man who pierced her nipples stepped in and began to clean her pussy with a clean towel and alcohol. The men held her thighs apart, and Kysa then realized what was about to happen. Her clit hood was carefully pierced as we all watched, and a matching pink clit ring was installed in her pussy. Very pretty!

When that was finally finished, I picked her up and carried her limp naked form over my shoulder, to my waiting car. I put her in the back seat, still naked, and covered her spent form with a blanket. After I got dressed, I grabbed some of Melanie's toys and drove us back to Kysa's house. By then, it was pretty dark, and I carried her into the back door and placed her down on her own bed.

I removed her bindings, except the new rings, and wiped off her face. It was covered in tears and sweat from her ordeal under the hood. She could hardly move, and I told her to rest and sleep until she wanted to wake up. She lay on the bed shivering, drenched with the cum of fourteen men soaking her stomach, legs and thighs. I covered her up to her neck with a warm blanket and she fell off into a deep sleep. Hell. She fell into a damned coma.

This ended Melanie's forty-eight hour control, and it was tough for Kysa. Even though the last few hours of personal torture were a direct cause of her own sloppiness, I felt great sorrow for her. She had endured a great amount of pain, suffering and sexual torture at the hands of Melanie, and now she needed to heal up. She had also received great pleasure and sexual stimulation.

After almost sixteen hours of sleep, she awoke with a stretch or her sore muscles. While she had slept, I took the liberty of keeping her pierced nipples and clit cleaned. I didn't want her to have any problems there, so when she woke, I told her that she had to keep them absolutely clean, and showed her how. Until they healed, she had to keep special watch on her clit, and wash it after using the bathroom.

We spent a full two weeks together. Her body hurt badly for the first couple of days, for an open palm slapped her every time she started to have an orgasm. This left a lot of pain behind, but none of it permanent or disfiguring. She couldn't remember how many slaps she had endured, but she told me she never had the chance to finish an orgasm she had started. And there were plenty.

We abstained from sex for the first week, except the occasional delicious blowjob, as thanks for tending to her physical and mental wounds. Let me repeat, unnecessarily... Kysa gives great mouth! I was happy. So was she. She was healing, physically and mentally.

During the time we spent together, I received many calls from the folks asking after her health. Even Melanie called with a sincere inquiry. I reported to them all that Kysa would be fine after some healing and time to think about what had happened and why. I told Melanie that Kysa had expressed a sincere sorrow for the problems that she had caused.

Sometimes, she cried softly, relating to me her feelings about all that she had done since she had been away from the house on her first forty-eight hour loan. Don't get the wrong idea. She also laughed a lot during the time we spent together. She's a tough bird. Tender, but gritty.

When she told me about the sexually good times and feelings she experienced, I allowed her to finger her nipple and clit rings, and after only a few days, she got herself off with her fingers flicking her nipples and tugging on her clit ring. She was healing fast! It took a lot to keep myself from dropping her where she stood and fucking her brains out, like it or not.

After a week went by, though, she was back to her old self, and feeling no residue of pain around her new exotic body jewelry. I even caught her looking at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, tugging on each ring, in turn, to see and feel the results. She saw me looking, so she smiled and posed sexily for me, saying, "I think I really like them. What do you think?"

I just chuckled and said, "I think you have good taste, and the pink hue goes so well with your natural color. It actually makes you look quite adorable... and all too very sexy." So, after a whole week of waiting, I walked up behind her and reached around to grab a feel of those luscious firm breasts. I couldn't help touching her nipple rings, and playfully tugged and twisted at them to see how they made her breasts move. My prick got hard watching and touching. That say's it all.

Of course, I just had to have her, but she asked me to wait another couple of days before I fucked her pussy, because her clit was still a little tender to touch. I spun her around, gave her a bare hug (spelling correct), and planted a firm kiss on her lips. When I finally needed a breath, I pulled away and said, "Who said anything about doing your pussy?"

She caught the obvious meaning, giggled and said, "I'm finding it terribly hard to keep your prick out of my ass. You're turning into a monster!"

I replied, "I also happen to find it hard. That's why I want it in your ass, right now."

"You know you never have to ask me for that. You should already know how it makes me feel when you fuck me there. You were the fist one to ever do me inside my butt, and I don't know if I can ever explain the feelings it gives me to have a hard cock inside my assfucking me hard. Someday I'll just have to try to show you!"

Now she was really giggling, and said, "You want it, you have to catch it!" Then we took off running naked around the house. Naturally, it didn't take me very long to corner her and grab her squirming flesh. I picked her up and carried her to her bed. She got up on her hands and knees, and faced my crotch. She inhaled my full cock length as she had always done.

One thing that always amazes me about Kysa is that she never holds back on her pleasure, giving or receiving. Without any sort of guilt regarding her sexuality, she completely puts herself into the spirit of the moment. The moment I got to the side of the bed, her mouth wrapped itself around my already stiff prick. As I stood there greedily looking at her nakedness, she hummed me to an even harder state.

Then she did something different. She lay down, and while laying on her back, she lifted her legs to my shoulders and asked me if I would fuck her ass that way. What a silly question to ask me. Taking the jar of Vaseline from its new permanent location on the nightstand, I lubed my stiff meat and wiped the excess off my hands with a small towel.

Pulling her legs up higher, which caused her to slide down onto the tip of my spike, I poked at her crack with the head of my dick. She reached around and fed the head into her back hole. Bending her legs back, almost to her own shoulders, I leaned against her and began to push it into her. She was as tight as a virgin and easily twice as desirable.

She sucked in a deep breath when the head popped in, but scooted herself right down onto the length of it, as if she had been born with a cock up her ass. She squirmed around until I had finally put in the whole thing, then wrapped her arms around her ankles and held them near her head, bending herself half it two, offering herself to me.

With a smile poking its way out from between her legs, she said, "Fuck me easy? Do my ass for me? I'll hold my legs up so you can concentrate on cumming in me, ok?" Hell, let's be honest, I've never been able to turn her down. Why start now?

The target of my greased thrusts was silky smooth. Warm. Velvety. Tight. Inviting. I could describe it in so many single words, but I'm sure you have the picture firmly in mind. I slid my length inwards, feeling her sphincter muscle stretch wider as the thickest part of my prick slid past its tight elastic lips. When I pulled it back out, I could feel it close tight around the head and then stretch again as my head pulled out of her ass.

That was my favorite part about fucking Kysa's behind that afternoon. On every single out stroke, I pulled my cock all the way out, just so I could feel her hole stretch again to accommodate my girth. If you've never tried it this way, I encourage you to find a willing partner, male or female will do just fine, and give it a go. Be gently. Move slowly. Slide it in real slow and feel every centimeter of it move past that tightest of available holes as you fuck.

Your partner will enjoy it just as much as you. Make sure you pull all the way out, then push all the way back in at a very slow pace. You'll not only shiver at the sensations, but your reward will be the best cum you've ever had in your life. Here's the trick. When you start to cum, don't stop the fucking motion. Keep fucking at the exact same pace as your cock spurts out its hot fluid. It's great!

The absolute best part of the entire fuck session is when you switch places with your partner. Use your imagination and you'll be able to fuck, and be fucked one right after the other. It doesn't matter what sex you happen to be or what sex your partner is, just go for it. Enjoy the moment.

At any rate, I poured a cup and a half of jism into that tight ass of hers that day. At least it felt that way to me. I asked Kysa if she wanted to do me like that and she said yes. So, rummaging through the toys I had taken from Melanie's place, she found a small strap-on and put it on. It was only about six inches long, but because it was made from hard plastic, it felt like a mile up my ass.

I just simply turned over onto my stomach, spread my legs, and watched Kysa get ready. When it was greased up, she simply climbed up behind me and slowly slid it in and out until I was comfortable with it. I let her do me for a long time, however she wanted. It felt pretty good. She whispered into my ear that she had a surprise for me and told me to keep my eyes closed.

I was feeling pretty loose by then, so I went along with it. After about two minutes, I felt her climbing back on and felt her probing back at my ass hole again. Only this time, she was wearing a big rubber cock with a built-in vibrator. I tell you it was pretty large, but I helped as she forced the big rubber head past my elastic hole, and slowly inserted its nine-inch length up to the hilt. Then she just lay down on my back and ground it around.

Pretty soon I actually started liking it, so I moved with her, feeling that hard thing inside of me. It was kinky laying there being probed by my own sex slave. Just then, she switched the dildo on, and it felt like electricity racing through my rectum and up my spinal column.

At the same time, she raised up onto her hands over me and proceeded to fuck my ass with her vibrating dildo. What a sensation that was! All I could do was hold on for a glorious ride. I couldn't help the feeling I felt or the motions my body made in response to being screwed up my ass like that.

My prick got rock hard underneath me and I rubbed it back and forth against the sheets as my ass moved along with her fucking motions. The shivers and sexual tingles that coursed up and down my body held me transfixed in a surreal existence. I had never thought anything could feel so sensual.

After only a short while, the rectal vibrations and anal invasion carried me to someplace I had never been. I was not ready to cum, but I felt as though I were in someone else's body. Never had I felt the strength and tightness of my muscles as they acted upon themselves.

My thoughts told me I was behaving like a slut, feeling good about my ass being vibrationally invaded by a woman's phony phallus, but my muscles pulled me almost into a fetal position with my ass in the air, wanting more of what she was doing to me. It was incredible. What a whore I was! I was enjoying it more and more as the moments went by.

Then something happened that I'll never forget. She climbed up onto me and started to pound her cock into me and as she mashed it deep into my ass, I began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. I couldn't stop myself. The feeling just hit me and I shuddered and came like I was a teenager again.

My cock jerked in the air between me and the sheets and I started to spasm and jerk in a heated torrent of sensual feelings, all the while being screwed deeply by Kysa. I must have spurted more cum in that one session than in four others combined. Damn! I came for a week! I actually couldn't stop cumming all over the bed! Thick, hot, white jism puddles landed in splotches on the sheet beneath me.

Finally, I collapsed into a quivering pile of boneless flesh, unable and unwilling to pull myself out of the orgasmic mess I had made on the sheet. Kysa knew that I was finished, and she slowly pulled out the vibrating cock and turned it off. She cuddled up to me, smiled, and said, "Now I think you finally understand what It feels like when I cum when you fuck my ass. I like it a lot. It makes me cum like nothing I've ever felt. Please don't ever stop doing me back there? Please don't stop?"

Hell. I hate it when she begs. "Ok Blondie, you got yourself a deal on one condition. You have to promise not to hog it all. I guess I'll be needing a steady supply of my own. Deal?"


Snuggling close together, we napped in the puddles of cum for about two hours. We woke and silently showered off the evidence of our sex. I washed her. She washed me. We dried each other off and changed the bedclothes. We treasured the quiet moments together.

Over the next several days we spent all our time together, shopping for more revealing clothes for her and sipping soda pop out of bottles with two straws. If I didn't watch myself, I might just fall in love with this intoxicating vixen in the blonde ponytail.

Almost two weeks had past in the blink of an eye. Kysa was fully healed, and we had taken advantage of her ringed clit several times, fucking like rabbits in a cage. I would jump on her and fuck till I came, and after a short rest, jump back on and fuck her some more. I knew my time with her was temporarily at an end when I got a phone call.

Kysa was still in the shower when the call came in, so she was unaware of the plans being made for her the next day. It was quite a unique plan, and I decided to play it to the hilt. All day my mind raced with the potential of the events to come, and I couldn't wait to see her in action, once again, as the sexiest slave I had ever been privileged to know.

As part of the events, I decided that we were to go out for dinner. I told her to choose something sexy to wear. Something to knock a man's eyes out. She decided on a bright red mini dress. Very Tight. No underthings. Hem to the crotch, and the front cut down to there! The tight red heels she wore set off the lines of her legs and made her calves hard. That wasn't the only thing hard.

Since it was still early evening, I told her I wanted to show her off to the neighborhood, and I decided to take her for a walk before we went to eat. We had already had a big lunch, so a late dinner was planned. She wore hardly anything, as was her usual. Just enough to tease everyone else and make them wish she could be theirs for a while. Typical whore attitude. I loved it.

We strolled down the sidewalk under the shade of some lovely elm trees in full green leaf, her heels clicking against the concrete sidewalk slabs. Gray squirrels jumped from branch to branch overhead, chasing each other and frolicking with their young. It was a perfect sunny afternoon. Not hot or sweltering, but a calm afternoon with a slight cool breeze.

Kysa said she could feel the breeze between her legs, and it felt sexy. Chuckling, I told her that I already knew what it felt like to feel a breeze between her legs. She didn't have to tell me how good it felt. I leaned over and kissed her red lips, copping a quick feel of her bare ass under the back of her dress. Kinky!

We turned down the lane and through the small park entrance near her home and strolled along the shady lanes leading towards a wide-open grassy area where some folks threw a Frisbee in the early evening light a long way away. Looking towards the edge of a small pond, I saw a man hawking his cold drinks and hot-dogs in a pushcart. I asked her if she wanted something cold to drink, and she said yes.

I asked her to wait for me in the quiet shade of the path, and ran off towards the vendor. Just as I got to him, I secretively glanced back, and had just fixed my eyes onto her when a tall black man jumped out of the bushes and grabbed her. She never saw it coming, and never saw who grabbed her. Nobody but me, luckily, saw what had happened. I lost sight of them, but calmly turned to the vendor and ordered several cold drinks. Then I walked back to Kysa's house and waited.

All she felt was a cloth-covered hand over her mouth and nose, then darkness quickly fell around her. She never had much time to struggle, nor could she have had she tried. Her size just didn't allow her the leverage to fight anyone off.

When she woke from her drugged sleep, some time later, she didn't know where she was. She was gagged and blindfolded. Her hands had been cuffed at the wrists and hooked to the back of a tight collar around her neck. She hated that position because it made her so vulnerable.

Quickly, she became frightened. She had been kidnapped, and she felt I had not seen it happen. She wondered if I had called the police or what was happening. She had no idea that she was about to another adventure as a slave. All she knew was that she was in deep shit.

She could sense that she was still outdoors, and could feel a slight breeze and hear the wind blowing through the trees around her. She figured she was still in the park where she was kidnapped. She couldn't have been asleep very long, could she? She could feel that she was still dressed, but her shoes were missing. She was laying on her back on the ground.

Even full of panic, she lay there silently listening for a sound she could recognize. She heard only the breeze in the leaves. After laying silent for about five minutes, she sat up. She fully expected to be told to lay back down, but never expected what happened next. Silence. There was no noise at all. Just the breeze in the leaves above.

She struggled to a standing position, and breathed deeply and rapidly. She had no clue to what was happening to her. She couldn't cry out for help, or see her way to escape. Not that she wanted to cry out, for her captors would have heard and quickly stopped her.

She took a tentative side step. She felt and heard leaves crinkle beneath her soft bare feet. Toenails polished in a light red shade made a distinct contrast to the green and brown leaves on the ground. Unknowingly, when she struggled to stand, her tight, bright red dress had ridden almost eight inches up her hips, making her shaved pussy and pink buttocks clearly visible.

She couldn't speak, for she had a gag in place under the hood. She couldn't move her arms to cover herself because her wrists were attached to the rear of her collar. She didn't have any idea what to do. But that didn't stop her from doing something very silly. She silently stepped forward one pace at a time, getting herself out of the place where she was.

Several times she bumped softly into a tree or branch, but managed to walk around the blocking obstacle. She blindly walked in a straight direction. She didn't have a clue which way she was going, or where she was headed, but she knew she had to get out of where she was. She walked blindfolded for almost an hour. Making her way through the forest.

Pretty soon she started to shiver, and she understood that to mean it was getting late. She also knew that getting late meant getting dark. She hoped she could find help soon, or she was going to be in deep trouble. Then she tripped.

She had grown overconfident in her escape, and tripped over something hard on the ground. She fell without hurting herself, but in the fall, her dress hiked itself the rest of the way up her hips, and now she knew it was bunched up around her waist. She knew she was nude from the waist down, and had no way to cover herself.

She stood back up and continued to walk in what she hoped was the same direction. All the land was flat here, so it was hard for her to know which way was the right way... or even if such a thing existed. Two hours later, she sat her naked rump on the cold ground, exhausted and cold. She sat there for a few minutes wondering what would happen to her here in the forest.

Suddenly, she heard voices in the distance. The noise was indistinct, but it was civilization. Her heart pounded in her chest as she jumped back to her feet and slowly paced her way towards the voices. She needed to be very careful, for her next step could very well be her last. What she didn't need was to fall in a hole. Then her right foot stepped in water.

Quickly, she backed away and took several paces to the side, thinking this was a puddle. When she moved forward again, she felt water. She didn't know what to do. She listened, and for a moment, thought she heard noise coming from the left, far off, so she turned and paced off slowly that way.

Counting her steps, she paced off twenty-five and tried to go to the right, only to feel water again. This time she kept her right foot in the water and followed what appeared to be a shoreline. Then she heard a louder noise in the direction she was headed. It sounded a lot closer. She stood there waiting, not sure what she heard, but intently listening for it to repeat.

With no warning, Kysa was grabbed from behind. It frightened her so much that she jerked away from the rough hands and fell face first into the cold water. It was deep to, but not too deep. She got her balance, stood up, and felt water up to her thighs. The water was damned cold!

There she stood, shaking like a leaf, when she heard a husky female voice. "Well looky what we have here! What the fuck kind of luck am I having tuh-night! Sheee-it honey! Whar the hell you comin' from, all butt naked and wet! Har har har!"

She heard splashing and felt a hand grab at her arm again. She jerked loose and fell backwards into the water again. The woman's voice said, "Look at you, baby. Blindfolded, half-naked, and about to drown. Now it 'peers to me you ought to be a might more friendly and let me get you to a safer place. At least ya ought to let me help you get dry. But, then again, it's a free country, last time I looked, and you can do what ya wanna do. Can't say I din't try ta help ya."

Kysa knew she had no choice. She was in trouble whether this person helped her or not. She decided she had to get out of the cold water, and stopped struggling. She took a deep breath through her nose and stumbled through the water, towards the sound of the voice. The woman said, "Now ya thinkin' with ya noggin. 'Bout time too. I was 'bout ta leave ya here."

She felt an arm grab her elbow, and was pulled out of the water. She was led away, dripping wet. The woman never tried to cover her or pull her wet dress down over her nakedness. She just dragged her along, and soon she heard keys. She heard a car door open, and was pushed into the back seat of a car. She wound up laying down on her back, dripping water all over the back seat, as she heard the car door slam.

They drove for about ten minutes, but it felt like hours to Kysa, still bound and gagged, shivering in the darkness of her slave hood. The car stopped suddenly, and in a matter of seconds she was pulled out of the car, led up some stairs and into a house. She heard the door slam shut behind her, and then a lot of people started laughing at her. She felt terrified, and embarrassed about her predicament.

Suddenly, two people grabbed her and she felt big hands holding her elbows spread apart. Then she felt hot breath on her neck from behind, and felt someone pull on her dress. As she stood there dripping water and being held, someone took some scissors and began to cut away her dress. They slit her pretty red dress all the way up the back, to the neck, exposing her backside.

Then she felt the scissors cutting up the front of her dress, all the way up to her cleavage, and felt the dress loosen and her breasts were no longer held up by it. Shuddering, she felt the scissors at her shoulder straps and before she could think about it, snip... snip, both shoulder straps were cut, and her dress fell to the floor in a wet pile, and she stood naked in front of people she did not know. This did not bode well. What in the world had she gotten herself into?

A small thin leather belt was placed around her waist and secured tightly from behind. Her sore arms were unhooked from behind the collar and brought down to be shackled closely to small metal rings on the sides of the leather belt. Her arms were secured down by her sides.

At least the blood began to flow back into her arms and soon they felt a little better. It took a while to get comfortable in her new shackles. Then, as she stood there naked, someone tugged on her nipple rings. They grabbed them both and pulled on them. Pretty soon, she could stand the stretching no more and shuffled forward a step.

Then the person did the same thing to her pussy. They pulled her clit ring, and when the pressure got tight, she was forced to take a step forward to relieve the pressure. There was a loud shattering applause and the hood on her face was quickly removed.

She looked around, and found that standing before her were all the people she had come to know as her Masters and Mistresses. With a sigh of relief, she realized that the whole ordeal had been a show designed to scare the hell out of her, and it succeeded. All she could do was silently weep in joy that it all had turned out the way it did. Safely. Only then did she see, for the first time, that she was in her own home again.

I walked up to her and removed her wrist cuffs and mouth gag. I whispered in her ear "Some day you must tell me all the thoughts you had during these last few hours. I would be very curious to hear about what was going on in your mind. For now, however, you need to know that all of these people still have need of your services, but I will decide which one of the couples here will have your body for the next two days, after I clean you up a bit."

I led her into her bathroom and had her step into her prepared bath. Removing my clothes, I climbed in with her and washed her from head to toe. I told her that the whole thing had been planned and that she was never in any danger. Her forest wanderings took place on Eli's property, and she was never alone. One of us watched her at all times so that she didn't get hurt.

Making sure she was all squeaky clean, I rinsed her gorgeous body off and dried her. I helped her blow dry her hair, and get it back into her pony tail. Then I told her I had a surprise for her. "While you were unconscious, I took the liberty of taking some important measurements to make you a gift."

When she was ready, I showed her two small red-velvet boxes. I told her to open the first one, and she was surprised to see a small-linked silver chain of some length. Smiling, but looking at me with a curious face, I took the chain from her and showed her what it was for and how to wear it.

It was shaped like a large capital Y with a tiny clasp at the end of each leg, and a larger ring in the center, where the legs met. I showed her that each leg was the same length, so it didn't matter which one she should start with. I took two legs and clipped each end to a nipple ring. Then the third leg hung straight down to her cunt, and fell directly over her clit ring. A simple snap finished the last connection.

So, the result was that her nipples controlled her clit, and vice-versa. Quite a unique set of jewelry, if I do say so myself. I told her that this was to be worn under clothing, should her current Master or Mistress allow clothing to cover her lovely jewelry. This, of course, only happened when she was taken in public.

Then I told her to open the second small box. This one contained a length of chain about six feet long. I attached one end to the center link on her Y chain, and held onto the other end of it, six feet away from her. I tugged on the chain.

Instantly, her clit and both nipples felt the tug, and she had no choice but to step forward or risk severe pain in places where she didn't need or want it. I explained that this was her new slave-chain and leash. From this moment forward, unless otherwise told, she would wear the Y portion to show her bondage as slave to all. If they were to go out, she would be told to fetch her leash, the long part of the front set of chains. She would hand the leash to her Mistress or Master, and they would clip it on to her center ring.

That done, she was led by her new chain and gloriously reentered the living room where the rest of the gang stood waiting. As she entered in full slave chain regalia, she received applause. She blushed a pretty shade of pink and smiled demurely. All the folks came to her and kissed her in congratulations.

It was now time to introduce her to her new temporary owners, and Kysa's excitement grew as she watched the proceedings. All the folks stood in pairs with their mates, and after they had grouped off, I led Kysa by her leash to walk past each set of owners. I watched her eyes and body movements as I paused before each couple.

I wanted to see her reactions to each pair, for future use. When I got to Melanie and her partner, Kysa blushed and lowered her head in shame. Melanie smiled but said nothing about Kysa's humiliation. She was still pissed at this slave, and Kysa wanted no part of her at the moment.

When I got to Eli and Jenny, Kysa's face lit up and she turned a deep shade of red. I would have to remember that reaction. I knew that she wanted to be use by them, but today she would be denied that wonderful privilege.

As I paused before Frank and his, quite honestly, beautiful black woman companion, Kysa's reaction was mixed. Frank had used her, but she plainly wasn't interested. I paused before Amanda and Doug, and found Amanda licking her lips while scanning the length of my slave's body.

Julia and Richard, and Karen and Mike clearly desired her, but I had made my choice. Kysa needed to experience a different form of living environment. Therefore, I walked Kysa a short way away from the line of folks, having her stand still, watching silently. I whispered some instructions to her, and took the end of her leash. Then I walked forward and handed the loose end of her leash to the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen.

I heard Kysa breath in sharply, but didn't pay any other attention to her for the moment. With slave leash firmly in one hand, this woman came close to me and gave me a kiss I will never forget. Her breasts pressed against my chest and I knew I could have her any time I wanted her. And I did have her twice that evening. Her ass, mouth, and pussy were deliciously hot.

Getting back to the immediate scene, however, I turned to Kysa and she immediately went down into her slave position, which now looked even more alluring since the three major points of her body were exposed and attached to a chain! Very sexy pose! This time, however, there was a new twist. She picked her head up and looked into the eyes of the woman holding her stave chain. Then she arched her back, pushing her breasts forward to show her new Mistress and Master her wares.

Kysa didn't have long to wait, for her new Mistress simply walked over to her and handed her the mouth gag and dark slave hood. She just simply gestured for Kysa to put them on, and she complied. She was now blind and silent to the outside world. This woman had a commanding presence, and didn't need to say a word for her slaves to get her meaning.

Kysa was placed in a corner of the room, on the floor, and was basically ignored for the remainder of the evening. Only once in a while would her new Mistress walk to her and feel Kysa's firm breasts and slick pussy. We spent the evening in exquisite pleasure, and all to soon the party broke up with everyone going their merry way. It was two days before I saw Kysa again.

Suddenly, to Kysa's surprise, strong hands grabbed her by the arms and stood her up on her feet. A waist belt was put on her, and she felt her arms being locked by the wrists to the belt. Then she was lifted, tossed over a shoulder, and carried out of the room. She followed, in her mind, the direction she was going, and realized that she was being carried out the front door of her home, naked and chained.

She didn't know who was carrying her, or where they were taking her. She figured it must have been Frank, but wasn't sure. The cool air on her nakedness caused her to shiver. She could only hope it was night for her naked body was totally exposed to the elements. Whoever was carrying her suddenly stopped and she was handed up to someone else at a higher location. Then she was placed down on her back on very cold metal.

No sooner had she been placed there when she heard an engine start and she realized quickly that she was in the back of a pickup truck being driven out of the driveway and down the road. Kysa felt and heard the truck as it headed down the road with her in the back, naked as the day she was born.

She had no idea where she was going or who was taking her. She rode in silence in the back of the truck with the cool air blowing across her body. She shivered in her dark world, completely exposed to the elements. The truck drove on for a long time.

Pretty soon, the truck hit a bump in the road and she fell back against something soft and a lot warmer. She shuffled under the warm covering as best she could and for a long time felt the truck driving to some unknown location. With nothing better to do, she soon fell asleep, falling to the hypnotic hum of the engine and the roar of the highway beneath her.

She slept uneasily over what seemed to her like several hours, and then the truck stopped. After a short time, the doors opened and she heard noises and voices, and she could smell gasoline. She assumed the truck had stopped for gas at some place and the driver was filling up... at least she hoped it was the driver... and she hoped she was fully covered in the bed of the truck.

She heard the sound of the gas cap being put back on and then there were no voices for some time. Soon, however, she heard the husky voice of a woman. She also heard a male voice laughing as the woman joked with him. The voices grew louder and closer, and soon Kysa knew that they were right over her and looking down at her naked body. They spoke lewdly about her nakedness, but she couldn't cover herself any better. She laid there in silence while the two people talked about how slutty she looked, chained up in the back of their truck.

The male voice laughed and joked back and finally he told the woman that the price of the gas was six dollars. There was silence for a few moments and the woman said, "Hmmm, all I have is a five-dollar bill. I thought I had enough to pay for the gas. Well, how would you like to take the price of the extra dollar of gas out in trade?"

The man was silent for a moment and finally said, "In trade for what... exactly?"

"Why... in trade for a quick dip into her... of course!" said the woman. Kysa instantly realized that she was about to be used to pay for a dollars worth of gas. She would have no say in the matter, and had no way to protest her dilemma.

"Well... I dunno." said the man. "She looks pretty slutty to me. Who knows what kind of disease I'll get from her... but, ok. Let me have the five dollars and I'll take the last dollar out in trade for her. Back the truck into the service bay so we can have some privacy."

The woman got into the driver's side door, and backed the truck into the gas station. Kysa could hear the overhead door close with a bang. When the woman got out, she said, "Listen, we're going across the street to have a cup of coffee in the diner. We'll be back in a little while. Have fun while we're gone!"

He said, "I'll have just as much fun as possible while yer gone. You can bank on that, missy!"

Kysa heard the other people laugh loudly and left. She sensed that the strange man was standing over her. She felt a hand on her inner thigh, and shivered in fear of what was to happen. The man said, "My goodness, little one... it looks to me as though you're going to make my evening. And hell, the price is just about right. You had just better give me my dollar's worth, that's fer certain!"

She felt her ankles being grabbed and she was dragged away from her soft bed, down towards the end of the truck bed. Her legs were released and they hung down, at the knees, over the tailgate. She was lying face up exposed to the stares of the unknown man inside the gas station. She felt his hands begin to caress her hard breasts and felt a tug on the chain she wore between all her rings. He didn't hurt her, and thanked heaven for at least that much.

The man said, "Good gravy, honey! It looks as though you'll be a great fuck. They've staked a claim to your damn nipples and pussy! Did a good job too. Very pretty ornaments you have there. I wonder what the other side looks like." Before she could fully understand what he meant, she was turned over onto her stomach and pulled backwards a little until her hips hung over the back edge of the tailgate.

Once she was in the right position, her legs were let go and she could just barely feel the oily concrete floor under her toes. The man leaned forward and pressed on the small of her back so that she couldn't move and began to feel her asscheeks. Kysa knew she was vulnerable in this position but had no way to protest.

The man said, "Nice! This side is all clean and shiny!" She felt the man's fingers slide between her asscheeks and poked at her rear hole. She began to wiggle under his groping, trying to make him stop, but he said, "Relax and enjoy yourself, baby girl. I know I will."

He stood back up, undid his belt, and dropped his pants down to his ankles. His eight-inch erect cock was pounding full of blood and his desire for her ass became hard to handle. He spread her legs wide and stood between them. He licked his index finger and pressed it against her puckered anus, forcing it in as far as it would go. She moaned under the sudden intrusion into her ass and wiggled again to try to escape his probing.

Moving his finger in and out of her tight hole, he began a slow fucking motion into her to loosen her up. When he thought the time was right, he bent forward, placing one hand on each side of her for balance and pushed the head of his cock between her cheeks and hard against her hole.

After a few tentative pushes, he managed to pop the cock head into her ass and Kysa's stifled gasp went unnoticed because of her gag. The man proceeded with his fucking motions and soon he was taking her ass, sliding his eight-incher deep inside of her and pulling it almost all the way back out.

He slid his cock deep within her ass and pulled it back repeatedly and soon began faster strokes. He took his time, and the pleasure of this fucking was all his without any protest from this available ass. He felt her puckered sphincter muscle tight over his rigid meat and eased it in and out of her with wanton abandon. He did her for a long time, enjoying this piece of ass.

He bent further over her body and pressed himself down and into her as deeply as he could push it in, impaling her tiny ass onto his pulsing cock. Kysa felt the fullness of his cock jammed into her ass and grimaced as he mashed it fully inside of her. The only thing she could do was accept him there. She had no option in the matter. He was having his way.

He leaned over her now and began a serious fucking of her tight ass and repeatedly fucked her tight hole with his rigid member. His cock kept on reaming her for a long time. Kysa hoped he would cum soon so she could be rid of him, but he lasted for an eternity. She was splayed over the tailgate of some unknown vehicle, in some unknown location, in some unknown gas station, and she was being fucked in her ass by an unknown man... for a dollar.

The man kept sliding his tool in and out of her as he grunted and sweated. He fucked her ass soundly for almost ten minutes. Kysa felt him speed up and knew he was about to cum, and she was right. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and spewed his cum between the crack of her ass. She could feel the hot juice splattering on her ass crack and was thankful he was finished.

Unfortunately, he wasn't done with her yet. When he finished spurting his cum on her, he pushed his cock back inside her ass and continued pumping it in and out. Kysa realized that his cock had not gone down, but remained hard even after he came. The man bent over and said, "Oh baby... your ass is so tight! I think I'll just have to fuck it some more! I haven't had a piece like this in years!"

Kysa could smell the man's sweat and fresh cum juice on her body. As she lay there face down on the back of the truck's tailgate, she realized he wasn't finished. He kept on fucking her and his cock never got soft. For another fifteen minutes he watched his full cock length slide deep into her small ass hole and he reamed her butt with fast pumps until he felt his second orgasm coming from deep within his balls.

He moaned in his pleasure but this time he didn't pull out, and Kysa felt the head of his cock far within her ass. He stiffened and stabbed her deeply and his cum poured out of his cock and filled her hole. His full weight was pushing his cock deep into her and he shook and shuddered as he came for a long time inside of her.

He no sooner finished and pulled his withering cock out of her, when Kysa heard a familiar voice. The woman asked the man if everything came out all right, and the man guffawed at the humor. He said, "This little bitch has a tight ass! She's not a bad fuck! At least, not bad for a dollar!"

Several people laughed at Kysa's expense and she felt herself being turned and rolled back into the back of the truck bed. She heard the tale gate slam shut and heard the woman say goodbye to the man, and the truck headed out on the highway once again.

Kysa had lost track of which direction they were headed, long ago, and wondered just how long the road trip was going to last. As she rode in the rear of the truck still nude, fully exposed, with cum inside and outside of her ass, she tried to listen to sounds that might give her an idea of where she was. All she heard was the whine of the tires against the highway. Before she knew it, she fell asleep once again.

She woke later on in the trip, and she stretched as much as was possible while in her bonds. She felt as though she had slept for several hours, and was feeling hungry and thirsty. She had no idea where she was or where she was going, but just then the truck pulled clumsily off the side of the highway.

The truck stopped and she heard doors opening and closing. The tailgate was lowered and she was picked up and carried over a shoulder once again. She was carried a short time and finally she was stood up on her feet on the ground.

A male voice asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She recognized the voice as Frank's and nodded her head yes. She was asked if she was hungry and thirsty, and she nodded her head once again signifying that she was. The man said, "You have only a few minutes to take care of your personal business. Do it"

He sensed she didn't understand and he said, "If you need to go to the bathroom do it now, because it will be a long time before you have another chance to take care of it. My advice to you is to squat down and let it go. You have no other option. Hurry now. We must be on the way soon."

Kysa understood that she was being told to go to the bathroom where she stood. Now that he had brought it up she had to go real bad, and there was no place to hide herself while she did it, so the only thing to do was squat and let it go. She couldn't hold it much longer.

She did so, and while Frank looked on, she squatted down and released a flow of urine that soaked the ground between her feet. Then, she emptied her bowels on the ground while Frank looked on, and she blushed red inside her hood. When she was finished, she stood up and Frank gave her a few pieces of tissue paper to wipe herself. She was just barely able to do that, being tied as she was.

She was walked halfway back to the side of the truck and she heard the woman's voice once more. The woman said, "Are you hungry?" Kysa nodded towards the voice. The woman said, "Get down on your knees." Kysa followed instructions and she felt the hood being removed.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the light, she looked up and saw that the woman was the good-looking black lady that had accompanied Frank. The woman walked up to Kysa and lifted her skirt to reveal a naked pussy covered with short curly black hair. She squatted over Kysa's upturned face and said, "Then eat me!"

Without hesitation, Kysa began to lick and suck this black woman's cunt juices. She nibbled and sucked on her clit and the woman came in Kysa's face several times. She was then told to suck Frank's huge black cock, and she did that also, without question. Frank fucked her mouth deeply and when he came, he did so after pulling his cock out and spurting his cum all over Kysa's forehead and face.

After she was finished servicing them both, she was hand fed a small dry sandwich and made to drink some warm water from a plastic bottle. After she ate, she was again told to suck the woman to orgasm. By that time Frank was semi-hard again, so she was told to take care of him. She repeated her mouthing of Frank's cock. This time, he took a long time to cum, but she succeeded in getting him to orgasm and, once again, he came forcefully onto her face. The cum dripped from her eyelids and nose.

When they were finished using her, Frank inserted the gag, and replaced the dark black hood over Kysa's head. She was picked up over Frank's shoulder and taken back to the truck where she was placed in the back. The truck started up again, and sped off down the road. Kysa could smell the pussy juice and cum on her face. She could taste the residue of both on her lips. That's all she could think of as they drove away.

Not ten minutes later, the truck pulled off the highway and onto a long dirt road. It pulled up to a nice looking home under a large grove of oak trees. The truck pulled into a garage and the door closed automatically behind it. Once parked, Kysa was picked up again, and carried into the house and down into the basement.

She was unhooded again when they reached a special room set up for occasions like this. Her gag was left in place so that she could not speak. Kysa's arms were checked for secureness and when everything was checked out she was led over to a wall. On the side of the wall she was facing, Kysa saw something that caused her knees to go weak.

She looked and saw a contraption mounted to the wall that looked like a large rubber cock sticking out from the wall at a sharp upward angle. She watched as Frank moved her to stand directly in front of it and saw that he was adjusting the height of it on the wall with a sliding lock of some sort. The rubber penis was about nine inches long.

He adjusted the height of the base of that big cock to the level of her cunt. The woman came into view with a jar of Vaseline and sloppily lubricated the entire nine-inch length of the cock. She removed some of the remaining Vaseline from her hands by sliding her fingers through Kysa's pussylips, thereby lubricating her as well. Then she dried her hands on a towel and turned back to Kysa.

With Frank on one side and the woman on the other, Kysa was lifted slightly and her cunt was placed over the tip of the cock stuck closely to the wall. She was lowered slowly over the length of the cock and the woman helped Frank move Kysa up and down while the cock slowly filled up her cunt. In short order, it was fully inserted into Kysa's pussy. She found that she could stand almost flat-footed on the floor beneath it. Kysa thought about this cock setup and realized it would almost be impossible for her to climb off of the terminally hard phallus the way she was standing. In order for her to remove it, she would have to be lifted off of it. She was securely mounted to the wall cock, and could not get off by herself.

All the time she was being affixed onto this contraption, neither Frank nor the woman said a word. They didn't have to. Frank did, however, do one more thing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two small circular key rings. The kind you have to split apart to slide a key onto. As she watched, Kysa saw him reach for her breasts and nipple rings. As she watched, Frank turned one key ring onto one of her nipple rings, and did the same to the other. Then he pushed Kysa forward to the wall and she noticed that right in front of her nipples there was a set of eyehooks screwed into the wall. They were set at about the same height as her nipples and almost the same width apart.

She watched as Frank took one nipple and the woman took the other, and turned the key rings, which had been attached to her nipple rings, onto the eye hooks on the wall. Standing back away from Kysa, Frank and the woman looked at their handiwork.

Kysa was impaled on the angled wall cock and secured by her nipples to the eyehooks in the wall. Her arms were still pinned to her sides. The woman came up to Kysa and said, "If you look real close, you will find that there is no way for you to get off of this cock. You cannot slide up and off, because your nipples are securely clamped to the wall, and you cannot sit down, because of the cock in your cunt."

"You can, however, stand up and back down on your toes and fuck yourself on the cock. You have that much freedom, and it's greased up pretty well. Feel free to do so, and cum as often as you like, but you will remain in this position until we decide it is time to use you. Mistress Melanie no longer owns you. We do."

Then this great looking woman proceeded to spank Kysa's bare ass. She did so with a medium firmness, but Kysa could tell this woman could spank harder and deliver greater pain, should she deserve it. She really wanted to be good for her new Mistress, but enjoyed the tender spanking anyway. After that, Frank and the woman left the room and closed the door, leaving Kysa alone.

Kysa looked around the room. It was a room designed for sex. On one side of the room she saw a large bed pushed up against a wall. The wall behind the bed was completely covered, floor to ceiling and wall to wall with a mirror. The mattress was covered with a rubber sheet. Beside the bed stood a small table with towels and lubricants on it.

On the opposite wall she saw shelves. One shelf contained a huge assortment of metal and leather clamping devices and restraints. Another shelf was completely filled with dildos, both plastic and rubber. They were in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Above her head and to the right she noticed, mounted into the wall, was a large television screen. It was on. She found that if she turned her head she could see the screen. She wasn't surprised when she saw an explicit sexual scene being played out.

Turning to see what the scene showed, she watched as two good-looking young men (one white and the other black) were being led, blindfolded and wrists shackled behind their heads to a neck collar, into a room by a well-endowed very pretty redhead. The woman removed the blindfold from the taller white man, and he saw the naked black man in the room with him.

There was no sound, but she could see what was happening. The woman led the black guy to the center of the room. A leather shackle was placed around each of his ankles and secured tightly to connectors on the floor, his legs spread wide. His wrists, one at a time, were disconnected from his collar and hooked to hanging ropes which ran up and over a pulley and down through a large ring on the wall.

The woman walked to the side of the room and pulled the rope tight to take up all the tension on the smaller man's wrists. His arms were pulled up and over his head very tightly and the woman tied off the rope. She then said something to the white man and he immediately began shaking his head rapidly. Apparently, the other man heard what she had to say, also, and struggled in his bindings. He was securely fastened, however, and was unable to move much.

She shouted something to the white man and again pointed to the other man, but he again shook his head and refused to do as he was told. The woman simply smiled and picked up a cat-o-nine tails. She did not hesitate, and immediately began flailing the whip against the white man's naked ass.

Squirm as he might, there was no protection against her onslaught. No matter which way he turned or tried to get away from the stinging pain, she made firm contact, and red welts began to rise on his body. Hers was a bad temper. One Kysa would not like to feel. However, watching her beat the man into submission thrilled her to no end. She shivered in her lusty thoughts.

She whipped him about ten times, and stopped to say something else to him. Again, he shook his head, and the black man continued to struggle unsuccessfully. Undaunted, she struck the white guy another ten times with the whip, and again she said something to him. Meekly, he nodded in response, and he walked to the front of the bound black man. She seemed to laugh out loud at them both, and Kysa watched as the he knelt down before the black man's crotch.

He remained in this position as the woman gave him another command. Kysa distinctly saw tears welling up in the eyes on the kneeling man. The woman became enraged and began to whip him again. After only a few strokes, the man had had enough pain and he leaned forward and took the black man's cock into his mouth, and began to give him a blowjob. The black man twisted around and wouldn't let the other guy do that to him. The woman yelled at him, apparently telling him to quit his struggling. The black man said something to the woman and continued to struggle.

While watching this on the screen above her head, Kysa unconsciously began to move her cunt up and down on the big cock she was mounted to. She found she could actually move several inches up and down the length of the big, well-greased dildo, and was able to lift one leg to help her move even more. So, while watching the titillating scene on the TV, she began to fuck herself on the pole. Her only limitation of movement were her secured nipples. Pulling on them a little was giving her a nice feeling in her tits. This only made her fuck herself harder.

The woman on the screen said something to the black man, and began an unmerciful whipping of his naked buttocks. Repeatedly, she whipped his ass with the cat-o-nine tails while speaking to him. For a long time, almost twenty swipes later, he shook his head, but the pain was too much for him, and finally he nodded to her and quit struggling.

She once again pointed to the man on his knees and he again placed his lips around the black man's cock. This time there was no struggling, and Kysa watched as the man was forced to have oral sex with the other man. Kysa watched in awe as, after a short time, the man's cock became hard and the other man sucked it vigorously. The black man had a sexy long cock, and the white guy kept on sucking as much of it as he could. It was sensually thrilling to Kysa watching the mixed race suck session. Kinky!

The woman kept speaking to him, and each time she spoke, the man sucked harder and faster. All the while, Kysa's up and down motions gained speed, and she had to switch balancing on one foot then the other because of the difficulty in her motions. Each time she switched, both feet had to be placed on the floor, and her mounted position forced the cock deep into her pussy. Even this turned her body into fire as the television scene continued on.

The man on the screen sucked the other man for a long time, and finally the black man jerked at the hips several times and Kysa knew he was spurting his cum into the white guys sucking mouth. Kysa was surprised that he kept sucking after he started to ejaculate into his mouth. Then she realized that he was being told to drink the other man's cum or suffer the consequences of the whip.

When she realized this, Kysa started to cum, herself. She fucked her pussy on the mounted rubber cock impaled deep within her, and felt her orgasm build to it's own crescendo, and she shook in an easy orgasmic delight, pleasing herself until her pleasure diminished. She finished cumming just as the man on the screen did. She rested both feet back on the floor, with her head against the wall, breathing heavy and feeling the moisture between her legs.

She looked up at the screen and watched as the woman made the man drink all the other guy's jism, and only when his orgasm was finished did she allow the man to take his mouth off the large flaccid cock. The lady then made the man wash off the spent cock and balls of the black man. Doing this, the woman noticed that the white man had a hardon.

She said something to him about it and it looked like the man blushed a little. This was all the woman needed. It took her only a short time to remove the bindings of the black man and tie the white man in the same position. Kysa smiled as she watched the same scene take place, only this time the men had swapped places.

It was now time for the black guy to suck on the white guy, and it took several whippings to make them both comply. Sure enough, they traded places and before her eyes, Kysa watched the black man suck the white guy hard and fast. He kept sucking until the guy came hard in his mouth. She could tell he was cumming hard because of his facial features.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realized that his jerking movements meant that he was filling the other guy's mouth with hot semen and the other guy swallowed as fast as he could. Kysa just followed along and had another even bigger orgasm on her new mounted penis. The movie ended and the screen went blank just as she finished shivering on her spike.

Cum-stained and weak from exhaustion, she fought against sleep and boredom for almost two hours. Standing there, her vagina impaled and her flat belly filled with a big rubber penis, her tits were hooked to a wall she could not get away from. Every time she found herself drifting off, she started falling back away from the wall. Her knees were giving out and she found that she could almost balance her crotch on the permanently hard prick inside her, but if she nodded off, the rings on her nipples would be yanked tight and she would have to gain back her balance.

Tired and cum dirty, she began to wonder what was going to happen to her, and she had no sooner finished the thought when the door opened, and five people walked in. Frank and his woman came in first, followed by two young boys and one young girl. All of them were naked, of course. Kysa got her first look at the woman and knew that she was going to enjoy her slavehood here. She had the firmest and sexiest body she had ever seen on a woman. It was absolutely tight and firm all around.

Frank removed the key rings securing her nipples to the wall, wrapped his big black arms around her waist from behind, and slowly lifted her petite body off the wall cock. Kysa felt his naked cock pulsing against her ass as she was lifted free of her restraint. He carried her to the bed where his woman had sat down on the edge, legs spread wide in anticipation. He placed Kysa on her hands and knees between her thighs and said, "Service this tight pussy... and you damned well better make it quiver! I want to see and hear my wife cum. I want to see you lick her juice when she's cumming on your face"

Unnecessarily, he pushed the back of her blonde head, mashing her face into his wife's pussylips. Kysa wanted this more than anything, and without hesitation she began to lick and suck the juicy pussylips before her, servicing this pussy as she had never done before. Immediately, Frank's wife wrapped her legs completely around Kysa's head to keep her in her proper place and leaned back on the bed to enjoy the feeling of Kysa's lips and tongue on her pussy.

While Kysa ate the steaming pussy before her, Frank gave the two boys instructions and the young men went out of the room. He commanded the young white girl and she quickly climbed onto the bed and straddled his wife's face, facing backwards in a sixty-nine position, offering her young labia and clit as a succulent dessert for his wife.

He stood back to admire his handiwork with a smile. He straddled over Kysa's kneeling body and pulled the girl's face to his cock. So while Kysa greedily ate at the woman's tasty pussy, the woman ate the girl's pussy while the girl sucked Frank's cock above her. After a while, he had a different idea, and he noisily pulled out of the girls' mouth. She had really been sucking hard on his meat.

He reached for a jar of Vaseline and got on his knees behind Kysa. He lavished a large quantity of the slick lubricant all over Kysa's ass and down between her legs on her bald pussy. Kysa felt the manipulations behind her and spread her legs wide in anticipation of what was to come. She had learned that it was better to cooperate than to fight the inevitable and, more than likely, suffer the consequences.

This pleased Frank, and while Kysa sucked the pussy before her, he proceeded to stick two of his fingers into Kysa's pussy and finger-fuck her. He reached for the other girl's hand and led it towards Kysa's asshole. He told her to finger-fuck her there. Kysa was now being probed in the ass and pussy. The girl got up to three small fingers, and fucked diddled Kysa's ass for a long time while frank played with the ring through her clit, tugging and pulling it to watch Kysa jump. His fingers were large, like the rest of his anatomy, but he wanted to see just what Kysa could handle without killing her. After a few minutes with two fingers fucking her pussy, he added a third.

Three of his fingers, pushing in and out of her cunt to the top knuckle of his large hand, set Kysa on fire. She wiggled her ass in enjoyment of their ministrations. Seeing that she could handle it, Frank placed a fourth finger in with the other three. This stretched Kysa's pussy wide, and she had to spread her legs even wider to accommodate the invasion. She did so, and Frank slid his four fingers fully into her cunt, stretching them wide as he inserted them, just to see how far she could stretch her cuntlips.

At the same time, the young girl continued fingering her rear hole. Between the two sets of fingers probing her, Kysa was taken down a sexual road she had never traveled. She was actually enjoying the probing she was receiving. At the same time she licked and sucked the black woman's pussy as best she could.

The woman was liking it so much, she had splayed her legs wide allowing Kysa to use her own hands to finger the clit she was licking. All this was happening while the woman ate the small girls' pussy. Slurping up juices, they passed along sensations to their partners that could not be gleaned alone.

After several minutes of this, he heard Kysa moan in orgasmic delight as she both ate a pussy and had hers finger fucked. She came all over frank's hand as he fucked her this way for a long time. Both his wife and the young white girl sitting on her face were also cumming.

Frank decided it was time to fuck Kysa. He made sure there was still a lot of lubrication going, and rubbed the head of his bulging prick against her labia making sure her lubrication made his cock slick enough to slide inside.

Kysa felt the invasion of his big black meat, and she moaned loudly into the soaked pussy she was eating. She continued to moan as Frank forced his cock in and out of her straining cuntlips. Slowly but surely, he fucked Kysa with his thickness, until she loosened up enough so that he could ball her cunt harder. With a final plunge into her pussy, Frank managed to push his full girth and length inside Kysa's cunt hole.

Just as he did this, Kysa's legs splayed out to either side of her and she almost lost her equilibrium. Her face was pushed between the thighs of this black woman, and she could only moan into the wet pussy at her face. She had no where to go, and her back arched to attempt to free herself. Frank's wife held her head in position, and Kysa's moaning directly into her cunt set off another fierce orgasm for both of the other women.

After a short while, Kysa regained her composure and relaxed enough so that Frank could give her a good fucking. The girl twisted and turned her long fingers inside Kysa's ass and Frank pummeled her pussy, doggy style. With that, Kysa had one of the most intense orgasms of her entire life. She jerked and gyrated on Frank's cock, and the juices she released from her cunt only served as better lubrication for the meat inside her.

She shivered and came for as long as Frank dogged her cunt. He manipulated her orgasm for a very long time. Frank made Kysa cum for several agonizing minutes, never letting her rest between peaks, and even picking her petite backside by the waist so that Kysa could cum while hanging limply in the air, just off the floor.

Once he thought she had had enough, he slowly let her back down onto the floor to regain her hands and knees position again... making her cum all the while. When she was recomposed, he began an assault on her breasts by reaching around and squeezing them tightly.

Frank knew it was time to act, so he pulled Kysa free from the thighs of his wife. The young girl on top immediately fell face first into the free pussy of his wife, and they ate each other's cunts while Frank moved Kysa into another position. Lying on her belly on the floor, he removed his cock from Kysa's over-stretched cuntlips. Her body was covered in sweat from head to toe from her recent orgasms.

Frank gave her just a few moments to rest on the floor while he watched his wife eat the young girls' pussy on the bed. He always loved to watch her lick his slave's pussy, and this time was no different. His cock was already pulsing huge with blood and he needed to have his orgasm soon, and there was only one way he wanted it this time.

Making sure her ass was still lubricated, he picked her up and placed her on her side facing away from him. He held the hard head of his cock against her ass hole. Kysa immediately knew what was to be expected of her, and she pushed back onto his cock. Her rear hole was already lubricated and prepared by the girl.

His huge cock head popped inside her tight ass and it made her jump a little. Frank, however, could have cared less. He pushed his cock inside of her and pulled her closer to him for better penetration. Kysa moaned with the pressure there, but unsatisfied with the result, he reached over and rolled her on top of his lap, thereby forcing her weight to impale herself on his bulging cock.

She inhaled deeply at the great intrusion into her body, and found herself firmly seated atop his cock, forcing its massiveness inside of her. He held her upright, which allowed his entire length to insert itself into her hole. Once fully inserted, he pulled her backward to lie flat on his back. Completely impaled on his cock, she felt his hands reaching around her to play with her firm young breasts. The nipple rings, no longer painful, were tugged and pulled by Frank.

His hands roamed her entire body, and with the heat of his own passion, he moved her up and down onto his cock, seeking his pent-up relief. There was no part of Kysa's small body that he didn't touch and feel as he fucked her ass. Soon, however, his own passion overwhelmed him and he wanted more. He sat up and rolled over on top of her.

Face down on the floor, Kysa moaned as Frank pulled his cock out of her ass almost to the tip of his huge meat, and plunged it back in to it's greatest possible depth within her rectum. Over and over again, he pushed his thick, black, blood-engorged penis into her hot, tight, rear hole. His strokes came faster and faster, and after a while he was jack-hammering her ass, fucking it with all his strength.

She had never felt the pressure of such a big cock fucking her in the ass, and she knew it was going to make her cum. It always did, and this time was no exception. Her muscles tensed and she could feel herself pushing her reamed ass up against Frank even as he stuffed his meat deep within her.

He fucked her in the ass for several minutes, but soon felt the burning in his big hairy balls. Kysa knew he was about to cum, and this set off her inner alarm clock and she started to spasm in the glow of a torrid orgasm of her own. Pounding his massive cock even faster into her ass, he felt the searing heat of his cum shooting up through the length of his tool, and Kysa sensed his meat expanding in its orgasmic tremors. They both felt the cum spurt, over and over again, deep inside of her tight white slave girl ass.

Finally, he plunged in his meat and blew out the last of his cum deep within the recesses of Kysa's ass, just as she moaned in an ecstatic shaking orgasm that sent her to a place she had never seen. His physical size totally engulfed Kysa's tiny body, and for a moment there was almost no sight of Kysa underneath Frank's prone body. Only her legs could be seen sticking out from between Frank's legs.

After a few moments, Frank caught his breath and rolled off of Kysa, pulling his semi-erect penis out of her ass. It plopped out and was followed by seeping cum leaking out of her filled rectum. Kysa lay on the floor breathing heavily while some of Frank's cum leaked out from her stretched anus. Panting and sweating profusely from the vigorous fucking he had just delivered, Frank looked up and saw his wife smiling.

After a short while, Kysa was able to catch her breath, and was led away by the young white girl. She was taken, hand-in-hand, to a bathroom where the two boys had prepared a steaming bathtub. The bathtub was huge, big enough for several people, and filled with hot bubbly water. The young girl told Kysa to get in the tub.

Before she got in, the two boys removed Kysa's nipple and clit chains. Kysa blushed while they felt her up in the process, but then tested the water with her toe and found it to be perfect. She stepped into the tub, and was quickly followed by the other girl and the two boys. Of course, she immediately noticed the wonderfully long erections of the boys as they entered the water with her.

They wasted no time in soaping up her body and, using wash cloths, completely covered her body with soothing soapsuds. As she stood in the center of these lovely young nymphs, she was cleansed with care. None spoke once they started washing her body. They did such a nice job!

One boy lathered her arms and upper torso, taking great pains to see to it that her breasts and nipples were totally clean, while the other boy handled the lower portion, lifting first one of her legs then the other to wash away all traces of cum and grime. The young blonde girl smiled as she tended to Kysa's mid-section, including her pussy and buttocks. The girl spent a long time making sure Kysa's cunt and asshole were clean. She made sure there were no traces of cum stains outside or in.

Kysa's hair was washed and rinsed several times by both boys. Now clean, she was moved from the tub. She was dried thoroughly with small towels, and the young girl sat Kysa down in a soft chair and used a blow drier on her hair. Once her hair was finished, the young girl took a razor and spread Kysa's thighs wide. She knelt between her thighs and lathered Kysa's pussy, then shaved it clean and dried it.

At the same time, the two boys sat at her feet. Each took one of Kysa's feet and gave her a foot massage and pedicure. Her toenails were finished off with a pale pink shade of polish. It took them a long time to do her toenails, and all the while the young girl sat between her thighs eating her pussy.

Kysa leaned back in the chair, enjoying the work being done on her body. She had several orgasms as her toenails were being done. They finished her pedicure, moved up to take her hands, and began a manicure. Her fingernails were done in the same manner, including some wonderful breast massage, nipple sucking, and cunt licking by the young girl. All in all, after she was done, Kysa felt totally clean, inside and out.

Only then did she pay enough attention to notice that the girl's nipples had small rings in them like hers. Glancing at the boys, she noticed they also had nipple rings. She had no sooner noticed the decorated nipples on the slaves when Frank and his wife walked into the room. They were still naked, and were covered in sweat from a good fuck session of their own.

Frank announced that it was time for "all his little cunts" to go to bed to get some rest. He told them that they would have a busy day tomorrow. His pretty wife led Kysa and the other girl to one bedroom and Frank led the two naked boys to another.

Kysa noticed that the bedroom she was led to had only one small bed in the middle. Immediately, she realized that she would be sleeping with the other girl. Her Mistress opened a drawer in a small nightstand and pulled out two tiny silver padlocks.

She turned the two slaves face to face and, using a small silver key, snapped open the locks. Starting with the ring in Kysa's left nipple, she ran the lock clasp through it and then through the girl's right nipple, and snapped the tiny lock closed. She then connected Kysa's right nipple to the girl's left nipple in the same manner.

Thus, securely connected nipple to nipple, her Mistress helped them lie down together, sideways, in the bed, heads resting on a single fluffy pillow. As they lay naked together in the bed, face to face, her Mistress pulled a sheet over them. She left the room, turning to smile as she left, turned out the lights and closed the door.

It was pitch dark in the room, and Kysa knew exactly what her situation was. From the darkness, the girl whispered, "My name is Melody. What ever you do, don't talk too loud. Our Mistress is fair, but our Master can deliver some harsh treatment to his slaves when they break the rules. I know. I've been on the receiving end.

"He loves to spank his slaves very hard when they disobey the rules. Trust me when I tell you that his spankings end only when he feels like stopping... and he really loves to spank."

In the cool darkness, Kysa whispered back, "My name is Kysa, and thank you for the warning. What's the deal with the locks on our nipples?"

Melody replied, "Oh that's nothing. It's just their way of managing us. They don't want us roaming around the house at night, or trying to leave. Mistress say's the locks tend to keep us warm in bed together." Kysa heard Melody giggle, and she giggled right along with her bed partner. It was kind of silly, but the thought was very kinky.

Melody said, "Each night, we're connected by our nipples to a different slave, and now that you're here, it'll give the boys someone new to play with at night. I need the break! By the way, did you like your bath and cleanup after they used you tonight?"

Kysa blushed in the darkness and answered, "Oh yes. It was very good. Did you do that to me because you wanted to, or because you were told to?"

Melody giggled again and whispered, "Both, silly. They told us what to do while you were in the room alone, earlier tonight, but I couldn't wait to taste you and make you cum! We all take turns, each day, primping the other slaves. It's fun, and we get to give each other well-deserved orgasms. Our owners could care less if we cum or not, so that's our only chance. If you cum while they do you, they could care less. After a hard day servicing them, we need the break.

"They demand a lot from us during the day, so they let us reward each other at night, unless we really mess up. It's not so bad here if you do what they tell you to do. Most of the time, they just use your body for their own pleasure, or their guests. Don't ever deny them the use of your body at any time, and you'll get along great with them."

While Kysa listened to her speak, she felt a hand move up and gently begin caressing her breasts and firm stomach. Melody massaged and squeezed Kysa's breasts gently, and pulled on the padlock to stimulate both nipples simultaneously. After listening to Melody's account of their pleasure time being only at night, she figured she would return the sensuous pleasures Melody was giving her.

She put one arm under Melody's head so they could cuddle easier, and leaned towards her partner. She kissed her on the forehead and gently applied tender kisses all over Melody's face, ending up at her mouth. She gave her a small peck on the lips, but Melody wanted more than a peck. Leaning in closer, she kissed Kysa full on her mouth and slid her wet tongue in between Kysa's lips. Kysa readily accepted the offering and within seconds her tongue fought lasciviously with Melody's. Their lust filled tongues searched every nook and cranny, making the kiss highly passionate for both of them.

Their sensuous kiss lasted for almost a full minute before they were satiated. Melody rolled over on top of Kysa, and Kysa felt the tugging of her nipples while Melody climbed on top. Kysa spread her legs and thighs wide enough for Melody to slide down and fit snugly between them, and they pressed their naked cunts together under the sheet.

Melody raised herself up onto her hands, and pressed her already wet pussy mound hard onto Kysa's wet flower. Tits securely locked together, the movement caused their breasts and nipples to be pulled tightly apart, sending shivers through Kysa's body.

She had never felt such a force applied to her tits, but she really enjoyed the tautness of the connection. With eyes closed in the darkness, she tried to imagine what they looked like, locked together in sexual passion like this. The image she saw made her shudder and with tenderness, reached up and cupped a firm breast in each hand. Melody's young breasts felt hard, much like her own, and that touch and thought caused Kysa to wonder more about her sexual status.

As she lay there feeling another woman's flesh, she thought to herself. "How was it that she was never conscious of her inner sexuality before a few weeks ago? Why had she not been more open to new things in the bedroom? Why, all of a sudden, did she actually crave sexual attention? Was she really always as horny as now? Was she just a whore in chains, called a sex slave?"

She knew her actions, viewed from the eyes of most other people would be considered as sexual taboo, but that only made her seek out others in her situation to be with. She now knew and felt that this way of life, as someone's personal sex slave, had been foretold. She felt she had actually found her piece of mind, and if she hadn't, she just might have turned into a street prostitute and wound up dead someplace on an overdose of some stupid drug.

Kysa knew that her soul was at rest. She no longer felt any desire to go back to her past life. She knew that she had found a position she could work at and be proud of, even though the only awards she received were when she did a good job at pleasing her Master or Mistress... whoever that may be at any particular moment. But that was the beauty of it! It was her decision, and the awards were all hers!

Coming back to the hard cones in her hands, Kysa felt how much both sets of nipples were stretched between them, and rolled Melody's nipples hard between her thumb and forefinger. Melody moaned in the darkness and began to slide her hot cunt up and down the length of Kysa's matching open wetness. This action not only created a feverous friction between their pussies, but had the added feature of pulling their ringed nipples harder and harder apart.

The each felt their clit rings click and rub together, and Kysa even began to wish that their new black Mistress had locked their clits together too. It would have been so kinky! Even so, Melody continued to rub against Kysa's cunt and they soon got into a rhythm neither wanted to end. Juicy cunts rubbed together at a feverish pace as locked nipples pulled repeatedly at each other. They moaned together silently in the darkness, each locked in their own sexual fantasy.

It wasn't long before Kysa felt a familiar feeling beginning to emerge from her boiling depths, and raising her loins to push harder against her companion's cunt, she felt her orgasm blasting to the surface. Wrapping her arms around Melody's neck, she raised herself up and crushed her breasts against her partner's, and greedily kissed Melody's mouth with a passion she didn't know she had for another woman.

Melody was no stranger to the delights of another woman either, and she tongued Kysa's mouth with as much eagerness as she received. At the same time, she mashed her young cunt down into Kysa's, and began to shudder as her own intense orgasm took her over. They came together in the darkness, as each cunt exploded in the fireworks that they had come to understand was their lives.

Both of them, understanding fully the needs of the other woman, and working in harmony, shared an uninterrupted orgasmic pleasure that no man would or could ever understand. Kysa had never felt so connected (pun intended) to another woman than she had at that moment. Each gave of themselves without shame and with a fervor unmatched in their life.

The extreme ecstasy felt by the two women lasted a long time. A flood of feminine passion continuously washed over them as torrents of pussy orgasms and just enough cum washed over and spread between their naked hips and thighs into the darkness between them. The only sounds heard were muffled moans and tender whimpers of excruciating pleasure escaping delicately between one pair of simmering lips and finding its way deep within the recesses of a matching female pair pressed passionately against them.

After an incredulous eternity of sexual bliss and orgasmic waves of pleasure, Melody's arms could no longer find the strength to hold herself upright. She fell down on top of Kysa's heaving chest, breasts and bodies mashing against each other in a sexual glow that lit their world from the inside out. They stayed locked in an enhanced sexual embrace for a long time, whispering words of joy and appreciation. Kissing each other. Caressing each other. Praising their good fortune.

Words alone could not describe how they felt at that moment. The two young women shared something very special with each other that night. They kissed passionately and deeply for another few minutes, and Melody slid off her partner, cunt juice and sexual sweat soaking them completely.

As the early evening passed into darkness, the two young blonde women shared secrets together of how each of them came to be in their current place in life. Melody's story was similar to Kysa's. She told of another woman who was a friend and neighbor. Melody had still been living with her parents. She had just graduated college. There was a big party thrown for a lot of the grads, and her neighbor was there to help celebrate.

As the evening pressed on, she had had a little too much to drink. Not a lot. She was just a little tipsy. The drink made her brave. At some point in the evening, there was a real nice slow song on, and she wanted to dance. She looked around and the only one free at the moment was her neighbor. She came up and asked Melody if she wanted to dance. They must have been reading each other's minds.

They were about the same height and build, and holding another woman for a slow dance felt kind of kinky. Without caring what it looked like, they each held the other and, rubbing their bodies together on the dance floor, they gigglingly felt the closeness of each other and looked each other in the eyes.

It wasn't very long before she felt the girls cunt press up against her own, and she pressed back. Two minutes later, they had silently sneaked into a back room of the house where the party was held and began to kiss in the dark. Before the evening was over, melody had had her first taste of pussy and had her cunt licked by another woman.

Not too much later in the week, her neighbor invited her over, and they had another, better, sexually explicit encounter, sharing each other for hours in bed. It became almost a daily ritual for them, and soon they both moved away from home, and unbeknownst to the rest of the world, they shared each other on a daily basis.

Not long after that, they met someone and agreed to become his sex slaves. It started only as his slaves for the afternoon, but they both enjoyed it so much, it became an all-the-time thing. Soon, they were sold to a real Master. Ever since then, Melody had been a slave. Her female partner went back to her real life, and Melody found herself here, nipple-locked to Kysa.

Kysa shared her story with Melody. During both stories, they had been fingering each other's clit rings, pulling and tugging away. Soon, Kysa had a wet orgasm on her partner's fingers, and Melody shared one at Kysa's expense. Kysa looked back to this moment, much later, and determined that it was at this time in her life that she stopped looking back at the decision to become a slave, and started looking forward to see what could be learned as one.

Much earlier, in another world - one room over, the two young boys, Brad and Mark, were led into their own bedroom by Frank. Although they had previously performed for their Master and Mistress several times, they had never been given the opportunity to share the same bed together until tonight. One of them always got to fuck Melody to sleep. Tonight would be different for both of them.

Frank led them away with one semi-hard penis squeezed tightly in each of his large black hands. By the time they reached the bedroom, both of the boys sported concrete hardons. Frank performed the same ritual that his wife had done with the two girls, padlocking a nipple to it's mate on the other boy, then he thought it over and decided against the locks for this one night.

Instead, he added a twist to the bedtime ritual. Once he guided them to bed and helped them lay down facing each other, he moved their hips closer together so they were as close as they could be. He took a small pink satin ribbon from the dresser, placed their blood-filled hard cocks side by side and tied their cocks together with a simple loose bow, like how you would tie your shoelaces.

Once secured with the pink ribbon, he smiled at them knowingly, and reminded them to be quiet. He said, "Now play nice, don't hurt each other, and save just a little of that for your Mistress tomorrow." He left the room smiling, turning out the light and closing the door on the way. He knew the boys would be having a fun time that night.

Alone in the darkness, the boys wasted no time showing each other what they wanted. Being physically the larger of the two boys, Brad reached down between them and grasped both cocks in one hand. He squeezed them together, simultaneously masturbating both of the hard hot cocks at the same time. He leaned in so close to Mark that his breath was felt on his partner's face when he said to him, "Damn! I've been waiting for this night for a long time!"

He heard Mark give out a heavy sigh and felt his partner's cock being slid back and forth in his hand, with a little help from Mark's moving hips. Brad loosened his grip on his own cock and pulled harder on Mark's, then fumbled at the pink ribbon and untied it so he could get a better grip on the erection his mate had.

Mark reach across in the darkness and found Brad's hot penis and for a few moments they mutually masturbated each other. Brad and Mark had remarkably similar cocks, both measuring in at just a hint over 9 inches long and above average in width. As a team, they complimented each other well. Over the past couple of years, they had learned what each other liked and needed.

That said, it wasn't long before Mark took the initiative, and tentatively leaned across and kissed Brad's lips. Brad needed very little prodding, and immediately returned the kiss full and hard. Tongues flailing in the darkness, searching out the moist folds of their young mouths.

They had wanted this for a long time, and they wordlessly decided to do it all that night... sleep or no sleep. Instinctively, Brad let mark take the lead, and he felt him roll up and on top of his body. He felt Mark's hardness press against his own cock and belly as Mark raised himself to his elbows for some more kissing.

They kissed and touched each other for several minutes, just enjoying the experience. Their passion soon took over and they began pushing crotches together for some added friction to feed the fire already burning hot in their balls. They mashed their cocks together until, in the middle of a tongue-lashing kiss, Mark finally said, "I want to fuck your tight hole. Lift your legs wide for me?"

As an answer, Brad simply spread his legs and lifted them up and around to rest his calves on Mark's shoulders. He said, "I want to feel your fingers deep inside my ass before you fuck me with that fat monster of yours! Stretch my hole a little to help me fuck you better, ok?" Mark kissed his friend in answer to the request, and stuck a finger in his mouth to get it wet. Once slick with saliva, he reached down between them and probed the tight sphincter muscle of Brad's 'pussy'.

It was very tight, and Mark smiled in the darkness knowing his pecker would soon be feeling that tightness squeezing his cock. He pushed a little harder and brad relaxed to the sensations. Soon mark was sticking in his finger and wiggling it around. He began a single deep finger fuck of the tight rectum and after a short while, Brad was humming in response to the probing of his hole.

His ass jerked in rhythm to the thick finger in his ass, and he said, "Oh Yes! That's the best feeling I've had all month! I'll give you three damn days to stop frigging my ass! Gimme more of that." In compliance with his desires, another finger was inserted, and that gave way only moments later to three thick fingers ramming their way in and out of Brad's stretched rear hole.

Mark was now using the muscles in his hand and arm to push his fingers deep into Brad. Brad reached up and grabbed his legs and pulled them tighter to his body, thereby making his asshole more accessible. He knew what he wanted now, more than anything. Mark took the hint.

He got up on his knees and yanked on his own cock with one hand, getting it primed for some good action. At the same time he continued to dip his fingers into the very tight hole before him. Brad looked up between his legs and said, "Hey stud, are you going to fuck me with that tube steak of yours or are you just going to jack off all night?" It didn't take Mark long to get ready, and when he was, he inched forward and rubbed his meaty cock head against Brad's waiting rear end.

"Ahh! Now that's what I've been waiting for. Just go easy there for a minute." Mark smiled but pretty much ignored him and pushed his bulbous cock head in and past the tight rubber muscle in Brad's ass. It simply plopped inside. Brad jumped, smiled, and whispered "Hey. This ain't the fuckin' subway ya know. Ya can't just go barging in like that. Ya gotta warn a guy."

Mark chuckled and just kept pushing it in. Brad closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. The deeper the cock slid into his ass, the deeper he took in his breath, until finally both were as far as they would go. "Good Christ. That thing must have grown a foot since the last time you did me. It's your leg, right? You stuck your fucking leg up my ass didn't you?"

Mark laughed a little and said, "Look. Just remember I haven't done you in almost 6 months. I need this just as much as you do, if not more. You'll have your turn in the saddle in just a few minutes. Now concentrate, shut the hell up, and fuck me back. I want a nice one to remember."

Brad did as he was told. Marl began to slide his meat in and out of the tight hole, and soon he had created enough lubrication to be able to move his member slickly in and out. That's when he began a serious fuck motion. Along with that, Brad reached behind him and spread his asscheeks to let his friend have more access. He was loving the feeling of being reamed out. It had been a long time since him and his partner had been allowed to have each other.

He arched his back upwards even more to allow Mark's cock a better angle. He was fucked in the ass that way for a minute or two, and finally Mark said he needed a better target. Pulling out his cock, he helped Brad to roll over and stick a pillow under his hips. This made his buns stick up in a mound behind him, and he reached back to spread his cheeks again.

Mark wasted no time sticking his meat back into Brad's ass and began a wonderful fucking. He knew how Brad liked it, because he liked it the same way. No holding back for them. Mark fell forwards and held his body over the prone naked boy below him. He watched his prick fuck the ass below him, and just the sight of his meat pushing itself in and out got him very hard and excited.

Faster and faster he fucked Brad up his tight butt, and they both knew it when the time came for Mark to shoot his wad. It was real easy to know when he was ready. He just dropped down to lay on the back of the naked body under him, and pounded his cock in and out as fast as he could. It was always just raw animal sex between them. That's what they both liked. Fuck me and cum, then it's my turn. He felt the hot jism rumble up from his balls as they slapped against the ass he was fucking, and the white sticky cum quickly spurted out the tip of his cock directly into the dark recesses between two nice firm asscheeks.

His orgasm was as powerful as always, and his partner lay beneath him with a hot piece of pulsing prick stuck into his hole, cumming inside of him. He felt the cock jump and twitch, releasing its load of sperm where it belonged. Sooner than he wanted, he felt the sticky flaccid penis pull itself out of the dark reaches of his hole. It started pulling out and he held his buttocks clamped tight as it finally escaped from his powerful rectal grasp.

Holding the cum inside of him, he simply got up and watched as Mark fell to his belly where Brad had just been, hips stuck up in the air. He was completely out of breath as he finished ejaculating into his friend, and he fell face first onto the bed. Brad wasted no time climbing on top of him.

Brad was even more forceful that Mark. Even though brad had just been fucked, he had a tremendous hardon, being electrified by the stimulation in his ass. But he always took a moment to make sure Mark was well lubricated. Sliding down between his partners' legs, he mashed his face up against Marks ass crack, and probed his rear hole with his wet tongue.

This action always got the same response from Mark. His rear end always jerked up and harder against Brad's face. He loved his ass licked and probed. Brad spread the asscheeks before him and stuck his tongue into the hole. He forced it in and out and generally covered the rear entrance with saliva. Then he moved back up and pushed the ass back down into the pillow below it.

Climbing up, he simply stuck his meat in and pushed the whole thing deep into Marks behind. With no further foreplay except to say to Mark "Hold onto your foreskin stud, I'm about to take a big piece of your ass for keeps." And he did just that. He proceeded to fuck Mark's ass as though he would never get the chance again.

Mark gritted his teeth and felt the deep invasion of the hard cock into his rectum. This was the only way to have your assfucked, hard and deep. It made fucking a pussy seem like child's play. He and brad had done this a lot before, but hadn't had a chance in a long time. Tonight, it was make up time, and he pushed his rump up and back, giving Brad the best fuck-back he could manage.

After about ten minutes of fucking, Brad had to catch his breath. He rolled over and Mark rolled over with him, making sure the cock stayed inside his butt. Since he was now on top, he sat up and impaled himself on Brad's lap. Moving his ass back and forth, he fucked himself while Brad caught his breath. The rocking motion was soon just not enough.

He held his ass up in the air by balancing himself front side up with his hands and feet. His ass raised up in the air and then down again, fucking the length of Brad's pole. He did this to himself for several minutes until Brad finally was able to help.

They maneuvered themselves to a kneeling position, one behind the other. Brad and Mark fit together like two spoons, and soon Brad was pumping himself into Mark's ass while Mark moved back and forth to help his partner. Brad took a moment to reach around and masturbate Mark's already hardening male meat for a few minutes while Mark just ground his ass hole onto the spike inside it.

Now it was Brad's turn to feel that special burning sensation steal its way to the opening of his prick. Mark always had the knack of giving him a great cum session, and this time was no different. He just froze where he was and said, "Use your hole now. Slide it on me and drink my juice with your ass."

Mark reached behind him and grabbed Brad's hips and began to fuck his own ass. Brad's prick was solid and easy to use. He just slid forward then rammed his ass backwards onto it over and over again. Pretty soon Brad took over again. He held onto Mark's hips and fucked him, looking for fireworks.

He blew his wad deep inside and continued to shake and shudder for an extended time. The fireworks happened for both of them, and soon they were both lying together, kissing and fondling each other in gratitude. Both of them were out of breath from the exertion. Soon however, the action started again, only this time much slower and with a lot more passion.

After a short while, they lay together in the sixty-nine position, each lovingly sucking on the other's rigidness. They tongued and sucked their penises until they both came and swallowed cum. They had a rule where they would suck until they both came, even when one came before the other. "I'll just suck your cock until you shoot in my mouth, then keep sucking until I shoot in yours." That was it.

They did just that several times that night. In the other room, back on that other world, Kysa and melody couldn't do that. They had been denied the liberty of licking the other's pussy, being nipple-locked together. They didn't seem to mind it, however, and they simply kissed and fondled each other to sleep. Both pair got very little sleep that evening.

Both pair, however, finally did get to sleep but got a little rest. Very little. At daybreak their dark-skinned Mistress came in and unlocked nipples, freeing them from bondage. The slaves were told to go shower and clean up their rooms. Kysa found it kinky that they all had to shower and wash each other at the same time. The shower stall was quite large... and fun.

They washed and shampooed each other with a lax freedom Kysa had not expected. Soon, cleaned, dried, and preened for the day, Frank's wife brought them together in the playroom they were all in the evening before. Kysa realized that Frank was out working for the day and that she would be under the control of her new Mistress. There she was, leaning back on some pillows thrown on the bed. Nude. Her color was not actually black, but a medium dark bronze. She was lovely in all respects.

Kysa learned a few things in the shower that morning. First, she leaned that her new Mistress had a morning ritual where she would make love to all the slaves. Then the slaves would wash her, massage her, take care of any toenail and fingernail polishing and finally dress her for whatever activities she had planned. Then she would be fed. Only after the Mistress of the home was serviced and had eaten, were the slaves allowed to eat.

The second thing she learned was that they were never allowed to call her by her real name, Angelica, but were to always refer to her aloud as Mistress Diana. It was always to be "Yes Mistress Diana," "No Mistress Diana," "I'd be honored to lick and suck your beautiful hard nipples for you, Mistress Diana," or even, "Please let me drink your cum juices, Mistress Diana." Kysa kept that in mind as she stood naked before this chocolate goddess.

This had been the very first time Kysa had a clear picture of her current Mistress. She was fairly tired last night, and never really had the opportunity to see her. She was the unblemished picture of sexual attractiveness. The most beautifully desirable dark-skinned creature Kysa had ever put eyes upon. She was devastatingly handsome in all her features, with an hourglass figure with the sands in all the right places.

Mistress Diana was quite sexually appetizing, or as it is said, she looked good enough to eat. Kysa found that she had goose bumps crawl up and down her skin as Mistress Diana looked at her nakedness. She remembered last night as she ate the pussy thrust in her face, and actually found herself desiring another morsel. She would do anything to get it.

So, as her pink nakedness covered only by her blonde hair and slave chains, stood before her new Mistress with her fellow sex slaves, good fortune smiled on her. Mistress Diana, having casually examined all four nude slaves in the room, visually, stopped her scan directly on Kysa's frame. Calmly and with interest Mistress Diana feasted her self upon Kysa's sexuality.

She summoned her with simple flick of her finger. She approached her new owner and said, "Yes, Mistress Diana?" Angelica smiled at her and the hair beneath her blonde ponytail stood up. Her nipples got hard as she smiled back. "Come, lovely wench. Lay your body atop mine and allow me the opportunity to study my newest acquisition."

"Yes, Mistress Diana." Kysa answered, and obediently walked to the bed, climbed up and over her Mistress' naked body, and laid down on her, belly to belly. Her head rested between the firm pillows of two large, firm chestnut hued breasts topped with quarter-sized aureoles with pinkie-finger-sized nipples of pure mahogany. Mistress Diana inspected Kysa's body as only a Mistress could.

She poked, pulled and prodded all of Kysa's personal spots, and Kysa had to spread her thighs to allow her full access to each of her openings. Her cunt was deeply probed and tasted, and her small pink clit ring was the last to be inspected. It took quite a lot of tugging and pulling on it to satisfy her Mistress. Then as she brazenly fondled Kysa's full breasts, Angelica said, "I very much liked the way you licked my slit clean last evening. I desire your lips again. Make me cum."

Kysa knew it wasn't a request. It was a clear and very precise order for her to do a task, and she responded immediately with "I'm happy to be of service to your slit, Mistress Diana. I am honored that you have allowed me that pleasure." Then she simply got to her knees and her Mistress spread her thighs wide, giving Kysa full access to her moist and sensitive place.

Kysa leaned in and licked the burnished bronze cunt slit from bottom near her rectum to top at her short-haired, fur-covered mound and rubbery clitoris, taking in its rich feminine aroma as she did so. She repeated this act several times, slowly increasing the pressure of her tongue, until on the last stroke she was fairly lapping her Mistress' length with the great friction and full width of her tongue.

Mistress Diana sighed with pleasure and then Kysa began a silent but thorough assault on the semi-exposed clit. At first she simply used her lips to press the clit between them, then she lightly nipped at it with her teeth. Following that, her teeth held the clit tight and her tongue tip flicked at the tip of it, sending shivers of delight through her Mistress.

Angelica was already floating in heaven at Kysa's sensual attack of her most private flesh. Kysa enhanced the effect even more by pulling the pussylips apart and fully exposing the tender pink bud. With a soft sucking and nibbling action she paid the kindest homage to her Mistress. She made it her personal quest to see to it that this woman was pleased and sexually satisfied.

Angelica was squirming under Kysa's talented lips. She said, "Young lady, you're not only quite pretty, but you are a born clit eater. I don't know where you got your cunt eating talent, but you do know how to make it quiver. There. Right there. Yes. Bite that hard and then flick it with your sexy little tongue some more. Yes. Very nice. Mmm, that's a precious gift you have. Now suck on it nice. Yes. That's it. Suck hard!"

Kysa did exactly as she was instructed and blushed red under the praise of her Mistress. Kysa thought about what she was doing and discovered that she was probably enjoying herself more than her Mistress. She ate the cunt placed before her as though it were her own. She wanted to please this pussy as she would have a slave please her own. She knew what she liked and she definitely loved the taste of this new pussy. She wanted all she could get.

Angelica said, "Okay, it's time for you to stop playing and eat my whole pussy. Just put your face in there like this (she grabbed Kysa's head and mashed it full into her wet pussy), and bump my clit with your nose. Good girl! Yes! That's the way I like it. Stick your face in there and get the juice all over yourself. Oh my! Good girl! Yes! Oh yes, stick your tongue way inside and lick it all clean. Goodness! Oh my! I think I'm going to cum in your face!"

With thighs spread as wide as they would go, Angelica pulled Kysa's head in and mashed it against her pussy as she started to shake hard and climax directly unto Kysa's face. Kysa tasted a new musky flavor in her Mistress' pussy and knew it was her cum. It actually tasted quite sweet. It was delicious and Kysa sucked it all in, lapping up and drinking all the wetness she could find in Angelica's cunt.

As Angelica's erotic orgasm slid away into memory, she said, "Young lady. You are one talented piece of flesh. I'd love to keep you on a permanent basis just so you could be here to service my cunt. That was scrumptious! However, I'll wager I could get a pretty penny for you. I have knowledge of a man who would pay handsomely for you. "I must speak to your owner and see if he is willing to sell you."

Kysa knew she didn't want to be sold. She was happy where she was. She also knew that she had given herself to be a sex slave for whoever owned her, and that she had no real choice in the say of these matters except to stop being a slave. She didn't want that either. The other slaves had been watching her perform for her Mistress, and upon mention of this other man, they listened more intently.

Angelica said, "His name is Marcus, and he has a small horde of personal slaves. In fact, they are some of the best performing slaves anywhere. You would be proud to be owned by him. He will teach you the real essence of being slave property to be used at will."

Kysa didn't know what to say, so she wisely kept silent, lest she get into trouble for speaking out of turn. Angelica said, "In fact, I think I will speak with your Master this afternoon. For now, I want you to go to your bed and smell the odor of my cunt on your face while I see to my other slaves. Do not wash your face."

Kysa left and went back to the bed. It was almost two hours later when Mistress Diana came in the room. She said, "I have spoken with your owner, but he will not make any decisions until I speak to him personally. Come, bring your face here." Kysa came closer and watched as Angelica reached between her own legs, swiped her cunt with her hand and wiped it across Kysa's nose and mouth.

She said, "That is the smell of a slave. It is an odor that you have learned to appreciate. That's why I want to introduce your owner to Marcus. You are well along on the way to sexual servitude my sweet cunt." Kysa now smelled her pussy juice and male sperm on her face. She imagined that the other slaves had all fucked her Mistress and left their cum inside her cunt.

She was then told to clean her Mistress' pussy from all the fucking she had just had. Kysa obediently licked the cunt free of juice and spent jism, and at the same time gave her Mistress another mind-blowing orgasm.

Making sure Kysa's face was covered with the remaining cunt moisture, Angelica stood up and said, "Follow me." Kysa arose and followed her Mistress into her bath and helped Angelica get cleaned up. Then she helped her get dressed. Incredibly, Angelica then clipped her slave leash onto her three rings and led her naked outdoors and into the front seat of a van. Kysa rode in silence as she was driven off, naked, except her chains.

I saw the van pull up into the driveway of Kysa's house, and was astonished to see Kysa being led up her own walkway in chains, by her leash, and as naked as she could be to the neighborhood and to the world. She was being led by her nipples and clit chain (damn that made her look so sexy!), by Angelica.

They came into the house, and Angelica handed me her leash. I told Kysa to go into the bedroom and not to disturb us until I called her. She said, "Yes, Master" and left.

Angelica then looked at me and said, "Where in the world did you ever find this girl?" I said, "I only met her a few weeks ago. She expressed a certain desire, so I took her up on it. I hear you want to sell her to someone. She's not for sale."

"Not for sale? Maybe I didn't make myself clear on the phone. There is a man. His name is Marcus. His last name is not important at the moment. He is very wealth and quite handsome if I do say so. Anyway, the point is, I've known him for several years. He's very rich, and he's in the market for some additions to his... well... his horde of slaves. I've seen the ones he has now, and I can tell you first-hand that they are the most talented sluts you've ever had a pecker in.

"He's looking for only the best and most talented pieces he can accumulate. He's fair, honest, and I personally guarantee he will never permanently harm a hair on any slave he owns. I know this man on a personal level. I also know that Kysa can bring in a lot of money for you, should you decide to sell. I'm talking six digits."

I said, "I'm not in the market to sell, and Kysa needs a lot of training before she can even be introduced to a man like that. I will not sell Kysa to anyone unless I ask her and she gives the ok."

Angelica said, haughtily, "Do you mean to say you would give the slave the right to choose whether they are to be sold or not, and to whom they are to be sold?"

"Of course. As the commercial says, 'Anything else would be uncivilized.'"

"Listen... this guy will give you six figures for her. Easy. Without batting an eyelash. Let me ask him to come over and let him see her for himself."

I said, "Look, this is a free country. Even as a slave, I will allow her the opportunity to make that choice. You may do whatever you like. I say I will not sell her. If she wants to go with this guy, that's her choice, not mine... and most certainly not yours."

"Hmm," she said, with a sneaky smile on her face, "What would it take to convince you otherwise? What could I do to persuade you to sell this wench?"

I said, "You could fuck me until my balls turned blue and you could give me head until I filled your stomach with cum and fainted. I'd still say she wasn't for sale. I cannot sell what I do not own. Kysa is my sex slave in name only. It is an agreement made between her and me. If she wants to go, that is her business. On the other hand, why don't we just go in the bedroom and at least let you try to convince me."

She laughed, as I knew she would, and told me I was foolish to pass up a sure thing. I told her that I already had a sure thing in Kysa, and certainly wouldn't want to pass it to anyone else for money. We bickered about Kysa for a while more, and she said she was ready to leave. I told her that I thought Kysa would be better off by staying with me, and she got upset.

She said that her forty-eight hours wasn't up yet, and I said that it was. She was miffed, but I really didn't care. If I had let her take Kysa away at that point, I'm sure I would have never seen her again. Angelica tried to ply me with sex again, even to the point of opening her blouse and letting me have another peek at breasts as lovely as I have ever seen. She wrapped her arms around me and crushed her chest against mine, and actually thought I would fold. Damn! She had lovely tits.

It didn't phase me, however, but I was a little sad that I wouldn't be getting my prick wet inside her pussy. I sighed as she stood up and stormed out the door. I watched her tight ass swinging away as she walked towards her truck, and wished I had handled it different. At least I could have got laid before I told her no. Damn. Missed that one. Pity. She was a choice woman.

In truth, I secretly wondered what it would be like owning her. Then I called Kysa out and told her what had happened. She kissed me and thanked me for not selling her. She did say that she might be interested, should the occasion arise. That's when I told her it was time for me to leave. After all, I had another life.

She cried a lot over the three days we had left together. She cried every time she thought of me leaving. It was sweet, but I had no other choice. I thought about taking her with me, and even mentioned it, but she chose to stay behind and contact some of the other couples in the group.

I called them all, one after the other, and explained to them that Kysa's slavehood was unique. She must have full control over her actions and nobody was allowed to take advantage of that. They all agreed to watch over her, even Melanie, and not allow Angelica to have her again.

The others also knew about this Marcus person, and they all had nothing but good words to say about him. I learned that he actually trained slaves and trained them well. He was strict, but not overbearing like Melanie tended to be at times. Perhaps Kysa would enjoy it there with him, but it would be her choice, and that was that.

On the day I packed up to leave, I had a last moment alone with Kysa, and I handed her a paper. It had three things on it. My phone number, in case she just wanted to talk. My beeper number in case she wasn't allowed to talk but could contact me, in which case I would call and ask for her. And finally, information about Marcus, including his phone number.

Just as I turned to leave, she handed me something. A thick envelope. She asked me not to open it until I got home. We had spent the last few days saying goodbye to each other, so with one last kiss, I turned and got into the car. I drove rapidly away and watched her silhouette grow smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.

I returned the car to my sister and said my goodbye's there. Of course, I thanked her for a remarkably memorable vacation. A car honked a horn outside, and I saw that it was my taxi to the airport. I was silent in the taxi on the ride to the airport and in the plane on the flight back home. I could not and would not erase the image of Kysa from my mind.

She was special, and always would be a special part of my life. This being said, it took me almost two months to get my mind back on business at home. I dream of her often, and keep in touch with her on a fairly regular basis. You see, I had no choice.

When I got home, I opened the envelope, and in it I found a set of house keys taped to the deed to her house and property. She had signed them completely over to me. I was stunned until I found a small note.

What it said, in part, was: "Please take care of things for me while I take care of life's adventures. I may not be able to get back when I want. Make sure all the bills are paid. I have forwarded all my bills to your address so that nothing gets left out. There is enough money in a forthcoming letter for you to handle these things, plus a bit more. My parents left me enough to get by for the rest of my life. Please help me?"

A few days later the money arrived. Very nice. I called Kysa and told her that I would handle things while she took care of her immediate journey in life. We settled the details, and I have kept in touch with her, on and off, so to speak, since then.

So. Do I have any words of wisdom for you, gentle reader? Well, yes, I suppose. One of the things I found out early on in this adventure is that you can never tell how someone will respond if you just go up to them and say, "When are you going to take me home and rape me?" But, don't blame me if you get slapped. It's all in the way you ask, I guess... isn't it?

The End
Kysa Braswell
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